Who Are You - Episode 3 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  Our second ghost arc begins with a whisper of ice instead of a bang, but as long as it serves to bring our couple closer, and nearer to when Kim Jae-wook ghost-oppa shows up, I’m down with it.
bcook: No couple togetherness! andwei!


Shuk:  Shi-on stands literally frozen as a frosty-haired woman stares beseechingly at her.  The arrival of Gun-woo breaks the eye contact, and Shi-on snaps back.  The two of them head upstairs, but she takes a last look at the ghost.
bcook: BOO! *evil laugh*
Shuk:  The homeless guy eagerly grabs the suitcase, but it’s suspicious that such a scruffy person is the owner of such a shiny object.  They have no reason to refuse him, though, and hand over the case.
bcook: creepy door opens on its own *shiver* that always scares me.
Shuk:  After he leaves, she suddenly chases him out of the building, and sees him rush into a taxi. Next thing we know, our police pair is zipping along after the taxi, with complaining Gun-woo at the wheel.  They bicker back and forth as he zig-zags through traffic, finally reaching the mall. Groovy montage chase music ensues, but when they finally catch him, he is without the metal case. He has a subway locker key on him, but the locker is empty.
Shuk:  They interrogate him against the subway wall, and it appears they are being observed.  The homeless man admits to just following orders for money, and that he had no idea what was in the gabang.
bcook: Are they being watched? or is that a random camera trick by the director. The new trend in dark dramas seems to be wonky and 'artistic' camera angles.
Shuk: I think it's the gabang grabber watching his subway locker.

Shuk:  On the drive back, she wonders aloud what was in the case; he wonders what’s inside her head.  He doesn't want to get involved, but he drives her home, citing her tired appearance. Hee, and aww.

Shuk:  There’s a brief handoff of the briefcase, and then we see Shi-on at the gate to her house as Gun-woo drives off.  Clearly she’s spooked by something, and we find out soon enough when our resident chilly ghost shows up.  She runs inside, grabs a parka and hunkers down in her living room.  The apparition shows up with her sad sad face, and Shi-on screams at it to leave her alone and disappear. Since it doesn't, Shi-on decides to take a summer walk in the neighborhood, in her parka and house slippers, but it follows her, and threatens other oblivious humans.  It follows a school student onto a  public bus, so Shi-on gets on the bus too.
bcook: Wide eyes of fear! Drink!! hmm should I add flickering lights to the list too? Double shot if wide eyes come before flickering lights? This is becoming a good game.

Shuk:  Meanwhile, Gun-woo is picking up snacks nearby, and sees his boss get on the bus in her strange attire, and decides to follow.  What is it about squid tentacles?  Anyway, Shi-on and the Ice Princess have a stare-down contest until the shivering student leaves.
bcook: Ghost blackmail. I'm beginning to like these ghosts. We get it though...you're in a fridge. Stop making that poor girl shiver.

Shuk:  Shi-on gets off along a dark wooded area and starts walking up the hill.  Gun-woo pulls over and follows, wondering what his boss is doing.
bcook: I don't know but I hope she does it soon. This episode is a little slow.

Shuk:  Up ahead, we see a figure in a black business suit burying something in the ground, the shiny metal case in the dirt beside it, but by the time she gets to the site, he’s gone.  She stares at the disturbed earth, when Gun-woo arrives.  He warns her she looks like a crazy person, especially when she starts digging.
Shuk:  At least until they find a blurred hand.  Did it get cut off by a blurred knife from Pusan?? Shi-on looks at the ghost in horror, and realizes her hand is missing.  Ah so it’s “I Dismember Mama” time.
bcook: eww. I'm confused. Why not bury blurred hand in the suitcase? Who's going to use it again? I'm pretty sure anybody who has the ability to cut off hands has more than one silver suitcase. (Does this count as PPL?)
Shuk:  A little time hop: it’s now daylight at the crime scene, and our intrepid pair are still there.  He is understandably frustrated by her non-answers, but spins up a tale for the investigation detective why they were in the woods at midnight.
bcook: Bam chika wow wow. Oh wait. I'm against this pairing. Never mind. They were looking for the elusive mountain cat. Coz erm Gun-woo is a secret lover of nature. Yeah. That's why they were in the woods.

When they are by themselves, though, he’s angry she won’t tell him the real reason she knew where the body part was.  She snaps that she is tired and wants to go home.  He’s disappointed. He’s tried to get along and support her, because they are on the same team.  “But I guess you don’t feel that way.”
bcook: I think...I feel a little sorry for her. But he did say even though she's crazy they're all on the same team. That's gotta count for something right? How long is she going to be in denial?
Shuk:  Back at work, she does a little Google Fu regarding ghostly visions, and sees some advice: “If you don’t make eye contact, and pretend they aren’t there, they go away.” She decides to track down a local expert.
bcook: I like to call that one Typing Fist I see Ghost...Dragon.

Shuk:  We get our introduction to  Jang Hee-bin (Kim Ye-won), psychic and relationship counselor. She tells Shi-on that ghosts bother the living because of a past wrong in their life.
bcook: there's more tho. She also says maybe Shi-On sees ghosts because she wants to. Why? Because she wants to see her fiancee? How would she know that he's a ghost? because anybody who dies a violent death comes back? The laws of kdramaland say these questions will never be answered.

Shuk:  Gun-woo grabs Detective Choi when he gets to the precinct, and begs him to get him out of the Lost and Found Department.  His boss is a crazy person who won’t tell him what’s going on with her.  As they are talking, Prosecutor Park Eeung-joon (Kim Seung-su)  shows up.  Clearly, he’s a no-nonsense attorney, but Detective Choi says his brusque attitude was because his bride ran away the day before their wedding.  A nice little bit of exposition for sure – could that be our sad ghost?
bcook: Hey! isn't that the dude from last night? Nope false alarm. Darn, that could have been interesting. I guess there are no random secondary characters in this show. Everybody is linked to a ghost.
Shuk:  At the Lost and Found Department, Shi-on has tasked her team to open every item that was previously locked.  Gun-woo stops them, and chases everyone out but the two of them.
bcook: bum chika wow wow. No? Oh. *takes shot*

Shuk:  He tells her bluntly: transfer him out of there.  She counters, do you not want to work with a crazy woman?  He tells her yes, he can handle a crazy boss, but he can’t handle one who won’t trust her team and treats them like idiots.
bcook: Burn! I think your subtitles are better than mine Shukie. Where are you watching this show? Viki? DF?
Shuk: I look at any and all available subs, and choose my interpretations accordingly.
Shuk:  The other two workers are trying to eavesdrop when Gun-woo barrels open the door, and demands they go drinking with him.  A few rounds of soju bombs, and the boys are ready to go. He tells them they have to stay; this is his goodbye party before he’s transferred out of the Lost and Found Department.  They exchange glances, come up with a mutual excuse, and run like hell.
bcook: Run Devil Devil Run Run. That has got to be the most convoluted excuse i've ever heard. Wait. Does this count as him acting angry but looking kinda adorable? ... O__o Yes. *takes a shot*
Shuk:  I think you are going to need a bigger bottle.
Shuk:  Im-chan and the newer new kid (Seung-ha) end up at a night club.  Im-chan right away sees a cute dancer – our psychic Hee-bin.  They retire to a table, where he spins of tale of his Vast Police Importance.
bcook:  You can't fool a psychic. This is going to come back and bite  him in the ass. I can feel it. (the moment, not the bite)
Shuk:  Back at the office, Gun-woo realizes he’s been had, and decides he might as well do some work on the reports while he’s there.
bcook: What a hard worker. He's not a bad guy really. Could somebody else have played him better? Sure. But TC is trying hard so I guess we should give him a chance?

Shuk:  Shi-on doesn’t want to go inside her house, so she returns to the office, too, and finds our jug-eared Barney Fife asleep on the couch.  She tosses his coat on top of him, and continues working on the reports he started. So, of course, later on, he wakes up and she’s asleep over the reports. He muses that she completed all his reports.  Her coffee cup slips off the desk, and Gun-woo reflexively reaches out for it, crowding over top of his boss and leaning near her face.
bcook: Your love affair with TC's ears continues. He does have some pretty big ones. I just noticed. He's still my beast idol. Just...stay away from Emma Wu and acting. Ok TC?  

Shuk:  Which is what Im-chan sees when he walks through the door.  He stammers something and flees, hotly  pursued by Gun-woo.   He catches him by the scruff of the neck, and makes him promise to keep his mouth shut.  Im-chan tell him with a straight face he can’t lie, so Gun-woo asks him if he came back to work after leaving him at the restaurant.  Caught in a lie, he agrees he didn’t see anything. Hee hee.
bcook: Bam chicka wow wow? Is the guy playing Im-Chan an idol? Nope, he's a pretty prolific actor though. In dramas I've not seen. Looked him up on asiawiki.com
Shuk:  Shi-on is washing sleep boogers out of her eyes when she sees our Frosty Princess in the mirror.  She’s not there with the officer turns around, but she IS there in the hallway when she steps out of the bathroom.  She tries the psychic’s technique of closing her eyes, and when she opens them, the presence is gone.
bcook: It works? It can't. This is episode 3. It's a fake out. Bad fake out writer!
Shi-on calls the detective in charge of the severed hand. Detective Lee tells her they haven’t identified the victim yet; the fingerprints are damaged and the DNA doesn't match anyone in the crime database.

Shuk:  Detective Jug-ears is lounging outside the precinct when Team Leader Yang quickly leaves the station. He grumbles that she’s probably going to find more body parts or something, but when he’s slurping ramyun at a local convenience store, the news breaks in with story that an amputated foot is found near an abandoned construction site.   He slams his chopsticks down and leaves.
bcook: He runs a lot on this show. So much stamina. It's all the beast idol training. It's nice that he's good at something

Shuk:  At the crime scene, the same business-suited guy is apologizing over the phone.  A construction worker, not the female detective, found the severed item.
bcook: I sense a conspiracy. A story arc? Or is this just a really well informed gangster?
Shuk:  The coroner has the hand sitting on ice like a nice piece of salmon, and explains to Team Leader Yang that it appears that the hand was carved off a frozen body.  Ah, now we know why the ghost shivers. Gun-woo shows up right before Prosecutor Park, and the investigator orders them both to leave, since they aren't part of the investigation.  Suddenly, the ghost appears, staring at the Prosecutor and floating on now-missing legs. Shi-on’s reaction is caught by everyone there.   Ooh, so it probably IS the runaway bride.
bcook: Blurred hand isn't that blurred. It's blurred just enough that you have no idea what color they're talking about (i'm guessing blue) but not so blurred that you can't tell it's a fake hand. Wide eyes of fear (WEoF) !! *shot* I gotta admit, that shot of ghost flicker on prosecutor face was pretty awesome.


Shuk:  Okay, episode three and I’m hooked.  This show has a nice line between the more campy Master’s Sun, and the more gritty Two Weeks.   The interaction of both the main leads and the secondary characters is good, even without a lot of back-story.  I don’t know if the ghost of the week is all that compelling, but we all know eventually Shi-on will tell Gun-woo everything.  After that, all bets are off.
bcook: Don't know if I'm hooked but I need something to tide me till Master's Sun (MaSun) is subbed so I guess this'll do. The show is scary enough and the veteran actors are putting on a good show. Is TC getting better episode by episode? or am I getting used to his acting? The story transition was well done and it seems there are no superfluous characters on this show. Everybody has their own purpose and story. Unlike MaSun where secondary characters are just there to push the two leads together.
I've got a good drinking game going so even if this show sucks my alcohol tolerance would have increase by October. Who said kdramas don't have real life benefits?