Who Are You - Episode 4 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk: So we have a runaway bride-ghost; a taciturn almost-husband prosecutor; a body missing a couple of pieces; fun bickering employees; a Team Leader by turns calm and freaked out; and a young Detective with a big heart and even bigger ears. WHERE’S MY SEXY DEAD GUY?! Just asking….
bcook: I wanna see him too! But I'm also a little scared. What if it's bad? Then it'll affect my memory of him from Coffee Prince. T_T
Shuk:  That man could stand there and just breathe and it will be good.  No worries.

Shuk: Team Leader Yang looks between the incorporeal girl and terse Prosecutor, and wisely retreats. Outside the Medical Examiner’s area, Gun-woo chatters, not noticing Shi-on is wincing with a headache. In the middle of his words, she registers what her sidekick is saying; the poor prosecutor was jilted at the altar. The wheels start going around in Shi-on’s head, and she finds a picture of the wedding invitation. Oh snap, it is the dead woman.
bcook: duh duh. So....did she die coz the prosecutor pissed somebody off? Wouldn't he know? Why is he pretending she left him? curiouser and curiouser.

Shuk: She calls Gun-woo to her desk, and tells him she was asked to temporarily assign him to the Investigation Department, and, given his field experience and skills, she agreed. He seems reluctant for someone who was whining to go just a short time ago. She tells him it’s temporary, but if he does well, it may be a permanent move. She finishes with a caveat; pay close attention to Prosecutor Park.
bcook: I don't believe he killed her. I do believe she was killed because of him.
Shuk: Now-Detective Cha shares some snacks with his old mentor, and Detective Choi spills the beans that Team Leader Yang in fact pushed for the reassignment, recommending him all the way up to the Director. Gun-woo thinks back to the day when he called her out as a crazy person with no trust and winces.
bcook: Don't judge a book and all that. So-In is annoying me again.
Shuk: The new Task Force assembles, with Prosecutor Park at the helm. They go over all the information they know: both body parts come from the same body; the locations have nothing in common. The construction site had been abandoned for years, and the wooded area was part of a greenbelt with few visitors.
Shuk: As the team breaks apart to their separate tasks, the team nerd states they found skin cells in a case found at the construction site – it’s an exact duplicate, or the same gabang, as the severed hand. Gun-woo immediately recognizes this, and tells this to Park. He is disbelieving and tells him the Lost and Found Department has nothing to do with their investigation. Oh Parkie, if you only knew.
bcook: See! The baddies have to have a gabang collection. Which makes the blurred hand burial even more confusing. I wonder if there's a baddie body disposal exchange program. One silver gabang for 3 sheets of black garbage bags or 1 sharp blade knife for one silver gabang.
Shuk: Shi-on has decided to do some investigating on her own, and visits the mother of the missing fiancée. The mom hasn't seen Prosecutor Park since the wedding day, but firmly states Yeon-hee would never have cheated with another man. Also, she had severe chronic asthma and wasn't an adventuresome person.
Shuk: Detective Cha wanders the subway until he finds the original homeless man. He makes him do a police sketch of the man that took the metal case, and has Wanted posters made. Prosecutor Park is not amused, and puts the kibosh on it.

Shuk: At another place, a well-dressed older woman is dropping off her recyclables when Shi-on arrives. She asks the security guard if the woman was Park’s mother, but before she can say anything, he shows up. He tells her she has gone too far, but she stands firm that Park himself has gone overboard towards Jang Yeon-hee. At the mention of his fiancée, he gets up in her grill, and furiously warns her away.
bcook: Yeah. Back off lady! He's like still hurting ok. Why isn't he a little curious bout why she's asking if he killed his fiancee?

Shuk: Our limb-burying bad guy is in the passenger seat of a sedan when receives a phone call, but we don’t know what he was told. What we do see is Detective Cha waiting outside his old boss’ house. As soon as he sees her, he bounds out of his car. Most people in their business sweat and work hard for little bits of evidence – how is she able to uncover such huge stuff? She doesn't say anything but that she hopes his permanent transfer goes through. He’s incredulous; that’s all there is? No teamwork, no nothing? She just plods into her house.
bcook: How come she doesn't have a car?
Shuk: Her house is dark and quiet, and she pauses for a moment – more ghosts? Nope, it’s the goons, who grab her from behind. She fights them, and Gun-woo hears it and comes running. He starts brawling too, and it’s all fists and blunt objects, until one pulls out a knife. Shi-on blocks it from her rescuer, getting sliced in the arm. Both masked men run to their car and take off. The two po-po run out of her house, but Gun-woo hustles her back inside when he sees the blood on her arm, and the bad guys get away.

Shuk: He does the standard dab-with-a-swab routine, muttering about scarring. She tells him it’s late and he should leave, but he does this cute fakey, “Ugh I can barely drag myself to the couch” routine. He tells her that she’ll be disappointed he’s not trying to seduce her, but he intends to stay overnight in case the thugs come back.
bcook: psh. Like anybody was thinking that. Writer-nim trying to beat us over the head with their non-existent chemistry.

Shuk: He gives her a rundown why her security sucks while she nonchalantly drinks a bottle of water, but then the conversation switches to personal questions. It’s her family’s home but her parents died when she was fifteen, and she has no siblings.
bcook: Bit random that.

Shuk: He changes the subject to something less sensitive; she wants to talk about his case and Prosecutor Park. She tells him that the unknown woman is his fiancée. He blows it off, but for a moment, it seemed he believed her. Don’t worry, Shi-on, he’ll come around.
bcook: Seems like she doesn't want him to believe. She doesn't even want to believe right? Though it looks like she's beginning to accept that she sees dead people. I hope she continues to executed WEoF so I can keep playing the drinking game.

Shuk: In her room, she thinks about her run-in with the prosecutor. And our prosecutor is awake and going through the text messages on his cellphone, including one from Yeon-hee that says, “Let’s end it here. I’m tired. Don’t look for me.” Hmm, he got a text from her? So he didn’t kill her?
bcook: Question answered. So who killed her? and why? and...yeah don't really care. They're not really creating enough of a mystery for me. She's just seeing ghosts, following them around and finding out stuff.
Shuk: The prosecutor is jogging the next day when Shi-on catches up to him. She immediately snarks that sending thugs to her didn't work, but did they work on Yeon-hee. He grabs her and asks what she means. She glares into his eyes and asks one more time – did you kill Jan Yeon-hee?
bcook: I'm begining to believe her eyes were created wide. By created I mean plastic surgery and by wide I mean kind of freaky.
Shuk: A jarring production error: we see her walking into her living room, intact and calm. Wait, what happened with the prosecutor? WTH? [sigh] Her sidekick is gone, but he left her his cigarette-lighter pistol and a note telling her to keep it handy until she increases her house security. Awww.
bcook: Yeah, yeah. he's a nice guy. I still don't see them as a couple. When dead fiance shows up this fake tension buildup will end!
Shuk: At the Hall of Monitors, Gun-woo is looking at CCTV near Team Leader Yang’s house. They catch the license plate of the thugs' vehicle, and Gun-woo heads out.
bcook: How come other cop shows never show the Hall? There could be an entire movie/show about that. Hmm isn't there an american movie set in a traffic control room?
Shuk: They probably film when Best Buy is closed.
Shuk: Im-chan is thoroughly bored, answering the phones at the Lost and Found Department, when Shi-on jumps up to head out. He slyly asks how she is getting along with Detective Cha, since they seem so cozy. She just tells him to get back to work.
bcook: This kid is going to get into trouble. I can feel it (the moment...not the trouble).
Shuk: Our two little flirty clubflies are texting lies back and forth: the ballerina and the Head of the department. Haah. They make plans for the weekend.
bcook: I love that she was reading her horoscope. Isn't there are rule about that? That psychics can't tell their own fortunes?
Shuk: Shi-on interviews Yeon-hee's masseuse, and finds that the last time she was there, she came alone (instead of with her fiance), and met up with a well-dressed older woman after her session was done. Shi-on thinks this information over in the elevator, when we get the creepy flickering light stuff, and our ghost shows up, this time glowing red with heat. Uh oh, whoever has the body it playing hardball.
bcook: flickering lights then WEoF!!! Shot! Shot! oh darn. I promised not to drink before 5pm. Will save for later. This is a pretty interesting ghost eh? (like my canadian accent?) Cold when she's in a fridge, hot when she's about to burn.
Shuk: Gun-woo makes it to the car license address but it's been ripped apart and abandoned. He calls his sunbae and asks him to find the last location of the vehicle.
bcook: He's running again. *sigh* Just once can he walk to and from a suspect's place?

Shuk: At the precinct, our now-fiery ghost shows up, and Shi-on follows it out of the building. Gun-woo is in traffic when he receives a phone call from Detective Cha, who texts him the last known address of the vehicle.

Shuk; Shi-on realizes what's happening when she ends up in front of a crematory. She runs inside, and starts looking for the right room. Meanwhile, the cavalry is on the way as well. She finds the right room, and stops the firing. The man yells at her, and accidentally reveals a knife when he pulls out the death certificate. He pulls out the knife; she pulls out her cigarette lighter gun.
Newly-arrived Gun-woo pulls out a Safari Asp and the fight is on and done in a matter of seconds. And, whaddayaknow, the police arrive just in time to cuff him. Our pair stare at each other for a moment, he puzzled and she surprised.
bcook: Wah. Gun-woo has some moves! That was the most exciting thing that's happened so far. The fight scene in her house was ok but it was pretty dark.

Shuk: The remains are hustled to a waiting ambulance as the gang mops up and heads out. Shi-on, now in the little zipcar, meekly receives chastisement from Gun-woo. He gives us an Moment of Exposition summing up the events we already know. She won't tell him how she knew to be there, and ominously tells him it's not over; there's still Prosecutor Park.
bcook: Oh yeah. Him. Forgot about him. *yawn*

Shuk: At the Medical Examiner's office, he finally gets proof of his boss' spooky information; dental records prove the body is Jang Yeon-hee. Here I scratch my head: one of suspects is interviewing, yunno, one of the suspects? Our Lost and Found pair watch from the window as Prosecutor Park grills our body-burning friend.
bcook: No evidence though. I suspect Team Leader Yang's opinion won't carry much weight in deciding who interrogates suspects.
Shuk: He seems genuinely upset, and the thug swears she was already dead when he got involved. Park Eeung-joon pulls himself together, and asks the question: if you didn't kill her, what is the address where he picked up the body.
bcook: ........
Shuk: And slowly, haltingly he gives it: Seoul City, Gangnam Administrative Division, Dogok Ward, Metro Terrace Apartment Building. Prosecutor Park knows the address, and looks stricken.
bcook: Hmm. A half shot when a secondary character looks stricken? I might have to start making mixed drinks and taking sips instead of shots. Soju is pretty strong.

Shuk: And we find out why, when his mother is brought in for questioning. Oh noes, that's taking the Dragon Mother-in-Law too far, and the two have a mutual meltdown. We finally get the backstory.
Cake Topper for the Wedding
Shuk: Mom thought the fiancee was a gold-digger, so after the massage, she offered money for Yeon-hee to leave her son alone.
bcook:  Couldn't she has just made her sign a pre-nup?

Shuk:  She refused, and the ensuing physical and verbal battle caused a fatal asthma attack. The mom found her inhaler but held off giving it to her until she had stopped breathing. Biatch. She then called her husband's henchmen to take care of the body, and sent her son the text messages using the dead girl's phone. That's pretty damn cold there, ahjumma.
bcook: Btw, I have asthma...that's not what an attack looks like. There's a lot more wheezing sound right from the beginning. That moment when ahjumma is like...why don't I just kill her? Creeeepy.
Shuk: In the aftermath, our prosecutor writes his resignation letter, and cries over Yeon-hee's picture, apologizing for not protecting her.
bcook: *Devising my korean mother-in-law protection plan*. Every culture/country has them though but the kdrama ones seem particularly evil.
You can build up immunity to iocane powder and mothers-in-law!
Shuk: Team Leader Yang and Detective Choi share a quiet moment over coffee and breakaway cookies. She hopes Cha Gun-woo gets a good transfer, but the older man isn't sure he wants to leave. The younger man really has a warm heart, and Shi-on is glad he has a mentor like Detective Choi. Uh-oh, my bad guy radar just pinged...
bcook: He did it! I'm telling you it's him. In fact. I'm willing to bet a bottle of soju.

Shuk: Anyway, she tells him he looks familiar to her, even though they've never worked together. He says he has that kind of face, and was even told he looked like a king in a television drama.
bcook: Not a King...a prince. Kahpe P-rin-seu. Has he played a king too? Does writer-nim think they're being slick with these drama references? Coz I gotta say...Master's Sun is doing a better job.
Shuk:  And, actually, he did play King Seonjo in "Blades Of Blood". FYI. 
Shuk: At the Prosecutor's Office, Park Eeung-joon takes a final look around before leaving. He apologizes to our L&F pair for his behavior; she apologizes for suspecting him. He walks off, followed by a now-happy and fully-together Yeon-hee.
bcook: I'm quite confused as to why they're having that conversation. "Sorry I was an ass, and my mom killed my girlfriend"?? But it's probably so they can show the nice "Ghost saying goodbye" montage at the end.
Shuk: Barney breaks into her vision, to ask her why she pushed for his transfer. Because he wanted to get away from her. He mental shrugs and says they got stuck together anyway, and he has no intention of leaving her team, at least until he ferrets out her secret. After all, he's very persistent. She challenges him to try.
bcook: It always works better when somebody knows your secret. Look at vampire prosecutor, and ghost. Things work better and faster, Shi-On. Just tell him! *sob* tell him and hopefully that'll speed up the pace of this show.
Shuk: Back at work, they go through the inventory, and find an extra item in the puzzlebox that Im-chan had previously tossed. She picks it up, and it suddenly wavers in her hand as a headache whacks her right temple. She dismisses it, but decides to leave early.
bcook: Ah Hah!!! We've been staring at that box each opening scene. It finally shows up. Did he show her the box before he went off to completely screwup a surveillance and die? How come it's not in an evidence box somewhere? I predict that these questions too, will never be answered.

Shuk: Walking back into the building, a khaki and blue dressed man leaving the precinct. She glances at him, then continues walking. He stops and turns around - it's her late boyfriend!

bcook: duh duh. Director needs to stop with the wonky angles and PoV shots though. Alfred Hitchcock he is not. (I'm no girlfriday but I know my movie trivia)


Shuk: Yay! Kim Jae-wook! I hope this means we are finally starting to see Shi-on's past, and help her repair the patches in her memory. Who am I kidding, I just want more of KJW. Can ghosts have shower scenes? [shakes off thought]
bcook: o_O. I didn't even go there but now that you have.......*starts searching for shirtless pictures of KJW* Forbidden Quest.
Never forbidden...
Shuk: Anyway, I like the two-episode ghost arc format, which gives a little more meat to the side story, and a chance for our side characters to have a little screen time too. Although we knew Cha Gun-woo would stay in the L&F department, I still grinned when he said it out loud. Taec's acting skills, while not the best out there, seem to be growing on me, and suit the character he is playing fairly well.
bcook: I'm curious to see how the fiancee showing up is going to work. Is he going to help her solve the cases? Is he just going to show up when her life is in danger? Can he talk? Coz none of the other ghosts have. Will there be ghost touching? Freezer girl proved its possible. How long is this show? 20 episodes? *sob*

Shuk: I still think that we have already been introduced to the bad guys in this drama, although writer-nim seems a bit heavy-handed in pointing out Detective Choi Moon-sik as having the greatest darkside likelihood.
bcook: D'u think it's a fake-out? If it is and they do it well.....my mind will be blown. If we already have the who, then it'll be up to writer-nim to give us a good 'why' and 'why should I care'.