Who Are You - Episode 6 (A SqueeCap)

So the interlude with his father has made a believer out of Detective Cha Gun-woo, the Scully to Team Leader Yang Shi-on.   Yeah yeah, she can see ghosts and solve crimes and stuff.  Can she figure out if her late fiancé can remove that blue shirt?
bcook: *singing* "Then I saw her face! Now i'm a believer!" I don't think he'll ever become visible let along undressed. *sigh*
bcook: I like the voice over thing in the beginning. It probably goes something like "I was in a coma for 6 years. When I woke up, I had no memory of what happened...but now I have a strange power. I see dead people. In my new job in the lost and found center, I'm using my skill to find justice for the dead. Maybe one day I can find justice for myself" *filled with self-admiration and pride* wah. bcook. daebak!


Shuk:  Someone is going through the surveillance photos of our Lost and Found pair.  It's not Detective Choi, with his long fingernails, but I’m guessing they are the fuzz.  Hyung-joon oppa ghosts in behind them and reads the report.  The Force is strong within him as he manages to flip the pages.
bcook: It's the force of his love for Shi-on! no? That's just his ghost power? *shot of disappointment*
I need to mix up my drinks. I think I'll do smoothie shots this episode.
Shuk:  Shi-on sees Oppa-ghost, but doesn’t clue in Gun-woo, and the two leave the room together.  She has to go back for her cell phone in the office as he continues down to the hall to his car.  In the office, we get The Flicker (and I’m going to eat a Pocky every time the lights flicker from here on out), but when they come back on, there’s no ghost.  She grabs her phone and leaves as he rematerializes in the darkened office.
bcook: Does she really see? Or does she just get scared coz its dark? Eat a pocky? Don't eat! drink!! drink! drink! *series of evil laughs*
Shuk:  Gun-woo drives her home, his demeanor a bit of gravitas from his previous behavior.  He apologizes for his past misunderstanding; she’s okay with it.  I guess they must have talked about his dad in the car; I mean, wouldn't he have questions?  Anyway, he just stares at her home for a moment before turning back to his vehicle.
bcook: I think they're supposed to be building some kind of romantic tension...*shrug*
Shuk:  She’s having coffee with the Police Director at a local café.  Did I miss something about their relationship?  She tells him about her memory-induced headaches.  He tells her to call him if she needs anything since he was her brightest recruit and he thinks of them as his children.  Bad guy spidey sense tingling.
bcook: Mine too! The minute she says I'm having flashbacks he says call me any time? He did it!! (I'm just going to accuse everybody till I get it right)
Shuk:  Shi-on is alone in the property room, looking through all of the objects as she thinks about the ghost she’s met so far.  She reaches for the puzzlebox, but gets interrupted by Officer Clubfly, and heads off to the division meeting.  The crazy-faced Division Head decides they should have a summer workshop, and Team Leader Suckup (who made fun of Shi-on at the division dinner) is happy to organize the events. The Lost and Found Department is tasked with confirming the hotel location.  Gun-woo blames it on her lateness to the meeting, and they have a friendly squabble until Detective Choi meets them in the hallway.  He is amused that they have been picked to go up a day early to confirm the accommodations, but won’t let them in on the joke.
bcook: I was as mystified as they were. Btw, how many "almost" encounters is she going to have to go through before she opens the damn box? Again...whats it doing in lost and found if it's part of a crime scene? 
Shuk:  [scratch head]  I dunno. My policehead can't get around that either...
Shuk: The drive seems a pleasant one, without any tension, UST or otherwise. But when they reach the hotel, they find out they've been had; no reservations were ever set up, and the hotel is full.  Aha!  They've been given an official challenge.  Gun-woo quickly calls his mentor, and Detective Choi laughs some more.  But the next phone call changes his expression completely; I get the idea he’s been given an order he doesn't like, but I don’t know what it is.
Shuk:  Gun-woo grumbles but Shi-on takes it in stride as they visit and call all over the area, eventually finding a place that can accommodate the group, up in the mountains and near a rocky stream.
bcook: What I don't get is if they called earlier and knew this place was booked...why didn't they call all those other places and make the reservation then?
Shuk:  At the Lost and Found, our two puppies are playing while the big dogs are, um, playing.  Chicken, kiddie pool foot-baths, and sorrowful music is the plan of the day as Sung-chan mourns the loss of his dancer.  Younger puppy offers to set him up with his sister, but that doesn't go over well.  Anyway, the sister got back with her boyfriend after getting love counseling from a local psychic.  And an anvilicious plot point drops on our heads.
bcook: That was a pretty funny scene. Nice break from ghosts and WEoF. I can just imagine him making that call "Hi. Sorry I lied...would you like to go for counseling?"
Shuk:  At the pension, Team Ears and Eyes decide to share a room, without the usual KDramas histrionics, although we do get the breaking-in-while-changing trope.  I think he sees, absolutely nothing, but he hustles out, and tells her to meet him outside for cold beer.
bcook: *sigh* I hope they give up on this soon.
Shuk:  When she makes it outside, she smiles at his attempt to avoid eye contact, but when their glances meet, he covers by drinking so fast beer shoots up his nose (at least that’s what happened to me).
bcook: Really? I've never had that happen to me. How does that work?
Shuk:  I was too busy trying to breathe to remember. [shifty eyes]
Shuk: Ghost Oppa is still prowling around, and finds a note with the address of the pension.  So it is an inside job.  Can he apparate to the location?
bcook: Won't he know where she is no matter what? Can't he like apparate to where she is coz he loves her? It's not fun if the ghost needs directions.

Shuk:  Gun-woo is still dancing around his curiosity, but he finally uses beer courage to ask her do the dead people show up?  She thinks they have some reason or purpose.  But why do they show up in front of her? He asks.  She doesn’t know. But we now know Ghost Oppa has some moves because he shows up at the pension.
bcook: Ghost stalker!
Shuk: She stands up and locks eyes with him.  He stares for  moment, then his eyes flicker to Gun-woo, then back to her; then gives her a nod.  Gun-woo, sensing something strange, moves in between the two, breaking the contact.  She denies seeing anything, but he is still there behind the young detective.
bcook: I don't get that...he knows you see ghosts. You're staring into the air with the annoying WEoF look. Tell the boy what you see! SMH. *Gulps down smoothie*

Shuk:  In their room,  he would like to talk, but she clams up.  He's frustrated, but shoves the mosquito coil closer to her pallet.
bcook: Aah coil. brings back memories of my childhood. You're not supposed to sleep so close to them you know. (Random fact)
Shuk:  She wakes up first, and quietly leaves the room for the closest place to brood, since the Han River is not nearby.  Gun-woo finds her at the stream, but doesn't include, and later, everyone arrives.
bcook:Is he supposed to be staring with fondness? Give up writer-nim! Nobody believes they'll be a couple.

Shuk:  The first order of the days is ablutions as initiation, and Cha is bodily thrown into the river.  It devolves into water play as she watches from the bank. Team Leader KissAss recruits Gun-woo to get the woman wet.  And it's all fun and games...
bcook: They should have done a slow motion montage. TC walking out of the water, drops dripping slowly down his chest. Head flick...
Shuk:  Until she hits the water and has a sudden flashback to the Year Six Incident (Y6I for short until I can come up with something better).  She goes limp in the water and floats downstream a bit, until her protege notices, and bridal carries her out of the water.
bcook: I had a feeling that would happen. I was anticipating a freak out not a blackout...but same thing. Everybody panics. Maybe I should write this script. *sigh* TC so strong!
Shuk:  He hands her a towel and assumes she can't swim.  She tells him that she had a memory flash from Y6I.  He looks at her but doesn't say anything.  Thanks to his dad, he's ready to believe and support her.
bcook: Y6I. Nice one.
Shuk:  Our two Left-Behinds find the date counseling psychic, and predictably, all the felines have left the satchel. The funniest moment was when Im Sung-chan balked before going into the store, asking if it was okay since he is a Christian.
bcook: Noo funniest moment is when she says lying in a relationship is really bad and then they both look up. Caught!
Shuk:  It's Night Ops time for the workshop, and everyone is paired up.  The plan: one walks through the woods to a specific location, while the other one guides at the bottom of the hill using a map and a two-way radio.  She walks; he stays, and they clock the best time of any team as she arrives at a creepy abandoned building and signs in, picking up a 경찰 Challenge Coin as  proof.  Actually, now that I think about it, every abandoned building is a little bit creepy.
bcook: It's the dark windows. They look like empty eyes gazing out at you. Buildings have souls/auras...so an abandoned building is like...an empty shell. *shiver* Great. I'm scaring myself.

Shuk:  She gets a little nervous as she cautiously leaves the building, still talking to her partner.  She feels that there's something weird there.  Suddenly, she gets hit by an unknown assailant and goes down. The goon turns off Shi-on's radio, and Gun-woo knows something is wrong.
bcook: "I got a feeling. Whoo hoo" And there's always a bl*$%y cat
Shuk:  He drops everything and ignores his Command as he runs up the hill towards the building. And we finally see his face.  Who is it, though?  It almost looks like the guy from the charnel house, but then all thugs in black suits look alike.  He slings her over his shoulder and leaves the structure.
bcook:?? Why kidnap her? Going to keep her hidden away until she remembers?
Shuk:  When Gun-woo arrives, she's gone. He sees her signature on the arrival form and heads outside to look for her.  He finds the dropped Challenge Coin in the grass, and takes off in that direction.
bcook: There he goes, running again. He must have some really good eyes coz I would have never seen that coin.

Shuk:  There's a hole, and dirt, and ominous music. There is Ghost Oppa too, but all his efforts to stop this result in the thug's hair getting a bit windblown.  It does delay the bad guy a moment, though, and Shi-on wakes up enough to grab a rock, hit him, and run.
bcook: Is that the guy who shot you ghost oppa? And also....why haven't you figured out that you're a ghost and therefore cannot touch living people?
Shuk:  She gets caught by Gun-woo as she barrels down the path, and rather than head back up, he leads her down.  Detective Choi shows up with the rest of the police, and Gun-woo is quick to point out that this was premeditated.  Choi promises to investigate thoroughly.
bcook: Wait a min! where did Choi come from? Oooh. Some time has passed.
ShukRant:  What is Detective Choi's job in the police?  The head of Traffic Control is a much different position than part of a homicide team, or even investigating an assault on a Law Enforcement Official. I want a job where I can change hats and do whatever I want to to do at the time. It's like the writer uses any excuse to give him screen time.  Heavy handed, indeed.
bcook: erm duh! He's the king. Maybe he's IA which is why he's everywhere and knows everything. Oooh. Maybe he's Team Ten! Meta. I think the bad guy is driving a ford.

Shuk:  The thug runs out of the woods to his car, clutching his side, and gets the hell out of Dodge.  Our narrow-eyed Ghost Oppa watches him leave and memorizes the license plate.  Can you write on a foggy mirror for your love?  You gotta get that info to her!
Shuk:  Gun-woo drives her home, and calls her stubborn for refusing to go to the hospital. He stays outside her place until her lights come on.  She relives her attack in nightmares that night, waking up to cry with her head in her hands.  Headache or panic attack?
bcook: Headache! No! Panic Attack! Either way drink!!! (Warning: playing the drinking game every week could have adverse effects on your liver and affect you capacity to work efficiently the next day)
Shuk:  During a daytime search of the crime scene, Detective Choi finds and hides a broken wristwatch. Hmm.  Gun-woo checks in with Detective Choi, but there’s been no further development in the attack at the workshop.  They discuss who would have a grudge against Team Leader Yang. He deflects additional questions by teasing Cha about his obsession with his boss.  After the younger man leaves, he pulls out the watch and sighs.
bcook: (thoughts in chronological order) I knew it! He did it! Or he knows the guy who did. Does this conspiracy go all the way through the police force?  It seems like Gun-woo was the one hit on the head. psh. Asking if there was cctv at the scene. I wish I read hangul better, maybe those words on the watch say 'congratulations on your retirement' mean it's a cop! Or it could be the korean version of swatch.

Shuk: Outside the precinct, Shi-on spots Ghost Oppa, runs into the precinct and calls out to him. He ignores her, so she chases him until she reaches an empty interrogation room. She sees him just as she remembers her post-coma interview, where she was shown a picture of an officer that was killed during the same operation that injured her: Y6I. And her sudden headache releases the rest of her memories from before the incident.  Finally.  She repeats, “You… You…” as his eyes well with tears.
bcook:Yes! Finally! No if only he could talk, then he'd tell you who's after you. Wait. If he could talk this show will end early. So. Yeah. That's not going to happen. WEoF is the same as Wide Eyes of Realisation. Hmm #LimitedActingRange?

Shuk:  Does this mean Shi-on's memories are back?  It's clear she's remembering the events of that Y6I night, but to what extent I don't know.  It puzzles me that she remembers her parents, the house, etc. etc., but can't remember the man she was in love with.  Selective amnesia is a little too selective, IMHO.
bcook: Traumatic event amnesia. What she saw was so horrible that her brain refuses to process it. *nods head* makes sense. Her recovery is too fast actually. 6 years in come then three months out and she remembers? Too quick.

Shuk:  On the Detective Ears front, I have to see his chivalrous nature change to something more tender, although it's clear he feels they are comrades at arms.  The pace is slower than Hwan Ji-an and Park Tae-kang in MBC's "I Do I Do".  And of course, we need more KJW!!
bcook: They are trying to force that romantic connection and I don't quite understand why. Are they trying to present TC as a romantic leading man? It would explain why he's doing We Got Married. I'm not buying it though. The final scene with KJW had more emotion and love in it that anything I've seen between GW and Team Leader Yang so far.