Anticipating Heirs? Part 1

aka The Drama That Stars Everybody

Unless you're reading this from outer space (hi!) you must be aware of the Lee Min Ho vehicle that SBS has been pounding into our heads  advertising agressively. So just to recap *cough*

Heirs: The story of a bunch of rich kids. The male lead (Lee Min Ho *sigh*) is a tortured super rich kid who falls in love with the female lead (Park Shin Hye no good kisses shall come out of this drama). He has issues. She's super poor. The rest of the characters are also super rich. Everybody is super hot.

Starring: Every pretty boy they could find who isn't in the army, or currently working on a movie, or on tour, or who's agency isn't on good terms with SBS or who backed away slowly from this project.
Basically pick a bias, any bias and they are in this show.

Air date: October 9th.

Trailer: Can be seen on and on the interwebs. Use your googlefu grasshoppers.

Ok! Now that we've got that out of the way.

I have to admit that even though i'm a feverent LMH shipper I have very low expectations for this drama. First, SBS is pushing this so aggressively it's beginning to look like they don't think it will be successful and second there are so many damn people in this show!!

Think about all the ensemble movies you watched. Apart from Love Actually (one of the best movies of my lifetime and I watch it every christmas. Don't judge!) none of them were that good. Were they?

Hey! Don't get me wrong, i'm still going to watch coz it's got LMH and Kang Ha-Neul and Choi Jin Hyuk and I'm shallow like that. Buuut, in anticipation of mediocracy, I have come up with some games that we can play and that will hopefully make the drama go faster.

Heirs Drinking Game

PPL Edition:  Heirs is an expensive production. They're currently filming in LA and they have plans to film in some other countries (where? I don't know beause my eyes got tired due to Heirs overload). He who goes to fancy locations must find the funding. *hehe* So I anticipate alot of PPL. Enough to rival the last episode of GFB.

So here's how it works and there are different ways you can do this.

1. Drink when you spot PPL. You decide to make it blatant PPL only or subtle PPL or a mix.

2. Make it PPL specific. e.g. Drink only if you see a samsung phone.  Or drink when somebody gets a text message on the samsung phone. Tailor it to how drunk you want to be at the end of an episode.

Wrist Grab Edition:  Drink when you see a wrist grab. This show is set in high school. It's a rich boy poor girl story...there will be wrist grab.
Lee Min Ho Edition: If you're just watching this show for LMH then make it ALL about him!
MARRY!! I mean..erm.. DRINK!
1. Drink when he sighs heavily or looks as if the weight of the world is crushing him (he's playing a character with issues so this will happen a lot).

2. Drink when his hair style changes.

3. Drink when you see him doing some eye-loving™. Eye-loving is that thing he does when he's not saying anything but you can see all his emotions in his eyes. Yes it does happen. Watch closely.

Park Shin Hye Edition:  Drink heavily when she is kissed and does The Dead Fish™.
The Dead Fish™ = see every kiss scene she has ever done. Flower Boy Next Door is a recent example. 
ugh. CHUG to forget the sight

Some Extras..Edition: The show hasn't started so we don't know how many scenes of ppl etc will occur per episode. However, based on our history of kdramas there are some things we know will happen for sure! And so I've devised this extras edition to help you on your quest.

1. Drink when any character's hair changes

2. Drink when there is a drinking scene. Since it's set in high school these might be drink when they are in a cafe or are drinking coffee.

3. Drink when your bias/fav character is acting like an idiot. You decide what an idiot is.

4. Drink when there is a misunderstanding.

Stay tuned for Part 2 for the non-drinkers game.