Anticipating Heirs? Part 2

For she/he who shall not be drinking.

First off I'd like to ask why?

Unless you're underaged (bcook does not condone underaged drinking...shame on you!) you should be knocking back a couple while you watch this show.

But I understand that there are some fans out there with jobs that require good hand eye coordination on Thursday and Friday so this game is for you!!

Alternative Game ... for non-drinkers and the under-aged

At the beginning of each episode predict the number of times;

A. You will see or hear (5 points)

          1. A samsung phone

          2. "aish!"

          3. A wrist grab

          4. "Otoke" or "aigoo"

          5. A neck grabbed in shock

          6. Eye loving

          7. Petulant tantrum by a character

          8. An article of clothing that you would like to buy

B. You will feel the urge to squee about the story (not your bias) (10 points)

C. You will feel the urge to squee about your bias (2 points) I can't make it too easy for you.

D. Somebody will drink (3 points)

E. There will be skinship (5 points)

Try and beat your personal score.

I would love to give out a prize but I've got nothing. We could set up a leader board on the facebook page. If that's what you want...head on over and tell us!

If this show is bad... you will at least have the gift of knowing you have the power to endure anything to watch your oppa / noona killer

Clap for yourselves

Edit: feel free to add or take away any elements you want once the drama starts. Anything related to the actually story and how much you enjoy it is 10 points. Character actions are 5 points. If you chose to incorporate PPL it's 2 points.