Goddess of Marriage - Episode 19 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: I have recovered from last week's anger. Barely, though. You?
JoAnne: I'm a little ok. But it won't take much to send me into a hormonal rage.
kakashi: ... and I have come to the conclusion that shipping any couple in this drama is extremely unhealthy. Therefore, I am detaching myself completely. Just recap. Just recap. Just ....
JoAnne: We must make the best of our choice. Happiness is a choice.

 Episode 19

kakashi: Back to the impossibility of driving away from him for minutes, then stopping, and being only a few meters in front of him. Wow. This woman must have mastered beaming?
JoAnne: This whole stopping thing just pisses me off anyway. They're ON A HIGHWAY.

kakashi: I wish I could feel something for him. Anything. And for them, together, as the most boring couple in the world. However, I do not. Instead, I am wondering how they filmed this scene with all the traffic going over the bridge ... is this all controlled? I mean ... are these cars driven by extras?
JoAnne: Why doesn't her hair whip around more?
kakashi: They go to the inevitable café of Big Snoredom and reassure each other that they are both living well. He asks THE question, she lies. THE question is why she quit working at the radio station. She lies about not having regrets once she chose something. More lies about being happy. All in all, a VERY boring meeting.
JoAnne: That coffee shop is called Chock Full o' Lies. (wonders if K has Chock Full o'Nuts coffee in Switzerland.  Because if not, sort of a pointless joke.)
kakashi: I have no idea what you're talking about.
kakashi: After the stiff goodbye, she walks to her car ... when he calls her name. Be happy, be healthy he says. She gets in, but is very affected by his words. Because she realized how boring he is in real life?
JoAnne: Their hands are the same size. That's never a good sign.
kakashi: She drives to the hospital ... and has a little breakdown. Makes total sense. NOT. Before she can start sobbing or anything, Tae-wook calls her and demands to know where she is. Tae-wook! Here you are! And gruff as I like it!
JoAnne: Damn you, he is sexy.
kakashi: Mine, JoAnne. He is mine.  
kakashi: He isn't all too friendly, because she is late - and he seems to have worried she wouldn't come. But she says: of course she is coming, because it was Dragon Mother's command. He says: don't think of mother too badly. She says: as said before, MIL isn't the problem. It's SIL. Who is a total and constantly interfering biatch.
JoAnne: I like the fact that she is telling him specifically what her issues are, though. And showing a little temper instead of just being a sad mopey sack of grump.
kakashi: Both don't like being at the hospital. But he says: just get it done and over with, get tested once and see whether there is a problem. Of course this is about the not-yet-produced baby, right? And we also know why SIL is a bitch about her going to the hopsital (and potentially producing a heir first) - cause she is not getting any!
JoAnne:  So wait.  She was late to the hospital to be tested for fertility, with her husband WAITING ON HER...so she could have coffee with a man she hasn't seen in a year, who she only knew for 3 days and slept with once? By now, aren't we all wondering? I mean, just how good was the D?
kakashi: She is prickly, he says enough already, he is tired of fighting with her these days and she says she's been tired for a year. And walks off.
JoAnne: To be fair, this is a very sensitive topic, but it's only been a year. I thought you had to wait 3 years before they start doing testing, but then again, getting pregnant wasn't exactly ever an issue for me - or anyone in my very fertile family. I realize that was fortunate. Sort of. Depending on how you look at it. Or when.
kakashi: Oh, I don't think she was referring to her problems with conceiving a little tadpole. It was about being sick and tired of him and the entire family. Hence no tadpole.
kakashi: The gynaecologist - who is the family's doctor - is really nice. Our poor Sourpuss has not had a period for 6 months. But hello. Well, it seems to be stress related. But more tests are in order.
JoAnne: I was really VERY pleasantly surprised by that doctor.  
kakashi: It shows us that the writer COULD write pleasant characters. Why isn't she, then?!?
kakashi: Later, Tae-wook overhears the SIL putting down the Sourpuss for being disrespectful and unpleasant. She is all that, really ... But I don't like the SIL. Anyway, Tae-wook seems to realize his wife is having a hard time. That took ............. a while, right? Even he is annoying me these days.
JoAnne: I don't think he ever truly picked up on the constant barrage of insults and complaints about every last little fucking thing. I mean, I do not think she was rude at all in that situation, and she got BLASTED.
kakashi: He is at the Lady Doctor's next ... she tells him nothing is wrong with both of them. But. She has a very unscientific proposition to solve their kid-issue: Are there any study abroad programs for prosecutors? Take the wifey and leave. She isn't making eggs because of stress. If it continues, she can become infertile.
JoAnne: Psst...we're born with 'em. She's holding onto those puppies TIGHT though. Plus, I bet they aren't having that much sex. WHY WHY WHY? I just had a thought, though. We're born with all of our eggs. Men create new sperm, though. But out of what, exactly? That's kind of creepy. If you think of them like little human tadpoles, it's EXTREMELY creepy.
kakashi: Our prosecutor thinks long and hard ("should I go away from Mommy? Can I survive?"), when his sunbaenim walks up to him and gives him a hard time for being rich. Hehehe, and didn't he hear? His brother's mentor is being investigated. Which means ...
JoAnne: Major douche alert.
kakashi: Yeah. An "oh shit" moment.
JoAnne: In that picture on the right he's trying to figure out if he can remember anything that would point to him being adopted.
kakashi: At one of the Deadly Breakfasts, everybody eyes each other carefully. And then, finally!!!, Tae-wook shows that he isn't entirely backbone-less and passive. He tells the Family that he is going to study abroad - New York, in fact.
JoAnne: He never discussed it with her. That first look - the first few - that she gave him? That was abject terror. She thought he was leaving her mopey ass behind.
kakashi: But no! The mother goes, that is not possible! But yes, the father goes, he should go! And Tae-wook winks at this wife who is completely flabbergasted.
JoAnne: That was SO cute. He is really adorable, dammit.
kakashi: Later, in their own home, Sourpuss is delirious with joy at the prospect of leaving the HellHouse. She hugs him (!) and he happily talks about what they will be doing. She goes: blabla, I'll be a really nice wife to you, I'll no longer be frustrated with you, etc. and I go: huh?
JoAnne: I am pretty sure that some of the wording she chose indicated she'd be more willing to give up the wifely goods than in the past.
kakashi: And DOUBLE-huh when he tells her to fix the main character in her novel (which is basically him!!), who is a stiff type of guy who makes the heroine in the novel anxious. Okay, that's a little bit funny.
JoAnne: She is so happy she didn't even care that he read it. Good thing she hadn't made Warm Up Oppa the lead in her novel.
kakashi: The Sourpuss calls the Snore - and they meet.
JoAnne: WTF. Stupidest thing ever. So done. Especially because she's all blah blah my husband this and blah blah my husband that, while Sadness Personified just visibly shrinks and finally blurts out yeah, that's great, but um, I'm never going to have anything good in my life again and I can't really forget you but hey, have fun. Without mentioning at all that MostIrritatingGirlfriend is about to become MostIrritatingWife.
kakashi: Uhm, JoAnne? That dialogue is happening in the next episode. But never mind. Good to see someone is excited about all this.

The Rest

kakashi: The poor Annoyance. Well, she is still annoying, but she also has the worst of all Mothers. The one from Secret Garden. She is unpleasant. Okay, understatement. She is VERY unpleasant, aka "having a very straightforward personality". But ... she also has a point. She feels The Snore doesn't love her daughter. Yeah, spot on.
JoAnne: I hate that woman's face with a passion. She looks like she doesn't have teeth. Why does that inspire me with a desire to punch her? I do not know. Thank God I don't feel that way about babies, or Meth addicts.
kakashi: The same is established by the kindest Mother ever (yeah, the Snore's). BTW, I have a question since this is the very first time I'm seeing Lee Sang-woo in anything. Can this man act?
JoAnne: I don't know. Perhaps we should put him in a towel and check this out.
Kim Ji-hoon says NO
kakashi: There is a catfight! Do it naked and in mud next time! But without the sounds, maybe, they're disturbing! Anyway, NewBiatch is challenging Nam-Woman, who is pulling the CheatingDickBrother money out the pocket for paintings while cohabiting with him.
JoAnne: That was a bit of a shocker, eh? And not the friendly kind. I am always amazed at the brazen way the slut sleeping with the married man always feels as though she's being wronged when the wife attacks, though. If she didn't know, that's one thing. But this one went after the guy deliberately. Of course, we all know it's not about him. I say her oppa is the man that NewBiatch dumped/hurt/killed/gave VD/looked at sideways one day.
kakashi: There is a LOT of NewBiatch in this episode (the actress has really bad skin these days, I hope she  is okay?) Here is the most important stuff in a nutshell: She doesn't make breakfast anymore, she just controls the breakfast after the "new" Houseslave has made it. She is also promoted to Vice President. Is that stuff with her (real) family important? Not sure, but she is being nasty to them and burns a lot of her stuff. She takes home the rest, including a gigantic bear. She is clearly lonely, and she could just take the bear to bed instead of just patting it. And then, finally ... she is blackmailed. With some smeksy pictures of her in bed with some man. Hm, good times? 
JoAnne: We know that the brother is working for NamBamThankYouMa'am. I want to bet the 'business deal' was something of hers, and the blackmail pictures too, of course. She's out for blood, that trampy woman.
kakashi: Doormat is no longer a Doormat but is working (at the Halmoni's factory, I guess) and is attending school, while Cheating Anchorman is teaching English. To a group of five little kids in some neighborhood school ("Really").
JoAnne: I hope one of those kids kicks him in the balls. Really. Doormat looks good. Really. Still love the little fat boy. Really.

The Conclusion

kakashi: So ... You all know what that is, right? A whole tree full of shoes ready to drop!
JoAnne: This whole middle section needs to be done with. Or we need some nekkid Tae Wook pretty quick.  
kakashi: Where can I sign up for that??????? 
kakashi: What a lame episode. Alright, we got a few smiles (from her as well!), but it is all too clear where this is all going. The drama meanders on and on and if I had not started to recap this I would drop it like the proverbial other shoe ... but, alas ...
JoAnne: She's here all month, folks.
kakashi: This is for you, JoAnne: