Goddess of Marriage - Episode 20 (KimJiRageCap)

kakashi: We are reaching new lows in this episode, in which absolutely nothing happens and we even move backwards, storywise. I am beginning to suspect that this drama is doing something subversive - but what? Is it trying to make us hate everything and everybody? To destroy our ideal fantasies? To prepare us for MIL hell when we get married?
JoAnne: I've been thinking a lot about the title of this drama. Who the hell is the Goddess in this, anyway? I feel like we're in a bad marriage with this show, K.

Episode 20

kakashi: Somewhere in the Tae-wook universe, Sourpuss meets The Snore. By the way, I want to kill the person who is in charge of the music in this drama. Everything is already bad, but the music makes it much, much worse.
JoAnne: I can't hear the music over the sound of the blood beating in my veins and making everything sort of red while I try my hardest not to kill people.
kakashi: She talks and talks. She called him to have dinner (yeah, obviously ... or do you think he is expecting something else?!). She feels she can talk to him comfortably now (without jumping him?!). And she chatters on what she will do with her husband while in New York. Noticing his sullen silence, she asks whether he doesn't have plans of his own ... and he says he doesn't. Well, he is only getting married to The Annoyance soon, but I guess that's not filed under "plan".
JoAnne: In high school, these two would have been THAT couple. We hated them then, we hate them now. Eventually, one of them gets fat. So there's that, at least.
kakashi: Gah, he is so cheesy - and I am sorry, I can't stand him. I get physical discomfort upon seeing him, all stiff and constipated. And of course, he is miffed that she talks about her husband in such favorable terms and has nothing better to do than telling her how hurt he was after they broke up. And that he regrets he let her go. THAT's SO OLD!
JoAnne: Why. Why did she do this? Why did he meet her? WHY?
sorry. fell asleep temporarily
kakashi: She tells him she didn't meet to discuss THAT. He knows, he knows ... but since this "is the last time they will see each other like that", he thought, well, why not bring it up. KDrama people, I have said this before, but going abroad for a year does NOT mean you will never see each other again.
JoAnne: Be more positive. Maybe he'll get hit by a bus, maybe she'll fall out of the plane. I was going to have the plane crash but Tae Wook is on it.
kakashi: Anyways, she says she also thought about him a lot. But girls are different from boys (really?): she decided to give her best for the choice she made, without regretting. Yeah, yeah, that lame line again. Do you actually believe it yourself?? And then, she says she will keep him in her heart, and will occasionally take him out to look at him. LOOOOOVe the mental image of that.
JoAnne: Oh for the love of CHRIST woman. Tae Wook will take you hiking. Tae Wook will carry you when you step in cow shit. Tae Wook will laugh at your pictures in books. Tae Wook will bounce the ever loving JESUS out of you, every night. There is nothing special about warm up Oppa. Get over it.
Somehwere in there, Warm-up Oppa is hiding
kakashi: When she asks if he will not get married and he says he will, she seems surprised ... and miffed herself? Silly girl, didn't you think he can do what you did? Just marry somebody for whatever reason, even though you are pining after someone else? On the way back, in their separate cars, they both think about the-what-could-have-been, like fools do, moping and infuriating me. Can't we move on? Please?
JoAnne: Someone give me a fork so I can stab myself in the eye. I can't let the entire evening be a waste.
(kakashi: Tip: never google for images of stabbed out eyes.) 
This is a gif (= it is supposed to move). But ... this is how much his face moves during his scenes.
kakashi: Haha, Dragon Mother (Breakfast Time!) attempts to keep Ji-hye with her and wants to send Tae-wook to the States alone. Yeah, cause whom would she have to torture once the Sourpuss is gone? Of course, she says it's because she still needs to educate the youngest DIL and if she just leaves after a year, she'll go totally wild and spoiled again. But Patron stays firm - he has allowed it, it will happen. And by the way ... you want to study political science, Tae-wook? Oh yes, come to me, I will teach you!
JoAnne: Thoroughly creeped out by senior citizen aegyo performed by a woman who more closely resembles a tuna than she does any other female I can think of.
kakashi: Sourpuss on the other hand is a liiiiiiiiiiiittle bit overzealous, I would say. Because she is already packing. Tae-wook looks at her from the side ... he says she looks like an excited kid who is going on a field trip. So he's wondering how tough the past year really was for her. It hurts him to think of it.She confirms, yes, it's been hard ... very hard. But she endured, she is still with him, and now she can leave with him. But it was so hard she didn't want to stay with him. THAT, too, is SO OLD!!!!
JoAnne: There once was a girl in a show who married a nice enough joe; but she was so thick she said no to that dick (I know! Stupid chick!) and preferred to moon over E-mo.

kakashi: There is some PPL and then the Sourpuss meets her niece, the Wanna Be Announcer. As we well know, she really, really, REALLY wants to meet the NewBiatch because she really, really, REALLY wants to become an announcer. Why, the Sourpuss wants to know, and WannaBeAnnouncer says because she will be able to marry into a wealthy family like her if she succeeds. And they get into a fight (THAT's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OLD, we had that a few episodes again already) because WannaBe thinks Sourpuss should quit being sullen, doesn't she have what everybody desires? Live is hard when you're not rich. Sourpuss doesn't accept this, and she says she is unhappy and slowly dying (SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OLD).
JoAnne: It's old and the girl is annoying but she spoke for us when she told Sourpuss to get over herself. Now, if she would take her own advice as well...and where's that nerd who is secretly hot, rich, and perfectly connected to help her? They can't have introduced him for nothing.
*yawn* You were saying?
kakashi: Later, a wet and sexy Kim Ji-hoon in pyjamas finally relieves my tremendous boredom. Why can't he undress? The Sourpuss bought 500 books to bring to the States with her and is putting them into a box. (Ooooookay. A year has 365 days, right?) He says: are you just planning to read while in the States? And she says: of course. So he says: What about me? So she says: If you just stay next to me quietly, I'll admire you. Cute.
JoAnne: I did the math, too. They're going to have to have sex while she reads out loud. I hope some of those books are erotica. (Thinking.) All that bouncing, I would lose my place a lot. I hope some of those books are erotica on tape. Oooh, in a Scottish accent. Or TOP's voice. (Suddenly loses breath.) TOP's voice, reading a naughty tale to me while I ...oh dear.
kakashi: But then, a phone call. The phone call of Doom? All Tae-wook says is: "What??" And I am sure that was the shoe that dropped.
JoAnne: Yes indeedy, and someone is going to get the boot. (Heh.)
kakashi: On the next day, in Douchebag Prosecutor's office. Tae-wook wants to know whether it is true that his brother has been summoned. Oh yes. It is true. Douchebag tells him to stay out of it.
JoAnne: Go ahead, Tae Wook, tell the Douchebag your brother is a dickweed. You know you wanna.
kakashi: His father tasked him to send him to prison anyway, doesn't he remember? Read the KimJiCaps, Tae-wook!  
kakashi: And Tae-wook calls Jin-hye... and he tells her that they need to rethink going to the States. Dooooooooooom is here.
JoAnne: How hard would it have been to massage that message a little bit, TaeWook? Seriously. If you don't get laid tonight, it's your own damn fault. I'm sick of all of you idiots.
kakashi: He has a good heart, but he should work on his Sourpuss social skills.
kakashi: DragonMother is up in arms and in almost hysterics, it is her most beloved son after all! And how useless is her third son, who is a prosecutor, but couldn't even prevent this from happening? And of course she insults The Sourpuss with all her might, for example saying that ever since she came into the house, there has been trouble. Ji-hye's mimosa-like being is deeply wounded and therefore, she goes to get piss-drunk. What a luxury chick! Getting drunk on expensive wine instead of soju? And you still don't want to admit that being rich has some benefits?!
JoAnne: I'm laughing at you. Mimosa-like being, that was good.
kakashi: The great unmyeong, one of the leads in this drama, has it that The Snore is about to meet his future bride in the same restaurant (cause there is only one in Seoul) - and he sees his OneAndOnlyLove sitting there, wasted.
JoAnne: Done. So done. This writer - you know this writer had a brief tragic love affair in some nasty corner of an airport bathroom once and they just cannot let it go.
kakashi: She runs out when he calls out to her, embarrassed, I guess. He follows after, of course, because he has always done that. He grabs her and demands to know what has happened. She demands to be let go, he insist in going somewhere, helping her etc. He.Is.So.Annoying.
JoAnne: I find him less annoying than her. He at least goes about his life. She keeps making such a big goddamn deal of every little thing.
kakashi: You are just blinded by his abs. 
kakashi: She demands what she has already told him a year ago, just pretend not to know her. "And don't look at me with these kind of eyes", she shouts. Yeah, agreed. His eyes infuriate me as well. She shouts at him: all that there is between them is a one night stand during their vacation. Leave her alone!
JoAnne: Oh, if you had only taken your own advice, Missy, and not called him up for that dinner.
kakashi: But OF COURSE he cannot do that. Something is wrong, he says. Didn't you say you were happy? He doesn't have lingering feelings for her (LIAR), he just hopes that she is living well. And she says: You go, get married, and also live well. A mistake like mine: do not repeat it. And they stare at each other, in what I guess should be a "charged" moment. I'm just glad it's over for the week.
JoAnne: We should charge the writer for watching this dreck.

The Others

kakashi: There is a lot of NewBiatch in the last two episodes. I guess that was necessary to make us appreciate her downfall even more? So ... her past is coming back to bite her in the a$$. There are loveydovey pictures of her and her previous lover (Sang Hoo), whom she apparently dumped in the most brutal way, as soon as she got her hands on DickBrother. Whoever is blackmailing her (and we all know who that is, right?) threatens to make them public. I am not entirely sure how that would be a problem, because that was about 10 years ago? Or are women in Korea not allowed to have previous lovers? Anyways, she is now trying to track down Sang Hoo (we do not know what has happened to him, but we know it isn't pretty) and she is in danger of losing everything that she has right now.
JoAnne: Perhaps she fears that any sort of 'news' no matter how old would be unseemly, and threaten her standing in the family. I'd say she probably has a point. I'd also say she still has deep feelings for bedroom dude, and that has to figure in somehow with her response.
kakashi: Absolutely nothing new from the CareerWoman and/or the CheatingAnchorman. He is still being a dick, he is still living with his brother and his family. A lot of people didn't even get an appearance in this episode. I'm not complaining. Doormat on the other hand is doing well - and the cute English student from a few episodes ago reappears, looking all yummy.
JoAnne: Cute little flirty scene between Careerwoman and her husband. I just want to run my fingers through his hair. He's a cutie. I'd do him.
kakashi: The Annoyance gets one very annoying scene, in which she has prepared yummy food for her future husband. The writer is clearly a sadist for writing a character like this. And they are sadists for casting somebody with such a terrible voice. I am suffering.
JoAnne: Eggs with FLOWERS in them. And yes, her voice is grating. Popo me Oppa! Popo me Oppa! I'll popo you. I'll popo your ass to the moon, you irritating flea.
kakashi: There are also several scene with The Snore's Mother, who is being humiliated by the Annoyance's mother. She once again demands to know from her son why he wants to marry that woman, and he says because she happened to be there, and he thinks it's a good choice. He doesn't need to be crazy in love. And he will not look for another woman. And ... this makes no sense at all, boy, and it just shows what an idiot you are. You and the Sourpuss would really make a wonderfully stupid couple.
JoAnne: He should have proposed truthfully. "You want to get married? I mean, you're standing there, and all. Breathing. So you know, you qualify." Then again, she'd probably have said yes to that, too. GAH. These people are so stupid.
Final Stuff

kakashi: We all knew the New York trip would fall through - we all knew that the Brother would get into trouble - we also knew that NamBam hates NewBiatch and was planning something evil ...... so ...... a full hour wasted on nothing. There is absolutely no character development in this drama, they all remain unpleasant and annoying, and Kim Ji-hoon isn't even showing his abs.
JoAnne: We've been punk'd.
kakashi: Were is the opt out box?! I want to tick it! Goodbye, I'm going to watch some Joseon X-Files to get over the frustration.
PS: Kim Ji Hoon has a framed picture of him and Nam Sang Mi in his living room!! 
JoAnne: Um...that is not Kim Ji Hoon. Are you ok?
kakashi: Watch Barefoot Friends, dear. Episode 20.