Goddess of Marriage - Episode 24 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: Oh, yes, drama! Keep it up, keep it up! The only thing I did not like about this episode: there is hardly any Tae-wook and when there is, he isn't exactly amiable. Not good! But otherwise, things are not un-interesting. Yes, I wasn't bored. Ah, my poor baby fool.
JoAnne: I'm interested again. Thank God.

Episode 24

kakashi: so, Ji-hye wants a divorce! And she tells him that she will leave this house. It may come as a big surprise (NOT) but Tae-wook doesn't particularly like the idea. She wants a divorce, over this trivial matter? And does she thinks getting a divorce is that easy?
JoAnne: Viki comments came down on your boy hard, K. I defended him in my head, though. I don't think his response was anything that ANY spouse hit with that particular bit of unwelcome news wouldn't have come back with.
kakashi: Oh well, young folks. What do you expect ... of COURSE people resist it if somebody wants to divorce them. Why else do you think divorce is such an unpleasant thing? Cause everybody goes "yay, finally! a divorce!"

kakashi: What the f*** does he know, she counters, has he ever lived through this? He only gets home 3 or 4 nights a week, and even if he does? He can't get it, because it's his f-ed up family and his terrible mother, who keeps at her all day long.
JoAnne: Which is why I think his particular response to the situation is doomed to fail because it's more of the same old - same old, but hey, we've still got 10 eps or so to get through, right? I do really enjoy seeing them stand face to face, toe to toe, and go at it as equals for a minute, though. The demise of this marriage makes me sort of hopeful that it can be saved.
kakashi: He says he understands that she is upset (you know what, Tae-wook? That line is getting SO LAME) and he understands that his mother wronged her. But doesn't she see it is because of the family issues right now? (uhm ... Tae-wook, is this denial or are you, God beware!, really dim?). Haha, Sourpuss, POINTS for the next line: "No, your mother isn't in her right mind at any time". If she were, she wouldn't constantly abuse her DILs. (Though you might reconsider the terribleness of this MIL, once you meet The Snore's future MIL)
JoAnne: The look on his face! Like it was such a shock to hear, and anyone IN their right mind couldn't actually see the truth of that statement in 30 seconds with Fish Lips.

kakashi: Tae-wook says again that he understands, he understands! But Ji-hye won't have it. She does not believe him anymore. He cannot do anything for her. She needs to be happy for him to be happy. Only then will they (as a couple) be happy. But she is not happy, so ... "give me up now, Tae-wook". *sniff*
JoAnne: He listens, but he does not hear.

kakashi: When she walks away, he holds her back (wrist-grab!). He can't do that. How can he be that selfish, she asks, crying, "do I have to die slowly every day until you give me a divorce?" Come on, Tae-wook. Come on.
JoAnne: Dude, come on. Dude! Think calming thoughts. Home shopping network, stuff on sale. It's cool. Breathe. Have some galbi stew.
kakashi: She leaves, he runs after her, out of the house, asking her again and again where she is going. But she just says she will not die in this house. Let her go. And he does. For now. Just frigging wake up, pretty boy.
JoAnne: That's the face that recognized she was going to choose Enrique, remember? Only this time, it's not even another guy. When does Kim Ji Hoon get to get the girl?
30 minutes without Tae-wook follow. Ah, this will be a short recap!

kakashi: The household is in disarray because no daughter-in-law houseslave came to make breakfast. Tae-wook totally lies for her (saying she was home at night), or does he lie because he feels ashamed? Maybe both. He also looks good on this kind of phone, I notice.
JoAnne: Ahh, the phone fetish. Reminds me of the good old days when we only had 4 people to hate in a drama.
kakashi: Ji-hye returns home after some Han-River-time. Yikes, Tae-wook shouts ... He demands to know what's going on and where she was. And I am wondering WHY is she returning??? Girl, you don't throw the big D-word around for nothing. You just don't do it. She could have gone and stayed at a hotel, really.
JoAnne: Yeah that was... anticlimactic.
kakashi: She tells him not to shout (I'd appreciate that as well, thanks). She went to the Han-river and fell asleep, nothing else. And she wants that divorce. Now. Yesterday.
JoAnne: Do it, Lawyer-boy. Chop chop. (I just noticed, his rage didn't frighten me this time around. Nor did it immediately make me rub my hands in glee and think ooooh yes now he turns evil. Sorry, Lafer...maybe next week.)
kakashi: She goes to look at the sad, sad remains of her laptop, he follow her in and tells her that he talked to his mother yesterday. So she started work at the broadcasting station again? She should have at least told him. What for, she wants to know, what would the difference be?
JoAnne: The upcoming conversation was actually the saddest one, for me. Because you can see they care FOR EACH OTHER...but she's just given up hope that it could ever get better. She's gone, dude. I think it might be too late to right the course of your little lollipop ship.
kakashi: He feels like he doesn't exist, he says. That wasn't her intention, says Ji-hye, but she didn't want him to know and feel anxious because of it. She didn't want to add more burdens to his shoulders. *sniff* For her,  being able to write was a little window, through which she could breathe, to be able to live in his house. Without it? She dies.
JoAnne: When she's not a snivelling wreck I feel a whole lot more sympathy for her.
kakashi: But he will not have this talk of divorce. Just put up appearance in the Big House, he says, and live as you wish in this house. But he would not have married her if he was going to lose her that easily. He cannot let her go. Let's try harder, he says. He will try to come home earlier, to protect her. He will buy her a new laptop, this afternoon. But divorce ... never. Never. NEVER. She is not even allowed to mention that word.
JoAnne: Oh dude, you so do not get it.
kakashi: Is he asking her to die, then? She wants to know. Oh no, don't you worry, he says. He will not let her die alone. If it doesn't work, despite her efforts, he will jump off the building with her and die together. I do hope you mean that figuratively.
JoAnne: Tae-Wook, sweet baby buns of steel, dearest abs of delight: It's not going to work. Jump now. Figuratively speaking. Jump now, with her, and walk away from your poisonous pestilential pit of a family of vipers.
kakashi: Later, Ji-hye sits in her room, all quiet and sad, staring at her broken laptop. Has Tae-wook not sent the new one? The phone rings ... it's one of the servant, calling her from the main house. Ji-hye doesn't answer.
JoAnne: Whatever do you mean? Didn't he make a promise? Doesn't he always keep hi...oh wait.
kakashi: At night, her unni calls ... Ji-hye isn't well, it seems. She says it's a flu. Stress-caused she says - and her stomach hurts, too (maybe she is getting her period?!??!). Oh, that's exactly what CareerWoman asks, too.
kakashi: On the next morning, a deadly pale and shaky Ji-hye makes her way to the House of Horrors. MILDragon is having a go at her (what else), though it's relatively mild this time ... she is saving the big storm for later, I guess. But there is no later, because in the kitchen, Ji-hye collapses to the floor - passed out. Oh noes. 
kakashi: At the company, FormerlyAbusedNewNowFallenBiatch tells the FILPatron that she will divorce DickBrother. Yay. Another one. Let's see whether she is more successful.
JoAnne: Starting to like dis bitch again, dammit.

The Rest

kakashi: Long discussion between the FallenBiatch and her WheelChairOppa. About why he threw away his life, about her moving on, and him not being able to. The gist of it? I think he is a bit crazy. It's kind of like The Snore could have become, too. All "I loved you, and that is enough - it makes my life meaningful". Fools. Though I like him. But I don't like The Snore. And okay, I admit it, this story, and this guy, it touched me. Yeah, I might have cried a little, too.
JoAnne: What a waste of a fine-ass man, right? Because dayum. And yeah, I am totally with you and her. Are you crazy, WheelChair Oppa? Also: was it wrong of me that I laughed when he was lying there on the ground looking more like he rolled down a really rocky hill (sniff) than fell off a building? What's with the non-split open skull? How come the shoulder on the air-side was all torn and bleeding? Did he land on it, bounce up, flip over, and come down on the other side? And the people just looking at him like 'hey, how did THIS get here.?'
kakashi: NowFallenBiatch isn't defeated yet, it seems. After visiting her brother, and telling him to keep quiet, she meets the Slimebag Prosecutor. Huh. I think I like this!
JoAnne: Oh I definitely liked this. Very approving golf-clap for NowFallenButNotForLoooongSuckersBiatch.
kakashi: DickBrother goes crazy over the big teddy bear (named Jung Nam), when he realizes that she must have received it from her previous lover. If this were a comedy, I would have laughed long and hard. Yes, it was pretty funny. Funny-pathetic.
JoAnne: His delusions of grandeur are vast palaces of WTF to me.
kakashi: The Snore is now engaged. Not to his mother's great pleasure. Nice hanbok, though, Lady Choi! The Annoyance's mother is a sad, lonely lady - and maybe also crazy, though she often says rather accurate things. A picture of the teddy bear seems appropriate.
JoAnne: AnnoyanceMom's Mom and Dad seemed like really nice people. Did you think 'what a bitch' at how her mom had that dismal Kiwanis Club banquet room set up to maximize the fact that there were no people there for WarmUp Oppa except his awesome Mom?
kakashi: Poor Annoyance hopes for some sexy time at the night of their engagement, but The Snore goes home. He hasn't re-programmed his D yet, obviously. Just sad. Her mother is seriously angry, and also scolds her daughter for not having slept with him yet. There can only be two reasons for this: either he has a problem with his D - or he has another woman in his heart. Later, when they are preparing for the Snore's father's memorial service, The Annoyance finds a photo of him and Ji-hye. I feel sorry for her. But frankly? It would be much better for her if she didn't marry him. And better for him, too. Just go to Italy and stay there forever, Snore.
JoAnne: Could not agree more. And they haven't even slept together yet and until now she didn't even think that was weird? And she didn't even think it was weird until her friends said something? Girl. You don't really love him, either. I mean some people wait, yeah. But it's a pain in the groin, long hard journey of denial and suffering. It's not months of dating and then oh, wow, hey, we haven't done it yet, we get to do it now.
kakashi: By the way, the most hateful character is the WannaBeAnnouncerNiece. Shallow, mean, and stupid. Just go away.   That whole storyline is just so ... completely redundant. And JoAnne can mention her favorite new couple, HotEnglishStudent and Doormat. Cause I will not.
JoAnne: I hope Niece gets her ass handed to her. All wrapped up in the discarded bow from some designer gift that he decides at the last minute NOT to give her. And I cannot wait for the makeover he gets. You know it's coming. As for HES and DM. Well. I seriously think that's Man-Sized Jaejoong from Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek but I can't find proof anywhere. I think he's a player so it won't be a serious thing. I mean come on, that line was seriously smooth. 'It doesn't matter how old you are. If you are not my mother, to me you are a woman. Are you my mother? No? Then you're a woman. And why aren't you divorced yet?' Nicely delivered, HES. Very nice. Come sit by me for a while. Noona wants to buy you a drink.

The End-Thoughts

kakashi: Well, well, well, I am surprised! But I actually quite liked this episode. I mean ... "liked". As didn't totally hate it. Not that I'm okay with what this writer is doing with Tae-wook (my love for him was SOOOOOOO STROOOOONG and now, what have you done????) - things are still moving, and things are definitely falling apart over at the KangPalace.
JoAnne: This episode had me laughing out loud in several places. One of them is that bit above where 'Mike No' known to us as DickNumberTwo, tries to write his name upside down and backwards while mangling the English language.
kakashi: Will Ji-hye's collapse (cancer? amnesia? blindness? All three?) be the wake-up call for Tae-wook? Yes, she said it: he is utterly selfish, and has always been when it comes to their relationship. She is the only thing in his life that he has ever loved (and maybe she is the only thing that has ever loved him, in a twisted kind of way, cause she isn't totally indifferent to him, like the Snore is indifferent to the Annoyance) and that is why he clings onto her like a crazy man. It is this selfish love that is causing her so much chagrin - and I am guessing, hoping, that he will have to make a big sacrifice to save her. He will either have to part ways with his family - or he has to part ways with her, his one and only love. But I also guess it will not happen tomorrow. Cause we have 8 episodes to go. At least.