Goddess of Marriage - Episode 25 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: This is a sad episode (when it isn't trying to be comical - the dissonance is quite great). Both Kim Ji-hoon and Nam Sang-mi put on some fine acting and I am invested enough (still? again?) to care about this couple. They are hurting - I am not happy. And yes, people: I still don't hate Tae-wook. So sue me.
JoAnne: Yeah...your boo was lookin' good this time around. Appearance. Not actions. Man, did he get the truth served to him.

Episode 25

kakashi: Ji-hye is wheeled out of the palace on a stretcher. And ... there is blood on her legs. Blood on legs in dramaland? That means miscarriage!!! But ... major "huh?". How can she have been pregnant without the doctor noticing? Or is that pretty doctor a charlatan? 
JoAnne: I KNEW IT. That doctor visit could have been ages ago. You don't know. Time gets all wonky in drama-land. They been having sexy ti-i-i-imes...
kakashi: Tae-wook rushes to the hospital (he is such a good runner!). But it's too late... Ji-hye is dead.
JoAnne: When you speed it up like that he looks a bit silly though (noooooo! why? He is just a very fast runner!!!). Ji-Hye is dead but they save the baby! He will raise her in that Asian Pear Orchard and she won't wear shoes until she's 22! No, wait.
kakashi: No, of course she is not dead, she is just unconscious. Had you there, huh?! He hears that she collapsed in the kitchen, when she was to prepare a meal. The servant who is with her does not know what has happened, because the doctor wouldn't tell her, a non-guardian.
JoAnne: You know, the whole time they were loading her in the ambulance I was asking Maisie 'where the fuck is Fish Lips, huh?' Maisie did not know, so I told her she was useless and booted her off the footstool.
kakashi: So who was at home when she passed out?? Well, Tae-wook, I hate to break it to you, but it was ... the MILDragon.
JoAnne: *rubbing hands gleefully*
kakashi: Tae-wook is royally pissed (= superhawt) and calls his mother (Man-on-the-phone alert!). His mother is entertaining her rich vulture friends, without caring at all for Ji-hye. Get it now, Pretty Boy? Your mother is the worst. What, you knew already?! Dear, I fear lafer might be right about you ...
JoAnne: Seriously, on what PLANET...
kakashi: The MILDragon is all "well, the meeting with my friends was already scheduled, so you think I should have cancelled that?" and anyway ... the doctor said Ji-hye is fine. That is "fine", cause she has cumulative fatigue and is dehydrated. From doing basically nothing, the MILDragon adds, she is having such a nice life. Ergo: he married a wimp!
JoAnne: There is that, though. He kind of did. Even so, different people have different levels of tolerance and you have to pay attention. Not everyone can be an unfeeling robot with fish lips and you shouldn't expect it of them. I'm trying so hard to be sympathetic toward her, but I guess you can see that I don't really get why this is her response to the situation. Ji Hye I mean. She is kind of a wimp.
kakashi: Hm. Yes. All the while I was hating the MILDragon with a vengeance, I was thinking that I still don't fully understand why Ji-hye is so stressed. She looks sturdy enough, no?

kakashi: Tae-wook (who has tears of rage in his eyes) shouts at her for making such incredibly tactless comments, but that woman is too far gone down her hell hole to realize her behavior is all kinds of wrong. and ... she goes to play golf with the ladies. And Tae-wook sighs, defeated. It is not the last time in this episode ... He goes back inside the room and sits down next to Ji-hye, taking her hand, waiting for her to wake up. 
JoAnne: One thing for this boy. He really loves her. I wonder if he learns anything from this.
kakashi: He sits there until late at night. Looking mighty fine, if I might add, though a bit bruised around the eyes.
JoAnne: I'm going to make a fake internet shopping mall where everything he buys is actually me, and then I'm going to be delivered to his door. I'm going to clean out his nasty fridge and then we are going to have lots of fun times, Kakashi. Just wait. It will be a reality show called BareAssed Friends.
kakashi: I want to be sold in your internet shopping mall as well!!! Please! Please!!!
kakashi: She is waking up! She doesn't understand why she is at the hospital - but he asks her why she actually went to the house when she was so unwell. She went, because the MILDragon called her, says Ji-hye. He finds it strange (and I do, too!) that she did that, after he told him so clearly she couldn't live like that anymore. (Indeed. Why did she even come back after asking for a divorce? I don't get that) She says, yes - she can dish out to him really well, but in front of the MILDragon, she just freezes up.
JoAnne: Um, hello, you TOLD her to go along with them and then in your own house live as you please. Which is pretty much what she had been trying to do, so no change there, Dimwitted but Beautiful Husband.
kakashi: Tae-wook says to rest up really well at the hospital and then ... go back. You idiot. But later, he calls her unni, the Career Woman. He stutters around and finally confesses that Ji-hye is in the hospital.
JoAnne: *rubs hands together gleefully again*
kakashi: Career Woman comes immediately. Okay, at this point I understand why Tae-wook is so timid all the time. He has been frightened by awful women all his life, so he has some kind of PTSD. Ji-hye assures her sister that she is alright. Will we finally find out what WAS wrong with her? Tae-wook doesn't tell unni. It must be something terrible.
JoAnne: Yeah because being tired always makes you bleed.
kakashi: Well, at least someone gives it to the MILDragon. The doctor in charge tells her straight to the face that she is the problem for her patients issues. Ji-hye needs to go somewhere to recuperate. The doctor-lady tells her that her uterus isn't in the best shape - and MILDragon goes, what, a miscarriage? And storms out.
JoAnne: Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch a bitch.

kakashi: Meanwhile, Unni is telling Tae-wook off in strong language for not "knowing" and not doing anything about the mistreatment of his wife and for not calling her, even though he knew things were going badly... He just stands there, looking like a sorry drowned rat. PTSD, very clearly.
JoAnne: He looks ashamed, as well he should. He knew she was drowning (setting aside the question of whether a grown woman should have been or not, the fact is she was drowning) and he just left her to fend for herself over and over again.
kakashi: Unni continues her verbal rampage until the MILDragon comes in ... and confronts Ji-hye about the bleeding (being under the impression that it was a miscarriage). Tae-wook tries to get her out, but MILDragon will not be moved. She tells Ji-hye off for not caring about her body well enough. And turning to Tae-wook, she tells him off for thinking to keep this confidential? He shouldn't have married someone with such a bad body. Ack, seriously, woman! Just drop dead!
JoAnne: This is just unbelievable. This woman is just a viper. Pleaaaaaaaase let the unni kick her ass.
kakashi: But no, it was no miscarriage! The writer just pulled our leg. As we all know, Ji-hye hasn't had a period for very long time. The blood on her leg? Her period, which has started again! So ... baby-having? It is back on.
JoAnne: I just vomited a little. But what a way to tell your Japanese husband he's about to be a dad, huh?
kakashi: What? You don't like sushi art?
kakashi: Unni packs Ji-hye's things, crying a river. Tae-wook just stands there, not knowing what to do. Career Woman's husband comes. They are taking Ji-hye with them! Tae-wook and Ji-hye say goodbye ... that was really, really sad. Whoever said he doesn't love her (might have been lafer)? No. These two people very clearly care for each other. And notice something? He is letting her go. At least temporarily. Take THAT, Tae-wook haters!
JoAnne: They do care for each other. I don't know if it's love enough on her part, but she at least feels some pity and compassion for him. He does love her, but he has been brought up to be selfish plus he has that cluelessness some men do have about relationships. I think at this point though, a blind man could see there's no way she can go back to that house. Not like this.
kakashi: Ah, there is misery all around. Much later, Tae-wook calls Career Woman, to check how his wife is doing. She is sleeping, he hears. He apologizes to Career Woman, but she says that they'll talk about this later. He says he will bring her clothes tomorrow.
JoAnne: You can have people who yell, who still love each other and have each other's backs. And then you can have a family of vipers.
kakashi: He starts packing her things, then goes to their bedroom and fondles her broken up laptop. Sighing profoundly all the time. He sees her phone lying there and picks it up. He switches it open. And ... sees a text. From The Snore.
kakashi: Oh no. The Snore, after realizing during a late-night drive that Ji-hye's broadcast isn't on, wrote her a text (at least one, in fact). He didnt' write anything compromising, he just expresses his concern, wishing her well, always. But ...
JoAnne: We knew it was coming. Although the texts are completely above board in tone and content, history makes them inappropriate. Shit's gonna fly again.

Oh no...

The Rest

kakashi: The Annoyance's plight continues. She has found out that her soon-to-be husband pines after another (she even knows who she is from that photo she had hanging around in her studio) - and that she will never ever be able to get the same kind of love from him. Messed up and sad. 
JoAnne: Take heed, dimwit. End it now. You're ridiculous, but even a dog deserves better.
kakashi: NewFallenOrNoLongerMaybeBiatch negotiates her divorce with the Patron - either give her one, or she is going to sue for one. Patron will not have it and tries to quiet her by promising her that she will get back her position in the company and he will reward her family. She seems unswayed and goes to see a mistress of her husband. She is a fallen actress, with kid (who lives in the I Summon You, Gold house). She drinks alcohol when it's light out = totally messed up life. The two women agree to help each other. Later, she packs her things, takes the girls, and leaves.
JoAnne: *rubs hands together gleefully yet again*
kakashi: FormerDoormat and the HotEnglishStudent: it progresses well. I wish them a hot bed scene next.
JoAnne: Oh definitely please go to San Francisco with Man-Sized Jaejoong, and break some beds along the way. He is YUMMY.

The Final Ramblings

kakashi: Do I need to defend a fictional character again?! How can anybody hate this man! I seriously don't understand. If anything, he is pitiable. I am not Korean, but I think I can say with confidence that going against your parents in any way is a total no-go - and in the case of the Kang Family, it seems like a capital crime. Yes, I too wished he would "just" move out with her ... but I also think that would totally go against how the writer has written his character. We have gotten to know him as being very polite to the elders. And he clearly is a "filial" son ("In serving his parents, a filial son reveres them in daily life; he makes them happy while he nourishes them; he takes anxious care of them in sickness; he shows great sorrow over their death; and he sacrifices to them with solemnity."). His spinelessness is infuriating, but understandable.
JoAnne: I get it. I don't hate him, and I no longer fear his rages - although we'll see what happens over that text. But he needs to man up. He took her on as his responsibility and filial son or not, his toxic parents are killing her. That makes her priority number one. She has one husband. They have three sons.
kakashi: Baby-having is back on the table, but I see troubles ahead ... maybe it leads to angry make-up sex? But please, do NOT go down the predictable road, show, the one where Tae-wook gets jealousy-fits and becomes awful. Though ... to be honest, I would fully understand if he got jealousy-fits. I personally wouldn't appreciate texts from my wife's ex-lover either. I mean husband's. And he also looks very good when he is a bit angry, Kim Ji-hoon. So ... whatever happens in the next episode, I'm fine with it! As long as there are many, many Kim Ji-hoon scenes.
JoAnne: He needs to get in the shower and think things over long and carefully. Maybe he should swim or do some pushups or something to work off that jealous rage. Or box. He could punch one of those bag thingies for a while. Do some crunches.
"Hm, you know what? I'd rather sit around, be totally pretty, and to some online shopping. Haven't bought any shoes in a while. And I only own 259 baseball caps"