Goddess of Marriage - Episode 26 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: Let me call it ... FILLER! At least large parts of this episode. Gaaaah, boring. Why is this drama so long and getting longer? JoAnne, does your dog know?
JoAnne: She does, but I bought the wrong kind of biscuits. I'm getting the silent treatment.   Intermingled with the meh was some pretty good  stuff though.
kakashi: Yes! Him! (see image below)
kakashi: I recapped this really quickly, because Tae-wook broods more than he speaks. I do NOT understand, though, why he broods fully clothed. That is totally against KDrama law, no?
JoAnne: Isn't there a website? We should go check. I've decided. You like his nose but for me it's those YIPS, as Tori used to call them.  
kakashi: Not only the nose, JoAnne. Not only that. Ah, how I love to do some proper Squee

Episode 26

kakashi: Tae-wook reads the texts. Oh yes, there is not just one ... there are two. The Snore goes on and one about the fact that he is worried about the Sourpuss. And the idiot even mentions the meeting between them. But blablabla, it's only because he is worried, as a friend, as a listener, blablabla. Tae-wook isn't particularly happy about it all, and I cannot blame him, really. But what might he be thinking in that pretty head of his, under this awesome hair?! 
JoAnne: I was  quite impressed with his calm, thoughtful demeanor. (And his hair.) Can the center hold, though?
kakashi: He steps out on the balcony, all agonized and sexy. Give the poor man a break already, show!
JoAnne: Seriously. He is cleaaaaaaaaaarly uncomfortable in that shirt. Remove it!  At once! (I SO WANT him to do that Bruce Almighty thing Jim Carrey did.)
kakashi: When he drives to see his wife, his face is like stone. It is THAT face again. The scary face. The Kim-Ji-hoon-would-be-a-wonderful-villain face! But he isn't carrying a knife, he is just bringing her clothes and the treacherous cell-phone.
JoAnne: Calm, reflective, and sad is slowly sliding into 'you bitch' territory.
kakashi: When he gets there, he is greeted by Career Woman's chipper in-laws. They are behaving now, though it took a while. Just ask the Unni, Pretty Boy! She'll give you lessons in how to tame the elders. When he enters Ji-hye's room, she is standing up, but he tells her not to. He sits down next to the bed, cross legged, show-casing his white slippers. Even that looks good on him.
JoAnne: Seriously awesome hair.  Hair is the new abs, I guess.
kakashi: Only reason I keep watching The Good Doctor? Joo Sang-wook's hair.
kakashi: She asks what the MILDragon and the FILDragon are saying, but he says not to worry. How is she? Very sleepy. So continue to rest, he says, and re-charge that tired body. Raaawwr, man, all I hear is: "Let's make babies!" His curt, carefully restrained behavior plus his long pensive stares register as weird with Ji-hye, but he denies that anything is wrong. He even manages a friendly face when he says goodbye - and hands her the cellphone. To give her credit, she is not convinced.
JoAnne: Evil TaeWook is struggling to get out. Good TaeWook wins when he sees her face, but she has REMOVED her face from his daily presence. Evil TaeWook is gathering strength...
kakashi: But there is no Evil Tae-wook .... :( 
kakashi: And you shouldn't be, girl, because back in the car, he has a minor melt-down. Okay, I would REALLY like to know what he is thinking by now. Like A LOT. And I am pleased to note, however, that he is not behaving like everybody thought he would, at least not now. No open jealousy-rage-fit-screaming. But he has deleted the messages - Ji-hye doesn't find any on the phone when she looks.
JoAnne: He's building up to Fish Lips level hissy, don't you fret.
kakashi: Upon hearing about the 500 million dollars divorce claim by her SIL, Ji-hye looks distressed. She calls her husband. He says he doesn't know anything either and tells her to hang up. With her issue and his brother's issue, he feels like his head is going to explode. God beware! Not this beautiful head! Of course, Ji-hye wants to know what "her issue" is, but he doesn't want to discuss anything now. It's time to face his mother.
JoAnne: Like her collapse and subsequent removal from his house aren't issue enough?
kakashi: Oh yes, but he is talking about THAT issue of course.The SNORE issue. 
kakashi: He looks like someone that is going to blow up soon. But MILDragon doesn't see. She only sees herself, forever and ever. She really is like one of those fairy-tale characters, the ones that always meet a terrible and much deserved death. Anyways, of course she insults Ji-hye - and she says that if anything was going to happen between him and Ji-hye, their house would really be ruined. Ah, he looks so miserable.
JoAnne: Boy. Get your ass out of that house. Tout suit! See I think part of him would let her go, to save her. Because of lurve. But part of him has all THAT behind him, and that is more concerned with face. He doesn't want to be the final nail in the coffin. Man up, dude. Be the nail. Be the nail.
kakashi: A stone-faced Tae-wook leaves the Dragon's Den and walks over to his house. His and Ji-hye's confrontations before the marriage play in his mind ... ending with how he confronted her over her affair in that hotel room ... and she told him that "it wasn't a mistake". Oh no ...
JoAnne: This shit. It's not like he didn't know. Why's he gonna act all butt-hurt NOW after all the crap he put her through?  Why not just be a man and admit that he had it coming, maybe, a little bit? She didn't cheat him on (after the marriage.) Or before, really.  THEY WERE ON A BREAK, as Ross said to Rachel.  I mean, it's not cool, I'm not condoning the continuation of contact...but if that's all she did? Ok, let it go.
kakashi: He can't. Because he feels truly insecure when it comes to her. And now he remembers all that she told him before and he is starting to have doubts. And sorry, the "they were on a break" is just an excuse, because they were effin engaged. You do not take a break from being engaged.  
kakashi: He calls ... The Snore. Well done, boy! He asks for a meeting. Oh. I'm really excited about this latest development!
JoAnne: And visions of bromance danced in my head. Can they fight it out in a mean game of one on one? Sweaty, shirtless, breathing hard? Omo. What if...what if THEY are the goddesses we've been looking for?
kakashi: And so this episode ends ... The Snore goes to meet The YoungDragon. Man, Kim Ji-hoon looks dangerous. And I simply LOVE his brown suit that matches his hair so well. Please, drama, let this be good! Let this be good!
JoAnne: Brown is not a color. Brown is a background. No.

The Rest
kakashi: The Snore is no longer allowed to meet The Annoyance. The funny things about this storyline is that the awful mother speaks nothing but sense all the time, while being absolutely horrible. For example: Don’t marry a man who has another woman in his heart – you’ll be nothing but his housekeeper. Awesome! By the way, why isn’t the Snore hated for his stupid behavior? Why is always my boy Tae-wook that gets all the hate?
JoAnne: I hate that mother but man, she tells the truth. I just wish she could you know, type it or something. Her voice. Ugh. The Snore doesn't have a terrible family browbeating the annoyance, so what should we hate him for? He's trying to start over. He's wrong, and they're both stupid, but they're sincere about it.
(Yeah, but I still hate The Snore. Says kakashi)
kakashi: The NewBiatch (she might be needing a new name soon) lives happily in a new apartment with her kids and the big teddy bear, who has naturally taken the role of the Daddy. Thanks to that, Breakfasts from Hell aren’t what they used to be, only three Monsters are left. Tae-wook is boycotting breakfast (that seems to be the height of resistance in the Kang family) because he blames his mother for what happened to Ji-hye. Bravo! You got it!
JoAnne: Best.Breakfast.Ever.
kakashi: Patron keeps shouting at DickBrother to shut the fuck up or he’ll beat him to a pulp. DickBrother gets the task to “pacify” NewBiatch and to get her back. He has to beg if necessary. Uhm … total fail. I was constantly thinking “bring in that sexy divorce lawyer, what’s his name” until I realized that that is Kim Ji-hoon in Love Marriage! NewBiatch isn't intimidated by DickBrother's threats - and starts her revenge. First, the actress with the kid celebrates her comeback - then, the divorce is announced in the news. I just hope she will not cave! Even when the evil Patron pays her a visit and threatens to bury her alive.
JoAnne: She's got piiiiiiiiiiictures, I'm so happy I could poop.
Yeah. Random picture. But who CARES. Random is GOOD
kakashi: NewBiatch also meets with Ji-hye. (I read this too fast and thought you said she met with Jay-Z and I was like whaaaaaaaaaaaaa?) Ji-hye wants to know why she was such a bitch. The answer is: cause I’m a bitch. But NewBiatch apologizes (after telling Ji-hye to persevere and manage that household well) and the two women part ways, maybe forever.
JoAnne: What the hell was that all about? Not convinced of her sincerity, more likely she's looking for support when she has to say what it was like living in that house.
kakashi: HotEnglishStudent has quite a ride! Hell yeah! There’s this wonderful confrontation between him and the CheatingAnchorman, and the even more wonderful confrontation between FormerDoormat and him. It all ends with: “Go to your mommy”. So glad these women get their power back, one by one! Soon, it'll be Ji-hye's turn. Maybe.
JoAnne: Ugly color though. I cheered for Doormat, seriously.

The Ramblings

kakashi: I guess it is dawning on Ji-hye that her divorce-plans may have gone out of the window. She really doesn't have any cause against Tae-wook (so she really couldn't file a divorce against him) ... and under the current circumstances, he simply cannot let her go.
JoAnne: I was kind of thinking that, too. Plot twist: This is a time travel drama, we have never REALLY seen them all together, it's just memories. Ji Hye and Tae Wook ARE the DragonInLaws, and this story is how they got there.
kakashi: Wow. And all of a sudden, this drama is all kinds of awesome. Let's see how he time travels through his meeting with The Snore then. There might be blood. I am looking forward to it.