Goddess of Marriage - Episode 27 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: Hwaiting, everyone! We are 10 episodes from the end! We're getting there! But what will happen in the next 10+ hours? Will somebody die a horrible death? (Yes, please!) Will we see tears? (Of course!) Will Tae-wook shout? (I am expecting it!) Will the Goddess of Marriage finally appear? (Lost all hope for that)
JoAnne: She's going to appear and smite them all for messing things up so completely. I still say the only woman who's got any kind of good marriage is the older sister, and she still had to go through a ton of crap.
kakashi: I hate this episode for trying to make me hate Tae-wook and I love this episode for giving us hope that the Kang Family might fall after all.
JoAnne: I am SO DISAPPOINTED in him. And my GOD do I want that family to just crumble into dust. They are unbelieveable.

Episode 27

kakashi: Showdown time! --------- But Tae-wook just shakes hands with The Snore. He is being very civil and they sit down. It looks as if they could have been best friends in another universe and I'm a bit disappointed. I expected a bloody fist fight. At least.
JoAnne: Seriously do you not feel the initial stirrings of evil Tae Wook? I think by now at least 2 of 6 abs are probably completely gone over to the dark side. I wonder if you can tell by looking at them? I wonder if the show will ever let us CHECK? Also, when two men meet to compare dick sizes like this, it doesn't really happen in fancy little tea houses with china cups of coffee. That made me laugh.
kakashi: Tae-wook tells The Snore to choose a drink, but The Snore doesn't want to choose - until Tae-wook makes him. 1:0 for Tae-wook! (I have already made my choice (insert steely glare) Now you do the same. *Shivers at testosterone) Yay! They sip something that looks like tea out of pretty cups, while Tae-wook eyes his rival darkly. After all these episodes, I am still amazed (and a little bit proud) that Kim Ji-hoon can look so villainous. It gives me shivers - and I like it! And the green backgroud ... yum. I mean to say makes him look yum. Or is it just that I'm hungry and that he looks like a delicious and juicy steak sandwich?!
JoAnne: The green is lovely for showcasing the continuum of brown in both men, both skin and clothing. Kinda made me giggle, because power suits are NOT brown, guys. And there, just there right below here, Tae Wook looks piiiiiiiiissed and Warm Up Oppa looks like he's not really there. Do you ever notice how his gaze is not really present, or direct?
kakashi: Breaking the loaded silence all of a sudden, The Snore asks Tae-wook whether something has happened to Ji-hye. Let's just say Tae-wook isn't amused that he even mentions her name. The Snore says there isn't any other reason for Tae-wook to meet up with him.
JoAnne: Slap! First dick hits the table.
kakashi: Tae-wook thinks he is rather frank, but The Snore says he has nothing to hide. Fine, Tae-wook says, then let's be frank: has he met with his wife recently? Yes, says The Snore. Oh no! Tae-wook: 1 - The Snore: at least 10! Tae-wook, do something! You're losing!!!
JoAnne: It's a big dick, I do have to say it.
kakashi: Doesn't he understand how humiliating this is for him? Tae-wook asks. Yes, The Snore does understand. But he didn't meet Ji-hye deliberately - he met her by chance, first on the street, then in a restaurant (unmyeong! it's the great unmyeong!) He tried to help her, and he was and is concerned. That is all.
JoAnne: Ah, but it's a FRIENDLY dick, not a threatening dick. That makes all the difference.
kakashi: "And now ... I will be the one to ask a few questions", the Snore says. How is Ji-hye? He heard that she was ill. But Tae-wook assures him that she is much better now. It's his turn again now: Why the fook does The Snore even dare to be so concerned about his wife? Why shouldn't he be, says the Snore, he knows her, too. And he prays for her well-being. That is all. "all". I mean, hello? Do you think an insecure and jealous married man would feel in any way assured by this??!
JoAnne: I notice that the insecure and jealous man hasn't exactly rushed to show us what he's working with, in comparison to WUO. (I get tired of typing out Warm Up Oppa.)
kakashi: Tae-wook tells him that he doesn't like his attitude ... at all. These kind of grand gestures (keeping Ji-hye on a pedestal in his heart) ... he knows how much Ji-hye likes them. The Snore's concern? It is souring his and Ji-hye's relationship. It breeds misunderstandings. It is making everybody unhappy. The bottom-line? Butt out. Forever. But The Snore thinks differently (of course, the boooooring goooooood man): Even if one is married, one cannot possess the spouse entirely. But yes, he will leave them alone - because he understands Tae-wook's concern. But he tells Tae-wook not to dwell on past things (= the affair), because it is in the past and will stay in the past. Plus, he will be getting married soon.
JoAnne: Game, set, and match. Tae Wook's dick never even saw the light of day. Sadly. Because I was curious.

kakashi: They leave the restaurant. Tae-wook looks seriously pissed, but still restrains himself to the end. When they shake hands again, he repeats his wish for The Snore to stay as far away from them as humanly possible. Sorry, pretty boy, but we have 9.5 episodes to go. You can be sure there's happy time ahead for Snore and Sourpuss.
JoAnne: He was vibrating with rage, wasn't he. Someone's gonna pay for that. It will be the exact wrong person, though, because Tae Wook has learned emotions from The Big Book of Dysfunctionality.
kakashi: Back in his car, Tae-wook has a minor freak-out. I do not fully understand why, to be honest. The meeting went well, didn't it? The Snore doesn't want to take Ji-hye away from him. And he is getting married... But I guess Tae-wook doesn't trust the Snore. He is far too insecure when it comes to his wife (the poor man!) and that's why nothing the Snore says or does will be sufficient. He has said before that The Snore and Ji-hye are such a perfect fit (in theory) - and while talking to the man, he must have realized that again.
JoAnne: The meeting would not have done anything to sooth Tae Wook. He can see exactly why Ji Hye likes the guy, he can see exactly where he is lacking in comparison, and he really came off looking like a jealous little whiner, over all. Seriously, who'd you come away from that thinking was more adult? More reasonable? Less prone to, say, fits of jealous rage and throwing things or punching steering wheels?
kakashi: When he talks to Ji-hye on the phone right after, he is controlling and nasty. And he gets even unhappier when he hears that the SILBitch came by to say her final farewell. And that she really is going through with the divorce. Awww, poor Tae-wook.
JoAnne: When I'm right, I'm right.
kakashi: And then ... car commercial time for The Snore! (while he mopes a little). By the way, I really don't like his nose. 
JoAnne: His nose is the least of my interests. When did they paint that bridge red?
kakashi: In the evening, our sexy Prosecutor arrives at the Career Woman's palce, with blueberries and cheesecake. Tae-wook sees Ji-hye playing Go-Stop - and for a moment, it seems he would like to join in, to partake in her happiness. Career Woman calls him to the kitchen to have coffee - and remarks that it must bug him to see her laugh like that. He doesn't reply, but the look he gives her isn't angry ... it is pensive, tinged with sadness.
JoAnne: Which gives me hope that he finally GETS IT.
kakashi: Maybe ... in 6 or 7 episodes. If we are lucky.

kakashi: When he leaves, she accompanies him out. She asks how "home" is, he says it's an absolute mess. He asks her what she thinks of SIL getting a divorce. Ji-hye says she's bewildered ... SIL was the one that tortured her the most after all. And now she says she will leave? What does that mean for her future in that house?
JoAnne: So is the divorce off the table now? She's planning to return?
kakashi: I think she was never serious about the divorce! It was a threat, said in desperation. I mean ... she returned a few hours later already, after having slept in the car. And she has no grounds again Tae-wook ... he hasn't exactly mistreated her. He just isn't there all the time.  
kakashi: But Tae-wook says not to worry - just live with him. Ah, boy .... not THAT again. And please, writer ... this is getting so annoying. He asks about her secret broadcasting job, but she says she was fired. And that means there is no broadcasting station now that will take her.
JoAnne: I am winding up to a serious melt-down.
kakashi: Just write a novel, Tae-wook says. What's so important about a job outside as breathing space? Write and become a famous writer - if he has to, he will buy all her books to make it happen. Ooookay, this is .... she asks him whether he is frigging kidding her?! And he says, well, I am desperately afraid you will leave me, too, so I'm saying crazy things. Oh yes, Tae-wook. This is truly the most stupid thing you have ever said. His eldest brother is divorced, his second brother is about to get divorced ... they cannot go that way, too. Not because of his family - but because it is a matter of life and death to him. He will not fail in his family life. And he wants her to have no regrets.
JoAnne: Then stop fucking telling her to live like she's dead and just think her own thoughts, whatever she wants, in his house with him. And you know, I don't know, I'm not a writer but I know quite a few up close and personal, and not one of them ever wrote a book thinking: gee, I don't care if no one reads it, I just hope someone buys all the copies. You seriously disappoint me, TaeWook. I'm going to start calling you TaeWoodforBrains. Because you're an idiot. You just do not learn.
kakashi: He begs her to come home ... his mother is waiting (!!!!!) and he is feeling very lonely. He hugs her ... and says he will pick her up this weekend. Oh no .... Tae-wook is in THAT mode again. The "whatever you say, I only hear what I want to hear"-mode. The "I will get my wish because I'm Tae-wook"-mode. Not nice.
JoAnne: I'm voting him off my island.
kakashi: Breakfast from Hell with the family from Hell - the Patron is yelling at the eldest son on the phone and asks him to come back to Korea. Sorry, orders him to come back. Oh, will he? Will he be hawt? Patron also order DickBrother to drag his wife back no matter what - or he will be kicked out of the house. Tae-wook yells at his brother that he should have treated his wife better and gets yelled at back to stop shouting at his hyung.
JoAnne: These people are just MISERABLE human beings. Did you giggle every time the maid that's friendly with Divorcing Daughter In Law looked at them in horror?
kakashi: Later, Proscutor Baby calls his wife. He is thinking about picking her up today. Well "thinking" is wrong, because he has already decided to pick her up. Well, I wouldn't like to be treated like that, of course, but I do indeed wonder how long she is thinking to stay at her unni's place? She clearly isn't sick anymore. I mean we all know that she doesn't want to go back at all, but that's a bit of a problem, no? It kinda screams: Separation!
JoAnne: Try that on me, see how far it gets you.
kakashi: As soon as she has hung up, the phone rings again. It is the MILDragon. Ji-hye is so terrified, she drops the tray with the plates and cups. The MILDragon insults her and asks when she is coming back. She is short one servant - and she needs her. 
JoAnne: You know what, I think she would have gone (unhappily) until that call. And man, was it a doozy. That woman has no idea that other people are actual human beings, does she.
kakashi: When Prosecutor Baby turns up at night, he is in for a nasty little surprise ... she tells him that she will not return home with him.
JoAnne: NOW will you do something about your mother, you bad husband, you?
kakashi: Do you wanna bet, JoAnne? My apartment against your house?

The Rest

NewBiatch is going through with the divorce, not matter what (meaning: no matter what threats she receives). Oh yes, she is well-prepared!! And has been for a long time. We find out the DickBrother isn't only a cheating asshole (I count three illegitimate children), but also physically abusive to the extreme and I cheer when his lawyers tell him that winning this case is quasi impossible. Hwaiting, NewBiatch, I hope you will bring these bastards down! Though I still don't get her character at all.
JoAnne: She entered that marriage prepared to do her part and make them proud and be a good wife. It was a calculation on her part, not love, but she intended to do right by everyone, and she worked at it hard. In return she got treated like a dog or worse, by people who had the gall to be amazed that she'd even object to being humiliated or beaten. I say we're looking at a woman who said 'oh hell no' and then patiently bided her time. I LIKE her. Because the thing is, she may be focused on getting ahead and doing what it takes to get there, but if she made a promise, she kept it. She's had no problem earning loyalty from people who'd have every opportunity to see her at her worst, which just makes me more certain that she is not a bad person. Just less emotionally driven than most.
The Snore rips up his and Ji-hye's Jeju foto (and mopes). The Annoyance mopes as well, in solitude ... but he goes to get her. He apologizes. There is hugging. And crying. Later, he is trying really hard to up the romance between them. He brings her to his mushy-mopey-Ji-hye places and tells her all about Ji-hye and the love that could never be.
JoAnne: I'm torn. Do you think that openness between them paves the way to affection and trust and eventually love, or do you think that as a human being, she's never going to relax knowing so viscerally just how much he loved this other person?
kakashi: This marriage, just like the other marriage, is not going to be a happy one. Never. Even if he forgets the pebble in his heart.

The End

kakashi: Okay, I get it! This writer is doing EVERYTHING in her power to make us hate Tae-wook. I am not caving in though! Not me! He is much too good looking for me not to love him! 
JoAnne: I don't hate him yet. I'm just deeply, deeply, DEEPLY disappointed.

kakashi: What a frustrating episode. It is a shame he is going on the jealousy-trip after all. We are too far along and too alienated from each and every character to feel angst. All I feel due to the constant back and forth in these relationships and the small, small baby steps of progress in the storyline is annoyance. Please be better.
JoAnne: I am thoroughly enjoying the unfolding battle between daughter in law and father in law, but that's about it.