Who Are You - Episode 14 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  Is Hyung-joon still alive somewhere?  Will Director Moon be brought to justice in two episodes? Will the writer do anything to surprise us?
bcook: I'm in shock. It's like writer is reading our recaps? I know we spoke about this scenario before but I can't believe it's actually happening.

Episode 14

Shuk:  Prosecutor Park lays it on the line; the body identified as Detective Lee Hyun-joon may not be the real body.  And Shi-on finds out Ghost Nurse isn’t dead. 
bcook: WEoF all around!!
Shuk:  She sits with the nurse’s mother, and hears the entire story.  Six months ago, she was injured in an ambulance accident. (And personally having been in four, I can tell you they aren’t fun).  She’s been in a coma ever since.
bcook: four? How d'u end up in four ambulance accidents?
Shuk: My nickname was "Crash".  One drunk driver, two who weren't paying attention, and one where the ambulance rearended another vehicle. Only one put me in the hospital with a head injury.  No, I didn't get amnesia or a coma, nor can I see ghosts, nor did I fall in love with the doctor.

This is what Shuk drives.
Shuk: Gun-woo drives home thinking about his conversation with the prosecutor, basically swearing him to secrecy from Team Leader Yang, since she had been in a relationship with the late (or not) detective.
bcook: What he's really thinking about is "damn it! Just when I convinced her to maybe forget about him this happens?" Yes dear, you see...you are a second lead. You will never get the girl. Accept your destiny.

Shuk:  Shi-on goes to Hee-bin’s place to ask the fortune teller if she can see not-alive people. I think she’s looking for help for Ghost Nurse, but Ghost Oppa shows up to listen in.  Hee-bin asks her if she has thought about letting her oppa go.  Shi-on starts to cry and asks what she needs to do to allow him peace. She doesn't see him, though.  Later, she looks at the engagement ring in the puzzlebox.
bcook: That was really sad. Like he's hiding himself from her. He doesn't want to let go, she doesn't want to let go...and yet they must. *tear*

Shuk:  A subdued Detective Cha comes into the house and catches her crying.  He says out loud that his timing is always bad, turns around, and leaves the house to go drinking. He wonders if he is jealous of a dead guy, and thinks there has to be a loose end somewhere in this investigation.
bcook: Yeah whatevs. I feel the pain. Not really. But I do feel pain every time TC acts drunk so I guess it's the same thing.

Shuk:  He heads back to the house, and confronts his Team Leader.  How much longer will she only see her dead lover, and not see the man in front of her?  And with that, he pulls her into a hug and confesses, “I like you.  Please look at me.”  She starts to hug him back, but stops.  They both end up thinking in their respective zones.
bcook: The friendzone? This was actually a good scene for TC. I had a flash (like 1s) where I was like...woah! What a namja!

Shuk:  The drive to work is a bit awkward, but they soon relax listening to this song when Shi-on broaches the subject of last night’s confession.  She asks him to postpone the talk until after the smuggling case, and she will give him an answer then too.  And they both smile.
bcook: Is that what the song was? My shazam wouldn't tag it. :(
Shuk: Yep. KDramaMartyr found it for me: Twitterbeans: Better than Shazam

Shuk:  In the Lost and Found Department, someone comes in for the Ghost Nurse duplicate necklace.  Shi-on arranges to meet with the woman, who tells her that her mom created it for her.  The woman doesn’t recognized Ghost Nurse’s name, though.
bcook: Dead end? Obviously they're connected.

Shuk:  Prosecutor Park is still investigating the whole situation. Park Il-do (Death Flunky) is the CEO of multiple paper-only, non-existent companies, so there are no leads on how to find him.  Detective Choi’s financial records show outlays for his son’s hospital bills, and a monthly donation to Yongsang Church’s charity hospital….hhmmm…
bcook: Knew it!!
Shuk: Big Bad is meeting with that Senator again.  At least it’s not a Japanese restaurant.  He’s told his name is officially at the top of the list for Police Chief.
bcook: Serious? Don't they do a background check and stuff? It was so easy for Prosecutor Park to find all this info.

Shuk:  Shi-on is back at the hospital where Ghost Nurse is, and speaks with her mom again.   It turns out Ghost Nurse was adopted, and the necklace is from her biological mother.  BIRTH SECRET??  CHINCHA??
bcook: dun dun.

Shuk:  Okay, can I just FF this to the end?  No?  [sigh]  Shi-on speaks with the necklace owner, and finds out they were orphans given to two different parents who promised to find each other. The Long Lost Sister to the hospital and says Hello and Goodbye to her comatose sister as she flatlines, and Ghost Nurse really becomes a ghost.   She smiles at Shi-on and poofs out.
bcook: That was pretty anticlamatic. Even if you're using this ghost as a plot device atleast give us some more story! Jeesh! Ok ok I get it. The real message is that ghosts (even those of people in a coma) only hang around until their issue has been resolved.

Shuk:  Park finds out where Death Flunky is hiding, and, as typical SK police officers, get there too late; the place is trashed and empty.  Death Flunky sees them, though, and calls Director Big Bad to let him know.  The Director is recycling dialogue and tells Death Flunky that a ship will be ready in a few days to transport him out of Korea.
bcook: Ship shmip. Is that the only way to leave Korea secretly? They monitor the airports but not the shipyard?

Shuk:  The pair goes for pork skin and soju, and he asks her if she will be okay by herself for a night, since he has someplace to go tomorrow.  She tells him she’ll enjoy the quiet.

Shuk:  Ghost Oppa sees their exchange, and flashbacks to a scene where Shi-on was mad because he had to stay overnight with a witness.  They ultimately make up, smile, and aegyo.  In current time, Shi-on sees Hyung-joon just as he starts disappearing. She asks, once they catch the director, will he stay?  Or does she have to send him off?  There’s really no answer.
bcook: The aegyo in the flashback was so cute! Ghost oppa needs to star in a drama where he's alive.
Shuk:  At the office, Sung-chan is lounging around, planning a scary movie date to maximize skinship with Hee-bin, while Sung-ha maknae grouses that his coworker sure is different when Team Leader Yang isn’t around.

bcook: Poor guy doesn't realise she sees ghosts. I don't think a horror movie is going to scare her.

Shuk:  Prosecutor Park gets an unexpected visit from the Chief Prosecutor, who tells him to back off the Y6I incident.  Wow, everyone is getting threatened everywhere on this thing.  See what I said previously about the grapevine within a Police Department?? LOL. 
bcook: Poor guy. It just goes to show how far up this thing goes. Are they going to go to a small newspaper hungry to expose the truth. The reporter will write the story but go home to a ransacked house. There's a noise, she's hit on the head, when she comes to she's in a hospital in Jeju with no memory....WAY 2.

Shuk:  He turns everything over to Team Leader Yang and tells her he has to stop the investigation because of orders.  Their best bet at this time is Park Il-do.  She goes back to the abandoned place and sifts through the debris to find anything.  Death Flunky calls the boss man again and starts trailing her.  She gets back to her place, but she knows she’s being tailed.  She walks past her house just as Gun-woo shows up and sees Flunky walk past.
bcook: Smart. Now call somebody for back up...no? I see something bad in your future.

Shuk:  A block from her house, she confronts him. They do the usual verbal sparring, then he takes a swing at her. They tussle a bit, then he pulls out the blurry knife and lunges for her.
bcook: She screams like a baby and forgets all her fighting skills. Why confront a bad guy if you can't fight him?! This guy has tried to kill you twice already?!?! *disgusted*

Shuk: Only to sink the knife into Gun-woo, who throws himself between the pair. Flunky runs off as Ears collapses and Shi-on calls 119 and tries to stop the bleeding. Ghost Oppa shows up, but there’s nothing he can do, as she begs him to save her partner. 
bcook: Where did he come from? I would like to acknowledge the sound guy for the horribly loud
squishing noises when GW was stabbed. Blur the knife and up the sound.
Shuk:  Holy Smokes!  The ambulance has two, count them, two attendants in the back. We’ve got direct pressure on the wound and an almost-correct BVM.  If they only followed the expose the wound part of the training.  Oh well.  Shi-on is holding onto his hand as they make their way to the hospital.  Is his heart gonna stop? Will he arm wrestle Ghost Oppa for her affections? Are people jumping ship?
bcook: Ghost Oppa going to possess his body? Now she has two ghosts to contend with?
Shuk:   They wheel him in, and we finally get our shirtless shot.  He goes into cardiac arrest and they wheel him into the Operating Room.  She paces and paces and paces. Finally the surgeon comes out; there was major damage to his internal organs and he lost a lot of blood.  Let that be a lesson to anyone who owns a fuzzy knife! She stays by his bedside and holds his hand while apologizing.
bcook: I'll say again. All I could think about what 'Heartbeat' by 2pm. And his heart stops the minute they take off his shirt? Why is the entry wound so tiny and the blood so little? Budget issues?

Shuk:  Ghost Oppa is on Park Il-do, who is slowing unraveling.  The Director isn’t taking his phone calls.

Shuk: Gun-woo twitches and wakes up. And we have an answer to one question: he saw Detective Lee too.  That makes him a Ghost Whisperer too. Or does it?  He goes unconscious, and his wound is bleeding again.  And we see the flashback at the hospital, of our Ghost Oppa lying in much the same position as our current love interest miles away.
bcook: I had a moment here, when they focused on his hand raising slowly up to try and lift his oxygen mask...and it was full of incredulity, disgust and resignation. Like really? In this supposedly tense moment, you want to focus on that? And then in the flashback, they had a shot of his sock covered feet in sandals...really?! I think they have a frame count quota in TC's contract.


Shuk:  So Choi has been hiding him all these years.  That’s a wee bit of a twist, because I knew Director Moon would have easily gotten rid of Lee Hyung-joon just like flushing a dead mouse.  I think the Scooby Gang would have been better served with physical copies of everything, but that’s water under the bridge right now.  Down to two!
bcook: I totally called it last recap! I'm so glad this is almost over Shuk. (Hey! at least we're not recapping GoM...poor kakashi and JoAnne). I'm already moving on and thinking about Heirs.