Who Are You - Episode 15 (A SqueeCap)

The final week of episodes, and almost guaranteed to be a tear-jerker thanks to the very large roadsigns put in our path by Writer-ga.
bcook: I'm just glad we're coming to a close. YEAH!!! So my predictions for this episode.. Somebody dies.  
Episode 15

Shuk:  CPR alert!  The alarms go off as the doctor first starts CPR, then stops to discuss the need to transfer Gun-woo to the ICU.  Then exit stage left as Shi-on left with an amazingly still-alive Ear who has a clearly bloodied and leaking abdominal wound.  [shrug]  It’s television.  In the ICU, he looks much the same, and Shi-on silently begs him to wake up.
bcook: It is best to watch this scene on viki with the comments on. The indignation and disgust of the doctors and medical students was laugh out loud funny. Also...what a tiny tiny bleed.

Shuk:  Death Flunky finally gets his marching orders, writing down the escape travel plans in front of Ghost Oppa.
bcook:  Who then promptly reports to shaman girl who will of course pass on to TLJang. It feels good when you know have the system works

Shuk:  Shi-on sighs as she sits in her chair at work, and goes over her conversations with Gun-woo: that he planned to stay in L&F, that he offered to be her driver, the hug-confession.  A bit later, the youngsters show up and find Team Leader Yang asleep at her desk.  She receives a phone call and sleep-walks out of the office.
bcook:   Intellectually I get what writer-ga is trying to do. Emotionally I could give two s$%ts

Shuk:  It’s Hee-bin with Death Flunky’s travel plans.  Hee-bin says Ghost Oppa isn’t there right now.  Shi-on asks how Gun-woo might have seen her boyfriend’s ghost; Hee-bin says it’s possible when someone is on the brink of death.   So they haven’t gotten around to the-body-might-be-warm-and-kicking stage yet.
bcook: I guess they could take it as GW finally seeing dead people too. But we know from episode 14 that's not what he's talking about.

Shuk:  Back at the precinct, a group of detectives is hurrying out the door; they received a tip on the location of the man who stabbed Detective Cha Gun-woo.  Wait, did the Director just throw his servant under the bus?  But wait, the tip was to the train terminal, so Big Bad is pulling the officers away from the harbor.  This strikes Shi-on as strange, since her information comes straight out of the ghost’s mouth.
bcook: Is the director really going to let death flunky go? I dunno. I have a bad feeling about this.

Shuk:  Flunky meets up with Big Bad, who chastises him for the chaos in the police department one week out from his appointment as the new Chief of Police. BB tells him to hide as if he is dead, and hands him a packet.  Guess what, I think he’s gonna end up dead!
bcook:  I think you're right?!

Shuk:  Close enough.  He gets beaten with a steel pipe and many meaty thumping noises, until a passerby scares off the motorcycle hit man.  Ghost Oppa sees all.
bcook:  The pipe use brought back memories of IHYV. *sigh* that was a good drama.

Shuk:  Shi-on is back at Gun-woo’s bedside when Hee-bin calls.  We don’t know what she says, but Shi-on and the lead detective are in front of Flunky’s hideout.  The detective is impressed with her informant information.  Just then,  Death Flunky, looking considerably worse for wear in a C-collar, arm sling and standard KDrama head bandage, gets assisted out of the building.
bcook:  And then they catch him! Will he confess? Big Bad is going down! This episode is surprisenly blah. I'm really struggling to be enthusiastic. Writer-ga must be running on fumes.

Shuk:  He’s pretty easily subdued and brought in for questioning.  He also still has the bloodied knife.  She plays an excellent bad cop, implying that the Director has already admitted to setting him up for the Final Solution.  He croaks out the name:  Chief Moon.  And he gets pulled back to the good side of the Force.  Can he now dance with the Ewoks?
bcook: I dunno why they saved all this brilliance for the last but one episode. But that was an excellent bit of police type acting. But too little too late.

Shuk:  Team Leader Yang calls Prosecutor Park with the good news.  And the ball starts rolling.  The senator is yanked out of his car; the Director is pulled out of his congratulatory staff meeting. The writer writes the script as she watches the final scene of "A Few Good Men".  He snarls at her that she has no evidence, and they walk in Death Flunky.  He threatens her and promises retribution.  She is unruffled, and promises to uncover every sordid detail of all his illicit activities; she gets a death glare as he is escorted out of the hall without handcuffs.
bcook:  It was a very typical 'walking in on the bad guy in a meeting scene'. Put them in suits and it could be a chaebol head at a board meeting. Make them American and it's a Michael Douglas movie. Make them Nigerian and well... lets just say there would have been a lot more "do you know who I am"s. Also props if you can make it through a Nigerian movie.

Shuk:  Gun-woo is awake when Shi-on arrives.  The puppies have already given him the news, and he ruefully says he hoped to be on the Death Flunky retrieval.  She promises he can interrogate him when he’s feeling better.   He apologizes for making her worry.  I’m thinking he would sound less scratchy if they turned on the humidifier.
bcook:  They actually...seem a little cute in this scene. *confused* what is wrong with me? Am I...actually warming up to this couple? I must have a cold.
Shuk:  Things turn personal, when Shi-on asks him to stay by her side, but to never throw himself in front of her or get stabbed again.  He lets her finish her answer, and then grabs her hand and smiles.  Wait, aren't you going to tell her about Hyung-joo?
bcook:  *searching for thermometer* let the boy bask in the love for a little while ok.

Shuk:  Hee-bin shows up with chicken for the boys and they pays on the information that everyone in the ring has been arrested, and she sadly mumbles that Handsome Oppa will be leaving soon.
bcook:  I am seriously visiting that chicken place when I go to korea. I'm taking a screenshot of the box and I'm going hunting. I hope it wasn't a made up name coz I won't be amused.
ShukFu:  It's Chicken 678 / Kang Ho-dong's Chicken Heaven.
Shuk:  At her place, she goes through her box of keepsakes, including Hyung-joon’s plan for a house with rooms for three children, and a yard for a dog.   And we get another cute flashback of the two bickering over the house plans.   She talks out loud to her oppa, and asks if he is okay with her decision. Then slowly, sadly, and with tears, closes the box.
bcook:  *tear* ok. what's Kim Jae-Wook's next project coz I have to watch him again. I wonder if he's really good or just shining bright in comparison to the lackluster performances?

Shuk: Ears is at the hospital thinking about her while he strokes her name on the face of his cell phone.  He’s going to tell her, I think.
bcook:   I did not see this scene. He'll tell her. He's too much of a good guy and if he doesn't writer-ga won't have her sobfest. So yeah. She'll be told.

Shuk:  She brings him a feast to the hospital. He’s happy about the food, but tells her the abdominal wound makes his arms hurt.  A little aeygo later and she’s helping him eat.  Once he’s done, he finally comes clean about her oppa, and tells her that person is still alive.
bcook:  Mayne that is a lot of food. And what's that round thing she's feeding him? Fried rice? Me wants. ME WANTS!!! And did you notice the bowls were EMPTY at the end of the scene. GW can eat!
Shuk:  She takes a taxi to the hospital, while Ghost Oppa has a final pow-wow with the fortune teller.   She asks if he has said good-bye to his girlfriend; he says no.  We flash to Shi-on carefully walking towards the hospital room. Hyung-joon starts flickering out in front of Hee-bin.  Oh, no, this can’t be good.  At the same time, she is sliding open his door.
bcook:  But but. There's going to be a final goodbye right? He's not going to disappear just coz she see's his dead body right?

Shuk:  She is finally in the room, and sees the unmoving body on the bed.  She whispers his name in disbelief and strokes his face before dissolving into hysterical tears. 
bcook: Ok so maybe this is only how it plays in Viki but the first 5 minutes of every episode are a replay of the last five minutes of the previous episode. So by the time she sees him I'm already over the shock that he's alive. In fact my first thought was "don't pull off the oxygen mask!!"

Shuk:  And across the city at a different hospital, Gun-woo is feeling like crap and calling himself an idiot. You’re not pathetic, Ears, it was a good thing you did.
bcook: He's not a bad guy uri GW.

Shuk: She talks to the attending physician over her case.  Did she bring Hyung-joon’s case file with her from the other hospital?  The Magical Only Coma Physician in Seoul  tells her that the man is barely hanging on and is in constant pain, with little prognosis for recovery.  Outside the office, a nurse hands her a box containing Hyung-joon’s possessions from six years ago.
Shuk: In the box is his bloodied clothing, and two envelopes from the late Detective Choi.  One is a letter addressed to Lee Hyung-joon, explaining what happened Y6I.  It appear Detective Liar was doing side jobs for Director Moon to help pay for his son’s hospital bills, but didn’t realize at first that it was the wrong side of the law.  By the time he found out, it was too late to withdraw.   On the ship that July even,  Big Bad told him to pin everything on the dead detective, but when he found out he was alive, he arranged the body switcheroo.  Someone in the department also in Director Moon’s web supplied an unidentified corpse and swapped the dental records.  So he wasn't a complete and total douchebag. [yawn]
bcook: Redemption through death. Is that a registered trope? Must look it up. It is!

Shuk:  The puppies are holding down the fort when Sung-chan receives a phone call from Team Leader Yang that she was taking a few days off.   She is at a nursery picking up a plant.  Who is it for?
bcook: I'm betting not GW.
Shuk:  I grok you are right.
You can always knit a plant.
Shuk:  Gun-woo is hobbling down the hall and reliving Shi-on’s answer.  And it turns out (not surprisingly) that the plant was for Hyung-joon oppa.  She tells his body that she knew he was at her side when she was in her own coma, and apologizes for being late.   And then, THE VOICE.  “Shi-on-a”…
bcook: OMO! truthfully? I was expecting him to open his eyes and then die tragically. 
Shuk:  Ghost Oppa materializes into the room.  Wow, so could he talk to her the whole time?  I kinda wondered about that a while back.   The reunion is touching and sad, and he remarks that he missed her bright smile.
LHJ:  "In this world, I didn't think that there was anyone who could love you like I could. But, now I can leave in piece. Shi-on-a, I died six years ago."
Shuk:  She protests; he is still alive, but he tells her that's just an empty shell, without a soul. She starts crying, but he smiles gently and tells her he is fine. And he gives her advice:  Don't get sick, start driving again, stop misplacing stuff, and have a beautiful baby with the one she loves,  and be happy.
bcook: The tears in his eyes. The slight tremble of his lips. The hiccuppy breathe. Ghost Oppa is a master at the held back tear. 
Shuk:  She's crying (and so am I) as she takes a step towards the apparition.  Behind her, alarms begin to sound as his vitals signs pulse into the red.  She turns to the body and starts crying as Ghost Oppa disappears in little gold stars and glitter.  The space where Ghost Oppa was is completely empty when Gun-woo walks in and sees Shi-on sobbing over the body. He takes a step forward as everything finally goes flatline, and a single tear falls from Hyung-joo's eye.
bcook: No tears for me. I found the single tear to be really poignant and the fact that she turns to his body (the one with no soul) to come back instead of screaming at his ghost (which I would have done) was also really sad. Like she can't accept what he's saying about already being dead. The dying scene itself to waaaay to long.


Shuk:  Wow, this feels like it should be the final episode, even though we don't have everything tied up in a nice bow. Good guys win, bad guys lose, and, as always, love prevails.
bcook: I think it would have been a good ending too. Of course the show hasn't finished trying to push GW and Shi-on onto us so we're going to get so 'closure' there right? 

Shuk:  I think this is the best performance I've ever seen from Kim Jae-wook.  Far from being a passive (or nonexistent ::cough cough Big cough cough::) character, he managed every scene with a range of emotion even more remarkable for his lack of dialogue.  Detective Lee Hyung-joo was actively involved in bringing down his murderers, and I couldn't be more happy.  His ending was predictable, like much of the show, but still powerful for all that.
bcook: I only know him from Coffee Prince as the silent guy with the breaking heart. He was good there and he's good in this. I don't think he got the air time he deserves but I'm looking forward to his next project. Oppa fighting!

Shuk: I'm not sure what's in store for the final episode (I made the decision to recap without even peeking at the final epi or reading any spoilers).  Taec has his followers, but his character is a little pale compared to his ectoplasmic rival, so maybe the next episode is his final chance to emerge from Ghost Oppa's shadow and become a man worthy of his woman.
bcook: I watched ahead *blush* The round up of lose ends has writer-ga's style all over it. but I was surprised to see TC step out a little. All this is just too little too late. I read he's going to be in a movie as part of a love triangle. I wish him well. His acting chops need to be honed and I don't know if this was the right drama to get started in.