Goddess of Marriage - Episode 29 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: This episode brings us truth-telling-time between Ji-hye and Tae-wook - and I'm feeling disappointment that this drama wasn't always strong like this. But I also remember, though vaguely, that there were other such dialogue gold nuggets in the mud. Better some gold than only mud. Yes. 
JoAnne: Some good stuff happened this time. Yes.
kakashi: Also, the long-awaited confrontation between Tae-wook and the MILDragon finally happens. Only ... it really doesn't end all too well for poor Tae-wook. Will you stop bashing him for a while now, Tae-wook haters? Do you acknowledge that it, maybe, isn't all that easy to change things at the Kang Hell House?
JoAnne: Awww, did da widdle baby get yelled at by his mama?

Episode 29

kakashi: Peachy Daddy is in town! He is surprised but little happy to see Ji-hye at Career Woman's house. Thanks, writer-nim, for bringing back in a big Tae-wook lover! (Well, next to me that is) The boy really needs some back-up.
JoAnne: Grandpas Over Flowers. That's all I'm sayin'.
kakashi: We need to wait 12 minutes until the first Tae-wook sighting! He is at the big house, getting served dinner ... all by himself. Poor lonely baby ... MILDragon, who is coming from a confrontation with the Patron over the likely prison sentence of DickBrother, attacks. Being the lovely mother she is, she starts by insulting her son ("Stupid idiotic jerk") and then gives him shit for eating here alone instead of with his wife.
JoAnne: Nothing says loving like getting your manhood questioned.
kakashi: When is she coming back?! she demands to know and starts the insults towards her next. She's been away for over a month on the pretense of being sick! (Oh no, don't rub it in ...) Tae-wook starts to defend his wife, but the MILDragon won't have it.
JoAnne: I will not be fooled by the glimmer of understanding in his eyes. Ok. I WAS fooled by the glimmer of understanding in his eyes, but it didn't take me long to wise up.
kakashi: Oh the humiliation she has to go through for that wife! Tae-wook wants to know what humiliation she is talking about. MILDragon says she is humiliated by Ji-hye's unsuitable status - she let him marry her for love; but she should at least behave properly. Tae-wook looks about ready to burst into tears. Or rip her head off. Please do it! Both, it you must, but I'm wishing for the second!!
JoAnne: Seriously. This woman. This THING in a woman's form. I tell you, it has been a FASCINATING exercise in perspective to hear her tell the story from her side. I marvel at the twistedness.
kakashi: And .... the dam breaks. Oh my god, he is talking back! He tells his terrible mother that she is to blame for Ji-hye's reluctance to return home. All she had to do was be nice to her once! Then she wouldn't have become so sick, either!
JoAnne: I was impressed. I honestly was impressed. And I giggled at my mental image of you squirming around in your chair all conflicted about his handsomeness and his tears. Because we know: Angry Tae Wook is hot. Angry TEARFUL Tae Wook is just off the scales, though.
kakashi: Wut?! MILDragon goes ... is he blaming her for Ji-hye's sickness?! Fault or not, he replies aggravated ... if she, as an elder, had been nice just once, things would have been much better. Well, she's not taking kindly to it: He dares to criticize her?! Listen well, brat ...  she accepted all the three daughter-in-laws gracefully, though two of them were absolutely below them. That is why her friends in this neighborhood think she is admirable - and should get an award (haha). But how is she, the saint, treated by the terrible daughter-in-laws in return?
JoAnne: I think this is how mass murderers must think. It's just so completely, utterly, DIFFERENT from the perspective everyone else has that it blows your mind. She is Mi Ryeong on steroids. Ah, YTB, LSS. What a lovely family that was by comparison.
kakashi: Yeah, exactly, says Tae-wook ... the issue with Sister-in-law? The same root cause. Doesn't she see why she is acting like this? Being a houseslave for 8 years ... being mistreated by her husband all the time ... in fact, MILDragon should be thankful to SIL instead. As for his wife? Yes, she is lacking: She is a romantic daydreamer. But she married a man like him, and she is trying, trying really hard to live in an environment that doesn't suit her. That is why he feels sorry for her - feels sorry and tries to defend her in front of his mother. Feels sorry and told her to rest a little longer at her sister's. Why can't he! She is going too far!
JoAnne: This is too good to be true. Is he going to walk out? Can he symbolically rip off the Kang Family clothes and walk out in his boxers? Please? 'I will leave with NOTHING. Not even the clothes on my back!'
kakashi: He better stop screaming at her! MILDragon shouts, but no! He has more to say (you gooooo, Tae-wook!!!): Stop mistreating the DILs! Why can a person like her, who has never lacked a single thing in her whole life, be so utterly wicked towards her daughter-in-laws? Her answer .... *SLAP*. Ouch.
JoAnne: I am curious how a grown up who is slapped doesn't just automatically slap back. 
kakashi: Confucius said it's not allowed.
kakashi: How does he know she hasn't suffered?! she wants to know. Oh, she has suffered in her time under her in-law's hands; she has paid her dues (Alright! Finally! An explanation for her sadism!... though not really. I guess she's just evil)
JoAnne: Flashback or it didn't happen.
kakashi: The filial son apologizes: He has gone too far. But too late is too late ... Does he think being a chaebol DIL just means having a pretty face and attracting a rich man? That is why he should never have brought that unqualified girl to the house! Never once in his life was he tender or affectionate towards his mother. Not like his brother, who at least acts cute (hear, hear .... is mommy a bit jealous, maybe?)
JoAnne: Excuse me. The aegyo sliming off that brother is enough to clamp my girly bits together forever and ever and ever. So it's not something to be proud of , Fish Lips. And maybe he acts cute toward you because you were affectionate toward him. Remember how you and hubby decided Tae Wook would be raised differently? Here you go. Reap what you sow.
kakashi: No breastfeeding! Absolutely no breastfeeding!
kakashi: One day, he brings back a girl he likes, and loves her so much he starts behaving like a country bumpkin. She, gracefully, and despite having gone through so much trouble with him, accepts it. And now, he tells her not to be wicked!? Just he wait and see ... what she can do to his wife in the future.
JoAnne: I'm going to pull a reverse Samara, climb INTO the tv, and bitch slap this woman into North Korea. I will punch her so hard her great-great-great grandchildren will have stomach aches.
Oh foook .... I'm afraid now ... O__o
I'm just pissed
kakashi: She doesn't know (and doesn't care) how he will fare ... but she can very well live without his wife (whom she absolutely hates). And to him, a warning: don't call her Mother anymore. He is to call her Madam. This means ... WAR! Oh dear. Pooooooooooooor Tae-wook-baby.
JoAnne: I fail to see how her logic works. Bring her back her so I can mistreat her some more so that she leaves you, because I won't miss her at all, but you will. But how dare she not be here! And oh, by the way, you aren't affectionate toward me so it causes me a lot of trouble, my one law-abiding, present, filial-to-a-fault, upstanding citizen son. So don't call me Mother anymore, you shameful creature. *sucking teeth sounds*
kakashi: While he is getting shit from his mother, Ji-hye is getting shit from her father. Divorce??! Not a chance in the world! Did she ever think marriage was easy? How can she think divorce after barely one year?! Ack, now the mopey Ji-hye is back who just whines that everything is too difficult. And she doesn't suit that family at all. To which he says: nobody suits their in-laws. Haha. That is true.
JoAnne: This scene is not cool for me. I'm ignoring it.
kakashi: More Inquisition. This time, it's Ji-hye and Tae-wook together. PeachyDaddy tells Tae-wook (who kneels formally) to sit comfortably, he says it's okay. PeachDaddy asks whether this is comfortable, Tae-wook says "yes". Buahaha, boy. Seriously. He so knows what's coming and I guess he better repent straight away? Alright, PeachyFIL says, suit yourself. And he wants to know from Tae-wook what's wrong with Ji-hye. In his own words. Let's hear ...
JoAnne: Pleaseohpleaseohplease can Peach Daddy go head to head with Fish Lips? Pleaseplease PUH-LEESE. But no. Because Korea must have a rule against providing actual concrete details of anything.
kakashi: Funny, cause I also hope for a direct confrontation. But I guess ... not gonna happen. Confucius says: not allowed.
kakashi: And of COURSE, Tae-wook says "it's because I'm lacking". Man, I know this character so well by know I would have bet my whole fortune this would be his line! I'm so proud of myself!
JoAnne: We need ONE character who can stand up and say Of COURSE you're lacking, or we wouldn't be here. Tell me HOW you lack. Don't know? Just use that catch all? Then you'll never learn from your mistakes. Such a fricking cop out.
kakashi: PeachyDaddy doesn't buy the BS, though. If he (Tae-wook) is lacking, then she (Ji-hye) is also lacking. He wants to know the details. But Tae-wook deflects ... whatever the details, it's all his fault. Oh dear, PeachyDaddy goes all ... what are you doing then, do you want her to divorce you? Do you want her life to be over? Did they get married to hurt each other?
JoAnne: In here somewhere I still had a little hope that Peachy Dad would get the real picture and go kick some Mom butt for his precious child.
kakashi: He repeats that it's all his (big) fault and that he will set it right, PeachyDaddy doesn't need to worry. But PeachyDaddy cuts him short: He's been trying to persuade Ji-hye for 4 days already, but she still doesn't want to live with him. What is he going to do? Tae-wook's heartbroken look should really thaw the hearts of every Tae-wook hater, no?
JoAnne: Ugh. That did hurt.
kakashi: PeachyDaddy says that Ji-hye really seems to have had a hard time at The Palace - and Tae-wook should have cared for her better. However, to live together in marriage is a sacred thing. They should try to make it better; at least, they should try for three years. If they don't, if they go the easy way and split up right now, they will regret it later. A lot. Understood, kids?
JoAnne: Where's the data to support 3 years as a sufficient test, PeachPit? What more does it give you that you don't already have after a year?
kakashi: Talky time on the playground! Wow, they are talking to each other! Man, they have basically made up! Now kiss! Make babies! Man, I certainly would ... he looks gorgeous in the half-dark, with the green background ...
JoAnne: Why is that fish thing up there?
kakashi: That's them after being lectured by PeachyDaddy.
kakashi: He is sad/angry ... did she really have to tell her father about their problems? Yes, she says. Because this is really what she has decided ... to divorce him. She doesn't want to live with him anymore.
JoAnne: And here is where my patience and forbearance took its last final, sad, struggling breath. Probably. I dunno. Maybe. Tae Wook, you bullying piece of shit. 
kakashi: That "incident" at the wedding shop ... it was the last nail in their coffin. The main problem is him - him doubting her, him believing she was thinking about somebody else. Isn't that the case? He admits: yes. Yes, he did doubt her ... on some level. So what?
JoAnne: How did she not knee him in the balls at that point? So what this, you M-F ass.
kakashi: Ah, I can't blame him for thinking what he was thinking, seriously! All that moping, etc. ... it really looked like sadness over shag-flashbacks to me, too!
kakashi: She says: she can't live like that. Not with this kind of interference. Her mind is hers - not anyone else's. He? Too obsessed. Too crazy. Too suffocating. So listen well, Tae-wook-sugar-babe: the reason she wants to divorce you is NOT that man from months ago. It is his household, his Dragon Mother. It is the fact that she hasn't been allowed to be herself. It's the fact that they tried to make her into a doll (and houseslave). How many more times does she need to tell you until you want to see it??
JoAnne: Yes. SO satisfying.
kakashi: She can accept him being unusually possessive and obsessed. She'll file it away as husband's love. And she did that until now. But him closing his eyes from the truth again and again? Him suspecting her old and foolish affair? Not okay. It makes him scary to her - it is disgraceful.
JoAnne: Absolutely. Because it means he just dismissed her concerns.
kakashi: She says he's disgraceful? he asks back. So she is really telling him that there is nothing (or I guess nobody) in her heart? No, she says. She is not saying that. Because there probably is. But what is she to do? She cannot clean out her heart just like that. She can't shake it out. But ... she is leaving it alone. Why? Because she doesn't have the wherewithal to look at it again. And heck, because she has no reason to look at it again. The man in front of her is Tae-wook and not that other man. She has always been loyal to only the person and the reality in front of her. But that reality was so hard that she is slowly dying. And now, even he is against her - taking out that thing in her heart, which she had left alone, poking at it.
JoAnne: Brutal honesty. I LIKE it. I'm guessing Tae Wook's tender manly bits don't though.
kakashi: Actually, I think he gets it. He isn't doing too well on emotions, you know, having been denied breastfeeding and cuddling etc. That's why it takes him a bit longer than other people.
kakashi: Yesterday was the first day ever that she spent thinking of that other man. Does he want to know why? It is not because she cannot forget him. And she thought of Tae-wook, too: is it really because she doesn't want to live with him anymore? It's not that either. She knows, despite all his faults, that he is dedicated to her. The reason why she has made her decision is not the other man and it's not him: it is because of his family. They do not fit - she is suffering too much.
JoAnne: Can not, absolutely CAN NOT lay it out any more plainly than that. Let's see how long it takes him to fuck it up and misunderstand everything again.
kakashi: Wanna bet? I say: he gets it.
kakashi: She is 30 years old, but she made a grave mistake, not knowing anything about marriage. She is regretting it. And she is sorry - especially to him. He says he will pretend that he hasn't heard all this, once again. So he is okay, but his family is not? So it's either he throws away his family or his family throws away him? Fine. He'll try to do that.
JoAnne: Yeah, right.
kakashi: He always meant what he said. Just the execution ... a bit lacking.
kakashi: He already had a fight with his Mother about all this, he says ... why did he do that? Ji-hye wants to know. What else can he do? he shouts - She doesn't want to live with him because of his mother, so he has to confront his mother. Ji-hye looks terrified, but he says: Let's go until the end. Let's see whether his mother wins - or they win.
JoAnne: I wonder if they'll have double headstone, or two separate.
Should Ji-hye be afraid of the future?! YES
kakashi: But Ji-hye doesn't think she can win. She doesn't have the confidence. But he says he will do the winning for them ... if she just stays be his side. 3 years ... let's try 3 years ... (let's hope they're not planning a 2nd Season of this mess). He wants to live with her for at least 3 years. If she still says it's impossible then, he will let her go. But he doesn't want to regret it. Two more years ... please. 
JoAnne: It's astounding! Time is fleeting! Madness takes control.

The Rest

kakashi: Oh, there was so much Tae-wook-beauty, I almost forgot about our other troubled couple! The Snore is being really nice to the Annoyance - but she says he doesn't need to. She isn't angry. Being quite mature, she realized that there is nothing to be angry about. That woman now knows who The Snore's fiancée is and that might have angered her, in case she still harbours feelings for him. But The Snore sees right through her - she's being different. And she admits to being afraid - and orders him to step outside and hug her. By the way, have they had sex yet?
JoAnne: Wuppa - a contraction of Warm Up Oppa - looks sick. And I'm guessing no on the sex.
kakashi: Alright! Followed-up by French-kissing in the car. First base! That's something!
JoAnne: Yes, it was. Something disgusting.

kakashi: They are interrupted by her mother 's call, who demands to know where they are (in front of the house). As soon as they get upstairs, the Annoyance wants to enforce peace between her Sunbae and her mother ... FAIL.
JoAnne: Please just give up and go away.

kakashi: Ah, the hate. Delicious. And the mother wins for this line: "I am really bored of your expression - how can you only have two of them?" (when he smiles feebly - and when he pretends not to understand). hahahaaaaaaa, indeed.
JoAnne: I dislike this woman but it certainly is not for what she says.

kakashi: When he steps upstairs for a moment, the Mother starts checking on his phone history. Not good. The Snore adds a third expression: slightly angry.
JoAnne: Her face was awesome.
kakashi: His wasn't.
kakashi: So, does DickBrother have to go to prison? Sacrificing the son for the business conglomerate ... or lose the wife, because she threatens to bite her tongue if he sends the offspring? Rather, send someone else to prison again! Little Brother of NewBiatch is released, while another man takes the fall. The Patron tells NewBiatch to give back the evidence of the slush fund now (ha! knew it!). Because ... who would destroy one's own company? She is vice-president of the whole Shin Yong Group. If she wants it.
JoAnne: Is she dumb enough to think there's no catch? No long game? and remember, Prosecutor knows you had something. If he sees you get this job, you think he won't keep digging? I'll be disappointed if she takes this.

kakashi: Still annoyed about the redemption AnchorMan gets - he worries about his wife, who is sick. Go to hell you idiot.
JoAnne: Leech makes my skin crawl.
kakashi: Rich Chairwoman-Grandmother seems to catch on to Awful Niece's true personality, it seems ... she gives her stocks to the company. And says that's all they'll get. Haha, I already see her slaving in one of her husband's restaurants.
JoAnne: And this girl did NOT understand what she was being told. Poor little hubster gets it, but it's just to be expected as far as he is concerned, so it doesn't dawn on him that wifey thinks life is going to be very different. I'm looking forward to this. I could do a season of her and him if the arc has her learning to be human and him getting his man on and standing up to her. 

And More

kakashi: All in all, this was a satisfactory episode. But you might have realized I mostly like the episodes in which Tae-wook doesn't look like a complete ass.
JoAnne: Did we watch the same episode? Because Tae Wook did, indeed, look like a complete ass.
kakashi: How can you say that! He confronted the Dragon! And he is going to fight her now! Come on!
kakashi: The issue of trust was well explored, I thought. A good marriage isn't only about love, but also about trust. How can you love if you do not trust? Her calling him out for his obsessive, possessive behavior was well played, because this is exactly what he is missing: trust. If he would trust her, he could stop worrying - and could start caring to the fullest. I thought it was interesting that to her, he still appears as the big doubter, while he has acknowledged that it is his mother who is to blame (and therefore finally confronts her). 
JoAnne: It is interesting to watch this, yes. He's defensive to Ji Hye, but he actually does realize what the issue is. 
kakashi: I think he might have always known ... but didn't want to acknowledge it. This family thing .... it is BIG and even BIGGER with this family (insert random pic to calm down JoAnne).

"비비고" 이번 게스트는 스피카 여러분! 비비고를 한국에서도 볼수 있다면 좋을텐데 말이죠 :-P Spica in "Bibigo" the Cooking program in Japan exclusive
kakashi: Actually, I'm just really glad that Ji-hye isn't completely cold towards Tae-wook. In fact, I still feel that there is a great deal of affection from her side ... at least theoretically. If only they let her. I really, really want to see their baby ....
JoAnne: Whenever they REALLY fight, when one of them actually says what's wrong and what they're feeling, I'm filled with hope for them. So I get you. I do. Because they could use bonding together and triumphing over his evil family as a pretty solid building block toward something real. And then there's the sperms. Yes.