Goddess of Marriage - Episode 32 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: Let's just say I do not like that the writer(s) of GoM have suddenly learned how to write cliffhangers!!!! And I do not like that there are only about 5 minutes of Tae-wook in this episode. The rest I like.
JoAnne:  FOR REAL. I'd almost think they switched writers.

Episode 32

kakashi: It is on! Rival-alert! Will we see blood? Fist-fights? Cursing, hissing, dissing?
JoAnne:  I don't even know what I want. I'm so confused. No, I know what I want but there's no way they'd give it to me.

kakashi: No! Tae-wook isn't there as a prosecutor. The visit isn't authorized, heck, it is even illegal. He is there as a member of the Kang-family, knowing very well that The Snore isn't a guy to break the law. Therefore, he wants to apologize - and so he does. That bow .... it must have been very, very hard on him. 
JoAnne:  It was pretty deep, too. The only thing I didn't like about this scene was the robotic way the pretty pretty man chose to deliver his lines. If he was going for pained delivery, he got it - but the only pain was mine.
kakashi: Interesting you'd say that. Cause I was thinking: "He always talks completely differently when confronting the Snore". He did it in the café, too. I think he is nervous and he is masking it with over-confidence.  
kakashi: But The Snore doesn't want the apology - this isn't Tae-wook's doing after all, right? So why is he here? Tae-wook takes a deep breath before he starts explaining. To start with, he lied to get access to The Snore... he said that he has a personal debt to him, one not involving his brother. He told them that he, Tae-wook, stole his, The Snore's, woman. Everybody would immediately believe that he, the super rich jerk, would do such a thing. They will talk about it until they're blue in the face, but he doesn't care. There are more important things at hand.
JoAnne: I stopped breathing right about here.
kakashi: In fact, says Tae-wook, his wife isn't doing too well. She cannot acclimate to his household - she hates everything it stands for. Therefore, and against her will, The Snore still occupies a corner of her mind. The true reason he came to see The Snore is that he feels sorry for Ji-hye. She married him - and she lost everything because of it. To him, it is like he has done it to her - because he just had to have her as his wife. 
JoAnne: So in a twisted way you now feel you must possess WUP, right, Tae Wook-ah? And to possess him you must both take off your shirts, grease up, and wrestle around on the floor with manly grunts and powerful flexings of manly thighs and...other...manly...things?
kakashi: The Snore, when they met the other day in the green-walled café, said something that stuck in his head, leaving a deep impression: "Even with marriage, one cannot have everything". Things from before the marriage, whatever memories or feelings the partner has, need to be accepted. While thinking about this, Tae-wook realized something terrible: His family, the household ... it has even removed those memories from Ji-hye's head. Therefore, this apology is doubly important to him. (Uhm ... I am not sure I fully understand. Subs? Koreans? Is he apologizing to The Snore for being a terrible husband? Or apologizing to The Snore for removing the memories of him from Ji-hye's head?) Anyway, he wishes The Snore the best of possible luck - and says what we have been saying all along: they could have been best friends in another life.
JoAnne: But where is the hugging? The kissing? Why are there still shirts?
kakashi: I'm hoping for a time jump in the next episode, and there they are, doing all kinds of bromancy outdoor activities with each other. Just you wait.  
kakashi: Outside, the two underlings that accompanied Tae-wook to the cell receive a phone call (I guess from Tail Prosecutor) - and we do know why they're running out like a streak of lightning, don't we? Yes ...
JoAnne:  Don't talk to me, Show. I can't EVEN with you right now.
... It is NamBamThankYouMam. Oh Tae-wook ... what will become of you once the Anti-Shin-Young-maelstrom starts?
JoAnne:  All I could think when she stopped them from cuffing her was this:  Hold up, wait a minute, let me put my purse in it!

kakashi: Over at the Kang-Manison, a different kind of trouble is brewing ... it is past 11pm ... the Husband is not home, the Wife is turning to sleeping pills. She is wearing a very sexy sleeping attire. And he will not be allowed to take it off you? That's just mean.
JoAnne: You don't know the 'I'll be the sleeping virgin and you be the lusty travelling salesman' game?
The number of alarm clocks she has? Jeeez...
kakashi: While Ji-hye sleeps (or tries to sleep), President and Vice President discuss anti-maelstrom strategies - when more bad news comes in. NamBamTYM's arrest! ... what is this unpleasant odor? Prison air! Not far from them, MILDragon is happily singing a tune (good voice there, Dragon) and taking care of her skin. 
JoAnne:  I call bullshit.  Those kind of women don't sit in their living rooms watching tv with masks on their faces.  But I want to know what kind it is, the only kind I see are paper. And not for nothing, Korea, with your penchant for tiny faces, but those paper face mask are ENORMOUS. I can't fit them correctly.  Whose face are you trying to cover?  The man in the moon? (She did have a nice voice though, except for that one part.
She is so engrossed that she almost misses the news about NamWoman's arrest. Almost.
JoAnne:  This is where the writers switched out and the new writer decided that it would be a comedy.
kakashi: It is now past 1 am ... and Ji-hye startles awake. Having nightmares, dear? She is checking the alarm clock in horror - man, even the sleeping pills aren't helping?
JoAnne:  Perhaps that scene with the mask and the singing was a dream sequence.
kakashi: Haha, that's what I thought. I'm pretty sure that wasn't intended. Or maybe it was? New writer maybe is subtle and likes to pull our little legs?
kakashi: She steps outside for a breath of fresh air. After looking at the Hell Palace there in the distance, she calls her husband. No answer. She leaves him a voicemail message:"Tae-wook ... why are you not home? You said you would be coming. I can't sleep. Hurry up and come home. Please." This is not good. Not good at all ... JoAnne: Sorry, Ji Hye. He's hanging with the WUP at the jail. What up, WUP?
kakashi: Quite a while later, Ji-hye goes to the hospital to visit her Jeju Friend, who had the baby. She finds the longhaired musician on a bench, crying. In short, the guy is afraid the daughter might look like him or grow to be like him. I don't find it all that funny, because that would really BE terrible. Ji-hye takes him to go look at the baby. The tiny cute little thing. Jeju Friend joins them in front of the nursery window - and it looks as if she and rocker have made up.
JoAnne:  Cute baby approaching! Cute baby approaching! Ten second warning: 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and... Ovaries, engage!
kakashi: On her way out, determined to pop one out as well, Ji-hye suddenly stops in front of a door ... and goes in. It's a neuropsychiatrist she is going to see. She tells him she cannot sleep ... even with the sleeping pills. The doctor wants to do some tests on her, but she just wants pills. She gets them, but the doctor wants to see her next week for thorough testing. With her husband. And: she knows she cannot take all the pills at once, right? I don't like where this is going.
JoAnne: Because any neuropsychiatrist worth his salt is going to take some random woman off the hallway's word for her troubles and diagnose sleeping pills so casually, especially after being told that she'd gotten some from another hospital already. But he was a responsible professional!  He told her not to take them all at once.
kakashi: At night, she takes a pill. By the way, you would definitely sleep better with better pillows, Ji-hye! Seconds later, she gets up again. And takes another. Later ... another.
JoAnne: Did this woman have a lobotomy?
kakashi: Maybe there's something in the water at the Kang-house. They are all acting like complete loonies.  
kakashi: Tae-wook comes tumbling in. Man, he looks exhausted. He calls for his wife and then goes to look for her in the bedroom. There she is, peacefully sleeping in bed.
JoAnne:  Goddammit yes he was sweet and tender and adorable.
kakashi: He asks, with a smile, whether she is sleeping and then bends down to stroke her hair. When he turns, he sees the medication on the table.
JoAnne: Dun dun DUN...
kakashi: Well, at least she still seems to be warm. Not stiff and cold. There is hope.
kakashi: He goes over, looks at the two bottles and finally understands that something is very, very wrong ...
JoAnne: We've said it before but it bears repeating:  Sweet boy. A bit dim.

The Rest

kakashi: The shenanigans with the CareerWoman and her husband continue ... it serves one purpose, which is Product Placement (it's a Millet tent) and that's about it. Get it done and over with, thanks.
JoAnne:  She insults him by saying he has curly hair and 'old man teeth.' He grants her the hair but balks at old man teeth. I laugh pretty hard and wonder if curly hair is not prized in Korea. 
kakashi: Doormat doesn't sleep either because she kissed a guy even though she is still married. Oh well. It is good to hear that there are morals left in this world.
JoAnne: And then there's being an IDIOT.
kakashi: Maybe the old writer is back. 
kakashi: MILDragon gets the verbal beating of her life and might, just might! finally understand what she has done. But maybe not. She'll go down in flames, with her skin mask on and playing golf.
JoAnne: Oh, she does not get it. At all. But that was the best 5 minutes of my life, right there.

kakshi: DickBrother's phone call to hear his daughter's voice was very, very sad. He is a despicable person, nothing can save him. But ... he, too, once wasn't a monster.
JoAnne:  I don't see how they can get around not institutionalizing him at this point.  At least a forced rehab.  That was horrifying and disgusting but I'm with you in one sense: to hear the father of your children that way? Soul destroying.

kakashi: NoLongerBitch goes to get him back upon FIL's request ... I guess he wants his family to be with him when the ship starts sinking for real. And he gets more than just a verbal beating from her.
JoAnne:  See above for what I think she must feel like...but I think there's a reason beyond 'keeping family near in trouble' for bringing him back now.  I worry that she's not as safe as she thinks she is.

Final Thoughts

kakashi: What can I say? Mean cliffhanger, sad episode overall. Curious to see what the next four episodes will bring.
JoAnne: And LOOKING FORWARD to it - because wow, way to pick up speed!
kakashi: If I can have a wish, I wish for the Tae-wook / Snore bromance. A full-fledged one. Hey, I know! They go swimming together!