Goddess of Marriage - Episode 33 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: Too much teen-drama over at Heirs for you? Come join us for the insanity that is Goddess of Marriage! Here, we follow the mature lives of abnormal people and their terrible partnerships. Too sad it's almost over. Can't believe I'm still here. 
JoAnne: Can't believe you described these people as 'mature.'
kakashi: Oh well. ..

Episode 33

kakashi: Ji-hye is rushed to the hospital. Good. Cause that means she isn't dead yet. Seriously, you never know with this writer ... she does all kinds of weird things if you don't watch her carefully. A very worried Tae-wook jogs sexily next to the stretcher and implores Ji-hye to wake up (doesn't look too sexy in the gif though, sorry)
JoAnne: No, indeed. He looks like a passenger on an amusement park ride that has gone horribly wrong.

kakashi: The devastated husband is told to wait and looks so miserable I want to hug him. Yeah, true, I always want to hug him.
JoAnne: But this time I also want to hug him. And cop a feel.
kakashi: This being one of those really weird hospitals in Korea, a reporter is right there in the emergency room, writing things down with regards to another patient (some assault case). He overhears Tae-wook talking to a doctor ... and then asks the nurse at the desk whether this is a Shin Young Group family member. And because they have absolutely no sense of privacy EVER in KDrama, she confirms it.
JoAnne: I'm ignoring this ham-fisted plot device, writer-nim. You can't do better, and it would be rude to point out your failings as obviously as you project your plot developments.
kakashi: It would be dangerous to ignore her bad writing altogether, though. Because that would mean you could not watch this drama. Or only about 5% of it.  
kakashi: Crying Tae-wook breaks my heart and I will just pretend I didn't see it.
JoAnne: Good, then you won't see what I do to put a smile back on his face.
kakashi: Heartbroken Tae-wook does NOT realize what the greedy reporter is doing on the phone (reporting the BIG SCOOP) when he steps out of the emergency room. Greedy Reporter runs back in to eavesdrop on the doctors who are discussing Ji-hye's non-fatal OD behind a curtain, not seeing him ... until he pulls back the curtain and starts taking pictures. Sigh.
JoAnne: And they don't take the film. Glad to see our security guards don't fall from from the police procedural tree.
kakashi: Pretty but Heartbroken still doesn't get it, but he is heaving the most beautiful sigh I have ever seen with the most adorbs clenching of jaw muscles ever. Only 3 minutes of episode 33 and already so much Pretty! This is fast becoming my favorite episode.
JoAnne: The sad little muffin :( my heart, it breaks.  
kakashi: Greedy Reporter is dragged out by the police, right past Tae-wook.
JoAnne: Who, you know, STILL does not get it.
kakashi: But STILL looks mighty fine. 
JoAnne: He really, really does.  Even in my least favorite pose - clothed.
kakashi: Ji-hye is wheeled out of the emergency room, she is going to be fine after they have pumped her stomach. And we're back to that hospital room ... the one where he held her hand before, after she, you know, got her period again. Anyway, the room and the scene look exactly the same. Maybe they used the footage from before? Very economical writing! [Writer-nim to PD-nim: "just insert 4 minutes of hospital scene we already have. thank you"]
JoAnne:  (A year from now) Goddess of Marriage? Oh yeah, I loved that drama! It was so fiscally responsible!
kakashi: While FILDragon and SIL are plotting with a bunch of (I assume) lawyers to get rid of all the evidence while they can, MILDragon continues to be nutty as a fruitcake as she cheers her pictures and sings another tune ("arumdata"?). Oh, she is in fact drunk!
JoAnne: Spelling might be off but she's singing the word areumdawa which...basically she's telling the paintings how pretty they are. And yes, she's blitzed.
kakashi: Helps to recap when the show is subbed, obviously. Thanks, JoAnne. 
JoAnne: I do have that advantage, yes... but I also knew what the word meant anyway, I looked it up after hearing it in 'Special Girl' by Infinite H.
kakashi: Out of the secret picture storage, she is holding her head cause it hurts a little when .... BOOM! She looks at the newspaper ... and there, on the front page, is a picture of ji-hye with tubes coming out of her mouth. It was suicide, they say. MILDragon's head explodes and we are finally rid of her.
JoAnne: Do not tease me like this.
kakashi: It will happen when they take her beloved pictures away, just you wait! 

kakashi: Next up, sexy Prosecutor - who cannot catch a break - runs to The Palace. His Father has ordered him there. Have I mentioned before what good a runner Kim Ji-hoon is? He appears in front of his parents like a drenched puppy. See, people? Being a chaebol son ... it's no fun.
JoAnne: This is so sad.
kakashi: Poor baby is lectured like a school boy. No, wrong: questioned like a criminal. Ah, what a loving family. He tells them about her anxiety issues (MILDragon, always practical, says: "What? If she can't sleep, she should go get some exercise!", doing some golf swings), but this is not met with a lot of understanding.
JoAnne: In the US, Fish Lips would be a major drunk and at least her first two sons would be drug addicts.
kakashi: I really hope SHE isn't the Goddess of Marriage?
JoAnne: FishLipia, the Patroness of Loveless Existence.
kakashi: When she wants to know whether it was really suicide, Tae-wook flips out and shouts his now infamous "ommoni"! again. Oh, I've thought of a new ending: Tae-wook rips his mother's head off and goes to prison for life
JoAnne: I will visit every Saturday, without fail.
kakashi: And his Father, in his deadly voice, orders him to bring her back. Tae-wook's shocked reply that she hasn't fully recovered yet is rejected. Behave, son! Behave!
JoAnne: I thought this was nicely done. Not overplayed at all but still very clearly conveyed. Shock, without a raised eyebrow in sight. I didn't know you had it in you, Korea.
kakashi: He can't believe what he is hearing (see above for cute shocked face). When SIL comes in (she's been doing some damage control with the media and the worst seems to have been averted) he just stands there, with tears in his eyes.
JoAnne:  I'm having a hard time adjusting to this new kinder friendlier version of SIL.
kakashi: It's another example of writing gone VERY wrong. However, the main focus of this recap utters the saddest "네 ... 알겠습니다" I have ever heard and shuffles out like a broken toy.
JoAnne: Well, to be frank, he's a complete failure as a husband. (You're welcome, Lafer.)
kakashi: The SIL runs after him - she offers to come with him. He rejects.
JoAnne: Seriously, what's her game this time?
kakashi: Didn't you get the memo? She is GOOD now.
kakashi: Tae-wook stumbles back to the hospital. I think he should stay there ... he looks awful! Kim Doctor is there with his wife (who has fallen asleep again after waking up, being shocked to be at the hospital and afraid of the MILDragon's reaction to it) and asks to speak to him. JoAnne: In Korea, this is the awesome doctor giving marriage advice scene. In America, this is the 'lawsuit avoidance' conversation, making sure everyone understands SHE wasn't the irresponsible doctor.
kakashi: Before he goes to see the Doctor, Tae-wook strokes Ji-hye's hair. Awwww, so tender ... Doctor explains why sleeping pills: no sleep, no baby hormones. But apparently, Ji-hye got herself some other happy pills ... She warns Tae-wook that there will be a huge problem if he leaves Ji-hye in the Hell House. They should go to America, like planned. He has to make a choice. Family - or Wife. Yeah... we knew that was the case. Still brutal to hear it. His family is in such a dire situation, how can he leave?!
JoAnne: I don't envy him. And of course, to us, it's a no-brainer. I think the home audience might disagree, however.
kakashi: He goes back to Ji-hye's room, deep in thought. He stares are the door of the Neuro Psychiatrist for a while. I think he has now realized that he can no longer dodge this bullet. One way or another, he is going to die.
JoAnne: I hope the sex was worth it, Tae Wook.
kakashi: Ji-hye is up. He comes in and tears up again immediately. He hugs her tight and both of them cry. She apologizes a thousand times and he strokes her hair, saying it is okay over and over. Really fine acting, you two. Such a quiet, deep sorrow ...
JoAnne: I really like how he doesn't make it about himself and his fear and concern even a little tiny bit. Good for you, Tae Wook-ah!
kakashi: They are going home in his car ... she is resting her head on his shoulder. And then, they are having this absolutely heart-wrenching conversation.
JoAnne: They are shiny but unhappy people.
kakashi: So beautiful. Love her make-up in this scene. In case you think I'm being sarcastic, I am not. 
JoAnne: They are stunningly attractive humans, but her face is MUCH too shiny.
kakashi: I'm sure it's because she ODed just a few hours ago!
kakashi: She keeps worrying about other people (including him), and he keeps telling her to worry just about herself. When she starts speaking about her near-death experience, he tells her to stop, but she doesn't. She says that if she had died, she wouldn't be able to see him again. And her family. When she saw him holding her bag before, the only thing she could think about was what a hard time he must be having because he has married her. For the first time since they got married, she feels sincerely sorry for him. And she says: "I am really sorry, Tae-wook. I can't love you as much as you want. I can't understand you". His life must be so tiring because of her.  
JoAnne: I must admit, this was touching.
kakashi: He masks his emotions by asking her with a pained half-smile whether she has grown-up, finally. Oh yeah, she has ... and she is sorry that it happened so late. Yeah ... me too. Could have saved me about 30 hours of my life! Times 4 for doing recaps. OMG.

kakashi: He jokes that this experience wasn't all bad then. But never again. Never again does he want to experience something like that. Never again, she promises and puts her head onto his lap. They are so sweet I'm getting cavities. Show, you MUST give them a happy ending now!
JoAnne: Oh, no.  No. This is not how things work, my friend. You don't get cute this early if it's going to end well. Make no mistake: there is a metaphoric (or perhaps actual) truck of doom headed their way. There are no brakes, the driver has passed out, and it's carrying nitrogen or something equally explosive. They are toast, in other words.
kakashi: After putting her (safely?) into bed, he marches over to the Hell House ... to inform his parents that they are going to America. 
JoAnne: So you think, Tae Wook. So you think.
kakashi: He HAS to go. For his wife. She is in danger! Oh well. Nice try... No, the MILDragon says: it is HER health that isn't good (okay, that made me laugh cause it's so absurd). The Patron kicks her out and then tears into his son. His wife might be very ill, but he cannot go. Absolutely not. Cause the Storm is coming ... ( I seriously cannot wait for them to go to jail finally!!!!) Everything he has built up for 40 years is coming tumbling down. Ji-hye can just stay in the cottage. She does not have to prepare breakfast again.
JoAnne: Well THAT makes everything all better, doesn't it. Those smoothies were just too much to bear.
kakashi: Outside, once again, he runs into the SIL. She is being all concerned, but once again, he doesn't want her concern or her help.
JoAnne: That look! That look says 'I know what you did, bitch.'
kakashi: At least one of them realizes that the writer has completely messed up ...
kakashi: At the next Breakfast from Hell (no Tae-wook yet), Ji-hye falls asleep at the table, while everybody is watching ... in silence. Only the kids dare ask the obvious question: What the fook is going on with her?  
JoAnne: Finally, the disease part of the drama. Narcolepsy!
kakashi: Tae-wook comes in after a phone call (and here I was hoping he would boycott the Breakfasts again) and beholds the wondrous scene.
kakashi: Cut to the cottage, and him getting ready for work. He is wearing a very light suit (which is crumbled at the back) but his hair is looking VERY good today. Ji-hye brings him a handkerchief. She says she's sorry ... she didn't take any pills, but couldn't sleep a wink as a consequence. Hence the napping at the breakfast table (hahaha, that is just silly, sorry).
JoAnne: I want to see drool.

kakashi: He says not to worry (not sure that's the best approach, but hey! you never listen to me anyway) - he wants to take her out tonight. They will have dinner, go to see a movie, have a walk ... and might even go to a bar afterwards. Hell. Party animals. But it's his sleeping therapy (I, personally, could think of something slightly different, but hey! I guess it can't be said on public TV)
JoAnne: I know, I know!  
kakashi: Ji-hye is as meek as a lamb when she says "ok, we will do that". Tae-wook wants to know why she is so submissive and obedient all of a sudden ... so absolutely NOT like her. It makes him feel uncomfortable.
JoAnne: Where's my whiny wife? I want my whiny wife!
kakashi: He hugs her, looking oh-so-worried ... while she suffers on in silence. Goodbye happy ending.
JoAnne: Somewhere off in the distance, we hear a truck shifting gears as it picks up speed.
kakashi: And the breakfast table is not the only place she falls asleep at. Oh dear. She's snoozing at a restaurant, while waiting for him ... while everybody points at her. Yeah, way to NOT make a scene in public.
JoAnne: Next thing you know they'll be saying she's so tired because she's pregnant.
kakashi: Very busy Husband arrives ... he is telling somebody on the phone that things have to wait; he has something else on tonight. Only ... your date is asleep, man. Oups.

The Rest

kakashi: The Annoyance visits The Snore in prison. Who else isn't the least interested in those two? After he says he no longer wants to see her because everything is so shameful, she drives home, crying, while he mopes in his cell. I notice the trace of beard on his face. I appreciate it.
JoAnne: Not as much as I approve the FINALLY appropriate use of Noble Idiocy. Otherwise known as:  Dammit if I'm going to be falsely accused of breaking the law I am least going to take advantage of this golden opportunity to break things off with this incredibly annoying woman and her hateful mother.
kakashi: NamBamThankYouMam is having the time of her life with Tail Prosecutor.
JoAnne: All this talk of crabs in soy sauce and her wonderful kimchi. I am so confused.
kakashi: Could be Sub-fail. Could also be Prosecutor-code.

kakashi: At The Palace, the kids are so happy to see their father back. And there is all kinda cute and smiles and sweetness. I see what you're doing there, drama. I don't accept it.
JoAnne: Please sign my petition to signify that you are NOT down with Dick Rehab.
kakashi: Stupid Niece is being taught the modest life of hardworking stingy chaebols. Only a little food: 3 side dishes max. Be glad you are allowed to wear clothes, doofus. And why doesn't the grandson get a make-over already?
JoAnne: I am losing faith in the existence of that make-over.
kakashi: Can we maybe drop a bomb on them all? I don't like them.

kakashi: AnchorMan is in prison for disturbing the peace at Halmoni's house in the previous episode. Doormat is there - they called her. I guess the "bickering" is supposed to be "sweet"? Whatever. She is expected to take him home. Which she does not. 
JoAnne: So annoying. Go away.
kakashi: Doormat still thinks kissing someone while being quasi-divorced is the end of the world. They all end up in prison.
JoAnne: So she was RIGHT.
kakashi: Yes, it's a mortal sin. But it's all alright, cause they go out drinking and make-up. All of them, the whole happy bunch (minus Hot English Student and Career Woman - she joins later, while he is being a noble idiot). I do hope this puts an end to the annoying tent-business. Just shows me 60 minutes of Tae-wook, alright?!

Final Thoughts

kakashi: Gaaaaaaaaaah, what a heart wrenching sobfest!! I hope Kim Ji-hoon drank enough after the shoot ... dehydration is a serious thing! Apart from the messy writing (what's new), this episode killed me. Finally, we see them caring for each other again ... when we all know what will come next... This episode felt like a long, sad goodbye ...
JoAnne: Hey, Fish Lips: Don't let the door knob hit ya where the good Lord split ya!
kakashi: I hear that there still are many Tae-wook haters out there (??), but I guess they just WANT to hate him, because who cannot feel the terrible burden he is carrying? Can't you feel his pain? Choosing between wife and family, both of which are truly in need of help ... that's a dilemma nobody can get out of unscathed. Poor boy. So glad your suffering will be over one way or another in approximately one week.
JoAnne: I don't hate him, that's for sure. I was scared of him initially and it took a long time to realize he wasn't going to turn into a monster like the rest of his family, but once I knew he was just a man stuck in an impossible situation, I felt more sympathy for him. I know. He created the situation by insisting she marry him - but who would have expected THIS? I think he has more than paid for earlier sins of selfishness, don't you? Give the pretty man a BREAK, for Pete's sake!