Goddess of Marriage - Episode 34 (KimJiCap)

Tae-wook lovers! Are you ready to bawl your eyes out? Tae-wook non-lovers! Are you ready to feel deeply for a character you said mean things about for months upon months?! Apologize to my Tae-wook!
kakashi: Sorry for going picture-crazy. I couldn't help it. 
JoAnne: He deserves it. You go, girl.
Episode 34

kakashi: The beautiful prince arrives in his carriage. He is pestered by annoying petitioners who want his time, but he turns them all down, firm and steadfast. Tonight, his full attention belongs to his princess (usually, he works his butt off like a crazy man even though he is incredibly rich and thus, neglects her). But ... alas! When he steals a glance at her through the window, the princess has turned into Sleeping Beauty! Sucks. All the lovely plans of cinema, bars, getting her drunk, etc. ... But O.M.G. does he look good against this dark red background ... @___@
JoAnne: Beige suits are so EIGHTIES, Tae Wook. Is it polyester, too? And you do not buy suits by matching them to your skin tone, sorry.  He does look good against that red backdrop, though. I'm thinking silk boxers, matching robe... and oh look, my choice in ink color. Hmmm.
kakashi: He approaches Sleeping Beauty cautiously and ... doesn't kiss her. No, he gently shakes her arm ... until she wakes. And ... he smiles. OMG, he smiles ... I forgot that he can smile. She tells him to sit down, but he says "let's get out of here".
JoAnne:  That smile. It's getting warm in here.
kakashi: And we get sweeeet caring gesture No 1 (looks like finger sex in this gif, I am sorry). In the car, they are still holding hands. Why isn't he driving himself anymore? Ah, I know ... cause he wants to cuddle with his wife.
JoAnne:  They really do have a convincing amount of physical comfort with each other. Can they date in real life? Wait - does she have a personality in real life? We know he does.
kakashi: Exactly! She also notices ... he hasn't had any alcohol, she says, but he says he wants to lend her his shoulder to rest on. They are color-coordinated, like a real couple. Oh no ... truck of doom .... STOP coming!
JoAnne: Do you and Herr KinderBookenPenner coordinate your outfits?
kakashi: Oh no we don't. We're the ever and always bickering loving couple you do not see in Goddess of Marriage. 16 years together and counting. But, by the way .... do you know what Penner means in German?! I hope you don't!
kakashi: She says she might have dozed off "a little" at the restaurant and he makes the heartbroken face again. Please don't cry anymore .... She thinks she's crazy, she says, she can't sleep at night, but at all the inappropriate places, she feels terribly sleepy. Hm. I wonder what that disease is called?  
JoAnne:  I know, I know! It's called Help I Hate My Mother In Law and Dread Each Morning!
kakashi: No problem, he says: just sleep when you're sleepy, don't sleep when you're not. Such a pragmatic man. And so right.
JoAnne:  Tae Wook-ah, I want to rest my weary head on your shoulder.
kakashi: She puts her head down on his shoulder again ... and we see that his brave face is just a facade ... when she doesn't look at him, he looks outright terrified.
JoAnne: His is about the best vulnerable face out there, don't you agree?  There is just no doubt for anyone that he loves her,  that he dreads losing her, and that he's going to do the right thing.  He thought he could hide his head in the sand and it would go away, but it's not.
kakashi: Back at the cottage, Tae-wook has changed into comfy clothes (and now totally looks like Kim Ji-hoon! what a coincidence!). Their wedding pictures give the the miserable scene a mocking touch ... he has done work (No! Stop it!), and she has waited for him.
JoAnne: That godawful picture. So tacky.
kakashi: She is quite obviously afraid of not being able to sleep and trying so hard, so he asks her whether she wants to come on a walk with him. Caring gesture No 2.
JoAnne:  How long had you been crying by now? Weepy me is not, by the way.
kakashi: Me neither. I was so afraid of this episode, I first ffwarded to all their bits before I properly watched it. Helps with the weeping.  
kakashi: They stroll through the beautiful golf-resort err Kang Estate gardens and he wants to know how she saw him when they first met. She says as nothing special, but he just laughs. When she asks, he says arrogant. So, for both of them, there wasn't much of a first impression, she notes. 
JoAnne: Sorry. Even if you don't like the man, his appearance alone is enough to void any 'nothing special' comment ever. You can think he's an ass on first sight but you'd still have to admit he was gorgeous. It's only when you know someone that you can find their personality makes them ugly.
kakashi: Oh yes. Who would NOT date this man?! 
kakashi: "But then", he says, "I fell very deeply for you". She says he seemed on the prowl (O__O), out to conquer a woman. She didn't think much of him. "Why did you keep seeing me then?" he asks.
JoAnne: Yes, Ji Hye. Tae Wook is asking the question we have all pondered for 15 weeks now.
kakashi: Despite of it, she confesses, she was attracted to him. He has charisma (Yes!), is competent (As a prosecutor, yes!), upright (Yes!), and steadfast (Yes!). That was what she liked. "What", he goes a bit cocky, "are you complimenting me now?". No, she says. These are his natural strong points. She did not know from the start - but now, she knows.
JoAnne: So I wasn't wrong. This was a stupid speech. She was attracted to him so she kept seeing him. But what attracted her were things she didn't realize he had until after they were married. So then they couldn't have attracted her back then, Writer. Stop drinking.
kakashi: A (strong) hint of sadness crosses his face when he says: "Then our marriage wasn't only about bad things." Oh noes .... where are my tissues!!
JoAnne: See his face right up there, and that wry smile?  Ji Hye: Golf course grass is so soft and comfy.... the ground is very cushiony, too.  Don't ask how I know. Just trust me on this one.
kakashi: She questions him why he is saying such a thing - is she doing something wrong again? She is trying! But he just smiles (gaaaaaaaah!) and says now she will sleep well ... cause her mind is all confused. That's his mission now, making her thoughts jumbled ... much better than counting sheep!
JoAnne: His hair is big enough to be another person.
kakashi: His hair is a strong reason I like him. Others: nose, face, body, person. But the other way round!  
kakashi: They walk on ... and he asks her what her expectations of a married life are. She told him before: just to live peacefully. Both her and her husband go to work. Whoever comes home first cooks dinner, and during the meal, they discuss their days at work. Then, more work separately, but falling asleep together. And when they have a baby, bathing it together, changing its diapers, and when it cries at night, she would kick her husband awake - go take care of the baby! Because she hates to get up at night. He laughs at the last bit, but it just KILLS him... because this? He cannot give it to her. Her life with him has been the exact opposite, in fact.
JoAnne: But he COULD. HE COULD. Dammit, Confucius. Why you gotta mess with this boy?
kakashi: But why can't you sleep? he asks. A woman who likes sleep so much? She does not know ... (and I do not know why they never kiss. Do married Koreans not kiss when they're strolling through such a beautifully lit park?)
JoAnne: A kiss would feel very awkward between them right now, sadly.
kakashi: At a pond, he is skipping rocks (and is quite good at it. I love to do that, too!). I do NOT like the look on his face ... Ji-hye is watching him ... until she isn't. She has fallen asleep on the bench.
JoAnne: My mind wandered here and I imagined the little Tae Wook. lonely in his harsh upbringing, skipping rocks here and wishing for something different, but not even knowing what else there was. And then my eyes filled up with tears when he looked at her and I had to stop because I was at lunch.
kakashi: He must have carried her back to the cottage and put her into bed, where he gently caresses her hair and cries a river. Before he switches off all evil alarm clocks on Ji-hye's bed side.
JoAnne: I am so on board the Tae Wook train that I have his engine number tattoo'd on my caboose now, you realize this right?
kakashi: Daybreak finds him sitting on one of the benches outside ... I guess that's where he sat and thought all night long.
JoAnne: Oh my God, that face. That is a face where dreams have died.
kakashi: FILDragon thinks the judge that is assigned to their case is a good thing - they are golfing buddies ... though this particular judge likes to cheat at golf. Huh. that must be a really special ability! FILDragon thinks they should be able to get more time. Yup ... and so it is. Tail Prosecutor has a fit. But not for long ... because they capture the run-away Architect. Dun-dun.
JoAnne: I like that he looks like a homeless degenerate. The run-away architect, not the lovely face immediately below this text. And yes, I certainly know that not all homeless are degenerate. Nor are all degenerates homeless, for that matter.  I'd consider DickBrother a degenerate, after all.
kakashi: Tae-wook is told that it's a thing of hours now before the arrest warrants are issued. For his older brother ... and his mother. He goes to brood sexily in his office after he hears that. Sexily and long.
JoAnne:  Sexily and long and hard. Brood, Tae Wook-ah! Brood harder! Don't stop brooding, don't stop!
kakashi: And still brooding. In the meantime, The Snore has been cleared of all the charges or will be soon. Go do your bromance thingy, you two! But Tae-wook orders his secretary to do an errand for him. I fear the worst. And I'm always right.
JoAnne:  *clears throat, looks off into the distance*
kakashi: MILDragon cries many a tear over her beloved pictures who are going to be destroyed. Ouch, that thought hurts a little. She hears that she has one foot in the prison already (in with her! in with her!). She thinks to prevent this and wants to leave Korea before they can arrest her. But ... oupsie. There's  a travel ban, Dragon. You are grounded. 
JoAnne:  Pleaaaaaaaaaaase let there be a sequel about the experiences mother and son have in prison. Pleaaaaaaaaaaase. Dragon Dad and Tae Wook end up selling the Golf Resort House and moving into a more manageable mansion, where they slowly bond in their loneliness, watch soccer and eating cold cereal for dinner.  Dad starts playing Go-Stop with the housekeeper.  TW and JH meet for lunch every now and then.  

kakashi: At the Hell House, a terribly dressed Ji-hye finds the SIL drinking alone. She invites Ji-hye to join her. Cause if things get difficult, just drink! It's much better than drugs and happy pills. WTF show!
JoAnne: I found this scene quite odd. But I now believe that NewNewBiatch is genuine.
kakashi: Ji-hye, now slightly inebriated, I guess, is returning to the cottage. Tae-wook is on the phone ... it is confirmed. The arrest warrants for his brother and his mother will be issued this very night.
JoAnne: And time gets wonky here. Ji Hye says it's early in the morning. But they were just drinking, and TW had been at the office for some time. So how early was it?
kakashi: After hanging up, he taps a brown envelope with his fingers ... and hears that Ji-hye is home. She tells him she was with the SIL, discussing woman stuff. She is folding washing and he watches her ... with tears in his eyes. Don't do anything stupid, man!!!
JoAnne: You know as well as I do he had his secretary go pick up divorce papers.
kakashi: He asks whether she isn't reading books anymore? No, she isn't. Because she doesn't have the time (soooooo stupid, show!). And what about the writing? She doesn't want to do it anymore. She is out of practice and has forgotten how to do it (toooooo stupid to bear, stupid show!). But why is he asking? 
JoAnne: Because he loved those things about her, which I find heartbreaking.
kakashi: No, that is what Ji-hye asks, not me! And I think this is terrible writing AGAIN because who goes from total bookworm to NO books anymore and stuff? Why does she have to be like a totally different person now?!
kakashi: "Ji-hye", he says, "I have something to say to you". She teases him that she is tired because she had a drink and he should hurry up. He smiles his sad smile as he looks at her (and she must be blind, your husband is effin crying!)
JoAnne: Notice they have him against that good dark red again. I'm happy his lips are a normal color. (I just thought of that.)
kakashi: She tells him again to hurry up with what he wants to say and he, fighting tears, takes a deep breath and says: "I want to divorce you".
JoAnne:  There's still two episodes left, folks. Don't count your chickens.
kakashi: And he really means it. He is getting ready to see his father. It seems to be morning now, but Ji-hye is still sitting on the couch with the washing. But then, she gets up and confronts him. what's going on? Why is he acting like this? Isn't this what she wanted? he asks. But he didn't! she replies. Why now? After they had such a nice time together recently?
JoAnne: So does she kind of want to stay with him then? Or is she still on the dutiful daughter kick?
kakashi: Because he is tired of living with her, he says (haha, nobody believes you, Tae-wook). Get ready quickly, he adds: this is the last opportunity. If she misses it, she will have to live in this household forever. And that's surely not what she wants, right? Pack your bags.
JoAnne: So I HATE that he's pretending he doesn't want her anymore but I guess I can see why he'd have to do that, sort of? Her guilt won't let her leave if he shows her it hurts? That kind of thing? No, I just hate it.
kakashi: Ack, it's noble idiocy, the demon of KDrama.
kakashi: And he marches to the house ... it is the march of the damned. He knocks on his father's study door and lets himself in. His father just sits there, staring out the window. Daddy-o, says Tae-wook: I will divorce Ji-hye.
JoAnne: And Pops says that is IT I have had it with you people! He jumps over the desk and stabs Tae Wook through the heart then jumps out the window to his certain death.  Annnnnnnnnnd scene.
The Rest

The Snore's and The Annoyance's mothers meet. I don't really feel like writing a lot about it, sorry. Of course they fight - what's the point? But yes: The Snore IS using the current situation as an excuse to break up with that terrible family. And sorry, Hyun-woo fans ... he really doesn't get any scenes these days.
JoAnne: This scene was memorable for one thing, and one thing only. That awful mother does not come from this planet. It's as if she has never seen another human before in her life.

Career Woman has some make-up sex in the tent (fully clothed, though) and Dormat goes on blind dates without any sex. I hope she never gets sex again if she gets back with the Cheating Bastard of an Anchorman. 
JoAnne: I will NEVER support their reconciliation. That man was disgusting to her.

Stupid Niece gets lectured more (she is not allowed to quit work, heck, she even has to pay for living at the Halmoni's house now), gah, sooooo booooooring. And so predictable.  
JoAnne: And so effing FUNNY!

SIL hears that her Cheating Dick of a Husband has to go to prison for 5 years minimum, which makes her all sad and mushy in the head. She goes on a picnic with her family. I throw up a little. Go to prison already!!! Stay in for 500 years!
JoAnne:  I never heard of the 'But he's a father' option for lessening the terms of a prison stay before. The picnic was sweet in the sense that she wanted her girls to have this memory of their dad, who they do love - and who seems to love them. When they're in front of him, anyway. And I liked that we got some insight into what her thoughts had been all those years.

Final Thoughts

kakashi: Well, he has finally done it. Or has he? Two episodes away from the very end, it seems possible and even likely that they REALLY get divorced, but first, he'll have to overcome his father's objections (so far, he hasn't been very successful in that department!) AND Ji-hye also has to obey him (and pack her bags). I am not entirely sure she will.
JoAnne: Or she will, but then on the way out of the door she'll go into labor and HEY WOW she was pregnant the whole time.
kakashi: I WOULD like to see them with a kid, it's true. A little tadpole. Imagine ... so sweet.
kakashi: I am still unsure what to expect for the ending and would say at this point that anything is possible. And I mean anything. I expect another time jump, but maybe that's actually happening in the very last episode? Who knows ... oh, he does: JoAnne: I want it to be the next episode. I want to know what happens.  I would like to smoosh that face between my ample bosoms, too.
kakashi: !!! @_____@ !!! I'll save you from the ample bosom, Tae-wook! Don't you worry!