Goddess of Marriage - Episode 35 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: JoAnne, we've made it! Almost. Congrats! This is the second to last episode and we haven't gone insane and we haven't pulled out all our hair in frustration. At least I haven't. Oups, are you perchance bald?!
JoAnne:  Nope, not bald. Puffy-eyed and stuffed-nosed after this episode, though.
kakashi: After thinking about possible endings for a while, after consuming as many spoilers as possible, and after silent reflection, I am ready for anything. Let them all die (alone), let them give birth to purple aliens, I don't care. Bring it on. But whom am I fooling ..... this episode is just heartbreaking. Ah my feels :(
Episode 35

kakashi: Tae-wook faces his enraged father: What is he thinking? Divorce! Never! But no more filial son (cause it is episode 35 and we are running out of time fast): Tae-wook remains steadfast. He wants a divorce.
kakashi: As was to be expected, his father hits him. Once ... Tae-wook looks at him defiantly ... and twice. So hard that Tae-wook goes down. His lip is split. I really do not like this family violence in Kdrama.
kakashi: Hasn't he made it clear? the father shouts: no more divorce in this family! But Tae-wook doesn't give a damn. Not anymore. The days of doing only what daddy wants are over. Ji-hye cannot live in their household. If must be, he'll look for another wife: a more suitable one to the House of Horrors.
kakashi: His father tells him that a divorce means the end of Tae-wook in this family. Every right, every privilege he has will be taken away from him. But Tae-wook doesn't care. He is beyond caring and anyway ... who wants a broken family like that? He walks out on his father who looks about ready to have a heart-attack.
JoAnne: This makes no sense to me. He is divorcing her to save her from his family. But if he divorces her, he loses his family. So why can't they divorce and then get back together?  oooh...is that episode 36?  Because it doesn't seem like she wants to go.
kakashi: Tae-wook walks down the stairs, wiping the blood from his mouth. He tells the Cruella de Vil servant to get his car ready.
kakashi: The sky is ominous. Thunder is growling. The production seems to have had some money left? But not enough, unfortunately, to make this look good. But while Tae-wook stares at the sky, prosecutors jump into their car (cause walking wouldn't be half as dramatic) and off they go, sirens blaring.
JoAnne: Storm clouds be ridiculous, yo.
kakashi: Ji-hye waits in the cottage as Tae-wook comes back. Their eyes lock and he hesitates ever so briefly ... Nothing can stop him though. He goes into his office and picks up the divorce papers.
JoAnne:  Tae Wook has never looked better. Damn.
kakashi: Why is she still there? he asks: go, pack - quickly, cause it might rain soon (yeah, that's a very good reason to get divorced more quickly indeed!). But she has something to say: is he like this right now because of his family's situation? They never talked about it, but she knows about his brother and his mother. She is a smart one, Tae-wook says: yes, his brother and mother will be dragged away very soon. Everything will be searched. He doesn't want her here. She has to go.
JoAnne: He's not under suspicion, and this is a separate house, so why would it be searched? For what?
kakashi: I commend you for still thinking any of this ever made sense. I might even love you for it. 
kakashi: She should just sign the papers - he has already done it. If she turns them over to the Court, they will get called in a month. And everything will be settled quickly (yeah ... how does this work in Korea? Will she be compensated so much she will never have to lift a finger again in her life?). 
kakashi: But Ji-hye isn't doing what she is told. She doesn't want to do it like this: Not now. She is not leaving. Though it is true that she wanted a divorce and thought about it over and over; she does not want it now - they agreed to try for three years. His eyes fill with tears again as he looks at his dear wife ... who sits down and starts folding laundry again.
JoAnne: Yes! Stand against that bad actor prosecutor as one! Hands joined, singing battle hymns or something! Then go make a baby! Quick!
kakashi: But no. He pulls her up, screams at her, he begs her to please go. He does not want to see her like this - this is the only chance for her to get out of this household. She cries, saying it doesn't make sense ... but he says it does. It is the last thing he can give her. It's the last bit of self-esteem he has left - he begs her to accept it.
JoAnne: First of a few times tonight that I cried. They both were very affecting but especially, oh especially our sad, sad Tae Wook.
kakashi: The prosecutors are coming. SIL gets the Patron to leave (so that he does not have to witness the demise of his family?), then, she gets her husband out of bed and goes to see the MILDragon, who is crying in the dark. MILDragon comes up with all kinds of names and people that should go in her stead, but ... in vain. There are no volunteers.
JoAnne: I think she has him leave so that he won't be caught on the news but damn, he doesn't even say good bye to his wife. I mean, she's awful, but she is his wife.

kakashi: Ji-hye has packed her things after all. Or rather ... Tae-wook is packing them while she waits in the living room. He also packs her new laptop. Slowly. Dragging it out as much as possible. He is saying goodbye in his head, well knowing that from here on out, it will be a hell he will walk alone.
kakashi: She is trying once again to stop him, but he doesn't even listen anymore. He just grabs her hand and drags her out, through the yard and into a waiting car. He pushes her in. And then, he pauses ... while slightly stroking the car window (with her face behind) with his finger. "Goodbye", he says ... "I'll call you later". They drive off ... Ji-hye looks back at him through the rear window. So sad ... (but why is he so blue in the face?)
JoAnne: Yep, second time I cried. There's no way she doesn't know that he does not want this to be the way that it is... and I don't think she wants to leave him, either. Not because she promised to try for three years or because she doesn't want to be known as a person who runs from trouble, but because she wants to be there for him. She WANTS to be there for him. It's not a duty she feels an obligation to complete. Ugh. So sad.
kakashi: Crying, he calls PeachyDaddySoonNoLongerInLaw. Who is so delighted to hear the voice of his son-in-law, it's killing me. He tells PeachyDaddy that it's done: the divorce is happening. He will be down there in person to apologize on his knees once the dust has settled at the Kang Palace.
JoAnne: Just when the tears dry up he brings them back and I'm just going to give up and sit here with the box of tissues clutched to my chest bawling like a baby ok? I hate his fucking family.  Hate them.
kakashi: Naturally it starts raining when he hangs up. Cause the sky is crying with Tae-wook... Or whatever. WTF, show. The sky is the bluest blue.
JoAnne: Ok again I thought it was cheesy but then they did this close up of his sad, sad face with raindrops/tears rolling down his cheeks...
kakashi: And here they come ... the prosecutors arrive. Ji-hye sees them go by, a long line of cars. Loooooooong. 10 cars at least. SIL gets the kids out of the way (to her own mother) while Tail Prosecutor waits until they're out of sight (at her request). Awwwwww, do you have a heart after all, Taily? Seemingly hundreds of law men invade the Palace with (silly) blue boxes and seize everything that looks remotely useful.
JoAnne: I need to understand how warrants work in Korea. Do they just say 'All the things. We want all the things. Give us all the things.' ?

kakashi: At the cottage, a broody Tae-wook sits in his office, slowly swivelling on his chair. When the prosecutors come in, they are civil - and tell him they need to seize his things. And he nods his consent.
JoAnne: You know, I think this scene, and the scenes where NewNewBiatch is trying prepare her family for what's coming - they were really, really well done. What a horrible, painful morning for everyone.

kakashi: SIL dresses her husband carefully, while Tail Prosecutor waits. On go the handcuffs. Outside, it's a circus: Korea's entire media is there waiting, while it continues to pour. Oh, there even is a rainbow. Nice. MILDragon is led out too, wailing and dropping to the ground, etc. etc, what a dramatic exit.
JoAnne: I have rarely in my life found anything that could enrage me more than the sight of a guilty person sobbing about how unfair something is. Because they BELIEVE it. This woman gave me HEARTBURN with her tears. I hate her.

kakashi: The Kang Family ... it has fallen. Everything is broken.
JoAnne:  Poor sad baby innocent son. I cry for you.
kakashi:  Ji-hye has arrived at the Orchard. Her father is throwing things at her, telling her to get out. He doesn't want a daughter like her. Of course it's raining too. Today, it rains everywhere in Korea because the Kingdom of the Kang family is no more. Later, her father is passed out on the floor, after drinking gazillion bottles of soju. She cries and apologizes ... ah, quelle misère ...
JoAnne: That was some shitty behavior, Pops.
kakashi: I also wish she would stop apologizing. 
kakashi: The Snore is released. The first thing he does? Stare into the sky. Yeah. No car nearby, so this doesn't count as car commercial. I wonder: Did the director really tell him "and now, stare up into the sky!" in almost every episode? Somebody in this production must really hate him.
JoAnne: You have uncovered the secret plot to blind him.
kakashi: Ji-hye is waiting in front of the court. Tae-wook arrives. But she hasn't turned the papers in yet ... she couldn't.

kakashi: Let's go, he says ... and takes her hand. To go in. And to get divorced ...
JoAnne: While holding hands.
kakashi: Sigh.
kakashi: Afterwards, they eat a last meal together. He is pretending to be all chipper, but you know what, boyo? I don't buy it. Plus, I find it disappointing that they don't seat him so that there is only red behind him (or only green). 
JoAnne: I'm laughing because I noticed the red too.
kakashi: She asks how things are at home? In the process of settling, is his reply. How are father and mother? she asks next. "Mother is in prison - and father is abroad", is his answer (haha). Therefore, nobody will stop their divorce. He asks how her father is ... and says he wants to visit one of these days, tough he feels a lot a shame... What will he do now? she asks. "I guess I'll miss you a lot for a while", he says. And that is the only thing he can anticipate at the moment.
JoAnne: Ugh. Doom, despair, and agony on me.
kakashi: But look! There's the red! Thank you. 
"Won't you regret your decision?" she asks slowly.
"Of course", he says. "I'm already regretting it like crazy ... Eat up. This is the last meal I'm buying you as your husband."
JoAnne: This is killing me.
kakashi: After their meal, they walk a bit. Their conversation is friendly. She is going to her sister's house, but when he asks whether he should drop her off, she declines.
kakashi: Okay, he says ... then go. And they face each other to say goodbye. They look at each other and then ...
... he just turns and walks away. After briefly looking at his lovely "back", she also turns and walks away. Deep in thought, but not crying.
JoAnne: Really? That's it?
kakashi: That's it. 
kakashi: We see how the Snore gets on a plane to Rome and ... we're back to Ji-hye walking (what a WEIRD intercut there, show), and now she IS sad ... when suddenly, Tae-wook calls out to her. She turns around ... and there he is. Not far. Crying. A lot. They look at each other and then, then ... he opens his arms. And she runs (though not very fast, cause she's wearing looooong heels).
JoAnne: YES

kakashi: And what follows is a proper and entirely heartbreaking ... goodbye. They hug tightly and cry rivers. She apologizes (we GET IT!) once again for being such a failure as a wife. And he says: "Live well, Ji-hye", he says. "Do the work you love and live happily. Do you understand?". CUT!
JoAnne: Wait, what? NO. I mean this is better than just walking away like you'll see each other at dinner but I thought he changed his mind!
kakashi: This is it. Of course he would want to hold her back, but he cannot, will not. The extended him is poison for her - and he has accepted it. His once selfish love has turned into pure love. And pure love (at least in KDrama) also ends in sacrifice for the one you love. It is much more typical for 2nd leads - all the harder to take it here. Shall we just not watch the last episode then? Cause ...... I fear the worst.

The Rest

kakashi: The Snore breaks up with the Annoyance. How utterly boring. Why did they start going out in the first place?! FILLER! Afterwards, he goes on a guilt-trip about what kind of horrible person he is. Seriously. I am not a fan of Lee Sang-woo's, but he was really mistreated in this drama. By everyone. A terrible character to work with, hardly any lines, and a completely redundant storyline.
JoAnne: Kinda have to agree with you. If he wasn't going to be THE reason for the failure of the marriage, then I say they had enough without him for the marriage to fail. Wasted episode minutes, in the end. You aren't even going to mention that AnchorDick and Doormat are back together? Or that Older Sis is really torn up about the NY thing?  

kakashi: Well, yes I am ... but I wasn't finished recapping when you started commenting! So, here we go: AnchorShit signs a note and gets back together with the Doormat, whom I lose ALL respect for. The note says (and I guess this is supposed to be funny?): "I will lose all my property and a part of my body if I ever cheat again". Yeah, this is of COURSE especially about his lousy man-parts. The broken family returns to the apartment. Why. Why. Why you stupid show.
JoAnne:  So if this is the message of how marriage is compromise and family trumps all then I call fucking bullshit because what did that man learn?  Nothing, as far as we can tell.  He's a dick.  He was always a dick he never stopped being a dick he will alway BE a dick. I am angry about this.  I didn't necessarily want her to run off with Super JaeJoong because that was ridiculous but a nice fantasy but I didn't want her returning to this ASS.  Or if she did, at least show us more of a CHANGE in him.
kakashi: Career Woman wants to go to New York after all. Yeah, why shouldn't she go? Her sister-in-law can take care of her youngest if necessary, repaying her for what SHE did for her. But her family doesn't want her to go. Women are Houseslaves after all! All the broken dreams ... You give so much of yourself to your family, but for what? Nobody repays you. Good thing the husband overhears her crying. So, maybe, it isn't all for nothing. 
JoAnne:  I'm torn about this.  I know logically that her children would be fine  if she had to go to NY for a year, with all that family around to care for them, but I also know what a sad thing that would be.  Is her career worth that much to her to make that sacrifice worth it? Here's the thing:  I think she recognizes that going is not the right decision for her.  She's crying because her family reacted in a way that completely negates the possibility that she's a person, too. She just wanted them to acknowledge the continuous sacrifices her role as a mother calls upon her to make, and they don't. I have faith in that husband, though.  He usually gets the point after a while.

Final Thoughts

kakashi: This drama could have been really good, I realize with a pang of sadness. In fact, it was, for the last 4 or 5 episodes. When it is about the main couple, it touches my heart, even. Yes ... this episode made me cry REAL tears. Real, big tears. There even was sobbing. From me! There is nothing that makes me sadder in this world than two people that love each other and cannot be together. Well, maybe little baby seals that have to die make me sadder. But you get my point.
JoAnne: Baby seals, definitely more sad.  But yeah. And the funny thing is I haaaaated this drama initially and I only watched it so I could argue with you and then I couldn't even argue with you because goddamnit it you were right about Tae Wook. And now, while I see flaws and all that, I can't say I won't miss some of these people. Depending on what happens tomorrow, this might even end up being on my 'actually pretty good' list.  I'm blessed with the ability to focus on parts I like and ignore the rest.
kakashi: Oh my. Let them PLEASE, please, please not completely mess up the ending. Please. Ahhh, I guess I am not ready for anything after all ...
JoAnne:  There is only one ending I refuse to accept.