Goddess of Marriage - Low Hopes for a Happy Ending?

Greetings, Tae-wook shippers! And non-shippers. We are getting to the end of Goddess of Marriage (4 Episodes left!) ... but how will it end? I must admit, I am getting curious. This is a first for me: seldom have I been that invested into an (overall) crappy drama. Blame it on this guy.
In a recent interview, Kim Ji-hoon shared his views about Ji-hye's and Tae-wook's future. The following is roughly what he told the reporters (translation provided by Stacey Lee, Admin of the Goddess of Marriage Facebook Page (and edited by kakashi) - the pretty pictures are from kanjo@sportsseoul.com)

Kim Ji-hoon feels that Ji-hye and Tae-wook should be divorced, but his selfish side wants to have a good ending.
(kakashi says: I, personally, think that this relationship can only work once the terrible family is out of the picture. Mr. Prosecutor, just throw them all in jail - you can live in The Palace with your One True Love and your 10 little tadpoles. Problem solved)

He said the show is titled 'Goddess of Marriage' to persuade people to stay within marriage. But, as he is doing the shooting, he is telling himself "This drama is rather trying to persuade everyone not to get married, right?" Because of this ambiguity, people keep watching the drama out of curiosity.
(kakashi: As I have mentioned before, as a married woman, this drama does not make me see marriage any different than I have seen it before. Sometimes, marriage works, sometimes, it does not. It has to do with love, but not only that ... far from it. Just as important are respect for one another. And a lot of tolerance. The lesson that Tae-wook has learned in episode 32, that you cannot possess the one you love, is truer than true. Live and let live - and you will have a happy married life)

But for Ji-hye and Tae-wook to live a happy ending is almost impossible. (don't say that, Tae-wook!!!) Right from the day Ji-hye asked for a divorce until now, Tae-wook already accepted the fact that he can no longer holding on to Ji-hye. God is fair: Tae-wook is wealthy (super handsome) plus a respected public. The only thing that he has not is what he most desires: love. It's really heartbreaking.
(kakashi: Awwww, I agree. He is such a good guy at heart, but lives in such a wicked environment - he really is punished for life. If he loses Ji-hye, I will cry. I promise) 

Kim Ji Hoon said if he were Tae-wook, he would never hold on to Ji-hye. He said marriage is to find the one you love, the one who loves you back, somebody who is similar to you in mind, but also independent enough. Only then can two people overcome the difficulties of marriage. What you are doing isn't important, the key is whom you are with.
(kakashi: Kim Ji-hoon, I really hope you find your own True Love, you sweetie pie, you!)

As a mature person, we should have the courage to accept the reality and the willingness to let go. Of course, for Tae-wook and Ji-hye, if both of them can go to the United States and stay away from his family like his eldest brother did, it would be the best ending.
(kakashi: Agreed!)
And what do you guys think? What kind of ending would you like?