Heir Impressions - The first 6 episodes

I'm not squeecapping (The Eonnies are doing an awesome job and frankly...i'm not snarky enough *sob sob*) but I thought I'd do an emotional recap of the first 6 episodes.


When whiney mcwhine whine starts talking. (Baby Heir's gf.) I could learn her name but I would mean I care.

When LMH (GoodHeir) looks broody/sad/intrigued. I can't lie....Just when LMH is being LMH
When Rachel (or Rahel in konglish) opens her big b#*%$y mouth
When SexyHeir is on screen
When SexyHeir is mean to GoodHeir
Opparr! Are you ok?
Their Time in Ah-merrrrr-i-ca (and LMH's engrish)
Words cannot express how sad I am about LMH's engrish...This gif is just a small example of my thoughts. 

When SexyHeir is walking somewhere angry (he's always angry! why?)
*sigh* He's still so smexy.
When Woo Bin (Bad Heir) is on screen
Really though, what's up with the heavily vaseline-neded (new word!) eye rows?

Watching the rest of the cast
You're just intruding on my LMH world  

When Kim Tan found out Bean Princess lives in his house
Does this mean kisses?!