Kim Ji-hoon Interviews (and Pictures)

Who else is still trying to heal from the Goddess of Marriage WTFuckery? Only one thing could mend my broken heart: the news that Kim Ji-hoon has signed on to a new project. A good one. Hopefully not a movie though. Cause I need a LOT of Kim Ji-hoon. And fast.
Anyway, Kim Ji-hoon has given two interviews recently (here and here, thanks to @AhjussiKimJiHun for the links) plus he is doing other stuff (besides ordering things online), like filming for weird variety shows. Apart from that, he is just being hot.

The gist of the interviews is as follows (I paraphrase): In the first, he talks about his role of Tae-wook, and how it intrigued him because of its complexity. Outwardly cool and super successful, but sadly in love with a woman who doesn't love him back - or at least not clearly. He saw it as his difficult job to have viewers sympathize with Tae-wook, who walks the fine line between evil and good, between being utterly selfish and being thoroughly good. A lot of that he tried to do non-verbally.

The interviewer then also asked what he does when he is not acting. He exercises every day (oh yes, I've noticed :). Exercise is important to him, and the secret is constant attention to the exercises. He also likes to read (especially Murakami) and going out with friends. The rest about being an actors etc. I do not understand.
In the other interview, he says that it was difficult to let go the role of Tae-wook after three months and that he was surprised and pleased by the reactions of viewers.
He believes that Tae-wook will be fine in the end, even with Ji-hye going over the the enemy's camp, though it will be very painful for him. On the ratings, he said they were glad to see them rise. Also, he is nothing like Tae-wook. He wants a lady to respect, a natural and easy-going person (me! me!).  
Also, he wants to take his time to re-charge until the end of the year. As he has played a lot of lawyers in his career, he wouldn't mind trying his hand on a gangster character.

On the other hand, I might have gotten all of this completely wrong. If so, I am sorry. But at least you got to see nice pictures!!!!