Who Are You - Episode 16 Final (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  We have finally reached the end of the show. Almost everything was completed last episode, with the exception of bringing our canon couple together: the bad guys are incarcerated, and our beautiful Oppa is now a glitter angel.  The final drinking game: a shot for every time a plot point or dialogue is recycled from a previous episode. Let’s get faced and see how it all finally pans out!
bcook: *Just downs the soju bottle* It's the end! It's the end? Right? No surprise extensions right?

Shuk:  Shi-on is at the columbarium talking to Hyung-joon. She places the puzzlebox with the engagement ring next to his ashes, and promises him to live well. Leaving the building, she meets up with Gun-woo, who looks fabulous in black-on-black, I have to say.   Wordlessly he takes her hand, but she simply says she’s okay and pulls away.
bcook: That was pretty cold. She told him like two episodes ago to be by her side and now she's pulling away? Napeunnom!
Shuk:  She’s outside her house where he is waiting to drive her to work; after all, he promised to be her driver.  She doesn’t say anything, just gets into the passenger side.  At work, he asks her if she ever gets ghostie vibes from the lost and found items anymore and she says no.  Her headaches have disappeared as well.  He finally broaches the real question – what is she doing this weekend? She says just resting; he’s got a thoughtful look and you just know the wheels are turning in there.
bcook: So her ghost tingle was linked to Ghost Oppa? That's nice. I'm happy for GW that he gets a happy ending (possibly) but 16 looong episodes cannot convince me these two are attracted to each other.
Shuk:  The next morning she’s schlepping around her house when she notices Ears in front of her security camera.  He tells her that a good long hike is the best way to clear her mind.  And with a good dose of PPL, our backpackers are fully clothed for a nice jaunt.
bcook: PPL pays for all the sparkles. Gu Family Book taught us how expensive those sparkles are. Speaking of (complete side note). There's a nasty (as in butt ugly) painting in my hair salon COVERED with sparkles and it's selling for $900!?! So yeah. Sparkles cost major mulah.
Shuk: Gun-woo tells her why he became a police officer:  His father’s brain injury was caused by a hit-and-run driver, and the detective assigned to it doggedly investigated until he found the perpetrator.  Once he became an officer and recognized for his shooting skills, he believed he made the right career decision.  She laughs at his shooting stance and antics, and pranks him with an invisible snake ploy.  Okay, Taec jumping around was kind of cute.
bcook: Was the detective DChoi? Coz then that becomes a bittersweet story.
Shuk:  She tells him a story from her academy days: she learned that black bears and snakes never attack people unless provoked.  He just watches her animation as she continues the story; he had never seen her talk this long, with the swinging arms and such.   He mentions her verbosity and tells her it looks cute.  She has a moment of embarrassment but he lets her off the hook and continues the hike.
bcook: She's totally talking like how she did with Ghost Oppa!! I get that it means she's healing but *pout*

Shuk:  Finally, at home, she realizes she forgot to tell him something, but she can’t find her phone.  Where is it? In Detective Cha’s car!  An hour later he shows back up at her house; this time he didn’t find it until he was almost home. We get another recycled plot point of the two of them playing tug-o-war. This time he lets go.  She tells him to wear his uniform tomorrow and waves goodbye.  He walks back to her and gives her a big old hug, and quietly tells her to be strong and know he’s not going anywhere.  They get in a little snuggle time.
bcook: This is where you would drink dear readers. Just take a nice long gulp coz this scene is even more corny the second time around.
Shuk:  It’s a promotion ceremony at work, and Director Monkeyface and his shadow are quick to congratulate them.  Shi-on notices her partner talking to the head of Investigations.  She asks him about it, and he assures her he’s staying in L&F.
bcook: L&F for life!
Shuk:  At the pastry ball restaurant, she tells him to move on and be the cop that solves cases.  He says he’d miss not seeing her face every day.  She tells him it’s that far away; after all, they will still be in the same building, and she’s not going anywhere.  And I’m already tipsy (hic).
bcook: *mixes a somaek (soju in beer) for Shuk* Go big or go home eonnie. ^ ^

Shuk: They shake hands and call each other by their new titles: Inspector Cha and Superintendent Yang.
bcook: Ooh! promotion!
Horse Skip! Which is way cooler than a Time Skip!
Shuk: Six Month Time Skip!!  Gun-woo is in Bad Guy Takedown Mode.  Hee-bin is passing out advice when she hears another ghost giving her some intel on the woman in front of her.  After she exits, leaving a generous fee, an ahjumma ghost pops up and asks for her assistance. At least she doesn’t shine like a sun.  There are two new faces in the Lost and Found Department getting the shakedown from our puppies. Shi-on shows up, and smiles at the same words Gun-woo originally told her.
bcook: I... don't really care.
Shuk:  A citizen shows up looking for a gold watch with a scratch on the back.  They find it, and exchange it for the citizen’s information.
bcook: He looks creepy.

Shuk:  Gun-woo is working with the newest Investigator (Kim Yoon-hye) in the Squad, and she’s hanging onto his every word.  Uh-uh, chippy, hands off!  She does manipulate him into a drinking date.  At the same time, L&F is planning a party as well, except Superintendent Yang calls it a “cultural outing”.  Which turns out to be a movie theater with an attached coffee shop bookstore.
bcook: New Investigator is trying so hard. GW is so oblivious. 
Shuk:  Hee-bin proves her fortune-telling skills really suck, when she shows up expecting a one-on-one date with Sung-chan. At the movie house coffee shop, she sees the two of them flirting, and flashes back to a bookstore date with Gun-woo.  So now her memories are full of him and his cute antics.
bcook: Again...I don't care. Ok fine. It's kind of sweet but aren't they meeting each other? What's up with that?

Shuk:  The theater has couple seats, and we get another flashback of her current’s beaus laughable attempts to shoulder-arm her previously.
bcook: Too embarassing to watch
Shuk: Gun-woo is looking at his watch waiting for the rest of the team, but Detective Chippy chirps that no one else is showing up. Well, maybe not from Special Investigations, but his old buds and new flame show up. They give him an evil glare and leave the restaurant.
bcook: Say something GW!

Shuk:  He shows up at her house, telling her he waited for a while, after spending all day chasing bad guys. Shi-on is chilly when she asks him how many bad guys did he get at a bulogi restaurant? Just come clean, Gun-woo!  Trust me, it’s safer for your anatomy.
bcook: He's totally innocent through.
Shuk:  She turns to walk away, but he backhugs her. He tells her that all he’s thinking about is finishing this assignment and getting back to Superintendent Yang. She’s softening, but still asks the pointed question: who is that woman? He finally explains the maknae detective on the squad, and teases her that he likes her jealousy. She breaks off the skinship and sputters a denial.  He cradles her head and tells her she is the only woman he looks at, and then glides in for a kiss. Forgiven! They continue the mushiness and get in some better kissing.
bcook: He does know know to kiss i'll give him that. And he seems to be getting better at it.

Shuk: The old puppies are showing the new puppies the ropes when a citizen comes in looking for a watch. It’s the one given to that sleazy guy before. The woman asks that they try and get it back. Special Investigations is assigned the case; it appears he’s a serial thief. Team Leader Yang comes to the conclusion that they need to look for him too.
bcook: Oooh cross departmental crossing! *shrug*
Shuk: Detective Chippy and Detective Cha are on stakeout when they see the perp enter his place. His apartment just happens to be unlocked and the two of them enter with guns drawn. The thief manages to jump out the window and Gun-woo runs to it…
bcook: and?

Shuk: …Only to stop short as a badass-in-red-and-black Shi-on has the man pinned to the asphalt. Gun-woo tosses her his cuffs, and afterward, she finally gets introduced to Detective Chippy. Detective Cha gleefully confirms they are an item.
bcook: Sorry chirpy mcchirp chirp. Can this show end already? There's really nothing more to do here.  
Shuk: Shi-on gets called to the new Chief’s office, and afterwards has coffee with her boyfriend. She mentions that another officer was being assigned to L&F. So, she went from one to five officers during this time she’s been in charge. Hmm. Anyway, she hopes it will be a guy, and Cha scoffs that she’s become the kind of woman to drool over a man. She flirtatiously tells him she wants a strong man who can help move heavy items around in the storeroom.
bcook: He's grinning like an idiot. Hmmm let's see. Who could this mysterious officer be?
Shuk: Sung-chan is practicing salutes in the mirror, already working on his suckup routine for the new Inspector. And in comes a hooded figure with a backpack. The new members of the litter give him a bit of grief until he slams his credentials on the table. Oh look, another reused plot point – it’s Gun-woo! And the big dog is back! They wonder if Team Leader Yang knows yet.
bcook: I have to admit I actually did like this replay. It seemed fitting some how. *shakes head* after 16 episodes has the writer finally gotten to me? I must watch an episode of MS to snap out of it
Shuk: She’s in the storage room, checking inventory, when she gets a creepy vibe from a mirror. She immediately drops it, but just then, her new employee comes down the stairs. She’s surprised, but he tells her he volunteered for three months. Why? So he could get three months of regular hours so he could date and sleep, and eat.
bcook: In the world in which this show exists, I'm sure this makes perfect sense. In the real world, few bosses will let you transfer to the "easy" department for three months as R&R.
Shuk: As they leave the storage, a figure ghosts past. They both stop and turn. He mentions that ever since he was injured, he keeps having strange dreams where crime victims try to talk to him. Shi-on thinks they should see Hee-bin, but he would rather eat. Oh, and he plans to sleep on her sofa. They flirt and bicker up the stairs, but the moment the door closes, the dark figure flashes by again, with a final focus on the mirror. Are they implying a sequel, like Ten? Oh, please no!!! That’s scarier than the ghosts.
bcook: Haha. I can safely say we're not recapping that... if it ever happens. Just read this show is shipping to 30 countries. I want to say to those viewers in advance...........I'm so sorry! 


Shuk: This will be my last currently-running recap for a while, although no guarantees I won’t guest-squee somewhere. All in all, I think it was a decent watch. Absolutely no surprises, two-dimensional bad guys (with the exception of Detective Choi), and heavy-handed writing were almost overcome by some decent acting efforts. True, I just never felt any sizzle between our two L&F lovebirds, but they did have a comfortable ease that kept it from being too awkward.
bcook: It was such a sunbae/dongsaeng feeling. The final episode wasn't so bad in terms of their relationship. I think this is one of those shows where the minor characters shone more. The shaman chick, L&F sidekick one and two....even the chicken place played significant roles in keeping me from drop kicking this show into the netherworld. 

Shuk: Taec is getting better. I don’t think he ought to give up his music for this, as I don’t think he’ll ever be great at it. But there is a niche for the simple nice guy, I suppose.
bcook: He needs to take whatever acting classes Shiwon took for King of Dramas. To think, I actually didn't mind him in Dream High. He did get better by episode 14 but by then it was too late. 
Shuk: Now let me effuse about Kim Jae-wook. Okay, I said a lot about him in episode 15 Final Thoughts but I have to go back to it. I first saw him in “Bad Guy” and paid more attention to his character than Kim Nam-gil. He doesn’t have a lot of screen time, but every character (including “Coffee Prince”) is solid. He really needs a stand-out role and a shower scene to cement his place. Please please please!
bcook: Yesssss. ssssshoooowwwerrrr! *nosebleed* Oh yeah, his acting is good too. Actually he was the most interesting thing about this show. They should have given him more air time and allowed him to speak to Shi-on (I suspect they didn't because that would have just highlighted how bad the GW/Shi-on pairing was)

Shuk: And finally, I want to thank bcook for sticking with me and contributing to this squeecap series. I appreciated you insights and comments, and look forward to the next project you decide to do!
bcook: Thanks Shuk! I think I might do some random squees (cheers) and squorks (moans)  about Heirs and then rewatch MS until something exciting comes up.