WTF??! Kim Ji-hoon is coming to Switzerland!!!!!!!!

You know that moment where you have been wishing for something totally unrealistic and suddenly ... it becomes real?!

Foooooking hell almighty! Kim Ji-hoon is coming to Switzerland!!!!! 
How do I know? Cause I have awesome readers ^^. This article here confirms it. It is a SBS show called "World Challenge - We Are Coming" (월드챌린지-우리가간다). It only started airing on October 7, and the concept seems relatively simple ... a bunch of boys (and girls) travel somewhere in the world and do something slightly weird (and I guess typical of that place).

This is the main cast. So ... I've seen the dude on the far left before (I am sure one of you knows him and the dude in the middle, and the other guy!), the second from the left is Park Hyo-Jun and to the very far right, we have Lee Ji Hoon, the 1988 version.
And of course, Switzerland is known for chocolate, so Kim Ji-hoon and his chocolate abs will bath in liquid chocolate! Awesome. When he will not bath naked in chocolate, he and the rest of the gang will participate in this: The World Championship of Santa Clauses. A maximum of 32 teams, 4 people each, competes quasi all day in various disciplines. 
Why the hell not, right?

Now, you might have noticed that I am fairly calm, right?
Believe me ... I am NOT! This is me:
Yeah, I am far from being calm. But almost exactly a year ago, I experienced one of the biggest defeats of my life, when I failed utterly and miserably in stalking, even merely seeing Lee Jun-ki, who was in Switzerland for at least 5 Days. Probably about three hundred meters from my office.
Here. Bahnhofstrasse. I could be that girl!!!
Once burned, twice shy, so I am keeping my expectations very low. All I know is this: Kim Ji-hoon and the gang will (most likely) arrive at Zurich Airport, on 28th November. At 7.35 pm.

There is no way in the world they'll get from the airport to Samnaun (where the Santa Championship is) on the same night with public transport, because that journey takes 5 to 6 hours. That is IF they take public transport. Lee Jun-ki did, at least partially, but is that enough of an indication? If they rent a car, which is possible, I would hope they do NOT drive there that night - cause driving also takes about 4 hours. Ah, wait ... they can't, even. Cause they'd have to use a tunnel and put the car piggyback on the train (unless they want to take a tremendous detour), and that tunnel (called Vereina) is closed at nights.
Samnaun in the winter
If Kim Ji-hoon asks his army buddy Lee Jun-ki, they will go to Chur (where my in-laws live) that same evening ... maybe also to the Hotel ABC. From Chur, it's only 3 hours and something to Samnaun and they could get there easily the next day. The Santa competition starts on Saturday, the 30th November, at 11.00.
I have several options:

Option 1a: I go to the airport and embarrass myself as the only fangirl far and wide.
Option 1b:  I go to the airport and embarrass myself, but not alone, because I go and ask the Korean ahjumma in the Korean food shop whether she will come with me. I don't know her at all, but this seems like a good time for bonding.

Option 2: I go to Chur and wait at the main station, in the hopes that they will turn up. Alternatively, I send my mother-in-law to do so.

Option 3: I go to Samnaun on Friday and watch the competition on Saturday.

Option 4: I get a team of 4 together and enroll in the Santa competition myself. Can't be that hard, the stuff one needs to do, right?! This way, I will compete directly with Kim Ji-hoon. And of course, I will impress him like crazy. And I might even be on Korean TV.

Option 5: I get my husband, who is an author and journalist, to write something about this crazy event and the crazy Koreans. And then, I'll do an exclusive interview with Kim Ji-hoon.

Option 6: I don't do friggin anyhing and stay at home, like any sane person would. 

What will it be? stay tuned!