Can We Love? - Episode 13 (Recap)

Oh my god, I am SO ANGRY. Seriously!!!! This episode broke my heart in the middle (he cries!!!!), and then, just as there seemed some hope for betterment at the end, the greedy bitch made another dirty move. WTF! BUUUUUUUUURN! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! The only one finally getting some kind of (very mild) positive character development is Ji-hyun - a welcome change. For her sake, I'm looking forward to episode 14. For Oh Kyung-soo and Jung-wan's sake, not so much ... that is before I saw episode 14. Haha, well, this is 13, and 13 gave me rage fits. Here we go.
Episode 13

Let's start this recaps with an account of Ji-hyun's strife. The MILDragon has infested Ji-hyun's house and quite naturally behaves like the boss (have you ever wondered how actresses feel that need to portray this sort of horribleness? Or are these kind of Mother-in-laws so common in real life that portraying them is really easy and "natural"?). There are several scenes in which the horribleness of this woman is shown. First, she sends the maid on holidays. Then, she collects of all Ji-hyun's credit cards and tells her to get a daily allowance from her. What is she, 12?  MILDragon even wakes her DIL up a 4 o'clock, to go grocery shopping for some friends she has invited. There, she talks about a divorced "nephew", but she clearly means her own son. Enough is enough. It's about time that Ji-hyun stood up to her. Seriously.
Sera sees and hears how her mother is treated, but rather than saying anything, she goes into her parents' bedroom to look for something (not sure what). Right then, her father comes home. Sera quickly hides when they come in - and she overhears them talking about Yoo-kyung, Ahn Do-young, and the whole mess. Guy-shik accuses Ji-hyun of secretly yearning to join her ex-lover and their daughter and Sera's eyes grow bigger and bigger. Don't worry Sera, that's the last secret in your family. It'll get better from now on, I promise! 
We know how straightforward Sera is, and indeed, the next time she sees her mother alone (like 5 minutes or so later), she confronts her with the new knowledge. The biggest shock for Sera doesn't seem to be that Yoo-kyung is her sister, but that her mother has treated her so harshly and without any understanding, even though she was in the exact same position as Sera. Sera cannot understand that is is exactly because she has gone through the same that her mother has acted the way she did - at least not yet.
After the talk with his wife about Yoo-kyung and how she doesn't want to go abroad, Gyu-shik lets his brother-in-law know that he knows about their secret. He also tells the worried parents that he will help them if Ahn sues for custody. If they send Yoo-kyung away, Ahn will not be able to get a DNA test, so that's the first thing to do. But Yoo-kyung has already taken the DNA test. Bravo! And you, Gyu-shik, go burn in hell with Sun-mi!
Later, Ji-hyung accompanies her daughter to a medical check-up. All is well with the baby. Outside, Ji-hyun sees two nurses that make fun of her daughter ... or so it seemed. She goes over to tell them off, but they were actually just talking about her nice coat. D'awwww ... Sera is moved nonetheless. They go and have noodles together and Sera begs her mother for help. She really wants this baby. Unfortunately, her mother isn't quite ready yet to give that support to her. Frankly, it is a lot to ask ... but Ji-hyun is already wavering. Later, she takes Sera's side in front of her husband and tells him that Sera's decision should maybe be honored. It's not yet enough, but it's a start!

Depsite her break-up with Oh Kyung-soo, Jung-wan has continued to work on the script - and she has done well, it seems! The meeting with Oh Kyung-soo is all business ... but only on her side. It is hard to see Oh Kyung-soo in so much pain ... He tries to talk to her, but Park PD interrupts them. Both men really like the scenario and they decide to go celebrate with beer and snails (!!), right after she has seen Ahn Do-young, who has requested a meeting. Ahn wants to develop a scenario of hers (the one she showed him at the very beginning), because he thinks it has potential. She is a bit reluctant ... it isn't entirely clear why. Because she feels she isn't worthy? That stupid stuff again, woman?!

Park PD, Director Oh and Jung-wan are at that bar / restaurant again, yes, THAT one, with the ever same beer and the ever same Buddy Holly music on. Park PD has a knack for saying things that are slightly uncomfortable for the two, but they gloss over it pretty well. When somebody calls him, he leaves to table, and Oh Kyung-soo immediately seizes the opportunity to talk about THEM. Ah, you just HAVE to love him.
The poor man says he is sorry for just thinking about himself all the time (no! that's not it!). He also apologizes for the proposal, which he also sees as egoistic. He begs her to please forget all the things that made her sad from now on. But she ... sigh. She says that he must have misunderstood: there is no such things as "in the future" for them. Is she really telling him to end their relationship? he asks, not believing, still. No, is her reply: it has already ended. Just as Oh-boy says once again that this makes absolutely no sense, Park PD returns to the table and the conversation is over.
Park PD comments on the weird atmosphere, but Jung-wan puts on her cheerful face again. Oh casts sad-lost glances at her over the table. Stop hurting him, you stupid woman! When they leave, she shakes his hand for goodbyes. Their work together is done at the moment, so this is really a goodbye. The look he gives her is killing me ...
Jung-wan isn't answering Kyung-soo's phone calls. He is suffering ... And then we're at Sun-mi aka The Bitch's office and we see that she is drafting a text message to Jung-wan in which she thanks her. WTF! She doesn't send it, but right at that moment, Jung-wan calls and they meet at the café. Jung-wan tells her that this isn't easy for her. She actually hates her - and she hates Oh Kyung-soo. But she also hates herself: for understanding how Sun-mi feels. Having the kid is the right thing to do in her situation - and since she and the Director are over, Sun-mi is now free to do whatever she wants. Jung-wan hopes to be able to return to the way things were before between them - but not right away. She needs time. And she gets up and leaves, leaving a rather quiet Sun-mi at the table. 
Puppy. I love you... He goes and asks Sun-mi whether she is perhaps pregnant. She says she is (immediately knowing he must have it from Moon), but adds that it has nothing to do with him. He congratulates her, shyly and a bit stiff. A bit later, he is at the movie production company, dropping something off for Park PD. He runs into Kyung-soo and at a whim, asks him to have tea with him. Puppy apologizes for having been rude to him (back then, when he blew a fuse over eating pizza), but Kyung-soo claims to not even remember the incident. When Puppy calls him charismatic, Oh-boy says that doesn't seem to help him much: the only person he wants doesn't think of him that way. Puppy is totally surprised ... isn't Oh-boy getting married? No, says Kyung-soo ... things are not always going the way you want them to. Puppy goes ... HUH?
Off to the mart next! Jung-wan tells him to stop coming and distracting her, but YAY for NOT stopping! Of course he is there, waiting outside, when she comes out. He drags her into the car (and she is only mildly resisting, which is good, because it would look like kidnap otherwise): she might not want to talk to him, but he has a lot to say. He takes her to the villa again. He wants explanations for why she wants the break-up and he repeats that he understands that he needs to change and work on himself. But he doesn't understand what else she wants from him! So, either she will give him a reason he can understand or they'll just forget about the nonsense she sprouted. It's the one or the other - or nobody goes home.
Fine, she says, let's see who wins this. She calls her mother and says she is staying at Sun-mi's place. Then, she cooks herself ramyun. How can she eat? is what he asks - but she says the world doesn't end just because a man and a woman break up. She is completely fine - what his problem? They haven't even been dating long. Of course she isn't that fine ... she throws up into the toilet afterwards, when he doesn't see.
More stubborn on the couch sitting follows. No, he isn't leaving: only if she convinces him or takes back what she said. Alright, she says, I can play this game, if you want - and starts watching TV. She laughs like a lunatic as he looks at her, hurt and dismayed. She then declares she is sleepy and will go to bed. He grabs her hand: does she really have the confidence to live without him? Of course, she says: She has lived the largest part well without him, and he without her. 
He follows her into the bedroom. Can she really end this like this? Really? She says yes - he says he can't. There is no way. He kisses her, but she struggles and pushes him away. Ah, is is that what he wants? Fine: lips aren't all that different, like he said a while ago. If this will shut him up, fine. And she kisses him back. But this time, he pushes her away ... this is too hurtful. He is crying. Oh goddamit, this is like being stabbed in the heart ... He spends the night on the couch and she in the room, both sleepless. 
In the morning, he brings her back to her apartment, all quiet. So this is what she truly wants? he says, oh so sad. So it is, she replies. Finally, he seems to accept it ... as he drives away, he doesn't even look at her. Her bravery was an act, as we know, and inside, she has a complete break-down in her mother's arms. This is so goddamn sad, but it's all your stupid fault you stupid woman.

Sun-mi is in pre-baby bliss. Puppy alert! He wants to check something with her and is at her door. He thinks it's weird that Oh Kyung-soo said he isn't getting married to anyone ... and he also doesn't seem to know about the pregnancy - why? Fine, Sun-mi says, she'll tell him. She and the Director ... they're in love. But her best friend also likes the Director. And that's why they had to be considerate. Now that she is pregnant, they'll get married for sure: But she still needs to tell her friend, and the right opportunity hasn't arisen yet. So her relationship with Oh Kyung-soo remains a secret. What f**** BS.
She leaves the room, but he isn't quite done yet. He grabs her pregnancy journal and sees immediately that the baby was conceived three weeks ago. That gets him wondering ... Oh, PLEASE, Puppy, think hard and do the right thing. As a starter, he seems to have made up his mind to stay a bit longer by her side, because he cancels all the job interviews, pretending they have already found someone.
Because Sun-mi hears from Park PD that Oh-boy has no appetite and stayed in over lunch, she brings him food. If she says she is his "friend" one more time, I'm going to rip her head off. She is very "concerned" for him, the biatch. Right as she leaves, Jung-wan comes in to talk to Ahn Do-young (the two women just miss each other). It seems she has accepted his offer to work with him on a new movie script! That is good for her. The male lead in the story will be a movie director ... Sounds familiar, hehe. Anyway, she gets to interview an actress (cameo by Kim Hyun-joo) about working with a director (that's what the movie will be about) and of course, they end up talking about Oh Kyung-soo. Who else. 

After a meeting with Sun-mi, Park PD wants to go out for drinks. Again. Him and Sun-mi together  manage to get Oh Kyung-soo to come too. At the bar/restaurant, somebody is celebrating a birthday and he is reminded of his own, that he spent with Jung-wan ... That gets him going! Down goes the liquor. But before he can get really drunk, Park PD passes out on the table. And Kyung-soo tells Sun-mi how hard it is for him without Jung-wan: Everything reminds him of her. He waits for her calls, all the time and everywhere. He is totally miserable. He apologizes for telling her, but she says that's what friends are for (F YOU). Yes, he confirms: it's wonderful to have a friend like this. Haha. Take that, greedy woman!! Elsewhere, Jung-wan is also miserable. She is ready to press the "call"-button, but then, she gives her phone to her mother, for hanging onto, until her crisis is over. It's nice that for once, her mother is just supportive and not at all annoying.
The next day, Oh is at home - when Snotty-Bratty pops in for an unexpected visit! Of course she is here to badger Oh-boy about his marriage to Jung-wan, because her (not-so) golden boy still hasn't come crawling back to her (where is he, by the way? No shows make me nervous, because he might be cooking up something stupid behind the scenes ...). Kyung-soo pointedly ignores her, but she is unshakable. Finally, he says they broke up - i.e. he got dumped. Snotty-Bratty isn't pleased about the news AT ALL and tells him to keep it a secret from her Mopey Oppa. Well, good, because she will most likely also act on this new information. We need that. 
And here comes the real hero! Puppy confronts Sun-mi about the baby: couldn't it be his? She denies it, of course, but he is not easily shaken. He knows what happened three weeks ago, so he wants an embryonic test, which can be done in the US after twelve weeks. Finally, she agrees to it (mainly to shut him up, it seems). I hope you will not make us suffer for nine more weeks, show!

It seems fate wants Jung-wan and Kyung-soo together again, because the director that she should have interviewed for her next project has injured his leg. Available right now? Oh Kyung-soo. In the meeting room, he tells her to be at ease - they will probably meet each other quite frequently. And her main character seems to be just like him! Famous, good-looking and charismatic. Hahaha, man, you're the best. He notices that she has been drinking and some teasing ensues. Both of them are doing quite well together, pretending they're fine and all.
Park PD joins them, but he has a terrible hangover, so they go out to get some soup. In the elevator down (or up?), it's a liiiiiittle bit crowded. Jung-wan and Kyung-soo stand a liiiiiiittle bit close. My heart goes padam-padam and I feel hopeful that this stupidity on their, sorry, HER part, will be over soon.
But no. Oh f******* no. When they are eating, Sun-mi calls Oh-boy. She says she has a stomach ache and had to go to the hospital. Huh? and why are you calling him??!! Ah, she has materials for him that he agrees to pick up .You f*************** b*********! She is completely fine, of course! But she stages her "illness" in a way that Oh Kyung-soo must hear about her pregnancy from the doctors - his face would be funny if it were absolutely not. She, of course, is doing an innocent "oups, I really didn't want you to know" face. I want to rip her head off. Slowly. And painfully.


Sorry, how STUPID CAN YOU BE???!!! Wasn't her plan to "wait" until Oh Kyung-soo was over Jung-wan? He is absolutely NOT over Jung-wan, but I guess that is in fact what makes her do this stupid move. She needs to see a psychiatrist, because this behavior? No longer normal. She is so desperate she would probably chop her own foot off if it would land her this man. But I am so angry I refuse to discuss this woman any further. I hope she dies alone, crying bitter tears of remorse.

I have some energy left to discuss Jung-wan, though: yup, now she is punished for her stupidity. She is slowly realizing what it means for her - utter and bleak misery. Even though I wished this for her, it hurt very much to see her hurting - I guess because she hurt Oh Kyung-soo so much while at it. I know she still loves him a lot, and she probably thinks what she is doing is all noble and shit, but I almost wished she ended up with nothing as well. If you love someone, you do not hurt them like that. Noble idiocy is a crime.

Now, all my hope is on Puppy. Yes, your hunch is correct. Do not give up! Puppy ftw! You can save these people from their own stupidity! Dooooo eeeeeet! Please, let this noble idiocy shit be over soon. Thanks.