Can We Love? - Episode 15 (Recap)

This episode is a total winner! Finally, we're over that annoying noble-idiocy vs. bitch-deluxe bit and Oh-boy can steam ahead with his love-bulldozer powers. The cuuuuuute is back!!! Sure, sure, there's a few road blocks left ... mainly in the form of ex-husband Han Joon-mo (I KNEW he wasn't entirely gone, this guy is like an annoying chewing gum that sticks to your shoe), but hey, that weakling? No big deal for Oh kyung-soo aka The Bulldozer of Love. As for the rest ... yeah, some things are moving. Slowly.

Episode 15

Ji-hyun, Gyu-shik and Ahn Do-young

In this episode, Gyu-shik alternates between terrible-abusive and pensive-sad. There are glimpses of his old (kind) self underneath the new monster personality. Not wanting the divorce is not only related to his pride, it seems, but also to his genuine love for his wife. This view may be unpopular, but I actually understand why her bringing up the divorce again and again is incredibly hurtful to him, and makes him lash out, again and again. Which doesn't mean I condone his behavior!
These are some of the things he does in his desperation and rage: first, he calls her father and "tells on her". When Ji-hyun - who does no longer share a room with him but sleeps in her son's room - goes to see them later, they are of course very angry at her for thinking about a divorce from her angelic and good husband. These two? The worst. They don't even listen to her. She tells them about the incredible abuse she has gotten from the terrible MILDragon ever since the day she got married. She tells them about how much Gyu-shik has changed and why he is trying to send her daughter away abroad. But rather than taking her side, they defend him and downplay the abuse. I'd say bye bye to a family like this. What a bunch of dicks.
Gyu-shik also gets into a rage because he suddenly suspects she wants the divorce to be with Ahn Do-young. Honestly? That's not very far-fetched, even though it is not true, or not really true. His distrust gets the better of him and he orders a paternity test for the kids that are "supposedly" his. Of course, they really ARE his. Recognizing the deep hurt all of this is causing him, Ji-hyun suggests they have a drink together ... She tells him she lied about the alcohol just to look good in front of him. She tells him how she first met him and was so happy, because her life had been shit. Just the thought of a life with him was enough to make her happy - it was a ticket out of the misery she was in. Thus, when he said he didn't fit liberal girls, she pretended she was someone else ... (this is very similar to Sun-mi's lie).
He laughs, saddened, a bit nostalgic: So she acted like his ideal woman, and he fell for it. But he is mollified, he is sad about where they are like now and he suggests that he wants to go on an excursion with her: a long weekend. Stupid, stupid Ji-hyun doesn't see that he is offering her his hand, that he is hoping to get over this together ... she asks why would they go on a trip when they are getting divorced? Ouf. That is too brutal of her. He explodes and slaps her. Not cool, dude.
He also goes to Ahn's office again and the fighting escalates quite a bit more this time (Park PD intervenes and rumors spread). He accuses Ahn of being behind his wife's wishes for a divorce. I also see how you could come to that conclusion. Knowing that Ji-hyun wants to divorce also sets Ahn Do-young into action again: He texts her (several times), asking whether it is because of him. There we go, other people also think she wants the divorce because she has other man-options. The truth is that she is not at all thinking about that. She goes to see Jung-wan at the mart and carefully asks about her divorce and how difficult it was. She hears just HOW difficult. But Jung-wan doesn't regret her decision. Her mom told her something important: the mother has to be happy for the kids to be happy.

Later, Ji-hyun meets Ahn somewhere outside the city, to tell him off for still bothering her. He is a bit pushy as well, yes. That may be running in the larger family both Ahn and Oh come from? Ahn, on the other hand, says he couldn't sit still upon hearing about her divorce. She assures him that it has nothing to do with him: she still loves Gyu-shik a lot and that is WHY she wants the divorce; because all of this is turning him into a terrible human being and she doesn't want that. Hmmm ... I am not sure how truthful this is, but it does sound convincing. She tells him again that she wants nothing more to do with him ... upon which he pulls her towards him and hugs her tight. Ack, seriously. If a woman says no, she means no! He doesn't believe she has no feelings for him anymore, but she repeats that she'll never come to him even if she gets the divorce. After she has driven off, she has to stop at the side of the road. Is she wavering? Or is it just so hard on her, generally?

Sun-mi and Choi Yoon-seok (aka Puppy)

We see that Sun-mi is having a hard time. I must admit, I don't care too much. If she were my friend, I would probably not be able to forgive her. At least not in a very long time. And if I seemingly did forgive, I would certainly never be able to forget... Jung-wan seems to have similar issues, because when Sun-mi comes to visit her at home, she is as frosty as can be. Good. Not frosty enough in my opinion is Oh Kyung-soo. Sun-mi, who is kinda forced to work with him and behave as if nothing has happened, semi-apologizes to him for being so shameless. But she has nothing but work now and to work she wants - hence the shamelessness. He? Says that overall, he is to blame ... for being so awesome. And he even understands her. I don't know ... nice of you, Oh-boy, but ... I don't know.

Sun-mi's morning sickness starts (or in her case, it's all-day sickness) and she keeps throwing up whenever she smells something strong. That's no fun. She also keeps getting calls and texts from (friendly to rude) men that saw her profile on the internet and somebody prank-orders masses of pizza in her name. Now, I join Sun-mi in suspecting that Moon Eun-Joo is behind this, but apparently, that's too immature, even for her. No, it is in fact Hana! Who is jealous.
Earlier, she met Puppy at a cafe and caught him reminiscing over pictures of him and Sun-mi on his phone. Whe he goes to get her a latte, she quickly grabs his phone. Uhm ... boundaries, woman?! But I guess she is right to ask whether he has any lingering feelings for her ... it's kinda obvious. Why else would you look at pictures of another woman on your phone? But instead of explaining he just leaves and that enrages the kiddo. Puppy gets her to promise to stop pestering Sun-mi, but this issue isn't over. 
Despite of what Puppy told Sun-mi in episode 14, he starts being nice to her again, getting her to eat (though she has to go throw up) etc. All of that even though he doesn't even know she is no longer "together" with Oh-boy! That he finds out only by chance, through Hana, who is totally "shocked" that Oh Kyung-soo is getting married. Puppy thinks he knows all about it ... but when he hears that the one he is getting married to is Jung-wan, something clicks in his head. He goes to confront Sun-mi about his new knowledge - and asks her flat out whether the kid she is carrying is his. He cannot imagine that Oh Kyung-soo would not take care of her if the baby was truly his, but Sun-mi lies, lies, and lies again.

Oh Kyung-soo and Yoon Jung-wan

Oh Kyung-soo picks his "wifey" up from the mart ... just like that, the crisis is over and there are no more hard feelings! (I would be angry with Jung-wan, but never mind). They're just so happy to be together, it's a joy to watch! Oh-boy hears in the car that Tae-geuk isn't at home ... he went to his dad. And her mother is at the sauna with her friends - she'll be back tomorrow. He goes ... ah? is that so? And gets this VEEEEry interested look in his eyes.
Later, she is at home alone ... but look who is coming for a visit! It's Oh-boy! After dropping her off, he went and bought sweet potatoes. For her son and mother. Who ... aren't here. He pretends to have forgotten, haha, seriously. That's the worst excuse EVER. Alright, he says, then they just have to eat them themselves! Why not in her room? When she yawns shortly after, he offers to give her a massage ... in her room. But she keeps playing coy and a bit stupid. She claims she has to work a bit now. He is totally eager and wants "a meeting" .. in her room. Fine, she says, let's have a meeting ... but not in her room! She wants to get a pen (in her room), he wants to come help her find it.
Finally annoyed by her constant lust-blocking, he wants to know how much longer he has to wait. She claims not to be ready yet. Fine, he says, he has his pride too ... he will leave now. And he does. She seems a liiiiittle tiny bit disappointed. Ah, but of course he is BACK ... 30 seconds later. He grabs her and carries her to the room and throws her onto the bed. Yeah, he's always been a bulldozer. I don't know what this thing is in KDrama where forceful men are considered something good? Didn't she just say she wasn't ready? Well, she takes it with a dose of humor and giggles when he says "Be prepared, I haven't even started yet". I giggle too, because it really doesn't sound very sexy. He starts kissing her in earnest and ... cut.

Our two lovers are in bed (happy now, Oh-boy?) ...
... when they hear the door. Uh-oh. It's her mother! It seems it's morning now. Rather frantic grabbing of clothes etc. ensues and it's quite comical.
Oh-boy hides in the friggin closet. Hahaha, classic! Of course, Omma isn't fooled - she rips the doors open ... and asks what he is doing there. Afterwards, it's evil glaring time by future MIL. Ahahaha, this is very funny. Oh-boy wants to know (cheerfully) how she knew he was hiding in the closet? Because of his shoes in the foyer, she says. Oups, yeah: beginner's mistake. But rather than playing more of this "I caught you in my daugther's room and now you will be punished" game, Oh-boy comes right on out and says he wants to marry Jung-wan. Quickly.

Jung-wan is quite shocked about that bomb and I don't think I can blame her too much. It is rather sudden. Outside in the parking lot, he tells her he will not be able to see her often when he starts filming soon - so he wants to at least see her sleep at night. She and Tae-geuk and her mother should move in with him. Her old issues are making her hesitant: she still feels inferior to and with him all the time - she wants to do something for him, too ... she wants to be his equal. She thinks it's too early for her, and he kinda says alright, but only kinda.
But at least, Jung-wan thinks about the issue of marriage now, because at the company the next day, she tells him that she cannot think comfortably about marriage, because she has failed once before and because there's the kid. He takes her hand and tells her not to worry ... her "failure" is her strength. She tells him to let go of her hand, what if someone comes in? Nobody will come in, he says ... when Park PD does. They jump apart, guiltily and Park PD asks what they were doing? She denies everything, but Oh-boy blurts out that he likes her so much he held her hand: and that they will get married. Whomever they meet at the company he tells this. 
Oh-boy's Tae-geuk offensive starts: He cooks delicious Italian food with him and is just the sweetest person ever. Clearly, Tae-geuk likes him more and more ... who wouldn't. It's the Oh-force. Nobody
can resist it.

Jung-wan's mother is quite happy about this new development. But ... she also calls the ex-husband. At first, I was terribly angry with her for shit-stirring again, but I think he tells him because a) she still likes him (that's alright) and therefore feels sorry for him that he is NOT Jung-wan's 2nd husband and b) she wants this to be good for her daughter. That's also why she asks him to give his blessing to the couple. And he actually does! Even though he still isn't over her, he congratulates her. But he also repeats what he said before: if Tae-geuk doesn't want to live with Oh, he will take him.

Jung- wan asks her son how he would feel about her and the Director. After a short pause, he says Director Oh is very nice and he likes his mom a lot - so he approves of the marriage. But ... when he was with his father the other day, he pittied his dad so all alone. She will have the Director soon to make her happy. If she marries Oh Kyung-soo, he, her son, will go live with his dad. Dun dun ....


A wonderful episode, overall. Sun-mi is (a bit) punished for her horribleness, though not too much. Puppy is very suspicious about the baby, which is good. Ji-hyun seems to be taking her life into her own hands, without wanting to be dependent on another man. Good as well. I think Ahn needs to give her some space for the time being. Gyu-shik ... he is probably the most pitiful character right now, because he is indeed thoroughly cheated. But if he doesn't stop his abuse, he does no longer deserve his wife. Let her go.

As for Oh-boy ... I do like his determination, but he doesn't learn, does he? He is TOO PUSHY. Sometimes, a little pushiness is needed to get what you want, but if you do NOT listen to anyone and just bulldoze ahead, you risk killing tender plants and cute little animals. Do not push Jung-wan. She will come to you. Live with her, if you cannot be without her, but why getting married immediately? Yeah, yeah, propriety, but I am pretty sure you don't care about that much.

Do I like that we get another "issue" now with Tae-geuk. Not so much. While I understand that there's about 5 more episodes to fill, and him saying what he just said is quite realistic and totally in character, I must also admit that I am only mildly interested in how this issue is overcome. Cause it will be overcome, of course. It's not very exciting. But hey, I'm complaining on a very high level again. I will stop.