Full House Thailand Episode 11 (A SqueeCap)

The last episode left us with Mike and the wrong woman.  I hope he scrapes her off and clings to his best chance for happiness!
JoAnne: Scrape is good. She's like mold.  Ruins everything. 
Shuk:  Also, I need to apologize for the quality of gifs and screencaps.  I was unable to find a clean copy of episode 11, so I'm splicing from various sources.


Shuk:  Om-Am sets up Mike’s dressings and pain meds by the couch, then paces waiting for him to return from MinTramp.  When she hears the vehicle, she ducks into her room, so he comes into an empty living room.  He sees the setup  she left, glances back through the curtain to her bedroom, then takes his medication and leans back on the couch.
JoAnne: They're so AWARE of each other, even when they're not.  They just constantly 'check in' on each other...love it

Shuk:  The next morning he hobbles into the kitchen, only to find breakfast and a note from Om-Am: she left to go find inspiration for her script.  He dutifully takes the medication, and thinks about all his adventures with his wife ever since she moved in. She’s having a hard time concentrating at the café as well.
JoAnne: 'cause y'all need to be makin'  BABIES right now

Shuk:  Has it been a week already?  Mike is practicing his moves again, with the ankle brace on, but it’s clear he’s having a hard time.  He tries another spin, and down he goes with a grunt of pain.  Om-Am runs to check on him and then stands to go grab the ethyl chloride spray (which is a topical anesthetic and skin refrigerant).  Instead, he grabs her hand and hangs onto her while he breathes through the pain.
JoAnne:  The boys next door were playing outside in our shared drive.  I squeed so loudly at that that one of them said to the other, 'Did you HEAR something? I heard something!' Yes, boys, that was my heart bursting with joy.
Shuk:  He ends up back on the couch while she checks the internet for treatments, alternating between them all night long. In the morning, Mike wakes up to find her asleep, her hand still on his foot.  He twists until he's sitting next to her, and gives her hand a stroke before placing his blanket on her.  I think it’s big enough for both of them, but, no, he’s gotta be all noble and just watch her sleeping.  He does give her a little head rub.
JoAnne:  I miss the Love Burrito.

Shuk:  He goes back to practicing with his bum leg.  She wakes up and tells him to take it easy, then rustles up breakfast.  He falls again, but this time without the pain, it seems. They fall into a routine of ankle treatments in between food and practice. He's clumsily spinning, but at least he’s not falling down anymore. She’s dozing off in between.
JoAnne: See how much he needs her? In contrast, his 'lifelong friend' is nowhere to be found, doesn't even call to see how he's making out.
Shuk:  Finally, it’s the day of the broadcast, and at breakfast, he holds her hand and asks her to come to the studio with him that night.
JoAnne:  I approve of the sped-up pace of the falling in love. I do, indeed.

Shuk:  The Mike D’Angelo fans are in full force when he’s prepping.  Om-Am works the brace off his leg while Mike warns off the assistant.  Aw, only Om-Am can help him with his boot.  They give each other a knuckle bump of encouragement, and he hobbles onstage.
JoAnne: Team Mammoth for the win!
Shuk:   The broadcast is a success, even if he only dances and doesn’t sing (I think that’s his voice though). Afterwards, the MC interviews him, and he thanks Om-Am personally for being by his side and encouraging him. Awwwww.
JoAnne: Yep, that's him singing.  So, I don't get the decisions..but hey, he can gyrate in front of me any time he'd like.  Did you notice, though, that the average age of his fan club was about 12?
Shuk:  Well no matter what, he's waaaaay to young for either of us. PedoNoona.  LOL
Shuk:  On the way back from the studio, they keep stealing glances at each other and smiling.

Shuk:  Homage to the South Korean version of Full House: they are in the bathroom where Om-Am is helping support him while he brushes his teeth.  Mike’s in his usual playful mood; that is, he sprays toothpaste all over the mirror that Om-Am has to clean up. She finally kicks him in the left shin and it turns out he can stand perfectly on both feet. She assaults him with a towel and leaves.  More puppy-play as Junior stops by for a snack of PPL.

JoAnne: For a while after watching FH-K, every time I saw a toothbrush I started laughing.

Shuk:  The next morning, she’s whipping up breakfast when he comes down the stairs all dressed in black and tells her he’s heading out. In his vehicle, he calls MinTramp; that day is circled on her calendar.  Before meeting her, he stops by a florist.
JoAnne: What the fuck, Mike?

Shuk:  The estate wagon shows up at Full House with an invite/command to meet up with Grandma.  On the way, Om-Am gets a phone call from Thok.  Thanks to the broadcast, she’s getting her own fan-base.
Shuk:  Mike and Mintra are at a Buddhist temple; it’s the death anniversary of his sister, and a monk is performing the hoji ceremony for his sister. Afterwards they end up on a bench together.  Apparently, his sister’s passing caused the rift between Mike and his father.  Mike seeks comfort on MinTramp’s shoulder, and I gag slightly.
JoAnne: You crazy. He's there alone. She simply does not exist for me, the evil ho.

Shuk:  At the estate, Mom coaches Om-Am before greeting Grandma. The old bat ignores her attempts at polite conversation, only to comment that Om-Am’s wedding band is missing off her finger.  She comes up with the excuse that she hoped Grandma would show her some dishes to cook Mike.  Om-Am admits that she doesn’t knit, make garlands, or embroider.  She tries to impress Grandma with an impromptu dance, but the senior citizen almost faints and requires smelling salts.
JoAnne: Grannie likes her in spite of herself, though. Who wouldn't like that cutie pie?
Shuk:  When she comes too, they finally start talking about food, and she gets a list of his favorites.  Om-Am asks about chicken feet, but Grandma says Mike doesn't like them.  They decide to put them in the green curry anyway.  They cook on a traditional stove, which means fanning the flames with, um, a fan, and constantly stirring all the ingredients together.

Shuk:  Grandma heads in to take a shower, and Om-Am calls Mike’s cell.   Mike has fallen asleep on the bench.  MinTramp reads the phone screen and doesn't answer it.  On the other end, Om-Am snaps a few photos of the simmering curry and sends them.  MinTramp deletes them off Mike’s phone with an expression of disgust.  I’m disgusted with you too, Princess.  Who are you to mess with a husband’s phone??
JoAnne:  Even now the bilious rage boils up in my throat.  How DARE she?
Shuk: Mike finally wakes up, and MinTramp invites herself over to Grandma’s house for dinner.
JoAnne:  'Mike finally wakes up' - but not in any IMPORTANT way, sadly.


Shuk:  Mike Mike Mike.  You’ve got to get your thinking straight or you are in for a world of hurt.   And, as blasphemous as this may seem, a tiny piece of me understands MinTramp’s reactions. After all, Mike is falling back into his same old pattern, so an egocentric narcissist wouldn’t think to change her behavior, even for a wife.  Still, can we give her amnesia? An appointment with a Truck Of Doom? A terminal disease? Anything??
JoAnne: Herpes Zoster.  I vote for a virulent outbreak all over her face.

Shuk:  During his convalescence, I did love the interaction.  Despite his ridiculous and obsolete behavior towards MinTramp, it’s clear that he’s relying more and more on Om-Am for his happiness.
JoAnne: Because they are a match made in heaven which I will ship in real life, as well.

Shuk:  We haven’t heard from the Despicable Pair recently, but it’s too much to hope they never show up again; in fact they are in the preview at the end of this episode. Ugh Blech Ptooey.
JoAnne: Just when I thought I was out...you pull me back in. That was mean.

SHUKNOTE:   I found some interesting resources when researching Buddhist death anniversary rites, which are traditionally performed on the deathday of the deceased for twelve years after their passing.  Here is a blog entry from Chris Apollo Lynn,  who documented the death anniversary of his grandmother.  And one more link regarding the Buddhist rituals associated with dying.