Full House Thailand Episode 12 (A SqueeCap)

JoAnne: Since much of this episode includes someone I would prefer to ignore, commenting is difficult!


Shuk: Mom is showing Mike’s childhood photos to Om-Am, including one of him and his sister. It turns out that she died of leukemia when she was ten.  Dad spends most of his time at the hospital, so Grandma was probably looking for company.
JoAnne: Why? Because Mom isn't at all important in the mess of broken hearts left behind by a dead child?

Shuk: They hear her call out Mike’s name – he must have arrived. The two hurry down to the porch, but stop short when they see who he brought.  Awkward!!
JoAnne:  I hope someone slaps him.

Shuk:  MinTramp carries the small talk and invites herself for a meal.  As everyone trails into the main part of the house, Mike pulls Om-Am aside.  She tells him she tried to call, but he didn't pick up.
JoAnne: He has the grace to look awkward, at least.  It makes me hopeful that he'd consider his actions more carefully going forward.

Shuk: Dad isn't there, but everyone else is.  Mom and Om-Am exchange glances while MinTramp prattles about the hoji, and puts choice tidbits on Mike’s plate. In fact, she more or less plays hostess at the table; although she is taken aback when she finds out Om-Am did the cooking.  She goes back to chatting with Grandma to the exclusion of the younger woman.  She gets a phone call and has to leave; Mike walks her to her car, and there is nothing but silence at the table.
JoAnne:  The other women were all shocked into silence by her behavior, which was unpardonably rude and thoughtless.

Shuk: There’s silence on the drive back to Full House, too, but Mike perks up when Om-Am pulls out the chicken feet.  She explains that she convinced Grandma to cook them, and then expresses her condolence for his sister.  He slides it off; after all, it’s not important that she knows.
JoAnne: Every time something happens which shows him in some way that she is becoming more important in his life, he falls back on the contract.  I think he honestly didn't think anything of calling Min other than that this is what they'd always done.  It didn't occur to him that it would look bad, and more importantly, it didn't occur to him that he'd end up FEELING bad about it once he realized.
Shuk:  His mom calls. Grandma was wondering why he didn't have his wedding band on. Also, he should not be bringing other women to their home, no matter how close they are to him.
JoAnne: I wish she'd have said that in front of everyone, though.

Shuk: It’s another day, and Om-Am has another lesson with Grandma, this time with vegetable carving.  And another day, and another day. Mike won’t help her get out of it, and faking illness just means the poor driver makes a second trip with medicine.
JoAnne: Mike won't help her out of it because he benefits now and later - Om-Am learns to cook now so he eats better, and she's developing a relationship with his family, too.  Here's the link to that school, Julia - http://www.siamcarvingacademy.com/  it's been upgraded in the last day or two and prices went up a bit.  There's also videos on Youtube.
ShukNote:  The same link is in a previous SqueeCap.

Shuk: Mike’s handler calls him the Prince of Romance. Well, that’s what the social media is calling him. So he has to compose and sing a love song to capitalize on the publicity.  He easily agrees, and she wonders why she didn't marry him off sooner if he was going to be this easy going. He is embarrassed and smiling, even when he leaves the office.
JoAnne: I loved this bit, when he's staring out the window...I think it's the first moment he overtly realizes what a blessing Om-Am is to his life.

Shuk: Then that stupid Princess ringtone pops us.  Honestly, Mike, get rid of it!  And her! [sigh] He doesn't listen to me, but answers the phone.  And goes to a spa with her!!  You should listen to your mother, Mike D’Angelo [hands on hips].
JoAnne: This is just wrong.  There's a reason mammoths are extinct, after all. Stupidity!

Shuk: And my joy is complete (yes that’s sarcasm). The Prego Pair is back and this time they have made themselves comfortable in Om-Am’s home, shamelessly setting up a feast. Hmm, Mike changed the security system – how did they get in?  And how fast can the police show up?
JoAnne: Be right back, potty break.

Shuk: It doesn't matter because Om-Am won’t kick them out.  Prego Man has a proposition: they need an amniocentesis and they want Om-Am to pay for it, just as a loan, of course. Om-Am gives in, but she only has 8000 baht (240 US Dollars, 176 Euros). Pao gets affronted; they need 50 000 baht (1,500 US Dollars, 1100 Euros). By the way, Google Fu tells me that the average cost in America is between 1,545 and 3,000 US Dollars depending on insurance options.
JoAnne: The gall of these people.

Shuk: Pao suggests borrowing it from Mike.  Om-Am refuses, and Oom gets all huffy.  After all, she’s living in this big house with a celebrity, why can’t she help them out? Biatch.  And I hope that baby ends up pregnant at 15 and steals your life savings to join a rock band in Norway.
JoAnne: Why Norway?
Shuk:  To go from a country without snow to a a country with nothing BUT snow.  Plus, Sprockets.
Shuk:  Mike and MinTramp are getting his and her pedicures, but someone is snapping photos. Paparazzi?

Shuk:  By the time he comes home, Om-Am is asleep over her laptop. He drapes her with a blanket and takes off her glasses. Hmph.
JoAnne: Too little too late today, buddy.

Shuk:  The next morning he’s at the breakfast table but there’s no breakfast.  She bolts out the door; it’s her day off.  She meets up with Guy at the same cafe to continue working on the script.   They decide to go to the market stalls for lunch.  And someone is snapping photos of them, too.
JoAnne: I had conveniently blocked from my mind exactly WHY Rain eventually left Song Ji Hyo and broke my heart, dammit. Now I remember everything.

Shuk:  It turns out, one of the agency assistants is working with the paparazzi.
JoAnne: Compleeeeeeeeeeetely didn't pick up on that.

Shuk:  Back at the house, she brings him a snack, but Mike childishly throws it to the floor. He deliberately calls MinTramp and invites her to dinner.  Om-Am shows no reaction beside relief that she doesn't have to cook.  So Mike throws it a second time and stomps out.
JoAnne: Mike, Mike, Mike. Petulance isn't sexy.  Jealousy can be. Learn the difference.
Shuk:  He’s drinking wine by himself when Guy stops by. He sits down and tells him all the stuff he did with Om-Am today.  Her script-writing needs a lot of work, but with effort she’s improving.  MinTramp shows up and starts getting touchy-feely with Mike.  She says Mike won’t let her go to New York City with a big smile on her face.  Guy is innocently guileless as he tells the pair that he’s meeting Om-Am one full day every week. Mike is stuck in the middle, but I can’t really drum up any sympathy for him.
JoAnne: Stew in it, 'Mammoth'

Shuk:  Om-Am is working on her writing when he arrives back from dinner.  He plops himself on the couch and turns on the telly, loud.  He’s just spoiling for a fight, and tells her that Guy said her writing sucked.  She doesn't believe him, and they part angrily.
Shuk:  It’s still a cold war the next day.  He fires the opening salvo; she can’t work late at night because lights cost electricity. She responds that she will take the cost out of anything he breaks during his tantrums. Laser beam are shooting out of their eyes when the doorbell rings.  It’s Mom and Grandma, and they immediately switch to Happy Couple Mode.
JoAnne: I do think, at least, that he has no idea WHY he is so angry. She definitely doesn't have a clue why he's being such an ass.

Shuk: Grandma is a sharp cookie, though. She heard the arguing and notices that neither is wearing their wedding band.  Mike counters that he was helping his wife with the chores.  Excellent, because Grandma is going to teach her another dish to prepare, so Mike can finish the laundry, the dusting, and everything else. Mom backs Om-Am.
JoAnne: I begin to giggle.

Shuk: So the women are slicing vegetables while he mops and cleans windows.  She gives him a thumbs up while he stares daggers.
JoAnne:  I continue.

Shuk: Later, they sit down with Grandma, who is all smiley now. She went to a Chinese fortune teller, who told her that the perfect great-grandchild can be conceived that night. She gives them both stamina/virility tonics to take tonight before they…err…”Umm” tonight. With that, the elders get in the van and head home, leaving our lovebirds glaring at each other.
JoAnne: I laugh so hard I have a small accident. What. Like you never do.

Shuk:  I know we have to stir in some conflict for the storyline, but I hate that Mike and Om-Am are entering a stretch of mistrust and antagonistic feelings towards each other.
JoAnne: Na do, chingu.

Shuk: I have noticed that with many Thai lakhorns, the male lead sees no problem with being chummy with the former girlfriend while raging at any interaction the new love interest has with her previous boyfriend. Sometimes to the extent that the former woman physically assaults the new one while the man looks on. Thankfully we haven’t gotten that far with this one, but I see it as a threat on the horizon.  Don’t go there, Show!! We want happy humans here!!
JoAnne: How does that make ANY sense?

Shuk: A jealous Mike should be a good thing, but it feels like he dove right into Resentment territory and it doesn't ring true with the character development; after all, the living arrangement has been going on for months, so why is the weekly day off suddenly a surprise and an issue? Hopefully, Mom can crack some common sense into him.  We can only pray.
JoAnne: One word: Guy. IE:  I'm guessing they happily spent a lot of her days off together, and now suddenly she has other plans.