Full House Thailand Episode 8 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  Oh the cute!!  Oh the feels! This show is just too awesome for words.  Unless you are SqueeCapping, LOL.
JoAnne:  Because we have words.  Oh yes, we do.


Shuk:  Om-Am meets Mom for tea, and there’s that crazy French piano piece in the background again. Mom regales her with  family stories, and promises that the words from the mouths of the men in the family don’t always reflect what’s in their hearts. Mike blames his father for his sisters death, and its a big reason why they don’t talk. Mom asks Om-Am to specifically ask Dad to the wedding, so they can hopefully mend fences.
JoAnne:  A moment for teary-eyed reflection that what I really loved when I finished the K-version was how it felt like those two poor lost souls had just been HEALED, you know?  Sigh...

Shuk:  Since she doesn't have a Rooftop of Rumination, she ends back up on the Thinking Swing.
JoAnne:  She reminds me of Soo Mi.  Too naive for words.
Shuk:  Because we have words.  Oh yes, we do.

Shuk:  She shows up at Doctor Dad’s practice, and they have a good conversation. He agrees to be at the wedding with very little persuasion and actually seems enthusiastic to be asked, promising to wear a handsome suit.

Shuk: She moves back to Full House. Mike chases her, but she whirls on him and warns him she will leave if he ever did another crappy stunt like the car. Mike hilarious backpedals before apologizing, and it takes the wind out of her anger. She tells him the wedding is at the family estate and that’s that.
JoAnne:  What I love is that he is COMPLETELY smitten already, and has NO idea.  He is so unaware of his smittenness that he's not even questioning his own strange behavior!

Shuk:  Guy is thinking in his office. MinTramp is thinking in her shop. The bridal pair is having emotional second thoughts, separately of course.

Shuk:  It’s the day of the traditional Buddhist wedding, and everybody is in their finery. Om-Am is getting the full treatment by Mike’s assistants. Mom gives her a gold necklace that she wore on her wedding day as a gift, she’s grateful but there’s a worried look on her face.
JoAnne:  No one says it but I think it's that they're realizing what a big thing they're doing - and of course it's all 'fake', so they feel guilty about tricking his family?

Shuk:  Mike is looking natty in his wedding costume when MinTramp stops by. She quietly apologizes for her behavior at Guy’s party. She wonders why he made this decision; he tells her this is proof he will no longer shadow her. She wishes him health and leaves. He’s still affected by her, though, darn it.
JoAnne:  Did a fly just buzz through here? I should crush it.

Shuk:  The couple exchange rings in front of family and friends; Mike coaches her with his eyes and they go smoothly through the steps, at least until they bump heads bowing to the elders.
JoAnne:  My goodness, she was lovely in this.

Shuk:  During the Rod Nam Sang,  Guy gives them congratulations and tells Om-Am she is  beautiful. MinTramp wishes happiness.  The bride and groom are pensive throughout the entire ceremony.
JoAnne:  Because they are both good, loving people who take marriage and family as a sacred obligation, deep in their hearts.  And what they are doing profanes that...except WE know they really do love each other, so it's all ok even if they don't know it yet.

Shuk:  At Suvarnabhumi Airport, the couple is surrounded by reporters on their way to their honeymoon in Seoul. In the airplane, Mike warns her not to throw up on him again.

Shuk: And we have our establishing shots of Seoul: Incheon Airport, the Jangan Gate, etc. At their hanok in Yangdong Village, Om-Am ends up carrying all the luggage up the steps to their rooms. Diva Mike. He greets the hostess in Korean; Om-Am greets her in Mandarin.  LOL.
Shuk:  Om-Am is excited about their rooms, and squeals over the furnishings and environment.  Mike doesn't care, and finally tells her to shut up. Cranky boy.
JoAnne:  On some level, if he doesn't remind HER it's not a real honeymoon - he's going to forget that, too. Dare we hope for sexy times?

Shuk: There’s a blue seating cushion in one room, as well as the yellow bed-pallet. I don’t know why he doesn’t use that one, but whatever. Mike ends up sleeping propped against the wall while she sleeps on the bed.
JoAnne: For some reason I thought there was a window there that he fell asleep looking out of.

Shuk: MinTramp is prepping a clothing collection for Mike, not even realizing he’s on his honeymoon. Why wouldn’t she know this?  And do I really care? The answer be NO.
JoAnne:  So she's stupid AND selfish. Great.

Shuk:  It’s morning in Korea, and Mike is ready for a shower. So are we. So are we. Unfortunately, Om-Am isn't, and gets an eyeful of Mike... Whups. Cue the mutual screaming. Mike accuses her of wanting to see his “mammoth” as I laugh my butt off. He warns her to calm down or he will be naked all day.
JoAnne:  How is that incentive to shut up?  Honestly? And seriously...mammoth?  Oh baby.  Pics or it didn't happen.
Shuk:  They have skittering eye contact in a pavilion while breakfast is being set up. As usual, the awkwardness dissolves over food.  Mike makes her smile pretty in order to take her around Seoul.

Shuk: Cue the cute scenes!  Mike calls out to Shorty when she gets distracted by a father and daughter bicycling together. They end up playing in the fountains of Gwanghwamun  Square, wandering the streets and trying different foods together. They finally end up at Korean Cultural Treasure #1, the newly-restored Namdaemun Gate.

Shuk: Here, they part ways. Mike points out a spot on a sidewalk map and says they should meet there in 3 hours.  Om-Am is impressed he can read Hangeul, and he shows off his language skills: in English she is short like a hobbit; in Japanese, she is stupid; and in Korean, she is short and stupid.  Of course, she doesn’t know what he’s saying.  He tells her the Korean phrase means “angelic”.
JoAnne: Number 1 - why?  Why do they part ways? Yes, I know, so she can be lost and then found.  But what's the upfront reason?  And 2 - is she honestly that dumb? About where to meet, I mean.  She told him she was worried about getting around on her own.  He walks her over to a MAP and shows her how to get somewhere, and tells her they'll meet there in 3 hours.  And she thinks he means the spot they're standing in, not the place he's just shown her ON A MAP?

Shuk: At one of the trinket stalls, she uses the phrase and finds out it’s really an insult.   She goes back to the map and waits.  Except Mike meant for them to meet at Myeongdong, using the map for reference.  So he’s waiting in one place, she’s at another.
JoAnne:  I loved how the stall person was just like 'No, I'm not stupid.' all calm and everything.

Shuk: Mike makes it back to Namdaemun, and yells at her for not being in the right place. She yells at him for teaching her a derogatory phrase.   Finally, hungry, they make it back to the same food market that she visited in her first visit.  Mike is still grouchy, but the patrons recognize her, include her ruffian soju-drinking buddies, and they end up dancing the burnt chicken dance together.
JoAnne:  Out of all the gin joints in Casablanca...  I do love how he just throws himself into the dance.  He's so willing to be happy.  He was like that with the happy and you know it song, too.
Shuk:  At the end of the day, they are ready for bed.  But wait, Mike thinks it's his turn for the pallet, and Om-Am thinks it's hers. Yay!  Bed fight! It goes back and forth, feet and bodies flying, sneaky moving until they end up face to face and out of breath in a Burrito of Love!
JoAnne:  The Burrito of Love (Thailand) is a vast improvement over The Burrito of Torture (Korea).


Shuk:  Clearly these two are imminently adorable together!  In fact, has Mike smiled anywhere where Om-Am wasn't? I think not!  They need to have a mammoth time in South Korea!  No doubt the angst and separation is on the horizon, but for now I'll bask in the cuteness.
JoAnne:  Hey Mike, is that a tusk in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?