A Cheesy Ode to Kdrama (and variety shows)

Reply me this, was it 1994 or 1997 when that winter, the wind blows through the plains of my sorrow. I called for you nine, nine times I shouted your name but it took you 49 days to call mine back. There’s a winter sonata playing in my heart.

My friends say leave him, leave him and find somebody else to marry. But I’m not the woman who wants to get married. I’m looking for playful kisses and twelve signs of love. Ten ways to love and a house, a full house, full of the best love a woman can get.

It’s when I see you, my heart goes padam padam. You’re the master, and I’m the sun? I’ve tried to stay away for 1 night and 2 days but couldn’t.  We were happy together weren't we?
So I’ll keep the faith. I won’t try to hunt you through the city. I won’t be like that running man and chase you through this heartless city.
You will always be…my coffee prince.  

*picture credits to the picture owners.