Age of Feeling / Inspiring Generation - Episode 14 (A SqueeCap)

kakashi: There's some wonderful Shinichi fight scenes in this episode, so I'm happy! Apart from that, it did have a few draggy and repetitive bits, so I am glad our almost hero is now quite clearly on the road to full-status hero and I am also glad that quasi everyone knows by the end of this episode who is responsible for Shin Daddy's death. That means we can move on to better and bigger things soon, like ... killing some bad guys maybe?
JoAnne: I am hopeful that this week that was devoted to clarifying politics is enough, and we can move on to Jung Tae, Super Hero. I liked it fine but another week of clueless Jung Tae would be stretching things.
Episode 14

kakashi: Jae-hwa tells Jung-tae to choose a side: him, the old man Seol, or maybe Gaya, the biatch? Why should he do what Jae-hwa tells him to do, though? Jung-tae wants to know. Within seconds, he neutralizes Jae-hwa's minions and demands from hi what he came there for in the first place: The autopsy report of his father. But Jae-hwa doesn't want to give it to him (do we understand why?) and tells him to come get it from inside his coat pocket. By the way, this director seems to have an obsession with feet ... so many shots of moving feet! The two men get into position and the atmosphere is tense, but before fists can fly, a woman (never seen her before) runs in tells him there's a big problem: two sector police forces are checking for papers at the same time! (JoAnne, remind me again why this is a problem?)
JoAnne: You need to have the appropriate documents in order to live in a country where you are not a citizen; most of the people who live in Bangsamtong are in Shanghai illegally.
kakashi: Ah, I remember: so they always lie to the one sector police that they have papers from the others - which only works if only one of them checks them.

kakashi: Who is this woman?! (the wife of the set caterer) Anyway, Jae-hwa realizes who is behind this ... the old man from Hwangbang. He tells Jung-tae their fight is postponed and runs out. Outside, Jae-hwa gives a bundle of bank notes to one of the police officers, hoping to save the situation. And on to the next police officer, who also gets money ... and lets go of the woman he has been mistreating. Jae-hwa knows all of the officers by name, but he's GOT to run out of money soon? He shouts for his two dumb-ass gangster-minions to go and get the deposits inside ... they need to bribe them all! No wonder he never has any money.
JoAnne: I'm actually relieved to see that he shows genuine concern for people.  It's one thing to be ambitious and want a position and want to fulfill its duties, especially when you've essentially done all the grunt work for it for years without recognition -it would be another entirely if all you really care about is yourself.
kakashi: Jung-tae comes running out now (what was he doing for so long? did he need to go to the toilet?). He can't believe what he is seeing. Close by, people are running, among them Ok-ryeon. A girl falls and starts crying ... Ok-ryeon helps her up, but the police is already here. But before anyone can harm her, Jung-tae is heeeeeeere! The police hone in on him, but that doesn't stop him at all. He takes them down, one by one, as Joseon people look on, wide-eyed and open-mouthed.
JoAnne: He is one BAMF. I do not blame Ok Ryeon for putting up with his shit at all. There's a lot a woman wants to do for a man like that.
kakashi: They start cheering, but nobody helps him. Huh. Unfortunately, these policemen all get up again once he hits them. We go to slo-mo to show the gravity of it all. It's about 10 against 1. Their commander has a sword and like we have seen before, people with swords like to use them against people without swords. Only you've picked the wrong dude, police officer. After a few moves, Mr. Police is k.o. and there's more cheering from the crowd. But the party is over as soon as Jae-hwa makes his way to the scene of the fight ... he punches Jung-tae in the face for "fighting there", and he is taken down by the sector police.
JoAnne: I love that the crowd scenes are loud and chaotic but when they focus on the fight everything is silent (BUT for some weird sounds made by a sound editor that has comical talent). Jae Ha... I know why he did it, and it made me think of certain parallels to Bool Gam..but still. 
kakashi: Jae-hwa is furious as he addresses the crowd: what were they thinking?! Jung-tae has to go to prison now, and if he dies there, it's all of their fault. He then tells his underlings to arrange for transportation of the injured section police. And Shin Jung-tae? To prison with him! This may all seem cowardly ... but I do understand what he is thinking (apart from the fact that this is THE opportunity to get rid of an annoying rival). Joseon people have no right here ... and of course, resisting the highly-esteemed police is not an option in the current set-up. Only it is and would be, if only people started a revolution! But a revolution means a lot of suffering and is bad for business ... so those in power never encourage one.
JoAnne:  Yes this is one time when public interest coincides with private desire for Jae Ha.  I really like him, because  I think where we're going is frenemy/bromance territory, one of my favorite places to be.
kakashi: They lead Jung-tae away and I squee! Because Shinichi is there!!! Watching it all.
JoAnne: Yeah, but like a rat, from the corner. I hope he redeems himself.
kakashi: He will so not. He is doomed ... *sigh* ... I'm in love with a rat?!
JoAnne:  Remember Aka, my delicious scary unable-to-feel freak? Sigh.
kakashi: Jae-hwa, furious, walks into Seol's mansion. He is such an ass, that one. Jae-hwa demands that he honors the agreed upon inspection dates to protect the Bangsamtong people, like he did in the past 20 years. Seol just mocks him with that disgusting smile of his and says the one who broke promises first was him, Jae-hwa: he used Club Shanghai as collateral and borrowed money from Il Gook Hwae. And anyway, he'll now raise the taxes to 7%. But that cannot be done, says Jae-hwa - income is already too low. Will things return back to normal if he pays back Il Gok Hwae every cent? He will manage to do it, even if he has to sell body parts. Oh ... and one more thing. Golden Boy Jung-tae? He is in prison. Since he, Jae-hwa cannot take him out, Seol and the likes of him better do.
JoAnne: Since I don't trust Seol Bang Joo OR Wan Baek San, my only hope is that Baek San gets tired of Seol's shit and uses the cement hands a little closer to home.
kakashi: Yamamoto, now fully recovered, informs Gaya about the arrest. She immediately understands that Seol is behind it, and that he wants to teach Jae-hwa a lesson. And she also understands that this was a great moment for Shin Jung-tae: he has become the hero for the people. Just wait and see, she says ... the ones that want him as a leader will gather.
JoAnne: Yamamoto looks like Scrooge McDuck.  Gaya, on the other hand, is looking truly lovely. And our girl is just as smart as ever, yay!
kakashi: I do wish they'd gather a bit faster though, because Jung-tae is tortured and beaten (sound editor! have mercy!). Our almost hero says he doesn't want to be a hero ... all he wants is to protect the people. Awwwwwwwww.
JoAnne:  That...that approached Gaksital levels of torture.  Which I think they got fined for, didn't they?  How does a person not have broken bones and die from being hit as hard as that sounded? (And see? What the F*** is wrong with his ARMPIT that is seriously creeping me out.)
kakashi: In the meantime, people indeed gather at Bangsamtong ... at least 6 of them, around a table. Ah, two of them are the noodle guys who fought in front of Shin-Daddy's shrine. They discuss what they need to do to get him out and Old Man Fly suggests that they need money. Ok-ryeon runs off at that and So-so follows. The two noodle-men decide to start raising money and put some money into a hat. But Old Man Fly says not just like this: let's go out and raise money. Let's even go to other areas, not just Bangsamtong. Miss Doctor just sits there and says nothing. (hmm)Upstairs, Ok-ryeon tells So-so that she is ready to give all her money that she saved for making a record to her man. But whom to give it too?
JoAnne:  I'm keeping my eye on you, Doc.
kakashi: At Club Rome, things aren't going smoothly. They have no money, no singers, no other acts - and the grand opening is approaching fast! Jae-hwa wants to go all out: get money from whoever gives them money and start having open auditions for all the performers in Shanghai. Behind him, the door opens ... and in come So-so and Ok-ryeon. Are you going to do something stupid, girls?!
JoAnne: I know! Let's put on a show!
kakashi: Oh dear, they give the money to Jae-hwa, to get Jung-tae out. I hate to break it to you, girls, but you could as well have flushed this money down the toilet! And anyway, it's far too little. Jung-tae beat up 24 police men - and each one of them is worth 5000 won, according to Jae-hwa. Ah, he is decent enough to give them back the money. And then, he looks at So-so and asks her whether she wants to perform on stage. He tells her to stand up, but when she does, he says: "let's pretend this never happened".*Snort*. Naive Ok-ryeon begs him to tell her how to get Jung-tae out, and she'll do anything for it to happen ... she'll sing and she'll dance if he wants her to. But no, this is not going to happen, because Jae-hwa just dismisses her, annoyed. He walks away, but oups, there's Lady Doctor, looking pissy.
JoAnne: 'Let's pretend this never happened.' That was good! But hello, Ok Ryeon, why do YOU not speak up and say hey, um, I sing, a little bit? Why does Jae Ha not   even ASK her? And what do YOU want, Miss Thang over there by the door looking pissy?
kakashi: The evil old man and his black-clad crony have a meeting. When Seol hears that Shin Jung-tae is getting tortured for beating up the Section Police, he is amused. Dude?! Exactly like his father, he says. And because of that, they will need to make him theirs as quickly as possible. Seol wants to go to Bangsamtong to feel the waters and see for himself how a "new leader" is in the making.
JoAnne: Old man, so over you. Back when you met with Mo (sob) you seemed like a good guy.  It helped me decide that MO was a good guy.  Will we ever know?
kakashi: Jung-tae is in a cell ... in pain. And bloody. Whatever happened to less violence? The other men in the cell are delirious with joy about what he did. All I see are his wonderful arms. Oh YUMMY.
JoAnne:  They totally fangirl at his feet and I love it.
kakashi: Lady Doctor takes Jae-hwa outside and shows him how Old Man Fly and the noodle guy No 1 are collecting money for Jung-tae. He is the new hope for these people. If Jae-hwa wants to become the new leader of Bangsamtong, he has to defeat Jung-tae. If he doesn't, he'll never be the leader. And you are telling him this why?! Some kind of education for her "man"? Seol arrives ... and he gracefully donates 50'000 won. People clap and cheer and Jae-hwa, who is watching all of this, looks more and more displeased.
JoAnne: I'm really trying to figure her out.  Is she actually interested in Jae Ha but only if he has power, and so she points things out to help him move along that path?  Or is this some kind of reverse psychology where she points out others are helping Jung Tae (his competition) and maybe planting a seed that he should get on that bandwagon too, and take advantage of the good will Jung Tae gets?  Or is she really suggesting that  he needs to remove Jung Tae from the running?  That is my LEAST likely scenario, by the way.
kakashi: Time for some deep and hot thinking by Jae-hwa. Let him live or let him die? The peanuts have spoken! Let him live.
JoAnne: Look at that face up there.  LOOK AT IT. Now look down there. Who crushes a peanut with their FINGERS?
kakashi: In the darkness of his cell, Jung-tae remembers how the people were mistreated. He remembers Jae-hwa's words: they're just fugitives without a country here. They have no rights. He remembers the two men that helped him earlier, so happy about what he did. But what should he do now? he asks himself ... or rather, his father. Just then, a guy approaches and attacks him with a knife! Of course, Jung-tae fights him off quickly and the guy disappears again. Who sent him? Jae-hwa?? Jung-tae seems hurt - more hurt? after this. He keeps clutching his left shoulder.
JoAnne: Not gonna lie, that seemed sort of random and pointless, the attack.
kakashi: It's Shin Jung-tae release-day next, and Seol and his black-clad Deputy make me angrier by the minute. The way they talk! Can we shut them up already?! Jae-hwa gets shown a suitcase full of borrowed money by Poodletop. When they step outside, a huge crowd has gathered and cheers ... they think Jae-hwa will help with the release. They also hand him a suitcase full of money. He looks rather baffled, but plays his part as "owner of Bangsamtong" well. Let's go, he shouts and off they walk.
JoAnne: Look at that shifty-eyed doc there.
kakashi: At the prison, Seol is in for a surprise: somebody else has requested custody. It's nobody else but Gaya! And here she is ... looking like she is going to a funeral. I hope it's Seol's, because my dislike for him is about as big as it can get. Also, the next bit is extremely boring, since we know everything they talk about already. Yeah, it's once again about Shin-Daddy's death and who did it. She admits he was the one to deliver the fatal blow ... but she also adds that she put him out of his terrible misery. Everybody there agrees that what she did cannot be called murder. She says she will investigate further, mentioning the big bruise on his chest, but Seol isn't afraid at all ... he laughs and says she reminds him of the leader of Il Gook Hwae 20 years ago: her mother. He also knows a lot about her death - does she want to hear old stories at his place? (nooooo, Gaya, don't go! Haven't they told you not to go with weird strangers?) His plan? To make her go against Denkai. Uh-oh.
JoAnne:  I'm glad the daddy bit is out, done, and over with.  I'm feeling angsty about the Grandpa part coming.
kakashi: Jung-tae is led out ... everybody's there to welcome him. They feed him tofu, and Ok-ryeon hugs him. No, Old Man Fly, this is NOT how you make babies. Jung-tae sees Seol and Baek-san further away ... and Gaya. And Jae-hwa.
JoAnne: The way he is with Ok Ryeon gives me warm fuzzies, it does. I would like to be hugged comfortingly against that chest. Yes I would.
kakashi: Later, the noodle guys to their things again (each thinking their noodles are better) and Old Man Fly has some more dog shit for him. So-so shoos them all out and Old Man Fly promises to bring Tiger shit next time. Yes, why not! Lady Doctor lets us know that his shoulder is fractured and then, Ok-ryeon and Jung-tae are alone. Yikes, cheeeesy! Don't like.
JoAnne: Well *I* like. He isn't going through the motions with Ok Ryeon. He genuinely cares about her and wants to be with her. We worried about that.  I know there's a part of him, a wild part, that connects with Gaya.  But he WANTS to be with Ok Ryeon.
kakashi: Jae-hwa, who just parted from the Lady Doctor, who is more pleased than usual with him, is quite rudely bumped into by somebody walking by ... it's nobody else but Aoki. Squeeeeeeee! He is wearing a suit again and I am glad I know he is perfectly legal because .... rawwwwwr. He is quite deadly, this one, as he calls Jae-hwa the "Leader that Bangsamtong people turned their backs on". When Jae-hwa steps closer, he pulls out a name card ... identifying himself as Public Affairs Intelligence Director:
JoAnne: Man.  This man.  So hot.  Both.  Hot. Yes.
kakashi: Gaya is arriving at Seol's place. She has tea with the evil papa and I hope for her sake she knows what she is doing! They chat a bit, but she simply wants to know who killed her mother. He is about to tell her when the door opens. It's Baek-san and he asks for a moment with Seol. 
JoAnne: I think she knows what he's up to but I don't know that she's as prepared for his shit as she thinks she is.
kakashi: Jung-tae is lying in bed when the door opens ... and Shinichi steps in. Squeeeeeeeeeeee! They take this outside quickly, and Jung-tae wants to know what he is doing here. Reason? He has none, says Shinichi. Well, he wants to eliminate him, that's all. Jung-tae touches his hurt shoulder. Yeah ... not good. Shinichi probably practised for three whole years, cause Jung-tae doesn't stand much of a chance against him this time.
JoAnne: Really do not get the timing of this, but whatever.  I'm ready!
kakashi: Baek-san has the intel: Shinichi is after the injured Jung-tae, who might be in danger. Off he goes to help. Also there: Do-ggo. Ah, so he was the one who told them? Oh .... he is working all parties and angles, but at whose orders?
kakashi: Things aren't going too well for Jung-tae and Shinichi has the gall to tell him that he's been lazy with his training. Jung-tae says he, on the other hand, has improved a lot ... but is this for Gaya - or for Il Gook Hwae? And he asks him again to let Gaya go. Come on, Jung-tae ... don't you remember how that enraged this guy last time? Shinichi says that's her decision and just you worry about yourself. Jung-tae on the other hand says he cannot die until he has revenged his hyungnim (Poong-cha!!!!). They continue fighting, Jung-tae goes down, and Shinichi is ready to strike a fatal blow, when he gets interrupted by Baek-san.
JoAnne:  This buys you a point or two, Baek San.
kakashi: Oh, they know each other! Where from? Shinichi says get lost, but Baek-san is here to protect "Hwangbang's treasure". He has no interest in hurting Shinichi - but if he steps any closer, he will consider it an act of war. Oh, interesting ... so they met 20 years ago? They agree that the loser of this fight leaves Shanghai. Noooooo! Shinichi just got here!!! Our samurai grabs a wooden sword and Baek-san says he's honored to fight Il Gook Hwae's sword here and now. Shinichi turns to Jung-tae and says: take a good look. When this fight is over, I will kill you. Haha, I don't think so, love.
kakashi: And the fight begins! Things seem about equal, but then, Baek-san uses his hands of cement. Bang! Hey! This is one of my favorite characters! Be careful! Jung-tae watches it all with interest and suddenly, Do-ggo is behind him, asking him whether he saw that? It's a special technique - if you get hit by one of those, you get a huge bruise. Just then, Baek-san gets a few more of his brutal hits in (nooooo!) and Shinichi goes down ... he spits blood. And Jung-tae realizes WHO it was who killed his father.
JoAnne: Do Ggoo, I love you.


kakashi: The big secret is out, and the gang-wars will go into a new round. Everybody against the old man from Hwangbang? Nice. The question is who can take on Baek-san, and the answer is probably: nobody. So I guess Jung-tae will need more training and he will get it from Mo Il-hwa, who either received training himself from Baek-san, or at least has a similar fighting style.
JoAnne: Mo! Il! Hwa! Mo! Il! Hwa! Mo! Il! Hwa! #DontGetNoBetterThanMo

kakashi: Also, everybody here know how much I adore Shinichi (I'm not even sure why apart from that fact that he's such a gorgeous man), so this coming from me is a lot, but ... he is getting really annoying. Can somebody please talk to him and tell him that killing Jung-tae is not a good idea?
JoAnne: And then bitch slap him into next Sunday? But first, make him explain his backstory?

kakashi: The probably most interesting character at the moment is Jae-hwa. What will he do? He may be power-hungry etc., but he is also quite decent, most of the time, with a sense of honor. The best that could happen (though it probably won't) would be that he would sacrifice his ego for the greater good and side with Jung-tae in the fight against the oppressors. 
JoAnne: This is where I'm going with this.  But of course, my mind skips ahead to the end.  Of the frenemies - who dies, who lives? Does Jae Hwa sacrifice himself for the people's hero? Or does the hero sacrifice himself for the man who WANTS to be the leader?