Age of Feeling / Inspiring Generation - Episode 22 (A SqueeCap)

Dear God: Please do not kill Aka yet.
kakashi: He is totally expendable. I'm more afraid for Aoki and much, much more for Mo. Mo Il-hwa doesn't serve any purpose but to look cool, smile crazily and comment on Jung-tae's abilities. I think he's a goner. All the ones we want dead (like Ok-ryeon! Now! Princess Seul, his Black Knight) seem to prosper eternally. They might have babies and build an empire and then we'll have AoF2 with that spawn.
Episode 22

Jung Tae gets everyone pumped over in Bamsangtong (the only ones not clapping: Mo and MoMinion), and then he leaves to get Princess Seul. The evil troll is wearing all white, which I believe is a funereal color in Asia? Perhaps he will die? Please? In the car, they go over last minute details. Jung Tae has made Club Shanghai secure. Seul has prepared his troops so that they'll mobilize with one phone call. Jung Tae says ok. I say not so fast, cowboy. 'They'll mobilize with one phone call' means they are NOT mobilized. Wanna bet there's no plan for them to do so? Jung Tae asks Seul to promise that when the war is over, Ok Ryeon can be returned. Sigh. Why do you even bother asking, Jung Tae? How could you possibly trust anything that comes from a troll's mouth? Seul is smiling, so I know for a fact that he has a plan that Jung Tae doesn't know about.
kakashi: Yeah, and that plan, as we know, is to kill Jung-tae as soon as the Gookies have been beaten. Only ... that's such an old plan, the thing about the killing, I don't even know whether we should still call it plan. I think Seul has dementia. That's going to be the twist in this episode and it will be revealed that he is Mo Il-hwa's father. 
Ahh, they're at Il Gookie for Denkai's funeral. I love all the men in traditional Chinese clothing with fedoras. It's like we're surrounded by tiny gangster priests (one thing this show got persistently right is the really good costumes). Jung Tae immediately runs into Gaya, who tells him if he leaves right now, he can still live. He has no reason to fight for HwangBang. He tells her that he isn't fighting for HwangBang, so don't worry. She replies that he should live, then, so he can meet the person he so longs for. I don't know about you, but MY brain immediately goes to Chung Ah. Who knows who Jung Tae thinks she means. Maybe Ok Ryeon? Does he remember that he has a sister?
kakashi: It seems everybody has dementia in this show. Didn't Gaya kinda tell him in episode 21 that she would now be ready to lift a sword against him? And now she's all "ohhhh, my Jung-tae-ah" again? *shakes head* As for Chung-ah ... remember, waaaaaay back then, when Do-ggo lured Jung-tae to Shanghai telling him he would be able to see his sister there? Yeah. So I'm guessing the Gookies have her or at least know where she is. Does anybody care at this point though? I certainly don't. 
Gaya escorts them to the VIP Funeral Guest Room, where they meet up with Aoki. Everyone pretends he's simply a government official, not part of Il Gookie (*sigh*). Aoki is still the finest thing on two legs, Yummy Tummy not withstanding. In fact, if Jung Tae ripped off his shirt, rubbed his abs with oil, and did a nice little series of flexed poses for me? I'd have a hard time deciding whether I wanted to watch that or Aoki's face making teeeeeeeeeeeeeny tiny facial movements. He's just that beautiful.
kakashi: In this episode, I once again muttered to myself (Several times) how good an actor uri Cutie Soo is. I don't know why that keeps surprising me... And I liked how he said "goodbye, Jung-tae" when he walked by his "rival". He is scary like hell if he wants to be. And I think he needs a lead role soon. He is ripe and ready.
Jung Tae is on full alert - as they enter the room, he informs Seul that now the front gates will close. The attack will come soon. Seul is puzzled - they would invite him to the funeral and then attack him? How could Jung Tae let him come under those circumstances? Jung Tae says they HAD to come, to show that Club Shanghai would be empty at that moment. He tells Seul that the minute Aoki leaves it's to start an attack on HwangBang and Shanghai. Seul wants to know what they're supposed to do, then. Jung Tae's response scares the bejesus out of the tiny evil troll: Once the military soldiers move to attack HwangBang and Club Shanghai, then Il Gookie troops will move out, and Jung Tae and Seul will be responsible for what happens where they are.
kakashi: It's all thought through by Stratego Genius Jung-tae - what can go wrong!
Aka enters the room! The doors shut slowly behind him and a thoroughly alarmed Seul demands of Gaya what she intends to do. Gaya is very direct: The war has started. She's sorry, but she'll pay for her sin in the next world. Aka, she says - take him!
kakashi: Aka has a good physique! A really thin waist and VERY broad shoulders.
Don't you remember The Glorious Fight?
Ah, I do! But it's the black he is wearing ... it does wonders to his figure. 
Aka starts to circle Jung Tae and Seul. When Jung Tae doesn't move, Seul starts to panic (hahahaha, he hides behind Jung-tae, so funny) - but Jung Tae does nothing until Aka actually pulls out his sword, at which point he kicks the bigger man in the stomach, driving him to his knees. As Aka resumes his fighting position, Jung Tae explains to Seul: Everyone lives at the point of a sword, but I think it's been a long time since you felt the anxiousness of that. Voice dripping with sarcasm, Seul thanks Jung Tae for the lesson.
kakashi: Just die already. Jung-tae, why don't you "by accident" hit Seul? Oups, sorry Princess! Your head has come off! I really didn't mean to! 
Jung Tae tells Aka the fight is between them, and as Seul sloooowly backs away he's thinking what an arrogant bastard Jung Tae is, making a point about what might happen if Seul doesn't keep his promise to release Ok Ryeon (oh, will she die?). Jung Tae is thinking that he'll put a severed head on the dead leader's table, but I'm not sure if he intends that for my Aka (um, no.) or Princess Seul (yes, please.)
kakashi: What's with this severed head obsession lately?
The military soldiers arrive at Club Shanghai, led by Aoki. At this point, really, do we even have to say how unfreakingbelievably handsome this man is? Because he is again. As they double-time into the club, we can see all our Bamsangtong people peering around the corner of the street. The club is empty, of course. The soldiers disperse at Aoki's command to search the entire club for 'the documents' and fake liquor.
kakashi: Oh yes he is really really really handsome - but he also is in shit that's really really deeeeeeep. This is not going to end well for him, is it?
Outside, the Bamsangtong Boys meet up with the residents, and Mo says that since the 'wild pig' is inside, they should make their move now and orders them to their assigned places. While that's happening, Mo, Minion, Old Man Fly, and So So (ha) will move to the telephone switchboard company.
kakashi: Ha! And now the fun starts. As for MoSo ... dare we still hope? But Mo! Cut your friggin hair!
At the same time, Aoki's minion arrives at Seolrak with more soldiers and a warrant to search for opium. He's met by Baek San, who calls for HwangBang soldiers to watch Aoki's soldiers and make sure everything is on the up and up. Do Ggoo is lurking around the corner, and the look on his face is definitely 'reconsidering recent choices'. Ok Ryeon wants to know what's going on and whether Jung Tae is involved. Oh, he's right in the middle of it, the leader of Bamsangtong, with Il Gook Hwae and HwangBang fighting over that place. Do Ggoo tells her she should pray really hard.
kakashi: I'm annoyed at how they handle Do-ggoo's character - or rather don't. Totally redundant. Get rid of him. Cut his head off, maybe? 
Jung Tae and My Aka are fighting at Club Shanghai - Jung Tae is doing well, sending Aka reeling with the force of his blows and not allowing many of Aka's to land - but how do you beat a guy who doesn't feel pain? He won't stop until bones break or he bleeds to death and he's physically incapable of continuing, right? Jung Tae hits My Aka often enough, hard enough, that he drops his sword. He reaches down to pick it up but oddly just brushes it with the back of his hand a few times before he reaches over with his left and grabs it. ! All those hits and kicks to the back and the shoulders - it seems like something is broken. It occurs to me that this 'no pain' thing could be a disadvantage, too. I don't think My Aka knew he was hurt before he suddenly couldn't use that arm.
kakashi: Seems like Neo-Jung-tae has learned a new technique over night, likely called something like Pung Tae Ro Ka. It's a technique to paralyze an opponent by just gently brushing against him. He has skillfully developed it further in just half and hour and he can now kill when he no longer brushes but hits full force.
Mo, Minion, and Chubby Chi walk up to the telephone switching station, which is guarded by two men. I haven't paid enough attention to the uniforms, but I think these are military, not HwangBang or Il Gookie. They step in front of our trio, and Mo smiles sweetly. The other two karate chop the soldiers down and Mo smiles again, I squee again, and we all head into the building.
kakashi: *Insert Mo fangirl chant*
Interesting. As the two men carry over a sheet-covered table, Mo greets - Old Man Fly and SoSo? They're at two of the positions; uniformed operators cover the remaining two and are joined by a third, observing. Apparently the story is that the newcomers are conducting 'realistic training.' He tells them to continue on with what they've been doing, and gestures for the table to be uncovered.
kakashi: Yeah, and for the rest of the sequence, these other women just miraculously disappear. Why not.
There's a map with little black baduk stones, a bunch of different telephones in a row, and a series of light bulbs attached to the edge of the table. The light bulbs are all lit. Mo stares intently at the map, which is good because he's having a particularly handsome day and we get to look at him for uninterrupted seconds.
kakashi: Gooooooood shots. Hey, this show did really well with the costumes and it continues to deliver on the visuals, until the end. Well done!
At Club Shanghai, Jung Tae is kicking the SHIT out of My Aka. Which, ok, yes, that's what is supposed to happen but still. It's My AKA. After kicking him so hard he crashes through the doors, Jung Tae punches my boy right in the nose. He slumps, and Jung Tae turns his back and struts into the room, all 'I am one tough hombre and don't you forget it' serious. Um...
kakashi: Sigh ........ oh well.
Jung Tae stops in front of Gaya and Yamamoto. My Aka is up and - a bit unsteadily - lurches into the room. But then he stops and his eyes (ok his EYE) opens wide and he sort of...hiccups...and all this blood comes out (surely not all?). You can tell he doesn't know what's happening. He takes three more steps and falls - first to his knees, and then to his side. He twists his head to look at Gaya. She and Yamamoto both have these 'oh SHEET' looks on their faces.
kakashi: WHY is this Yamamoto guy still around???! Chop his head off already!!!
He's struggling to get up, and Yamamoto helpfully points out Jung Tae's location in a frantic voice. I never liked you, you jerk. Gaya explains that he's paralyzed because he's been hit repeatedly at so many pressure points. My Aka collapses back to the floor. But he's not dead!
kakashi: Yeah, but this might still be the last we see of Aka, JoAnne. Or maybe he will be in a wheelchair next?
I volunteer for bath duty. And physical 'therapy.'

At the switching station, Mo is running through the strategy. Do we care about the details? I think not. But look at how cute he is being all serious and educational. Basically, they're going to use the telephones to misdirect and confuse the opposition.
kakashi: When he's on screen I am usually too distracted to read subs anyway.
Chubby Chi is hilarious when he imitates a frantic bank employee under attack!
kakashi: Awwwww, his few seconds to shine! He did so well!
Next, 'the casino' calls Il Gookie to report trouble and Yamamoto thinks to call the nearest branch for support. So So connects him to a tea house and everyone in the room facepalms so I don't think it was deliberate, but it certainly amps up Yamamoto's angst. When he does reach 'the East Branch' (Old Man Fly) he learns that they can' t help the casino since they themselves just faced an attack.
kakashi: Delicious. When Mo facepalms I squee like a piglet.
And so it goes, until before he even realizes it Yamamoto has dispatched every last soldier from Il Gookie away from headquarters. Old Man Fly conveniently is still on the line and gestures to Mo, who tells him to hang up. It's time for Phase 2 of the Operation: Empty Ashtray They never said if there was a name for Phase 1, I think. *tsks at lack of consistency*
kakashi: Oh please, do not ask these writers for consistency!!!! Also: Yamamoto is such an idiot. It's a miracle Il Gookie stood as long as it did with him around and in charge. 

PoodleTop and Kwang Pei are lingering around outside of Standard Bank (the Sanghai branch) with a bunch of Bamsangtong residents. They mask their faces and enter the bank at PoodleTop's direction. Of course, a bank employee calls the switchboard and asks for the police to be alerted and to be connected to Il Gookie. Mo tells her they just have to wait for Jung Tae to escape, now, and directs SoSo to make the connection.
kakashi: Big Leader! We need you!
At Il Gookie, Jung Tae and Gaya are circling each other warily when Yamamoto rushes in with updates. Gaya shoots an accusing glance at Jung Tae and Seul looks amused at the news. When Gaya rushes out of the room, he laughs and then gives very exaggerated applause, but his compliment to Jung Tae leads me to think he is genuinely impressed. Jung Tae simply responds 'let's set down here' but then in the next moment they're leaving Il Gookie in the car, so... maybe he means 'let's set down here' as in 'let's not bother with this anymore'
kakashi: That Seul-JungTae stuff bores me, next.
Gaya wants to know where Aoki is and then asks to be connected to him at Club Shanghai. Seul wants to know what comes next, which is a good question because so far, Il Gookie guys are scattered to the four winds but there's no actual problem at the places they've been dispatched to 'save' so there aren't actually any casualties. Jung Tae says they'll pick them off one by one, and for now they're headed to the switchboard building.
kakashi: Only when he gets there, Seul isn't with him anymore. Small tiny detail, I know.

Aoki is at Club Shanghai, striking his go-to pose: hot and angry. One of his soldiers rushes in - not only are there no documents anywhere, but there's a map of all Il Gookie posts on the wall! He rushes into Jung Tae's office to inspect the maps himself and conveniently, the phone rings. Also, maybe of note: Mayhem commenced at 2pm. It's now 10 after.
kakashi: It's completely unimportant, but I like the watches. In fact, I particularly like Jung-tae's which we saw in episode 21. It shows an image of Australia. Why? We don't know. 
Aoki answers the phone and Gaya quickly brings him up to speed: All the outposts are under attack, Standard Bank is in danger, and oh, yeah: there's 12 soldiers left at HQ. Aoki tells her to redirect all soldiers at the branches to the Main Bank, and he'll head over there with the military, too. She tells him not to come - what if he gets caught? He thinks better of his decision and agrees with her. She'll deal with the bank attack and he'll continue to look for the documents that will destroy Princess Seul.
kakashi: Yes, because everybody is really stupid and still thinks Aoki is "just" a normal government officials, right?
At the switchboard, Old Man Fly is crowing at their success so far and wants to know what's next. Mo drapes himself coolly on the table and replies that now they bow out and let the 'two tigers' fight each other. Jung Tae walks in and explains in great deal Hwang Bang this and Il Gookie that. I guess they no longer care what those other operators, the real ones, think is happening.
kakashi: Ah! Big Leader is here! All will be well!
Jung Tae looks around and asks for PoodleTop. Mo is still artfully draped on the tabletop (he sits on the strategic map! that's how cool he is!) but checks his watch and replies that it's about time for him to check in, and then we watch as the very man in question runs out of the bank with a big bag o'money. They've all got bags, though the other men carry considerably less. Oh, here's why. Kwang Pei falls and his bag spills open. Gold ingots spill out and he struggles to pick them all up. Everyone jumps on the truck and drives off.
kakashi: Okay, people. Here's a thing. Has any of you ever held a gold bar? No? Well, I have. That stuff is SO HEAVY you could never run around with a full bag of it - plus, the bag wouldn't hold it. It happens ALL THE TIME in movies and it makes me angry.
So So receives a call reporting in that the robbery has happened, and Jung Tae asks to be connected to the HwangBang soldiers. I begin to wonder where Seul went to - he's not in the room, not that I've seen anyway (he had to go to the toilet real bad). Jung Tae calls to order the HwangBang soldiers to Standard Bank and declares that as of now, it's war.
kakashi: Yeah, cause if you don't declare it, it's not happening.
I actually expected there to be no one for him, that Seul was lying.
Sure enough, it's mayhem. Lots of stabbing and yelling going on, and SoSo receives a report that Il Gookie is being overwhelmed. Everyone at the switchboard room cheers, but Jung Tae says there's still one more: connect him to Club Shanghai, where Aoki is currently staring at the map on the wall. At first I thought he was in despair and holding himself up but no... he's tracing routes and thinking. Who knew that thinking could make you look more handsome by the second? He answers Jung Tae's call on the first ring and the men tersely confirm their identities. Jung Tae wonders how it feels to have won the Club so bloodlessly, and shares that he left a present there for Aoki.
kakashi: This is so juicy. LOVE the interaction.
In the time-honored manner of surprise giftees everywhere round the world, Aoki asks what that might be. Jung Tae simply replies that if he finds it, he will know a taste of the hell that is coming for Il Gookie. Well gee, that's kind of a disincentive, dont'cha think? Aoki asks if it's the map and Jung Tae says oh, you found it already? Then enjoy it. Well that wasn't anticlimactic or disappointing or anything.
kakashi: Yeah, and he didn't just HANG it there for EVERYBODY to see right away. Duh!

Aoki responds by calling Jung Tae a cowardly bastard, hiding behind a phone. Come out and fight! Jung Tae wonders if perhaps Aoki doesn't have anything else he should be thinking about at this moment. Cut to Mo looking pale and mysterious and perhaps a little puzzled. Jung Tae continues: This is what he's talking about! His people and Aoki's people, their lives are on the line! Does he get it now?
kakashi: What's the point of this conversation again? Ah, who cares. Look at how beautiful they are.
I'm puzzled and so is Aoki, but as Aoki shakes the phone in his hand and then slams it down I wonder if maybe Jung Tae WASN'T actually chastising him for always allowing his personal feelings about Jung Tae to intrude. Perhaps he's trying to get him to think that he should be thinking about HwangBang right now.
kakashi: Yeah ... or something else. Whatever, JoAnne, whatever.
As minion rushes in to say that they couldn't find anything at HwangBang, Aoki explains that it was all a trap set by Jung Tae. He turns back toward the map and points out the branches where Il Gookie men are, announcing each as being about 5km from the Main Branch. If those men rush to the bank, they'll arrive tired and thirsty. It won't be a fight, in that case - it will be a massacre.
kakashi: You don't say.
In front of the bank, it kinda looks like one already. There's a lot of Il Gookie down on the ground in those distinctive white and black kimono, and before she realizes what's happening Gaya is surrounded.
kakashi: Goodbye Gaya! You were awesome in the beginning, but lately, you only make me yawn.

Aoki is going to use the military soldiers to support Il Gookie. His minion points out that if he gets caught, he'll be fired (how many times have we heard that now?). Aoki points out that his 'position' isn't the most important thing right now, and insists on going to the bank himself. Minion begs him, and yup, Aoki confirms his motivation for me. He's worried about Gaya, first and foremost.
kakashi: D'awwwwwwwww .... he will risk his career for the woman he loves! D'awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwz.
Worth noting: Jung Tae is now being called Dae Hyung by SoSo... a sign of respect and acknowledgement that he is fully their leader in this. I'm sure it will spread.
kakashi: But what about MoSo? He doesn't even look at her. But she sure annoys him.
Well then, love can't be far behind.

Gaya is giving her all in front of the bank - those double blades are doing major damage to anyone who comes near her. Aoki arrives just as she stumbles and falls, though, and he watches as she's kicked and surrounded. He leaps from his jeep, shots ringing out as he picks off her attackers one by one. I notice just now that neither blades nor guns are blurred. There's not much blood, though, so maybe that was the compromise. He runs to Gaya, who confirms that she is ok; all fighting has halted for the moment but when Aoki stands and drops his weapon HwangBang men rush to the attack. Oh good, he grabbed a sword - I thought he was intending to down them with just his awesomeness! I know he's confident, but I don't think that would have worked.
kakashi: Goodie! Have him fight more! Rip off his shirt!
Even so, he's quickly surrounded and backed up against the bank doors; the numbers against him are just too uneven. As his men arrive, he orders them to kill everyone, but that tall ChirinBang dude arrives, too, and orders everyone to halt (right, who is he? I've been wanting to ask and have been dying to find out ever since we first saw him. I know I've seen him before!). He accuses Aoki of using the government's soldiers for personal reasons. He orders Aoki to put down his sword and says that he'll be arrested.
kakashi: Yeah. That. We've been told 10000000 times. But is this Stratego Jung-tae's doing as well?
Aoki walks through the assembled men with his arms spread wide, palms up, looking bad ass. Is it enough that I just resign? he says. Apparently not, since he needs to be 'processed.' Nope, says Aoki, dropping his bloody sword. I resign right now. ChirinBang points a gun at him. You're going to prison, not Il Gook Hwae, he says. Gaya watches anxiously from her crouch by the door, then slowly rises and makes her way toward the face off. She's holding her arm and limping, breathing hard. Aoki looks hotter than the sun standing there with his arms wide and a 'watcha gonna do now?' look on his face.
kakashi: Aoki, Aoki, Aoki .... that CYA-strategy doesn't fit you. Go down proud, come on.

Gaya calls Aoki's name imploringly and ChirinBang responds with instructions to arrest her, too. Aoki points out that it's mostly Il Gookie dead or injured - if ChirinBang arrests him, too, then hasn't HwangBang won? ChirinBang looks confused. Me too. Wouldn't you think that ChirinBang would WANT HwangBang to win? Why point out a major selling point, Aoki? Ah, because he's saying it's enough. He wants them to let Gaya go.
kakashi: I guess it's a power thing. ChirinBang >> HwangBang.
ChirinBang is incensed that Aoki would dare to give orders. Which... he didn't... he made a request. Sigh. These people. Anyway, Aoki points out. Jung Tae couldn't have done this without access to the telephone switchboard, and didn't YOU allow him in there, Security Director? If there was an attack against the country right now, would you be able to help, considering your switchboard is all tied up? oooooh, good point Aoki.
kakashi: Only Mo disabled the soldiers and even though we know he went to the Tall Dude to ask for access, he could also just deny it. This doesn't make much sense.

ChirinBang isn't swayed though and gives the order: Arrest Aoki and everyone who used weapons! He does let Gaya go, though.
kakashi: WHY?! !?!?)
Remember that first time he met Gaya when she was doing her Mata Hari femme fatale thing?  His tongue practically detached itself from his face. I am sure he plans to avail himself of her gratefulness.
Scooby Gang returns to Club Shanghai in high spirits and loaded with money, laughing over the rout of both enemies. Jung Tae is markedly low key, but Poodle is excitedly planning to buy everyone in Bamsangtong a house and an ID card. How is it that this man was ever Roy Chang? He even SOUNDS stupid.
kakashi: I like the Chi-Chi gangsters though. They were fun.
Me too. All the minion-y people were good.

Chubs wants a party, and Jung Tae says maybe next time. Mo, ever alert to the moods of his bromance partner, assures him that even though Ok Ryeon is important, Jung Tae should let them have their celebration. That's right - Seul still has Ok Ryeon, and I'm curious because they never really explained what happened with him (toilet! I told you!). He was with Jung Tae in the car, Jung Tae said they were going to the telephone company, they arrived at the telephone company, but only Jung Tae actually was ever seen from that point.
kakashi: JoAnne, do not search for logic too much. You'll go insane.
Jung Tae agrees to the party and smiles to see the happiness on his friend's faces. SoSo meets up with Ok Ryeon and fills her in on the day's events. She asks specifically about Aoki and I'm puzzled for a second, but then I remember that he's holding that pesky murder over her head - only the reason she's asking is because she's glad that Jung Tae repaid the killer of her mother and Ahjussi Choi. So So is there on a mission, though! 'Leader Shin' has ordered her to take Ok Ryeon's measurements.
kakashi: I get rashes all over my body when I see her stupid smiley face. Here's a really small pic of her.
Baek San is filling in Seul. 70 Gookie dead, 100 injured, the rest arrested. For HwangBang, out of 300 men, 24 dead and 70 injured. As for Jung Tae - not one injury, loss, or arrest, plus they stole about 5 years worth of Club Shanghai income from the Gookie bank. Well that just chaps Seul's ass, doesn't it. Baek San adds fuel to the fire. That's not all of it, either! They're having a party! The princess burns with rage. Well, he'll just have to send along his congratulations, WON'T he. Poor Seulie, you never get invited to the good parties do you.
kakashi: They don't want old people there, sorry.
At the party later that evening, Do Ggoo proffers his leader's congratulations to the assembled Bamsangtongers. Some girl with a Munchkin voice is dancing with a group of women in purple glitter on stage. Old Man Fly is up there too, much to SoSo's disgust, but when MoMinion stands, Mo waves him back down. We can see both of Mo's eyes... did he get a trim for the party? Minion looks at him pleadingly and Mo shoots him that parental 'do not TEST me' look. It's adorable. Now please go make out with SoSo.
kakashi: That was probably the BEST sequence in the whole episode.
Is it weird that stuff like that makes me think that even though he LOOKS like he would be cool and remote and dazzlingly handsome, in real life Song Jae Rim is probably an easygoing guy with a great sense of humor who doesn't take himself too seriously?
Later, in the office, it's just Jung Tae and Mo. Seul made the first move, Mo points out. He lazily waves a gold bar in the air. Shouldn't Jung Tae go make his greetings? Jung Tae wants to know if he can make the greetings, which is... sort of unclear to me but then he says what Seul needs is an OFFICIAL invitation. Mo is amused: Jung Tae wants to invite Seul to Club Shanghai, and then attack him? Yes, Jung Tae says. Seul has to die for the fight to end. We get a nice long set of seconds to stare at both of Mo's eyes as he stares at Jung Tae appraisingly.
kakashi: Sigh. Can Seul die already? All that talk about him dead makes me eager to actually SEE him dead.
Next thing you know Seul is giggling over a briefcase full of gold like an teenager over an Exo sighting. Also, much like that teen (and for that matter, Exo themselves) he can't stop touching the goods. He looks up at the Chi brothers, who brought the gift, and asks them how much it's worth - they don't know, since Jung Tae wouldn't let them look at it. Seul looks at Baek San, who shakes his head in warning, and then turns back toward the Chis. Eyes wide, he says he heard a rumor that there were FIVE boxes of gold... Chubby Chi responds that as for that, Jung Tae said he'd give it to Seul after the big party, and for Chi to make sure that Seul attended with Ok Ryeon. Seul shoots Baek San another look and suddenly it's Lizard Face as he tosses the gold back onto the pile carelessly. Go tell my son, he says, that the party should be held after my funeral. Shock! Fear! Meaning, I guess, that Seul ain't buying the act, and the war is still on.
kakashi: Whatever. Next.

I guess Seul's ahead of us, Jung Tae. Whatcha gonna do now? Mo wants to know. Gaya, responds Jung Tae. Ok, not following. Mo reminds him: just like we planned, if it's a place we go to, we will die. Not helping much, Mo. Jung Tae's response? Why would I die? I haven't even gotten married yet. Listen dudes, stop sniffing glue and start making some sense.
kakashi: Whatever. They have a plan, they will win, that's it.
Then do you have another plan? Mo asks. Jung Tae says he's going to take the chance to propose to Ok Ryeon. He asks Mo to deliver a message to ChirinBang: tomorrow, Shin Jung Tae will sit down to an engagement feast with his father, Seol Doo Sung. He asks that ChirinBang join them, and further states that he'll divide the Standard Bank money into 7 equal parts. Mo figures that will be all the encouragement they need. Mo agrees to help, and as he leaves, Jung Tae warns him that this has to be a secret. What part, Jung Tae? The proposal? The money?
kakashi: When I watched this really late last night, I thought I was just too tired to get it. But now I see that it was impossible to get it.
Shit. I was hoping you'd explain it to me.
SoSo and Lady Doc (ah! she still exists! why not chop her head off?) are with Ok Ryeon, and they're all cooing over the lovely dress that Jung Tae had made for his sweetheart. She is beaming because he is keeping his promise. He said he would come for her, and he is. I dunno, Ok Ryeon, seems like pretty much ANYone can visit you, so I'm not sure what the big deal is. Ok Ryeon cries a little at how hard Jung Tae has had it, sometimes because of her even - but still, she beams, he is coming for her. SoSo cautions her to be careful around the old maid doctor who misses Jae Hwa so much. Doc smacks SoSo and when they laugh, she warns them against 'what happens when you cry and then laugh.' We learn a new myth. Apparently, if you cry and then laugh, you grow hair in a place you might not appreciate. Sounds ticklish to me. And not in the good way.
kakashi: It pains me to say that whenever these ladies come on, it's just painful FILLER stuff. I HATE fillers.
Jung Tae is getting dressed, too. He has on exactly what he wears every day, but he puts on a fedora at a rakish angle and immediately becomes 200% more swoon-worthy even without the yummy tummy on display. He remembers back to that birthday where he didn't do anything right, and in real life and in memory, he takes the hat off again and smooths his hair back down. Dammit. He looks good in that hat! He remembers back to buying her the ring that night, and then looks down at the small diamond band in his hand. He has nice fingers. I do a mental inventory of Jung Tae's assets and decide that if this happens, she is one lucky girl.
kakashi: I don't want to marry Jung-tae. But I want to fatten up Mo Il-hwa and turn him into a slightly more normal human being. Yeah, I also take in stray animals.
I don't want to marry either one of them.  But I wouldn't say no to a long weekend.
Princess Seul knows what's up with having ChirinBang around and names his adopted son one sly, manipulative bastard. Baek San wants to know what he should do and Troll Dad says 'besides those who attend, prepare the drug.'

Yeah, me neither.

Baek San says unhelpfully, 'THE drug?' and Seul the Most Hated nods yes and then expositionally but STILL unhelpfully: From when we killed his father. THAT drug. Whatever, you troll. Just die, already.
kakashi: Hahahaha, THAT Drug, THE Drug, seriously! Show! Did you writers REALLY think we would accept this crap or get even mildly worried that you would kill our lovely people with THAT drug?
Ok Ryeon is so happy that she's not able to sleep. If she smiled any harder, I swear her face would split in two. I guess this means she's going to die next week. Maybe even tonight - there's still 7 minutes left to the episode (OHHHHH! Don't get me all excited!!!!). SoSo yells at her for interrupting her beauty rest. That's right, because we need her to be pretty enough to force Mo into making a move (I am not even sure Mo is into girls). Go the F to sleep, Ok Ryeon. She really is cute in her happiness, though, and I mean really...she's been waiting what? 10 years? 15? She jumps out of bed and says she needs fresh air. My heart immediately sinks. You've made me so pessimistic, Korea.
kakashi: If they make her die, hurry the fook UP.

Outside, Ok Ryeon catches site of Baek San with a stranger through an uncurtained window. She moves in for a closer look as the stranger hands Seul's hubby a small ceramic jar. She can't hear them, but she looks suspicious for a moment.. .and then waltzs off like she doesn't have a care in the world, so... I guess it's not really that suspicious to her, just something she noticed and will remember at a crucial point, I'm sure.
kakashi: Of friggin course cause why show it to us otherwise??! A smarter writer would not have shown this now - but only AFTER we all thought everybody was poisoned. Duh.
Engagement Day is sunny and bright and throngs of people descend on SeolRak. Princess welcomes his guests (I didn't realize it would be there, did you?) and accepts thanks for getting rid of Il Gook Hwae with some degree of puzzlement. Mo arrives wearing something different for a change. At first glance it looks like something from an '80s music video but I think it's a satin jacket over the traditional attire (I hope he washes that frock regularly). Jung Tae and Seul make a big point of greeting each other with familial affection and Jung Tae enters the room with the rest of the guests. That sort of puzzled me - this IS the event, right? He's not attending something else at Dad's lair, right?
kakashi: It's just this show having dementia.
The women admire Ok Ryeon's dress once again as it is spread out on the table. It's beaded and embroidered in a delicate pattern, the palest of pinks... very feminine. Lady Doc asks the beaming bride to be why she's crying, and Ok Ryeon pats her own cheeks and exclaims at the phenomenon - she didn't even realize it was happening. Doc encourages her to get ready.
kakashi: It's her death-tears.
ChirinBang are eating and drinking enthusiastically. Mo's looking around a bit - anxiously, perhaps? He whispers something to Minion. Seul enters the room and takes a seat at the table with ChirinBang and Jung Tae, who looks appropriately overwhelmed. He stands and says he has something to say to them. Does Ok Ryeon not even need to be in the room for this?
kakashi: There's a lot of shots of people drinking stuff. Remember THAT drug? Right. The show wants us to wonder and fear that all these people are drinking poison.
Jung Tae explains that as everyone knows, he and Ok Ryeon have known each other since Shinueuji. Now that Il Gookie is destroyed and there is peace in the land, he and Ok Ryeon wish to make the 100 year vow. He turns to Seul and asks for his father's permission. Tall ChirinBang interrupts - what permission? What reason would Seul have for stopping them? The elders all nod enthusiastically in agreement.
kakashi: so ...... was this the secret? That he wants to get engaged? I don't get it. Why else would all of these people have come? Does it matter? No it doesn't. Sorry I asked. Ah, wait ... she will HAVE to be released once he marries her, is that it?
Toad Face looks around the room sourly but when asked, he ho-ho-hos and smiles assent. Jung Tae's face says I know what you really think, old man, and I will eat you alive. Tall ChirinBang wonders aloud where Ok Ryeon IS, anyway? and off screen SoSo yells 'here she comes!' The three women enter the room. Sigh. Ok Ryeon has the body of a 13-year old, but the happiness is just coming off her in waves. SoSo is wearing some awful celery contraption but at least it's simple (there is a very short shot of Mo, looking flustered), and Lady Doc has on a truly lovely dress the color of a purple crocus, overlaid with lace (she is the most redundant of all characters in the room right now). Jung Tae looks like he's been slapped senseless as he stares at his bride, who smiles at him shyly. He takes her hand and leads her to the center of the room.
You waited long, right? I won't make you wait anymore. Thank you for waiting so long for me. He puts the ring on her finger and hugs her close as their guests clap enthusiastically. I will never be late again, Ok Ryeon. I will not cry again, either, she replies. Thank you for coming, Jung Tae. He pulls back and looks at her tenderly. I love you, he says before he kisses her. The room erupts into cheers and clapping.
kakashi: Yes, they've never seen a more boring kiss! They're so overwhelmed with grief at this poor, poor kiss, they go hysterical.
Annnnnnnnnnnd that's it for now, folks. Gonna be a long week.


Well, we have this final battle to get through, and I sincerely hope that Seul is dead at the end of it. I'm hoping Ok Ryeon isn't, but I think it's a safe bet that she will be. Possibly Gaya and Aoki, too.I wonder if My Aka is dead, or if we'll see him again? What about Jae Hwa? What about MOSO?  ...what about Chung Ah?
kakashi: So ... who has ingested the drug and who hasn't? I'm pretty sure there was some switcherooing going on before the party and Seul and his Gangsters will be the one under the influence. One episode to have everybody die - and one episode to wrap it all up. Definitely, Jung-tae will be reunited with Chung-ah (because that really matters at this point). MoSo can still happen, Jae-hwa might return (didn't he say he would?). Gaya will be Il Gookie's fearless leader, sad forever because she didn't get the man she wanted. Aka is dead or paralyzed and Aoki ... he will either rot in prison or die a painful death.