Bride Of The Century Episode 6 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  Our evil twin, scary doppelganger, freaky lookalike is back.  Now what happens?
JoAnne: Shit gets messed up for our cute babies, that's what.


Shuk:  With a glissando, Yi-kyung starts a piano version of the show's theme show "Come To Me" as sung by IdolBoy.  JangOppa realizes immediately what happened and calls Bubbles.  Flunkette runs to the room where Bubbles changed, but there's no Bubbles.
JoAnne: Plot twist: there's really only one girl, and this whole show is an elaborate joke on us. Eventually the one girl, in her evil persona, stabs Hong Ki and we all cry, the end.

Shuk: We get a flashback: JB was hiding in the car garage while JangOppa was looking at cars, and she overheard Bubble's phone call. So she calls JangMa, who tells her the sitch and tells her to hoof it to orphanage or all her well-laid-creepy-death plans will go to waste.
JoAnne: I'm allowing this as plot furtherance but all I really care about are the moments when Kang Ju or Bubbles are on screen.

Shuk: JangOppa finds Bubbles hiding in the orphanage and the four unite. JangMa fakes up some crocodile tears at her prodigal daughters return. He doesn't believe the spin doctoring, but there's not much he can do about it. Even our ditzy heroine is surprised at the perfect timing, but she's just happy she doesn't have to wear high heels anymore.

Shuk: JangBitch and JangMa have a pow-wow. the daughter is frightened but the mother says no problem, she'll make it so the stand-in stays. In any case the wedding will still go on.
JoAnne: Good thing we know you won't get your way.
Shuk: IdolBoy is home at the estate, and the family is happy. We get a snarky cute convo between brothers and ChoiDad is happy that the house is noisy. ChoiDad wants to invite Yi-kyung over for dinner, ChoiMother objects that there is no reason for it, and everyone is surprised at her strong objection.
JoAnne: Geez, one might think she didn't want anyone getting close to the first bride.

Shuk: The Parent Trap twins meet up, and Princess is just plain nasty to the Pauper, but Bubbles just lets it roll off like the good girl she is. She accuses Bubbles of putting her in the same situation she ran away from, but Bubbles says FirstBorn isn't that bad. She also hands her a list of stuff she's done with Kang-ju to keep her from tripping up. Kang-ju calls Bubbles, and she is slightly reluctant to hand it over to JB.
JoAnne: She earned that chaebol fair and square, dammit.

Shuk: Downstairs, JangMa gives Bubbles a little extra sumtim-sumtim, tells her she's like a daughter too, and how does she feel about moving to Seoul? Bubbles is understandably surprised. So am I, for that matter. Why would she want her in the same city as her daughter? She offers Bubbles a restaurant of her own, but the girl won't do anything with her grandmother.
JoAnne: People have theories about why this is a smart move, but I'm firmly in the 'logic fail' camp.
Shuk: OppaNotOppa sits in the dark with the receipt from his mother's desk and crumples it. The next morning, Bubbles is packing for her trip back to Namhae. She leaves the nice Yi-kyung couture but takes FirstBorn's jacket. It won't keep you as warm as the real thing, Bubbles.

Shuk: So she leaves, but not without a evil stare from the parapet. JB promises she won't get off that easily. A final wave and goodbye to OppaNotOppa. He's sad and alone again. He decides to chase after her. Um, why not use your car? Anyway, too late, she's on the bus before he reaches the stop.
JoAnne:  Because she was only supposed to be a couple blocks ahead? Who knows. Parking sucks.

Shuk: She stops by the Mouse House, and gives her JangMa's bonus to pay off the loan sharks and live a righteous life and to grab CoCo. Next stop the mall. Oh, she's giving the coat back. No, keep it! And that way you can stroke it every once in a while...
JoAnne: But no. She's taking what's hers and she's going home.
Shuk: FirstBorn shows up in the lobby, and she ducks behind a column, but after she drops the cat carrier. FirstBorm sees the carrier and opens it. Lee HongKi in pinstripes with kitten!! My ovaries have gone into overdrive.
JoAnne: Shuk's about to have a kitten.

Shuk: He sits down on the mall floor next her, wondering out loud why she is hiding. She claims no makeup. She tells him she's taking the cat to a friend's house, and he warns her not to be late tonight for dinner. She goes along with it, and with a few more words he gets ready to go. She hands him his coat, although he comments that, after all, she will see him tonight. With that he walks away, but she's happy she got to see him one more time.

Shuk: In his office, FirstBorn pulls the coat out to find a bag of sweet potatoes. He happily digs in just as Giraffe stops by. He tries to swivel-hide, but ends up good-naturedly giving Giraffe a couple of potatoes. Giraffe is amused, but then, aren't we all. He goes back to his giddy snacking.
JoAnne: Seriously. You'd think those potatoes were dipped in - I dunno. Think of something amazing.
Shuk: The nightmare is just beginning for JB. Cut open a fish?? She uses the excuse that her hands are tired from the one piddly song she performed yesterday. Ahjumma is puzzled but accommodating. JB is left to wander around, and she sees the face of the ghost in ChoiGrandfather's wedding picture. ChoiDad comes into the room, but doesn't know the name of the woman in the picture.
JoAnne: Or notices that this girl always looks like she smells poop.
Shuk: Another flashback to the medium's large room, post nasty ghost KB scare, when JangMa confirms the curse and that the Choi family is aware of it. She asks if there is any way to verify the curse. His answer? You will need to go back in time. This was the start of her evil plan.
JoAnne: Yay! Time Travel! THAT's what this show was missing!

ShukNote: Waitaminute. The medium says the ghost has existed for hundreds of years, but had corporeal existence only a hundred years ago?? My logic train has derailed, but I'm gonna go ahead and move along.
JoAnne: Maybe it's like when the price of something varies from hundreds to thousands from one episode to the next. *stares at subbers*
Shuk: FirstBorn shows up. He is just happy to see her, wondering why she is looking at his picture when he saw her this morning, saw her this afternoon, and gave him sweet potatoes. She still owes him for the possible scar on hand, but since she made a special trip to his office, they're even. She is a little off-kilter at his casual kind attitude, and her stilted response throws him off for a moment.
JoAnne: I can't decide what I want. Early detection, long disillusionment fraught with angst? or Late detection fraught with humor but short disillusionment.

Shuk: At dinner, she's eating like the food is poisoned, and ChoiDad wonders where her usually great appetite ended up. Choi invites her to his study after finishing dinner. They share small talk over tea, and he hands her an allowance, but there's a motive for his generosity - Rematch!! lol
JoAnne: Well how's she going to fake THIS?

Shuk: She ends up on the floor, sitting at the baduk table and covered in black spots. Princess is not happy. Bubbles is on the bus heading home, and remembered she hadn't said anything about the baduk game with ChoiDad. Kitten loudly proclaims who cares. Haah! JB ends up in FirstBorn's room wiping off the ink.
JoAnne: How careless of you, Bubbles.

Shuk: JB whines to her mother about her time at the ChoiEstate. She muses that her fiance seems different now, but she's not sure what it is. JangMa is ready to set the date and start the wheels.
JoAnne:  She's that unused to people being pleasant?
Shuk: Doo-rim comes home to a great reunion with her grandmother. She promises to never leave Grandma, but she wants her charge married. Was there anyone she liked in Seoul? Doo-rim mentions one guy who seemed nice, but was more interested in curvaceous woman with huge breasts. They lay down for the night, but Bubbles is awake. So is Grandma.
JoAnne: I sincerely hope that they don't kill off Grandma as a plot device to make it easier for Doo Rim to return to Seoul.

Shuk: At the ChoiEstate, the housekeeper is walking past the ancestor house when she sees sneakers. FirstBorn is there. She tells him how scary it is; why does he always end up wandering to this place? He tells her that it's calm and quiet. She's both happy and worried he's getting married, but he promises that her fears are groundless. ChoiMother shows up and chides him for believing gossip and false stories about their family.
JoAnne: The housekeeper makes me laugh. But why do she and the mother wear hanbok all the time and no one else has to change? It's not like the house is part of a tour or anything.

Shuk: At the house, ChoiMother lashes into Ahjumma for even breathing a word about their family situation, and makes her promise to not say a word to the Jang family.
JoAnne: I again wonder how it is that anyone in that family wouldn't already know.

Shuk: The smell of BS floats in the air as the Evil Moms work on the wedding plan.

Shuk: Doo-rim sadly looks at her lucky bracelet. It sure didn’t’ help her in Seoul. She lobs it into the sea, and heads back to the house. Suddenly she hears a yell, and turns around to see our resident Lady in Red pop up from behind the rocks. (Ok that is too damned creepy.) She tells Bubbles that the bracelet will be her key to everything she wants. After some thought, Bubbles takes it back. A car horn has her turning around – it’s JangOppa! Red warns that she will need to accept and handle everything that bracelet brings.
JoAnne: So you were alone on the beach and you definitely lobbed that bracelet out into the water, but it doesn't seem odd to you that suddenly a girl dressed up a bit too nicely for the beach is half-way up the rocks, there, and has your bracelet in her hand?  No? No alarm bells? Nothing that makes you go 'hmmm?'
Shuk:  I think it's been established that our Bubbles is not a candidate for Mensa.

Shuk: Grandma sets out a feast for their visitor, and he happily digs in, mentioning Doo-rim’s cooking. Grandma’s ears perk up like a coonhound, and she’s on the scent for grandbabies. He also brought gifts, including a mink scarf for her; he also promises to visit often.
JoAnne: Fully expected Grandma to point out that it's not only girls with large breasts who make good wives.  Because wouldn't HE be her logical assumption?
Shuk: Later, the two walk the beach, and he asks about the move to Seoul. She says it’s hard when her parents are there, and he grabs her hand. She smiles and says they are big and warm – like her dad’s.
JoAnne:  Because that's the feeling you want to inspire, yes. Poor OppaNotOppa, so doomed.

Shuk: Our little Flunkette Fisherman goes trolling, this time with Ahjumma. She gives her some expensive cosmetics, and in turn, Ahjumma spills the beans. She also mentions something about ChoiGrandmother’s will and the reason why the old part of the estate is kept. Wow, that was easy. And one more person learns the “Secret”.
JoAnne: One would almost think her sole role in this drama was to move the plot along.
Shuk:  You mean, it isn't?

Shuk: At JangHouse, JangMa wants to know when Bubbles will move to Seoul. OppaNotOppa says she’s thinking about it. Some spiders fall out of JangMa’s mouth. Not really, just more Fakey McFakerson lies about wanting her new daughter nearby. Gag.

Shuk: Grandma grills Doo-rim about JangOppa, and she asks her elder if she would like to move to Seoul and open a restaurant there.

Shuk: JangOppa is getting ready for work. JangBitch doesn't like the tie he is wearing but he refuses to change it. She asks him if he’s got a girlfriend and he replies she’s just someone he likes to hang out with. He smiles – he’s happy! Ugh, is JB jealous? Ugh Ugh.
JoAnne:  Show, tear this fauxcest down!

Shuk: JB and ChoiMother are together at the jewelry store, and ChoiMother shows her the ring that’s been passed down from ChoiGrandmother. Wait, the grandmother of the will? The grandmother in the wedding photo? Hmm.
Shuk: Flunkette gives a wedding present and “Congratulations” to Yi-kyung; after all, she’s going to be Mrs. Choi Kang-ju. Before leaving, Flunkette asks her to make sure she catches the wedding bouquet. Wow, nobody cares that their plans require a death…
JoAnne: Well it's not like they're causing the death. They're just making sure it's not...yeah because that's totally different and less horrifying.

Shuk: It turns out to be a box of lingerie. FirstBorn warns her not to wear it with the scary heavy makeup. He also wonders why she isn’t wearing her carnelian bracelet. Ooh, please put two and two together soon, Kitten Prince! 
JoAnne: So you're going for the long disillusionment option?
Shuk:  Oh yeah. A few sweet potatoes, a few kisses, a little tumble...
Shuk: Once in her car, she calls Kang-ju back, but nearly has an accident in the parking garage. He hears her scream in the phone before it gets cuts off, and bolts for the parking garage, which seems far far away. He catches up to her, breathless and worried, and she realizes that her fiancé has feelings for her lookalike.
JoAnne: I'm guessing now he realizes it too? Not that it's a lookalike, but that he cares.

Shuk: Granny is looking over the gifts from JangOppa, and decides he is the reason her granddaughter can’t sleep at night. She makes the decision – let’s go to Seoul and become rich and travel and be the envy of their town!
JoAnne: She sure is expecting a lot from that little neighborhood shop.

Shuk: ChoiDad hears from Ahjussi; the prank phone number is the former chauffeur of ChoiMother’s mother. Does this mean FirstBorn’s maternal grandmother had something to do with his mom becoming, yunno, Mom?

Shuk: ChoiMother makes her way to her hidden cache, where she pulls out Wifey#1’s diary. ChoiDad follows her, but all he sees is the Red Cliff shoe. He warns her not to follow the path of his mother and use the first wifey in order to secure the second. He won’t allow her to do that to Yi-kyung. He asks if she really believes that the family is cursed? She says she is doing this for their son. Dad storms out.
JoAnne: So he thinks it's no curse, just evil women. I guess there's no option for it to be women doing evil because they're compelled by a curse.
Shuk:  And hello! Paper walls, people! FirstBorn hears, and confronts his mother the moment she steps outside. She told him it was a made up story and not to listen to rumors, but it turns out she’s acting as if it’s real?? He leaves her there and heads to the ancestor house, angry. He lights incense at the altar and speaks out loud:
"I didn't think I had a heart. I didn't want to give my heart away. For the first time in my life, there's someone that I've given my heart to."
Shuk: As he turns away, a blue glow emanates from the altar, and he quietly says, “You’re here”.
JoAnne: Well. That I was not expecting.

Shuk: Ooh, so he’s known about the ghost all along. So why doesn’t he know about the curse? If she’s meddled this much in everyone’s life, how much has she meddled in his?
JoAnne: I guess this depends on whether he considers the ghost a friend or not. And then of course there's the issue of how she thinks of him.

Shuk: In some ways, Roo-mi’s knowledge of the curse makes it easier; at least she going to stop trying to sabotage the wedding. But now, based on the preview, it looks like Kang-ju is going to sabotage his own wedding, in order to protect the woman he loves. I hope someone comes up with Plan B.
JoAnne: Well it can't be Plan B because that only works the morning AFTER...and by then it's too late.