Bride Of The Century Episode 7 (A Squeecap)

Shuk:  So FirstBorn knows the ghost, but will she tell him anything? And can both mothers be hit by a Truck of Doom? This show has still got my attention with the interaction of the characters and the WTFery going on with our mysterious scary/nice/bipolar supernatural being.
JoAnne: Which ghost, though? Or have we determined that there's only one.


Shuk:  FirstBorn is not surprised to see our White Lady, and we get a series of flashback scenes of his life of her comforting him: during his kidnapping, after a fever, while he falls asleep over his homework (although he drew a pair of eyes on a piece of paper – hers?)
JoAnne:  I'm guessing yes.

Shuk:  He asks her if the curse is true, but she won’t give him a straight answer:  There’s a price to pay for being the head of the household, paid for in pain and sacrifice. He doesn't want his fiancee to die. The ghost tells him he holds the key, and his decision determines the result. With that, she disappears.
JoAnne:  Well that's a straight enough answer for me. Although maybe he just has to decide NOT to marry in order to protect womankind, and his sincere desire to do just that will be enough to break the curse? Nah, too easy.

Shuk:  JangOppa is all smiley to find out Doo-rim is heading to Seoul to scope things out, and promises to meet her at the bus station.  Granny tells her this is a good decision, and they will show up the gossips in town.  Doo-rim falls asleep happy to be heading back there in the morning.
JoAnne: Do you think she's aware that OppaNotOppa likes her likes her? Because I kind of thought she did, and that for a bit there she was kinda liking him back, and that this whole FirstBorn thing sorta snuck up on her.
Shuk:  FirstBorn spends the night in the ancestral home, unsleeping, until finally, his choice made, he heads back to the main house at dawn.

Shuk:  JangMa rubs her hands in glee when she finds out her stand-in is heading to the city.  Yi-kyung notices that JangOppa is practically bubbling with happiness. JangMa tells her to pick out a nice wedding dress, so Doo-rim can look pretty before she dies. 
JoAnne: Please let this woman get hit by a bus AS she watches her daughter fall off a building in shock at the sight of DooRim and KangJu, happy and alive on Day Two after the wedding.
Shuk:  JangOppa takes her to the flowery restaurant location he’s picked out.  She ecstatic – just clean off a few kimchi-kiss marks on the walls and its perfect for ramyun…err…seafood!
JoAnne: They'll need someone REALLY tall to get the cobwebs out of the corners...

Shuk:  At the wedding shop, JB glides her hands through a lacy veil as FirstBorn shows up at the shop.  She’s coy; does he think she’ll look beautiful in this dress?  He’s all business: no wedding, no how.  She pulls him into an anteroom and gets up in his grill: What are you saying? You can’t be serious, etc. etc.  He’s adamant, though.  They didn't want the marriage in the first place, it was a mistake.   He says one day she’ll thank him for his decision, and offers financial compensation for her mental anguish.
JoAnne: Puppy sad. MMM...Kitten sad? We can't call him Kitten. We can't. But if you call him Kitten Prince, he can't be Puppy, either. Lil smooshy face baby boy.

Shuk: JangMa, of course is incredulous. What did she do to change his mind? JB turns it back on Doo-rim; after all, she’s only been gone for a few days.  Ma thinks the timing for Doo-rim’s moving to Seoul is perfect.
JoAnne: So..let's get this straight. Doo Rim LEFT, and everything was fine. Now a few days of Yi Kyung have gone by, and the guy wants out of the wedding, and yet this is somehow Doo Rim's fault? (I mean, I know it's not EITHER girl's fault...I'm just pointing out the glaringly illogical reasoning - oh what the hell, they're planning to sacrifice a girl's life, and I care about logic why?)
Shuk:  At a restaurant, JangOppa fingers a red satin box as Doo-rim regales her grandmother over the phone. Oh no, OppaNotOppa, you’re going to spring this on her?? The ever-oblivious one hands her phone to him so Grandma can talk to him.
JoAnne: Please do not continue to finger anything while you talk to Grandma.
Shuk:  He tells her Grandma asked him to take care of her. What would she do if he kidnapped her? I think he’s serious; she thinks he’s joking. She asks him why he’s not eating, and he replies he likes her food better. She is still spectacularly obtuse. I guess he’s going to have to come right out and say….his phone buzzes just as he’s pulling the box out of his pocket. Did Doo-rim see it?  I’m not sure. It’s JangMa, of course, doing the cockblocking.
JoAnne: I know someone who actually owns one of those cock blocks.
Shuk:  They end up at JangHouse, and Ma convinces Doo-rim to go into Bubbles mode and find out what happened. JangOppa is not happy, and storms up to JB’s room.   He tells her it’s her problem to fix, but she says she can’t doing anything other than cry and beg.

Shuk: Kang-ju tells his parents of his decision to call off the wedding, and asked them to respect it. ChoiDad is relatively calm. ChoiMother is much less so, and confronts him in his bedroom. He can’t call it off! He snaps back that he’ll just marry Roo-mi then, and the look on Mom’s face seals the deal.
JoAnne: Despite the fact that he only said it because he knew what the response would be, I persist in laughing at the fact that he gives not one shit about Flunkette.

Shuk:  ChoiMother quickly calls her sister soulmate from the Big International Togetherhood of  Chaebol Harridans, and says the will go on, and she will make it happen.
JoAnne: Ah yes, I've heard of this organization.

`Shuk:  JangOppa is worried, and tells Bubbles she can just walk away since it’s not her problem anymore.  She feels she has to do it, though, so he tells her to be careful and call him afterwards.

Shuk:  She steps into FirstBorn's office. Did she run out of the house so fast she forgot pants? He won’t give her eye contact until she blocks his exit. She won’t leave until he gives her answer on why he’s breaking everything off.  A glance past her shoulder has her turning around – it’s Flunkette, who obviously just found out about the broken engagement. Without a single word, he leaves the office, and Bubbles plunks down for the wait.
JoAnne: Perhaps she thought leaving out the pants would make his decision easier.
Shuk:  Giraffe comes in; the meeting is taking longer than expected.  Bubbles heads for the boardroom.  The meeting is finally over, and Roo-mi wants to know the truth.  He flat-out asks her, should the two of them marry? Flunkette backs off, and he moves in for the kill. He knows now why she suddenly supports this marriage, and it won’t go the way she hopes.
JoAnne: So can she then just be fired and disappear? If he knows she knows, and she knows he knows she knows, and we know him knowing means he'll never marry her under any circumstances, shouldn't the writer know that it's time for her to go?
Shuk:  I know, right?
Shuk:  Bubbles and FirstBorn go up to a rooftop garden for their pow-wow.  He tells her from a business point of view she’s lacking, and from a personal point of view she’s lacking, and the idea of being married to her makes his stomach hurt. Since she’s below his expectations, it’s over. He turns away, but her words stop him: “It wasn't like that for me. My heart…”  He doesn't listen anymore, just walks away.
JoAnne: Awww...Bubbles got deflated. Not even popped.
Shuk:  ChoiMother tries to convince FirstBorn it’s all a misunderstanding. He would like it to be that; if so, why doesn't he marry Roo-mi? Because he knows that would be against all his mother’s plans. How can she throw Yi-kyung into this, with the expectation of putting her own pet, Roo-mi, in place if something happens to his first bride?? ChoiDad catches the tail end of the convo just as Kang-ju walks out. He asks his wife what happened, and blows up when he finds out about her machinations. But this knowledge won’t do anything to change their son’s mind.
JoAnne: I am so glad Dad knows what a bitch his wife is now.

Shuk:  Ahjumma is buzzing about the situation to her husband, and Ahjussi warns her to keep her mouth shut to anyone outside the family.  After he leaves, she wonders if Flunkette said anything after she lost her head and spilled everything just because of a few cosmetics.

Shuk:  Bubbles is three soju bottles to the wind and singing when JangOppa finds her. The third bottle has hit rock bottom, just like her. She drunkenly repeats everything FirstBorn said on the rooftop, and then wonders why she feels so hurt since she’s not Yi-kyung. He takes her to the Mouse House to dry out.
JoAnne: Poor Oppa, you're never going to be Oppa.
Shuk:  JangOppa tells JangMa what happened, and insists that Yi-kyung should fix this. But JB grandly walks down the stairs and announces she isn't going to do anything to change Kang-ju’s mind.  And the Baeksang Award for Best Use of Rehearsed BullShit goes to JangMa, who cries in an aggrieved tone that they’ll just have to bring back Doo-rim to fix this. The runner-up says she will go through with the wedding if ‘that girl’ corrects the situation.
JoAnne: Didn't they just DO that? And fail?

Shuk:  At the ChoiEstate, Dad and son have a talk. He understands his son’s decision, but asks if he believes in the curse.  He calls his son foolish, especially if he’s afraid of losing Yi-kyung.  Foolish Son says no, he doesn't want a marriage without love.

Shuk:  Dad decides it’s final time to confront the chauffeur.  I know I know, JoAnne unni, but at least he’s doing it now, with his son’s happiness at stake.
JoAnne: Pfft, whatever.

Shuk:  Doo-rim is awake and still fuming over FirstBorn’s words.  Mouse reminds her that she was a knock-off rich girl anyway.  Mouse is surprised at her tears.  A short time later, Bubbles has made a big meal for the two of them.   Her mouth is completely stuffed when there’s a call on the Yi-kyung phone – it’s ChoiDad!  She chokes down and answers.
JoAnne: What is the DEAL with putting so much food in your mouth at one time, Korea? And while we are on the subject, would it hurt to CHEW what you put in your mouth before you cram in another spoonful? I don't get it.
Shuk: Evil moms blah blah, poor daughter blah blah, poor son blah blah, they will still marry blah blah. Hwaiting! Double hidden evil smiles. Blech.

Shuk:  When ChoiMother gets home, her mom is there.  The Root of All Evil has heard of her grandson’s upcoming nuptials. She would rather he marry Roo-mi, daughter of a prosecutor rather than the daughter of a construction company. Next week marks ChoiMother’s aunt’s 80th birthday and she’s to bring the granddaughter-in-law with her. The Root also asks how she is doing, since she was so insistent on marrying him, even though he loves someone else. ChoiMother is happy with the arrangement and never expected anything else.
JoAnne: Someone should give her a dictionary with the page corner turned down at the 'H' - hee hee, it starts with H in Korean, too.
Shuk:  ChoiDad takes Bubbles to the lake with the Square Frame. He explains that his first wife and love is buried in the lake. He tells her about the rumors, the curse, and the spirit of the house that demands a sacrifice. He tells her that is the reason for his son’s rejection – that he is afraid to lose her. So, now, is there anyone who doesn't know the secret?? Maybe the local termite inspector or a hermit somewhere.
JoAnne: Herman's Hermits. That's another kind of hermit.
Not that kind of hermit.                        Not that kind of hermit, either.
Shuk:  Since Kang-ju was also betrayed and kidnapped, he hasn't let anyone in, but he’s different around her. ChoiDad asks her to keep what he’s told her secret [snort], and he will accept whatever choice she makes in regards to his son. Aww what a great dad.
JoAnne: I'm going to tell you a secret that everyone knows but will you keep it a secret that I told you about it?
Shuk:  Exactly! See, you understand!
Shuk:  At the office, Giraffe drops off a plate of delicious sweet potatoes for FirstBorn, after noticing that he hasn't been eating well.  He picks one up and stares at it, but doesn't eat.
JoAnne:  What light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and my sweet potato is the sun.

Shuk:  Bubbles gets the deed to the restaurant and JangMa warns her that the Choi family will not call off the wedding, so it’s incumbent on her to change the groom’s mind. JangOppaNotOppaNotHappy. Neither is she. They talk outside. He wants to know why she burdens herself with something that’s not her responsibility. She claims it’s to pay for the restaurant and denies any other reason.
JoAnne: But oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we endeavor to deceive.
Shuk:  ChoiDad meets with the shady chauffeur.  We don’t know what’s said, but ChoiDad coldly tosses him an envelope and warns him to disappear or he will make his remaining years a living hell. Ahjumma also warns him away. The man hurriedly takes off. At home, ChoiMother mentions the visit for the aunt’s birthday.
JoAnne: That was not ahjumma. But they were both scary.
Shuk:  Whups, typo.  Did you realize the chauffeur was the dead traitor in "Heartless City"? Still with the goatee.
Shuk:  Bubbles is still at the Mouse House, calling FirstBorn.  He’s not picking up, but the phone is in his room and he is outside by the tea plants, remembering all the times she confused and pleased him. She ends up outside on her rooftop, thinking the same things, up to when he walked away. They both sadly go back inside their respective homes.
JoAnne: Mopey McMopersons, the both of them.

Shuk:  The stone-faced ChoiGang head out for The Root of All Evil’s place and Ahjumma grumbles how nice it would be if Yi-kyung was with them. Ahjussi barks at her for saying such things.
JoAnne: She's cute but DUMB.
Shuk:  They arrive at the fancy mansion, and ChoiMother warns everyone not to talk about the wedding being called off.  ChoiDad reluctantly tells them to go inside.  Until, at the door, a bubbly fiancée pops up by the door and welcomes them!
JoAnne: Of course.


Shuk:  Well, we knew she wasn't going to stay away, but it’s nice how she surprised everyone, especially Kang-ju, who should already be familiar with her unpredictability. I’m not sure how she knew where to go, but I’m willing to go along with any reasonable (or wacky) explanation. After all, it doesn't matter who sticks these two together, just as long as they are in each other space. 
JoAnne: GoogleMaps, show me the house of the OriginalBitch.