Bride Of The Century - Episode 8 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  So Doo-rim has decided to embrace the Dark Side.  Well, the dark side of Love anyway.  Dad doesn't believe, but the son does.  Both our leads are stubborn, but who will give in first?
JoAnne:  My money is on the girl.


Shuk:  The ChoiGang arrive at The Root Of All Evil’s oddly beautiful mansion, to be greeted by Bubbles with a soup ladle and an apron. Armor and weapon? Possibly, because we know she has a battle on her hands.  She tells them she came to introduce herself to the GrandMaMa. ChoiDad goes from grumpy to radiant instantly, everyone else, not so much. FirstBorn waits to talk to her – what does she think she’s doing. She tells him to come in or not, and flounces in. Pouty face!
JoAnne:  Thanks to something else we worked on recently, all I can see is JeremyFace. I love Kang Ju but he's no longer remotely sexy.  Curse you, Fashion Post!
Shuk:  ChoiMother asks her how she knew; Bubbles said she heard from the mall staff when she called. Mom is a bit relieved.
JoAnne:  My imagined overheard conversation:  
     Employee #1:  Yeah, the boss isn't here today?
     Employee #2:  Nope. He went to visit his maternal grandmother at 666 Hell's Entrance, over in Gyeonggi-do. 
     Employee #3:  Oh, I heard she's got a birthday coming up!
     Employee #4:  For some reason, I memorized her phone number!  It's 666-6666!

Shuk:  The Root is happy that her granddaughter-in-law is making noodles by hand. She sees her grandson’s face and wonders if he’s upset that she’s putting his future wife to work. ChoiDad tells her Kang-ju is making a smooth transition in the company. FirstBorn politely inquires about her health. She replies that things break here and there, but she can live another hundred years if he marries well. Both father and son are silent.
JoAnne:  Since Dad knows that she was involved in HIS First Bride Experience, and yet he's sitting here boiling but not stabbing, I figure there's more to that story.

Shuk:  Bubbles tells ChoiMother to go mingle, but she wants to help make the dishes.   Bubbles gets the bright idea to ask for additional help.  Guess who! Yep, FirstBorn is grousing as he rolls the mandoo dough. Why is she here?? Bubbles counters, why shouldn’t she be?
JoAnne:  How tough WAS that dough, you weakling?

Shuk:  It’s a cold war at JangHouse. JangOppa walks in without a word. JB asks him if he is ever going to talk to her. He tells her he’s mad at everyone, including himself, for the whole stupid scheme. He heads upstairs as Flunkette rings the doorbell.
JoAnne:  Interfering Childhood Friend:  She's everywhere you don't want her to be.

Shuk:  The Root tastes the meal and declares it good enough to be served in a restaurant. Bubbles explains her choices: since ChoiMaMa doesn't like meat, she filled the mandoo with mushrooms and other vegetables. ChoiDad is ready to give her a spot in the mall.  FirstBorn is silent, and Bubbles makes a stupid joke. There’s some snark between them before the conversation evens out as they all start eating.
JoAnne:  They both look 16.
Shuk:  Flunkette wants to know what JB plans to do about the breakup. Flunkette tells the Not-So-Secret. JangOppa listens to the conversation from the top of the stairs.  JangBitch blows it off, but Roo-mi knows Kang-ju believes it and has enough feelings for her to call off the wedding. So what will JB do?
JoAnne:  I cannot wait until she finds out there's two of them.

Shuk:  Dinner is over at the Mansion of All Evil, and GrandMaMa lends her car and driver to the older couple. ChoiMother wonders about her old chauffeur, only to find out he quit for personal reasons. The younger couple go off together, and as soon as the ChoiGang clears, she  makes a phone call. Aha! Her old driver just disappeared, and she has people looking for him.
JoAnne:  One does not simply 'quit' being Evil's henchman.
Shuk:  As soon as they are out of sight, FirstBorn stops the car and orders her out. He tells her flat out:  He went along with dinner because of his grandmother, but nothing will change his mind. She tells him she understands why he is like this, but all his fears are groundless and nothing will happen to her. She will not give up. Fine, he says, and drives off without her. Check another drama trope off the list! “Girl left on side of lonely highway by Jerk With Abandonment Issues”.
JoAnne:  Is there one we won't get?  I mean, because we're clearly going to have contract marriage (a twist on one, anyway) and birth secret coming up.
Shuk:  Yi-kyung catches her brother fingering the ring box, but he leaves the room without saying anything.
JoAnne:  When you say fingering I can't help but be reminded of our posts about Song Jae Rim.
Shuk:  Like that's my fault or something.

Shuk:  ChoiDad is back to his violins, and we finally get the old driver’s story. During his first wedding , the driver took The Root Of All Evil to the beachfront cabin Choi had secured for his honeymoon. She then asked him to leave her with the car, so he parked it.  A long time later, he hadn't heard from her, so he went back, and saw a woman on the ground, and The Root staring at the body. The driver didn't see the impact, but he was sure his mistress did it.
JoAnne:  I mean, I didn't SEE it, but I'm sure that the tooth fairy left money under my pillow.  Because there's a tooth and no money, and then there's money and no tooth.
Shuk:  ChoiMother waits outside ChoiDad’s study with tea, listening to the music.  FirstBorn  shows up behind her and quietly mentions all the times he’s seen her alone, waiting for his dad. She brings the conversation to his fiancee, but he interrupts her. Does she want him to have a marriage and a life like his parents?  He will not be locked into a similar situation. With that, he leaves.
JoAnne:  Here's the part I don't understand.  She seems to want her son to be happy. She seems to believe in the curse. Why would she kill off the girl he loves to substitute her own choice? Why not make Roo Mi be the sacrificial virgin?

Shuk:  JangBitch is going through her brother’s things until she finds The Tie. She confirms with her mom that Doo-rim gave it to him for his birthday.
JoAnne:  With this Tie, I thee Bed. That's what he hoped, but nope.

Shuk:  It’s dark when Bubbles makes it to the MouseHouse. JangOppa is outside waiting for her.  He asks her to stop seeing Choi Kang-ju, because it bothers him to the point he can’t stand it. He grabs her hand. Ack is he confessing?  Dayam, he is.  He thought it was just  sympathy, but now, with her hand in his, he wants her to be with him forever.  He pulls out the ring and asks her to accept it.
JoAnne:  Poor Oppa. Go eat some feelings, maybe?

Shuk:  Doo-rim pulls her hand away and apologizes. She knows she’s just the replacement, but she can’t help her feelings, whatever they are, and she can’t take his hand right now. She walks inside, leaving him standing alone.
JoAnne:  The 'right now' puzzled me. Implication being, when she gets over Kang Ju, sure, she'll accept him as second choice, thanks for the offer! It won't be weird at all during Chuseok!
Shuk:  JangBitch catches JangOppa in his room and starts tearing him a new one for falling in love with Doo-rim.  He tells her to be quiet; he was rejected anyway.  Now JangMa has more ammunition with Bubbles to bend her.

Shuk:  Doo-rim is in bed quietly thinking, not sleeping.  Kang-ju is at the grave of Momma Kitty, thinking, not sleeping.
JoAnne: It would be REALLY weird if he were sleeping.

Shuk:  JangMa brings Bubbles to JangHouse for Manipulation: The Sequel. The wedding is called off because of the curse.  Bubbles admits to knowing about it, but not believing it. She isn’t willing to put her daughter at risk in case it’s true, so she can just break it off and never see Choi Kang-ju again.
JoAnne: I'm starting a crusade:  Hang Jang!  She is awful.

Shuk:  OppaNotOppa bumps into Bubbles as she’s leaving JangHouse. She wonders why he doesn't  help change his mother’s mind. He tells her to figure it out. Next, JangMa confronts FirstBorn, demanding the reason for cancelling the engagement. He tells her it’s for the exact reason she knows, and she makes him promise to never see her daughter again, ever.
JoAnne:  She looked appropriately embarrassed when OppaNotOppa basically told her 'duh'.
Shuk:  Next, JangMa confronts ChoiMother and plays affronted mommy, claiming she would never sell her daughter’s life. ChoiMother gloats that Yi-kyung showed up at her mother’s house of her own free will. JangMa storms off. ChoiMother gloats some more. Games within games here - I’m starting to get a little dizzy.
JoAnne:  Because someone is wearing too much Eau de Plotting.
Shuk:  Bubbles is looking at the restaurant paperwork when Mouse comes home, exhausted from job hunting. Bubbles asks how she feels about working in a restaurant. Yay! Let’s be rich and get designer bags and buy boyfriends. Aja Aja Hwaiting!!
JoAnne:  Because that's what allllllllll the neighborhood restaurant owners do in every drama I ever see, sure.

Shuk:  Some time passes, and “The Taste of Doo Rim” opens to not a lot of fanfare but a bright sunny day. And our happy medium is practicing fart-yoga when a flyer flies by and he decides to stop by the restaurant. JangOppa stops by too to get a promised extra bowl of rice.
JoAnne:  Wait. The name of her restaurant is The Taste of Doo Rim.  And her specialty is fish.
Shuk:  Stop it, unni.  That's the other...err...Job...
Shuk:  In contrast, it’s dark and late at the offices of TaeYang. Giraffe asks if Boss is going home now Kang-ju just tells him to go home. Once Giraffe leaves, he just leans back and sighs.

Shuk:  It was a good first day at the restaurant, and our Fateful Four celebrate with a round of soju: Grandma, Doo-rim, Jin-joo, and Yi-hyun. The two  want him to take a love shot with Doo-rim but he thrills Grandma by sharing with her instead. They end with an impromptu sing-a-long.

Shuk:  Doo-rim is walking with Yi-hyun back to his car. She hands him a care package, and thanks him, and apologizes. He promises to wait for her until she makes her decision. Aww, you’re climbing Heartbreak Ridge without the Marines, big guy.
JoAnne:  Because that's what every man wants, a girl who looks like his sister and loves his sister's husband. Oh man, I am seriously excited about those family get togethers.

Shuk:  The girls send Grandma off to rest while they do final cleanup, when what should my wondering eyes appear, but a Giraffe with a big smile and gifts! Doo-rim quickly plays duck-and-cover as Jin-joo welcomes him. He had heard about the restaurant opening from her KaoTalk account and wanted to stop by. Secondary romance time? He’s gonna need a new nickname then.
JoAnne: Cheese?
Shuk:  Doo-rim puts a mask on for the introductions. He apologizes for being late, saying his boss was still at work, hardly eating, and spending a lot of time just staring off into space. Do-rim goes to the back, ostensibly to make some anju, but, in reality to settle in for a cry.
JoAnne: Expositional Boyfriend.
Shuk:  Kitten Prince is parked and staring at JangHouse, but just turns around and leaves.  JangMa is in her car and sees him drive off.  Her plan is working fine.  EVIL!!!
JoAnne: Oh, I can't wait to see what happens to her. I can forgive Flunkette, who had every reason to think it would be her someday, and is, after all, just a nosy girl in love with a boy who doesn't love her back.  I have a harder time with Yi Kyung, who seems to be fully on board with Evil these days, but didn't start out that way.  But THIS one. And the OTHER mother. Oy.

Shuk:  Jin-joo gives Assistant Lee some goodies from the store for his boss and sees him off.  He asks if he can come back, and she goes all bashful and coy, at least until he leaves leaves. Then the Giddy-meter goes off the scale, and she squeals back to Bubbles.
JoAnne:  Mouse and He Who Doesn't Have a NickName AnyMore are cute together.
Especially if he has big feet.
Shuk:  She sobers up when she see her friend's face, and realizes that Doo-rim really likes Choi Kang-ju. She tries to set her straight: She the stand-in faker, and she can't even hope to be with that guy.

Shuk:  IdolBoy searches out his hyung at work, and gives him advice:  he's not filming some horror flick; when you love someone, you are selfish and want to keep them close by.  Since he chased Yi-kyung noona away, he obviously hates her.  In the middle of his speech, he finds the food, and comments on its unusual taste of mushroom and vegetables, and tries the other container of sweet potatoes.
JoAnne:  Wow, what a coincidence! Kang Ju thinks. And then promptly forgets.
Shuk:  Yep! So much for that perfect memory. Will he be out Amnesia Boy?

Shuk:  Grandma is shocked to find Doo-rim burning up with a fever. Uh-oh, time for a bloody nose too? She mumbles that she'll be okay once she takes some OTC meds. JangMa stops by to see the place, and asks to talk with her.  She wants to know why she turned her down her son's proposal - was it feelings for Choi Kang-ju? Because she can never be with him. Doo-rim reluctantly agrees, and goes into the kitchen to make the old hag some food. She, of course, collapses, and JangMa brings her to the hospital. Now, how can this be spun to her advantage?  She calls FirstBorn, knowing he'll run to the hospital.  She is just a little tormenting biatch, isn't she.
JoAnne:  First, I seriously want to know what Korea puts in their drug store drugs. Second, I will strangle her by any one of her gaudy necklaces that you choose.  Gladly.
Shuk:  Our unhappy medium is waiting at the store alone when Grandma and Mouse return from the market. He tells her that there are strange spiritual currents in the building, and for a free meal of their most expensive food, he will tell her all about it. What he gets is a bowl of salt thrown at him and an angry halmeoni that doesn't like grifters.  He tries to reason with her while dodging handfuls of salt, but eventually he's driven away. Outside, though, as he's brushing off the white crystals, he senses a true strange aura around the store. After he leaves, Mouse gets the call from the hospital.
JoAnne: Remember that woman on late night tv? Sister Sylvia or something? There was a whole big thing about how she was ripping people off and she went to jail...I remember being surprised that anyone was surprised.

Shuk:  Bubbles slowly wakes up to see Kitten Prince sitting by the window. Is it really him? He quietly asks if she is okay. Since she seems to be, he gets ready to leave.  She can't stand it though, and yells at him that she misses him a whole bunch. She's tried to forget him, but it's impossible. He sets his jaw and turns around.
"This is the first time. Because of you I laughed, got angry, fought, and felt pain for the first time. I didn't think I even had a heart. I tried hard to not let anyone in. But you were the first person who ever came into my heart."
Shuk:  She starts crying as he continues. He goes on to say if he could only make her believe the curse is real. Because if anything happened to her, he would live the rest of his life hating himself for his choice. So he will always miss her, but he will never see her again. This is the only way he knows to protect her.
Shuk:  And with that, he turns and walks away as she breaks out into great heaving sobs. Outside her door, he collapses against the wall, holding in his own tears as he hears her sobs.
JoAnne:  Fine, I cried too.  The little bitty babies are just so sad.


Shuk:  Oof, that was a painful ending. You want to admire him for doing his utmost to protect his woman, but on the other hand, what the hell, Kang-ju? Even ChoiDad doesn't believe the curse, despite being supposedly hit by it.  His mind is set, though, so it's gonna be tough to change it.  Luckily, Doo-rim is up to the task.
JoAnne: Sex beats death, anyday.