Can We Love? - Episode 19 (Recap)

We're almost at the end, but before we get there, there's ... you guessed it! More obstacles! This time, it's work that comes between our OTP and the wedding. And that other MIL, at least for about 5 minutes. On the bright side, there is not a lot to recap because this is really a filler episode. Why, why, oh why did you go for twenty episodes?!
Episode 19

Jung-wan and Oh-boy

Are they talking about the wedding? Indeed they are! Yes! Yes! Bring it on! They want to invite about 50 people (only) and Jung-wan worries that it's not grand enough for him. But of course, he is totally fine with it (as always) and even manages to slip in his typical joke about being a world-renowned director. It seems he just wants it done already. Me too, me too!
But, alas ... not gonna happen. Ahn Do-young has good news for Jung-wan: her expose was picked up by a drama producing company and they want her to start working on it right away, since they already have a time slot and everything. She needs to think about it, she says, but think about it very long she does not: it is clear to her that she will do this and the wedding has to wait. For a year. At least. As our world-renowned director likes to point out, such things are hard to plan and usually, making a drama takes longer. And what if the next comes along? Goddamit show. I was really looking forward to a grand wedding! And now we're not going to get it??!
She quits her job at the mart. Oh Kyung-soo likes that, since he doesn't like her to work so hard. But she hasn't quit because of that - she quit because she wants to do the drama. He, on the other hand, wants to get married as quickly as possible. And back and forth and back and forth. He even goes up to complain in front of her mother - who is also pro-wedding. We all are!
In the meantime, it's another "grab any kid you want and take it home"-week in KDrama. This time, it's Ex-husband's mother that grabs Tae-geuk and takes him home. Ex-husband is totally not okay with it (thankfully) and he goes and gets Tae-geuk back. His mother and sister (are they always going everywhere together?!) cause a scene at Jung-wan's house, but Jung-wan and her mother kick them out. After, Jung-wan meets her ex-in-laws and tells them to fooking quit this shit. There's no point in what they're doing because of the law. Thank you. But why do we need to watch them doing it then??!
Anyway, as a reaction to the kidnapping attempt, Jung-wan (I like her new haircolor) takes Tae-geuk to Oh Kyung-soo. There might be another "let's marry tomorrow" vs. "let's marry in a year" kinda argument, but I'm not sure. There were so many. Tae-geuk is such a sweet kid, he helps Kyung-soo with the dishes (and all he wants to do in the evenings is read, awwwwwwwww). When he is done with the dishes he goes to the toilet to cry ... Kyung-soo finds him there and comforts him. A very sweet scene ...
Of course, Kyung-soo tells Jung-wan all about it (despite of Tae-geuk's wishes). Jung-wan bursts into tears when she says "sorry" to her son. Tae-geuk shoots Kyung-soo an angry look for his loose lips and Oh-boy also apologizes. It's a cute scene, but utterly pointless. Oh drama ... I used to be crazy about you.

Sun-mi and the Gang

Sun-mi thinks a lot of Puppy in this episode. He is even more cute than usual, gaaaaaaaaaaah! He surprises her at the doctors and goes to an appointment with her. Because the doctor says she needs to eat healthy, he goes to the supermarket with her and buys her healthy things for her empty fridge. He is so happy it's contagious.
In other news, Moon wants her old job back (huh?) and tries all kinds of things to get it. Sun-mi doesn't want her back, though. Surpriiiiiise. However, the new kid who keeps making mistakes all the times suddenly becomes super-worker when challenged and lands them a huge deal with the sunglasses store chain his family owns.

Ji-hyun and her men

Ji-hyun is searching for her kids - but they're no longer at the villa. MILDragon has already moved them. When Ji-hyun confronts the Bitch in her house, she just tells her she will never see her kids again. Oh come one. At least, Ji-hyun gets a new attorney with Sun-mi's help. He seems quite capable and even gets the housekeeper to switch sides again and testify that they tried to get her to lie.
Only Gyu-shik and MILDragon aren't idle either ... she in particular is plotting more evil things. I want her to drop dead immediately. Guy-shik is being a monster again, first he is rude to her father (who comes to beg for the restaurant, sigh), then he is rude to her. He only wants to take the restaurant away from her family because he wants her to be absolutely penniless. The next dickery is MILDragon's "slip of the tongue" when she tells Sera all about her mother's "cheating". Against the explicit wishes of Gyu-shik, who was vehemently against it when MILDragon told him. Of course, Sera is very, very shoked and goes and shouts at her mother that she wants to live with her father. At this moment, she looks like a high-school kid in a horror movie. Scary.
Ji-hyun confronts her husband about this last turn of events (oh, and they also get the second lawyer to quit. Of course). How could she do such a thing?! He is taken aback when he realizes what happened, but doesn't let Ji-hyun see it. No, he chooses to insult her some more. On his road to redemption (I guess that's what he is on now?), he tells his mother off for doing this. Following the well-known KDrama tradition in such cases, Ji-hyun now overdoses on sleeping pills. Her husband finds her unconscious and rushes her to the hospital.
This is where everybody gathers (and the brother can do a little trademark shouting again) ... they're not sure when she will wake up (I'm sure though: in the next episode!). Gyu-shik looks shellshocked and I guess he is feeling regret. Ahn, who was waiting in front of the baking school for her again (can't he stop?!), also comes running after being informed by his daughter. When he meets Gyu-shik outside the hospital room, he slugs him in the face. When he wants to enter the hospital room, Gyu-shik holds him back. The time for a little tete-a-tete has come.


Can we get that friggin wedding or what??!