Cunning Single Lady / Sly and Single Again - Episode 3 (WookiCap)

This drama continues to make me laugh, and this episode in particular had almost only OTP interactions, with a little bit of other stuff on the side. Exactly what I want. Of course, I know it will not last ... in about three weeks, we will most likely enter angst territory and all the usual KDrama wtfuckery hullabaloo, but, whatever, let's enjoy this while it is enjoyable. The only thing missing so far is a Joo Sang-wook shower scene.
Episode 3

It's waaaaaaaar beween our OTP! Or ... a IStillLoveYouButCannotSay kinda War? Anyway, they part in the park (huuuuge satisfied smile on his face) and Na Ae-ra goes a cries in front of a poster of his. He could have said sorry, at least, and thank you, she sobs, and both remember their last words. He appealed to their marriage vow, didn't they promise to be there for each other, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health (etc., you get it)? But she interrupted him to say: No. The terms "husband and wife" applied only when he fed her - not when she was the one putting food on the table. That's cruel, girl. Ah, you silly people ... the satisfied smile doesn't last long on his face, either.
When her tears have dried, she swears revenge and decides to woo him back. To dump him again once he has fallen in love with her. Brutal. She has a wonderful 아내의 유혹 (Temptation of Wife) fantasy in which she fools and drugs him, and then, she has him beaten up by gangsters and dumped into the harbor. Seriously. I think I love this drama!
Fantasy is good, but her real plan is even better. If she wants to woo and destroy him, she needs an opportunity to meet him. Often. The best way to do that? Work for him. Her supportive friend tells her she stands a lame chance in hell, since she has no education whatsoever, but Ae-ra thinks she can pull it off. Doesn't she have a lot of experience in ... "marketing"? hahaha.
And indeed, she bullshits her way through the interview, presenting her numerous part-time jobs in a, uhm, slightly different fashion and then sucking up to the head of the team BIIIIIIIIG time ... and then, saying things that actually make sense. She is growing on me, this one.
When she is done and does a little scolding of Gook Seung-Hyun (who also got chosen, he is YUMMY) in front of the elevators, she runs into Jung-woo. The elevator doors open, he sees her, realizes what she is doing there and just snorts in disbelief. She gets in and the elevator goes down. Jung-woo looks ready to blow a fuse. I would say her plan is working already!
In the park (again? is that going to be their secret meeting place?), he wants to know why she is trying to get into his company - and tells her once again he never wants to see her again. She tells him to be more of a man and not to let his emotions guide him. He turns around and she is sure he's going to bite, but he just says: "I don't want to". Buahaha, good one. Should she kneel then?! she asks and he says: "Why not?" Two points to Jung-woo. At least in this round. She tries to get her leg to bend, but ... the leg doesn't want to. He smirks and walks off and she is mortified.
She makes it onto the list of potential interns, but that list goes to our CEO ... and whoosh goes the resume into the bin!
While she is out, looking for another job (humiliating!!), she gets a phone-call ... and she is in! Now THAT you need to explain, show. Well, as we get to see, he and his assistant (do they live together?!?!) watched the divorcee-show "Cunning Singly Lady" together (after the assistant tried to block her from his view, which is futile if you have a flat screen the size of a wall). Jung-woo says he is fine with watching this, as long as she doesn't curse him. But when she starts crying, says she never wants to meet her dastardly ex-husband again, and says she wants to finally find happiness now, he can't stop laughing ... though he is fuming mad.
In his pajamas, he runs to his office (wait ... he lives in the same building??), takes her resume out of the bin and puts it back into the pile. There isn't a rational explanation for this, really, only that he probably cannot let this go.
The day she starts, uri CEO is pacing in his office. No, no! he absolutely doesn't want to go see the new recruits in the lobby! Aaaaaaand ... BEAUTIFUL strutting in the lobby! He pretends he is just passing by by chance and smiles ... oh. The smiles. Joo Sang-wook ... don't do that too often. My ovaries! I still need them! Ae-ra thinks it's because of her and ... she's absolutely right, of course it's because of her. He has nowhere to go (but lunch) and made all the secretaries stand there, just for him to make a grand entrance and exit. Haha. By the way, Seo Kang-Joon, trying to get his attention, is hilarious.
Jung-woo never makes it to lunch, though, but has to rush back to avert a computer attack - somebody is doing evil things with and in their networks, they're not quite sure what. Jung-woo dismisses the fears of the head of security that it could be an insider: he trusts his employees.

Ae-ra, spellbound by the smile, thinks he is wavering already, ah, the fantasies (this time, chaebol rescuing his true love from a bitter faith)  ... I know what kind of fantasies I would have about him. And if this weren't KDrama, she would have them too! Because she is indeed fantasizing about getting very, very close to him ... her friend thinks he is pitiful though because he will fall for her again. Huh. Well. I think he has never quite fallen out of love, in fact. That already makes him pitiful.

Elsewhere, this happens: 
At work, she is treated like the lowest of low by a jealous "sunbae" who is 10 years younger than her. Also, a maintenance kind of guy steals her badge from her. Huh, there we have our intruder! She also has the bright idea to make Jung-woo come to her, if meeting him incidentally is so hard. She texts him and requests a meeting. However, he doesn't want to meet in person and a hilarious scene on the roof follows, where he talks to her on the phone from across the roof and runs away when she tries to come closer (he is the CEO! He cannot talk to a mere intern!). She thanks him, but he tells her he had nothing to do with the selection. His nerdy-voice makes a re-appearance. And they both agree that nobody is allowed to know about their past.
Back in his office, he is quite beside himself, calling it a mistake to have gone when this "mere intern" called. Oh you poor man ... He throws his secretary the phone and says to delete the number.
At the welcome-dinner with her awful colleagues, Ae-ra once again has to hear what people think about him (a desirable God!) and his ex-wife (had an affair and has a gambling addict and is ugly). She keeps quiet but is so angry she drinks herself under the table. Almost. Or it would have been better to do that, because she stumbles home alone after loudly insulting Jung-woo (speaking to a blow-up balloon-man), but ends up in front of the company.
Uh-oh. The next day, a theft has occurred ... somebody broke into the client data room and stole files. You need to be an employee to get in there. Who was the last one that entered? Jung-woo demands to know. Of course, it was Na Ae-ra. She is led away by the security guards as soon as she sets foot into the company. He watches from upstairs, deep in thought. 

The Rest

It hurts me a bit having to call Mr. Wonder Tummy "the Rest". Mr. Wonder Tummy is Seo Kang-Joon who may have the sweetest baby face, but ... *gulp*. He was born 1993. Just for your information.
Anyway, he is dead cute. And he is developing a crush on Aa-ra at warp-speed - at least I'm guessing he is, because he is the typical second lead, though a particularly cute one at that. We learn a bit more about his friendship with Jung-woo, who was his tutor. Seung-Hyun was quite the "rebel", but obviously, they clicked. Theirs is a deep friendship. I hope it will not be destroyed by girl-troubles. I also think they could have showered together after the judo match. Seung-hyun is a bit lazy ... his family wants to get him into the family business, but he is just doing this 3 months internship to be kicked out forever.

His sister has almost no role to play in this episode and I won't lie, I am so thankful. Don't like her character at all. Don't like her face, don't like her voice. I hope, hope, hope that this drama will make her at least marginally interesting.

Also some family bits ... not relevant. 


I liked this episode a lot. Frankly, I had expected more mean-things from both of them, and I wouldn't have minded them, à la War of the Roses, the 1989 movie, without the tragic ending. We are getting to see a lot of both their vulnerable sides instead, which also works. I guess the set-up to make him fall back in love with her restricts her actions, whereas he is completely and utterly ready to fall back in love with her, but keeps holding back with all his might. Quite clearly, they will keep hurting each other until they come clear about their feelings - and talk things out. Which they won't. Cause ... KDrama.

On the side, we have the story about Jung-woo's former business partner who quit (too early), wants back in, and is most likely behind the attacks on the company. It's not clear yet how that storyline will play out and how important it will be. At the moment, it will be used to keep the OTP together and maybe, later, to endanger Jung-woo's position.