Cunning Single Lady / Sly and Single Again - Episode 7 (WookiCap)

This show doesn't seem to know whether it wants to be funny or sad or something in between and trying to keep up with the tone and mood is starting to give me whiplash! Our leads can't make up their minds either, are they sad, are they sorry, are they grateful or just mad? Do I care? Not really. I like this show. Also, thankfully, both the second leads aren't annoying or stupid or anything that seconds leads usually do, so this episode has this going for it. And it has this: 
JoAnne: That curl. It kills me. And I do SO love a serious man who can lampoon himself.
kakashi: I love watching him in this. And I constantly think "this is really going to make watching him in TEN3 kinda difficult".
Episode 7

On the KDrama rooftop of ruminations ... and the show turns all pensive and sad on us. While Jung-woo cries for times by-gone, Second Lead grapples with what she just over-heard. Flashbacks to many revealing scenes ... and suddenly, one in which somebody rips pearls off their neck. Uhm ... what? Her pearls are still there, so I have absolutely no clue what that was about. Anyway, move on, cause this is a WookiCap.
JoAnne: I will confess that I have not actually WATCHED this episode yet... I think I'm on #5? So I can only comment as a reaction to my dear friend here and what I might have learned up til now, watching. This would not be one of those moments where I have anything useful to offer. PERHAPS they are going to add time-travel to the mix.
kakashi: Oh, we're on a NEW level of squeecapping now! Comment on stuff you haven't even seen. I like that (*gets busy removing JoAnne's double spaces*). Crowd, meet JoAnne, the universal Commenter on here! I am so glad she is joining me, because I felt really lonely
L Secretary has cooked and unpacked the side-dishes Ae-ra's mom prepared for her ex-SIL. Jung-woo isn't eating ... he's on a diet. Eating whatever pills for it. Is that PPL?! Seriously, show. No. Quite clearly, Jung-woo can barely contain himself, watching L eat, even though he keeps saying he is not hungry. Cut to Jung-woo shovelling it in. And while discussing the awesomeness of this food with L, he remembers his wives cooking ... and the good times. Show is tugging on my heartstrings again ...
JoAnne: They genuinely adored each other, back in the day. And they were so cute!
kakashi: She, by the way, is at home, crying because of the conversation they just had ... and for hurting him so much. 
Some more workplace shenanigans. I would tell you if they were important. And THIS I find important: cuuuuuuuuuuuuute!
JoAnne: Someone just remind me every so often that he's 21 so every time someone knocks at the door I don't expect the police. I fell for this lovely boy the VERY minute I laid eyes on him in Suspicious Housekeeper and every time I see him it makes my desire to smoosh him even stronger. I'm going to stare at this gif all day, aren't I.
kakashi: *Sigh* ... JoAnne keeps telling everyone (including me) that she has seen and claimed this boy a while ago.
JoAnne: That is because this boy is going to BLOW UP the noonasphere, and my claim will need to be defended vigorously.
Mr CEO gets a little thoughtful/Jealous when he seems them together.
JoAnne: Yep. I'd definitely pick the boy over the man, as handsome as that man is.
kakashi: That is interesting. Because, to be honest? I would too. At this moment. If he were 10 years older. 
JoAnne: See what I mean?  BLOW UP the noonasphere. DESTROY it.  
There's this contest among the workforce again (details elude me) and Ae-ra's entry - the story of how she sent a text about her empty house to her mother instead of her oppa aka Jung-woo - is the one that triggers the biggest reaction from Jung-woo. And there's more flashbacks to happy-nerdy times.
JoAnne: Sorry, I was still looking at the gif.
kakashi: I made it X-Large for you. Stare away. (Like I needed to be told!) I'll stare at him:
Second Lead gets insulted at a meeting with an investor ... who isn't an investor at all, but a blind date, set up by her father. I wouldn't mind if he dropped off that ladder he is standing on and, you know, died. Luckily, Jung-woo comes early from another meeting and saves the day, or rather, Second Lead, who grabs his arm (Jung-woo is like "woah! what are you doing!") and tells this absolute Dick of another man that this is whom she will marry. Absolute Dick snarks at Jung-woo that he must get a lot of money to take on that kind of woman. Right hook! Dick down. Woah, Jung-woo, you're HOT when you activate your Protector Gene!
JoAnne: She's not my cup of tea, exactly.... but she's hardly deserving of INSULTS.
Cooing over the red hand follows ... and another one of their shy-awkward interactions. She asks why he got divorced, he says that trust is like sheet of paper: once it's wrinkled, it can never be whole again. I feel a bit sorry for her. It's one of these cases of "if only I had said something early enough I might have stood a chance". He is also really supportive, in a general sweet kinda way. I cannot blame her for being in love with this guy.
JoAnne: I do appreciate the second lead treatment in this show. It didn't look like it would be this nuanced at first, particularly with her caricature of a father.
kakashi: The father is still awful. And you're right, it seemed like such a cliche set-up at first ... but I don't think it is now. Second Lead is actually quite an interesting character. 
Her useless family calls Jung-woo and asks for those Tupperware containers back that came with the yummy food - just give it to Ae-ra! her brother suggests. He summons her to the roof - he has this cool speech prepared about not wanting her family to call him brother-in-law and stuff and delivers it in that typical pompous tone - but ... she has already left, without him noticing. Ah, the humiliation!
JoAnne: It's funny, because he has every reason to feel wronged... but I DO feel like he's the one who needs to be taught a lesson, and every time his ego gets slapped I cheer a little. It's not that I don't like him or sympathize with him because I do, but he's really kind of an idiot.
kakashi: Yup, he is! 
Bromance-time shortly after: it's Luscious, coming to see Jung-woo for drinks! He dreamily tells him about the woman he cleaned the studio up with (see section below "The Rest" for more details) and Jung-woo remembers his female obsession once again ... if only you guys knew you are talking about the same woman ... awwwwww. One of you is going to get his heart broken!
JoAnne: Jung Woo is looking delicious here. The little gap in his neckline there... and his skin looks like it's silky and smooth. I bet he smells good, too. He looks like he smells good. Not a strong scent but something discreet and manly, yet fresh. Warm. Inviting. You get a whiff as you kiss that bottom jawline, maybe. Or perhaps a little nibble on the earlobe. That little hollow where you can see the heart beat at the base of his throat...
kakashi: OMG Stoooop! I'm at home with my family right now!!! (*frantically searches handkerchief to wipe drool*) 
JoAnne: Meanwhile I just want to plaster that cute lil face on the right with like, 9 million smooches. Sometimes you want a fine wine... sometimes you want a shake so thick it ...umm...well....hmm. Lost my train of thought.
The first prize for the contest goes to ... the Workplace Bitch! It was her that submitted Ae-ra's story about the mis-send text - and that is what is going to be the new feature: an ability to cancel texts. That woman is the worst! She lectures Ae-ra about what she did wrong (basically, not submitting the idea) and blablabla, anyway, that woman even asks Ae-ra for an apology (for calling her a thief and being overall disrespectful) and in the tussle that follows, the woman falls to the floor as does a lonely plant. The problem: the CEO has chosen that specific time to walk that specific corridor. The woman immediately goes into "I am so sorry I haven't trained my hoobae right"-mode and Jung-woo orders Ae-ra into a room with him.
JoAnne: I dislike this woman, so I am consoling myself with that gif of Luscious with the orange peel man.
kakashi: And I'll make a gif of her falling down. Here we go. Oh, and deliciously angry Jung-woo. Yum. 

There, he gives her quite the dressing down - for disobeying a sunbae and causing problems again. She tries to explain to him that there was a reason, but he doesn't want to hear anything: her behavior (i.e. the talking back all the time) is just not right and she hasn't changed at all: she always only thinks of herself. When Ae-ra (who is almost crying) is gone, he tells Second Lead, who "caught" them in that room alone that Ae-ra shouldn't pass her internship because of what just happened. Yup, she seriously misstepped for Korean standards. But isn't his behavior quite unfair? Not entirely - but he should have listened to her. She is fuming again after that, since it was her that made him invent the text messaging service in the first place and it was again her that made him add such a crucial feature.
JoAnne: There's a lot of people who really don't get what it is that she wants, but I totally do. And I don't think she's wrong for wanting it. She IS part of his success, even if she left him before he actually got there. I'm not saying she's automatically entitled to half, but then again, neither is she. She just wants a nod of acknowledgement!
Her awful colleagues dump all the work on her and leave for a company dinner. She tries to order food, but they don't seem to deliver ... so she goes out to get it. And whom does she meet in the elevator? Ex-husband, the sexy beast.
JoAnne: Maybe part of the reason I sympathize with her is that I feel immense fondness for this actress any time I come across her. She's just so cute, and I always like her characters.
They exchange un-pleasantries and she tells him quite frankly that she wants some acknowledgment for his success. Oh come on you two! Aren't we past that phase? But when he is alone again, he does in fact remember that is WAS because of her that he first developed a free messenger system ... and he goes back to buy her a late dinner, to say thank you. Only ... Luscious is there now, skipping the company dinner for her company. Awwwwww. Not that is tough luck. He was totally ready to apologize and be friendly.
JoAnne: The earwax. You just know this guy is having a blast ruining his image.
kakashi: But ... TEN3! I'm so hoping it will happen! Only ... gawd. The monster that chases monsters is a total goofball!! 
The new messenger function increases their costumers by a lot, and now, they need a new PR campaign. Since money for Brad Pitt isn't sufficient, they have chose their CEO's face for it. He has to shoot a commercial with the winner of the contest. Resisting is pointless. Superman it is.
JoAnne: What was wrong with the Tarzan/George of the Jungle look? It had less clothes!  Come on, Show.
kakashi: The choice isn't explained. But I am sure that a lot of thought went into it!  
Soon, he is in Superman gear, but where is the lady? She has a self-inflicted skin-issue! "Even the Director from Avatar wouldn't be able to save it"! Buahaha. But don't you worry, Superman! There is the substitute Lois .... of course, nobody else but your very own Ae-ra. 
JoAnne: There's that curl again. He does sort of have a block-ish Christopher Reeves feel to him doesn't he?

The Rest

Oh my Luscious ... so beautiful. His father, another Absolute Dick, destroys his mother's painting studio because she sent him a divorce agreement. Ae-ra follows Luscious there after a phone-call from that Wormtongue-like Secretary and they clean together. When he exchanges a light-bulb, she grabs onto his trousers. Careful, girl.
JoAnne: Man he is just soooooooooo cute. He seems to be making progress career-wise, too, so hopefully we'll be seeing a lot of him in the future!


I liked last week's sombre-sad tone. I think it is fitting that these two go through heartache again - sure, they already have, but for the wrong reasons. They parted and they hated each other, but they never properly mourned the end of their relationship. That said, I am still not entirely sure I want them back together. Or let's put it that way: I am not yet ready to see them back together, because we may have seen the cute in the flashbacks, but we have not seen the cute between the two current them. Sure, we get nerdy glimpses from Jung-woo now and then, but I need to see him all gooey and soft with her in the here and now to be able to truly ship them.
JoAnne: I am actually with you on that. I don't particularly care if they get back together. I'd be fine if they each got with their respective seconds, or even with no one. I want them to clear up old misunderstandings and heal old hurts, but I don't feel any particular compulsion to get them back together again.
kakashi: Well, Episode 8 might change that. Just saying. If you ever watch it.