Full House Thailand Episode 19 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  Did Mike join a monastery?  Will we next see him in saffron robes? He looks so much better in jeans and a singlet, for sure.
JoAnne: I liked the towel best.

Episode 19

Shuk:  It's a miserable, rainy day at Full House, but it matches Om-Am's mood perfectly. Everywhere she goes around the house, she remembers Mike, inside or outside, it doesn't matter. She's finding it hard to concentrate on her writing, and finally closes the laptop.

Shuk:  The next morning is clear and bright. She tries writing on the pier, but it's not doing anything to exorcise Mike's memory. She ends up idly trailing her toes in the water. Another day passes.
JoAnne: I....there's just not much to say about this.

Shuk: The estate driver shows up; her presence is requested by Grandma. At the estate, they tell her that Mike called, but won't say where he is. Mom tells her that Mike is hard to understand. How do you say "No duh" in Thai? I'll settle for body language.
JoAnne: I LOVED that they reached out to her. Do you think they know where he is? I thought they didn't know, either.
Shuk:  I'm pretty sure he cut himself off from everyone. It's self-punishment, yunno.
Shuk:  Grandma asks Om-Am to visit sometimes, and she jumps at the idea. She was worried that they would hate her.  But since they both love her, they will love her forever.  She promises to visit once a week and take Grandma dancing too.
JoAnne: I cried, yes. So sweet, that grandmother and mother.
Shuk:  Prego is ready to pop, and the couple is at the hospital. Om-Am and Grandma are at the dance club when she hears the news. Grandma wants to call the fortune teller, and all three of them head to the hospital. The way he's acting, I'm glad he isn't inside to cut the cord.  Everything is fine, of course, and they all coo through the window at a perfectly clean and sleeping baby.
JoAnne: Which looked oddly like a doll.

Shuk:  As they are smashed against the window, Guy shows up to congratulate them.  How did he know? Mike has his people call Guy's people. Great, so he's kept in touch with freaking everyone but her???  This is a Thai drama, Om-Am, make sure you Slap-Slap before you kiss.
JoAnne: Slap, kiss, ummm. That's how it goes.

Shuk:  Guy sees the expression on her face and backpedals. He doesn't know where Mike is, he just got a text.  Om-Am wonders why Mike even bothers, and we find out it's been two months since the press conference.
JoAnne:  It's just weird for Guy to show up there. Did he ever even meet them?

Shuk:  She tells him she's been home feverishly working on the script.  He asks her if they can do fun stuff as friends.The matriarch sees their interaction from a distance, and Grandma is disturbed she's going to slip away, but Mom is convinced that if it's right, it will stay right.
JoAnne: That is one Zen Mama there, though.

Shuk:  Mike is at the bench in Seoul where he and Om-Am sat all those months ago. He still has his wedding band on, and he sits remembering all the fun things they did in SK. Turns out he's visiting all the places they went: the Han River overlook where he first got her on the bike, the Full House 2 / TWTWB house, the Hot Ice Cream Kiss Bridge...
JoAnne: I would like to know how come that cool map thing on the ground has never been in a Korean Drama.
Shuk: No Paris Baguette Sungnyemun to showcase for PPL. No Mango Six, either.
Shuk:  Back in Bangkok, Guy is reading her current manuscript.  So I guess she was able to type something. His expression says it's crap, but then he smiles - it's good! He'll run it by an editor to see what changes may need to be made.
JoAnne: I missed the expression. You think she still sucks?

Shuk:  They go out to celebrate, and it's great.  Then MinTramp shows up. Great, she's the Anti-Mastercard: She is everywhere you DON'T want her to be.  She doesn't stick around long, though, just enough to require disinfectant. They go back to dinner, but the mood is ruined.
JoAnne: That f ***ing bitch. First the thing about Guy finally training her - which I was willing to think, ok, just perhaps poorly worded...but then 'oh if Mike calls tonight...' and I wanted to climb through the tv and snatch her baldheaded.

Shuk:  That night, Om-Am cries as she remembers the kitchen conversation with Mike, when he picked MinTramp over her.

Shuk:  A video goes up on YouTube called "Can I Be The Man To Love Her", and goes viral. (ShukNote: here is the same video with English subs and lyrics.)
JoAnne: This was a VERY neat difference from K-House.

Shuk:  Om-Am is playing with the baby at Oom's condo. She brings bracelets for the baby girl, since her script has been officially purchased.  Oom speculates that there  might be some sizzle between her and Guy, but Om-Am denies it.

Shuk:  She grumbles that Mike communicates with everyone but her, and wonders how he is getting the information. Just then, IdiotSavant shows up and both girls zero in. Yep, he's been talking to Mike. He doesn't know where he is either.  Om-Am is over this 3rd party information, and tells Pao to not talk to Mike anymore, especially about how she feels.
JoAnne:  And Pao kept his mouth shut that whole time to everyone else?

Shuk:  Mike throws a coin into the fake fountain, and receives a text that Om-Am sold her script.  He's over the moon happy, and randomly hugs people.
JoAnne: That ahjumma was really very happy to be hugging some stranger.
Shuk:  Over her oldest picture, Om-Am writes a note to her dad: I succeeded and sold a script.  She yells it out to the moon. And to Mike, wherever he is.  The thought of him makes her cry again.  That same night, he's sitting on the street map by the Nandaemun Gate, also feeling bad.  They really are linked.
JoAnne: No, they're both just gluttons for punishment.

Shuk:  MinTramp is watching the video and smiling. Does she think he's singing about her? All the scenes in the video are the places he and Om-Am went to, including her street painting, except he's painted himself staring at her from a distance.
JoAnne: HA remember I said he should have put himself in the picture! As for Min - are we to assume she suddenly grew up? Don't care, still don't like her.

Shuk: MinTramp shows Guy the video. She's happy that he's back to songwriting. Guy tells her to contact Mike and see if the news about the video will make him return.  She finally admits that she's never spoken to him since they left the hospital, after he admitted he wanted to break his promise to her.

Shuk:  She's mad that some ordinary girl like Om-Am made both of her men fall in to love with her.  And she finally realized while listening to the song that she's never loved anyone because she's a self-centered, selfish, narcissistic loser of a woman who will end up alone talking to buildings and feeding stray cats.  Okay, that was my paraphrase, but close enough.
JoAnne:  I prefer to think of her losing all her money and having to marry some disgusting fat old man who only bathes once a week and paws at her constantly.

Shuk: MinTramp shows up at Full House. She finally comes clean to the younger woman: he has never contacted her, and neither she nor Guy know where he is.  She hands Om-Am a CD with a copy of Mike's video.  And before the conference, he wanted to break his promise with Mintra and be in love with Om-Am. She doesn't want to cause chaos anymore, but he owes her dinner to breaking that promise.
JoAnne: Here, let me download this video off Youtube and convert it to an MP4 file for you, instead of just having you pull up Youtube on your computer. Still don't like you, but thanks for the confession Min.

Shuk:  Om-Am gives her a sincere thank you, and watches the video. So 2 million hits later, the person he wrote it for finally gets his love note.
JoAnne: Because he couldn't possibly have sent an anonymous link. That wouldn't be playing by the rules. Or hey, what do you know, even a nonymous link. Is that a word?
Shuk:  And we see the entire video.  Filler for this episode? Who cares.  Aw, the bicycle, and the ice palace, and the museum. And the bench! And the locks!! She's smiling and crying as she watches, over and over, until she falls asleep on the couch.
JoAnne: Why was she not packing for a plane ride?

Shuk:  The next morning, she's pacing and thinking. Decision made, she heads over to Guy's office, but he's in a meeting for a couple of hours. His assistant whispers to him, though, and he texts her while negotiating with the people at the table. [I can't find a translation for the texts]
JoAnne: 'I'll be right out, SugarBuns'.  'Ok, Guy. And I told you not to call me SugarBuns. It's creepy.'

Shuk: The meeting goes over, and Om-Am leaves a note and grabs a taxi. When he's finally out, his assistant give him the note. Aww, poor fellow, it's a Dear Guy You Have Been Officially Friendzoned Letter. She thanks him and says she's taking a plane and going on a journey.
JoAnne:  Dear Guy thanks for always saving my butt and for buying my script, which meant I had enough money to go find the guy who treated me badly while you were saving my butt and teaching me a useful craft and falling in love with me.  Seriously, you're a peach. Love ya! Bye.
Om-Am used the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Samsung edition.
Shuk: She's already at the airport when he finally catches up with her.  He tells her she probably recognizes every place in the video because she was there with Mike, just like he remembers everything about their meeting in the park. He takes her hand in his.

Shuk:  She starts crying, but he tells her he's glad to see her off to follow her heart. And not to drink on the plane. They both look at each other and think what might have been.  He tells her he loves her, and will be her friend forever. He offers his hand like the first time they met; she hugs him instead. Did he love her with an ardent flame and their future in his eyes?  I don't know, but it was definitely a sincere love.
JoAnne: I have discovered recently that he is WAY better looking than this drama's stylist allowed him to be.
Shuk:  On the plane, she's in the window seat.  That exact same flight attendant hands her a glass of juice, tells her "he" sat in the aisle seat of the same row, and "Su Su Hwaiting". Om-Am leans back, the fire of determination in her eyes.
JoAnne: Korea is very minimalist. There is one river, one bench, and one stewardess.
Shuk: And one open pair of seats on the one plane.


Shuk:  One final episode, and I haven't been bored the whole time. I still brand Mike Obtuse Boy for thinking that Om-Am would catch his love song from get-go.  But at least we've gotten there.
JoAnne: Seriously, it's like the Flappy Bird of proving you're meant to be together.

Shuk:  Has Mintra redeemed herself? Not enough in my book. She needs to give a sincere apology to Mike for jerking him around like a pet. Will she find love with Guy? [shudder] Please no.
JoAnne:  No. Fat guy, dirty, crazy sex drive but no skills and anyway, he's gross. Plus he's rich but really cheap. 
Shuk:  And Guy. Ohh, Guy. The Noble Warrior and good friend to the end. I actually didn't start crying until those simple sentences he said at the airport, but it was a beautiful moment between them.  It's not easy being friends with your first love and watching them with someone else, but he's got enough love to embrace both of them.  [sniff]
JoAnne: He always seemed so old. Maybe it was the light blue suits.

Shuk:  And now we begin the final Race For Your Love episode, and I have no doubt there's going to be a lot of criss-crossing going on.  After all, that's been going on since the first episode, eh?
JoAnne: 20 is going to be hard to recap. I just watched it.
Shuk:  I didn't want to until I was done, because, WAAHHH the end!!