Full House Thailand Episode 17 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  I hope we've hit the nadir of the story, because it's the cute hotness (or the hot cuteness)  that keeps me hooked.  Still, I do like a good circus for a short while [grabbing popcorn]  Bring on the elephants!
JoAnne:  You know, they say an elephant never forgets. And they are good at learning tricks.

[ShukNote:  I had problems downloading the videos, so, for the moment, there will be no animated gifs.]


Shuk:  Hippo 1, Mammoth 0.  Mike leaves Guy’s home without Om-Am.  He ends up back at the house, staring over the lake from the back porch steps.  Dr Junior comes by for a paw and some company. Everyone else in the Love Dodecahedron are all thinking in their respective places: couch, deck, hospital bed.
JoAnne: Eenie, meenie, miney, mo, hospital bed has got to go.

Shuk:  It’s Silent Cereal Breakfast at Guy’s, but MinTramp is chattering away when Mike brings her bowl. She wonders out loud whether Om-Am is okay with Mike waiting on her hand and foot.  Really, you have to ask??
JoAnne: That's it.  I'm getting on a plane. I'll buy a toothbrush when I get there. 

Shuk:  She finally gets to the real question: Does he love her?  Mike asks a question back: Why are you curious now?  She replies that she never questioned his devotion before, but now she does. He doesn’t answer, just promises to stop by after work.
JoAnne: When a man can't answer that direct question, you have your answer. Recognize, bitch.

Shuk:  Traitor Swish is all giggles as he goes through the photos the tabloid reporters have been collecting.  It seems he’s hoping to sell them for a lot of money.  They decide to go ahead and sell them now.
JoAnne: I am immensely offended by this character. Plus I just want to ground his face into the dirt.
Shuk:  Mopey Mike is wandering around the grounds. He traces a heart over Om-Am’s grown up portrait, then asks aloud, “When will you come back?” as he strokes the hair.
JoAnne: "When will you grow a pair?" we silently ask back.
Shuk:  At the Casa De Sneaks, Prego is performing ironing services and ignoring the sperm donor.  He makes his way to Mike, and asks for a job and to borrow money.  He comes clean about losing Om-Am’s money, and tells Mike that the mother of his child is angry, and begs again for employment.
JoAnne: The only thing that I enjoy about this scene is the fact that Mike is never even a question: we know he will help because of Om-Am.

Shuk:  Mike is understandably skeptical, but he offers Prego’s account number to put his salary in, since he’s scared of touching money now.  Mike, the old softie, writes a check for the amniocentesis, and tells him that he needs to control himself and his heart.  Wow, he also doubled the money (100 000 baht, about $3000). And he can start work tomorrow morning, with the caveat that if he chooses not to show, then he needs to leave both women’s lives and stop making them miserable. The little weasel thanks him, and promises to be there tomorrow.

Shuk:  PregoMan heads to the condo, where his wife is ironing clothes. She is also ignoring him.  He tells her they need to head to the doctor's today, because he won't be available tomorrow - he's working!  And suddenly all is forgiven. Whatev's.
JoAnne: Actually could not be less interested. 

Shuk:  Guy and Om-Am head for a seaside village.  Over a meal, he asks her about her plans. Finish the script, and then spend some time forgetting the whole fiasco. And Mike. Guy wonders how long that will take, so he will know how long to wait. She shifts into formal speech, but he tells her no pressure; he just wanted her to know how he felt.
JoAnne: (insert foghorn noise) LINES CROSSED LINES CROSSED

Shuk:  She agrees to think about it, and they comfortably continue eating.
JoAnne: Oh well if you're going to be an idiot about it why should I care?

Shuk:  Poor Mike doesn't know what to do. He's wandering back and forth inside the house, sitting, standing, alternately sighing and rubbing his head.  Om-Am quietly sits listening to the waves. Guy asks if she is ready to head back.  She is very hesitant, and he points out that she can stay at his house if she wants.  For sure, she doesn't want to see Mike.
JoAnne:  She's in a pickle, our tiny girl.

Shuk:  The next morning PregoMan shows up, and he becomes the Chauffeur of The Star, and his first job is to take Mike And the Bowl of Crap to MinTramp. There, Mike watches MinTramp sleep, until she tells him only psychos watch sleeping people.  He says people who pretend to sleep are even more psychotic.  In this case, I agree.
JoAnne:  Min, Min, Min.  When will you become a human being?

Shuk:  He does the usual porridge routine. This time she wants him to feed her, and then when she's is out of the hospital, she wants the two of them to go to the beach. She's surprised that he looks cute to her. About that time the doctor comes in for morning rounds and tells her she can be discharged in the afternoon.
JoAnne:  The BEACH?  THE BEACH?  *breathing hard*

Shuk:  MinTramp thanks Mike for staying with her. He replies he's just doing what he promised her.  She snaps back, is he doing all this because of a promise? And I yell, "GET A CLUE!  YES!"  Mike just looks at her and promises to pick her up when she is discharged.
JoAnne:  I have to keep reminding myself that Mike loved her for years and that she is accustomed to that, in order to have any hope of understanding the crazy coming out of her mouth. 

Shuk:  Min asks the 40 000 baht question - does he love Om-Am?  He won't answer, but his resentful face says it all. As he turns to leave, she tells him he should at least answer the question to himself.
JoAnne:  What makes you think he hasn't?

Shuk:  The nurses coo over his devotion, and wonder how his wife feels about it. Outside the hospital, Chauff asks for the next destination, but Mike doesn't know.  He decides to try and call Om-Am, but her phone is off.  He looks at Guy's number, but doesn't call it.
JoAnne:  Come on, the poor guy is just falling apart here.  Somebody hug him!

Shuk: Guy and Om-Am are at the same place, so I guess they stayed overnight.  Oh look, yay.  Another swing. She's decided to get her things at the house and move in with her cousin. Guy nods, then holds out his hand.  She takes it, and they walk back.
Shuk:  At the entertainment company, the story has broken, and Traitor Swish gives an evil smile as Thot heads up to the boss's office.  Mike is incommunicado; so is Guy. And Boss has been called up to Big Boss' office.
JoAnne:  Please let this part go by quickly.

Shuk:  PregoMan is aimlessly driving around Bangkok. Mike tells him to drive back to the usual place, and it's clear the new driver ain't happy. And it's another spin around Victory Monument. They arrive somewhere, and Mike tells him to get him coffee, and to call Om-Am and ask her what kind he likes.

Shuk:  It turns out to be the ballroom dancing club. He strikes up a conversation with his grandmother's old beau, who asks him where his short lady is. Beau comes by to listen to old music, exercise, and remember the past.  He starts talking about Mike's grandmother; she was slim and beautiful, and they dated at one time. Falling in love is like finding the right dance partner.  When you feel it in your heart, you don't look anywhere else. And if she won't come back, hit her on the head and drag her back.  They share a manly laugh, but it gets Mike to thinking.
JoAnne:  I like that old guy.

Shuk: Mike is back at the hospital as MinTramp is strapping on her shoes, ready to drive her home.  She gets up his grille.  Is he going to continue being wishy-washy like this, or uphold his promise to take care of her? He doesn't want to answer, but she keeps pushing him.  Why did he marry Om-Am.
JoAnne:  Classic case of not knowing when to keep your mouth shut.  Yay!  You keep pushing, girl. You will NOT get answers you want to hear, but WE will.

Shuk:  Finally he looks her in the eye - does she really want to know?
Mike:  "I didn't love her then.  But now, I can't love her, because of that stupid promise I made to you!"
JoAnne:  That is exceptionally straightforward, Mike. Bravo!

Shuk:  And she goes into BitchMode.  She doesn't care; she will hold him to that promise.  He grabs her arm, but she shakes if off.  He catches up to her just as they get surrounded by a media scrum, wanting to know about their relationship, his wife, and his best friend. The story makes it on Gossip TV, who wonders if the whole thing was a fakeout for media ratings.
JoAnne:  What kind of person knows what he just said and says she doesn't care, she'll hold him to that promise?  How does that sort of brain work?  I'm truly puzzled.

Shuk:  Guy sees the news; so does Om-Am. Guy reasonably says that she would only prove it if she goes to her cousin's place.  Om-Am is firm; after all, it's the truth. Guy points out the reporters will hound her no matter what.

Shuk:  Mike is home, and sees Om-Am sitting stiffly on the couch.  He gently tells her to stay at the house for a few days, until this blows over.  Walking up the stairs to his room, in the same gentle voice, he tells her he's glad she came back home.
JoAnne:  Would have been nice if he'd said it was because he missed her, or that's where she belongs, or nothing feels right if she's not there.  Now she can reasonably think he's glad because of appearances.
Shuk:  The next morning PregoMan is comfortable sipping coffee on the couch when Om-Am catches him.  He admits to working there now. His life is better; and she won't have to worry about her cousin any more.  Mike comes down and tells him to prep the car; once he leaves, our married couple slide around each other, careful not to touch.  He sits on the couch while she starts working on the plants.

Shuk:  About this time, Boss shows up and demands what is happening. Mike says it's nothing, but there are days worth of photos of the four of them.  His CF's have run off, and the ice cream company is demanding the truth.
JoAnne:  We all know that in ice cream is truth.  Those photos, on the other hand, lie.

Shuk:  He promises to straighten this out. Boss is tough; he has become a liability to the company, and he will be let go. He understands; his contract is almost up anyway. Boss is soft; she is also worried about him. If he wants a press conference, she will arrange it.  PregoMan wonders about how the family is taking it.

Shuk:  They head over to the estate, and make obeisance to the elders. Grandma is grim; Mom is upset at the cavalier manner he treated marriage.  He's quick to take the blame, but Mom is really disappointed. Om-Am tries to defend him.  Mom wants to know his decision before they find out about it from the news.  With that, both elders leave and our couple is left to drive home.
JoAnne:  That could not have been an easy conversation, but I can't believe it took the idiot driver to remind them that his family might have heard the news.

Shuk:  They drive back in silence, until our yappy driver starts yapping. After he winds down, he turns on the radio. Mike looks down at his hands and asks her if she would believe something he wants to tell her.  She replies, if it doesn't change anything, what does it matter? She has a point.

Shuk:  They  pull into the driveway, and Guy is already there, waiting for Om-Am.


Shuk:  Is this the second to the last episode? Is tomorrow the final?? It seems poised that way.  Noo!! I want more! We need two episodes of Mike grovelling, and 15 seconds of MinTramp getting hit by a bus.
JoAnne:  I'd rather have it the other way around, and then a special episode of Mike being all lovey dovey and Om-Am bossing him around and then lots of kisses.