Full House Thailand Episode 18 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  Our couple has a few poignant moments that make me sigh in envy and sadness.
JoAnne: They make me speculate on real life nookie happening.
Shuk:, Well, yeah, that too. :)


Shuk:  Guy is in the driveway, but Om-Am says he is there to talk to Mike.  The two must have set this up beforehand.  The boys go to the end of the pier, where Mike admits he isn't doing well at all. He messed up everything, and he's almost tired enough to just jump into the lake.  Guy is smiling and he pats him on the shoulder.  He understands the younger man's dilemma, but Mike needs to make his decision clear to all parties.
JoAnne: I liked this; Guy has his own interests in this matter, but he is still a good friend to Mike, and from this little exchange I believed that he knows how Mike truly feels.

Shuk:  He's walking through the park when Om-Am comes by on her bike.  There is one long, charged stare, then he walked over and touches her hand on the premise of holding the bike. He asks her if she's tired, and she nods. He says he is tired too, but he crookedly smiles and says he can still take her home.  I think there's double and triple meanings in there.
JoAnne:  See?  She knows, too.  Everybody knows, Mike.  I know you have this whole other issue with the promise you've been making ever since you were a boy but geez, can't someone go talk to her for you? Why doesn't Guy go over to her  house and shout some sense into her? 

Shuk: She sits behind him on the bicycle.  He asks her if they should pedal all the way to the end of the world and she agrees, but only if it's just the two of them. In that world she is the best scriptwriter, and he's is the best music composer, and no one would come between them. No Guy, no Mintra. With that, she puts her hand on his shoulder and rests her head on his back.
JoAnne:  This is good,  yup, this is the way this should be going, keep on you two, figure it out.
Shuk:  He squeezes her hand, then guides it to his waist, where he strokes it. He leans back and savors the closeness for a moment while she backhugs him, then, with false humor, they head home.
JoAnne:  Right about here, watching them, I become convinced that not only does Mike like Aom in real life - I think that's a foregone conclusion, because he is not THAT awesome of an actor - but they may have begun the relationship already. There is a certain ease and familiarity and tenderness in the way they touch each other that just looks really real here. Fine, call me Grannie. Just ummmm and make a baby, guys. Tonight.

Shuk: It's a little chilly and she's still on the back steps when he sits down beside her. He opens the conversation by saying, for the first time in his life, he finds himself looking for her. I interpret that to mean she's always in his thoughts.
JoAnne: That, and that he seeks her out so he can be near her, when they're home.  He's not content  just to be in the same building, as we've seen - if she's cleaning, he cleans.  If she's cooking, he's there watching. If she's out with Guy, he's there spying, hahahah.  How come the paparazzi didn't take THAT picture?
Shuk: He asks her if she would ever look for him, if he were to disappear. She doesn't answer the question, but she is sorry for all the complications in his life arising from this house. Yes, there were many bad things that happen, but she was the best thing ever. He wants to stay on those steps forever, but he’s decided to have a press conference and come clean with everything.
JoAnne:  There is a very important point about this that I don't realize until later: his everything is more than her everything.
Shuk: She’s fighting tears; positing that all their contracts will come to an end. He dragged her all over the place, and ordered her around, and made her learn his habits, but now she that she has finally memorized them, she will have to forget.
JoAnne:  See, he could come clean about it and  say '...but I've fallen in love with Om-Am, and she with me, and we're sorry to have fooled you but I can't be sorry I did it overall, because it led me to this wonderful woman who I am going to marry for real now.'  But that damned Min.
Shuk: He’s trying to say what’s in his heart, but the boy can't spit it out, and Om-Am continues. She knows all this is because of MinTramp, and he made the right decision to choose her. He tries again, but now her tears are flowing freely, and she begs him not to say anything that will hurt her more. She flees into the house for a crying jag on her pillow while he cries alone on the steps.
JoAnne:  Seriously, Mike, if there was EVER a moment for you to insist on speaking, this was it.  She thinks you're choosing that  bitch.  You aren't, though, are you?  SAY THAT. Even if you think the two of you can't be together and that you  have made her life too difficult, it would make a difference to her to know that you are not choosing Min.

Shuk: Yappy Driver shows up and misinterprets the bags under her eyes for an amorous evening. She just finds out about the photos taken over the last few month and the media buzz surrounding them: Mike lied about his true love, and Om-Am and Guy had a torrid love affair. She’s stunned, and Yappy flips on the television, where the gossip anchors are still gossiping, and she gets the full picture of everything that happened recently.
JoAnne: I had no idea that she did not know this. I think in Korea she knew it, right? So did she think they went to the parents to confess because he was going to just end it all and go be with Min right away?  Oh my God, that would have hurt so much worse than knowing this is all because of the paparazzi. Because without THEM...he'd have worked to buy time to sooth Om-Am over the hospital.

Shuk: Mike shows up, and Driver scurries away. He tells her not to make any meals for the day, and leaves for the office. Yappy mentions in his village, if two people care and take care of each other, it’s called love. Mike tells him to STFU, and drive him to the office without words or sounds.
JoAnne:  Somewhere in here though, not sure if it is this  ride or the next, he also tells him 'even you are useful' when the Pao ONCE  again makes the emotional issues clear.  He has redeemed himself for me, by the way.  He's one of those annoying people you end up loving.

Shuk:  At the office, they discuss the situation.  Current netizen attitudes are 50/50,  but Mike is ready to expose the entire truth.  Boss says they can hedge it a bit and minimize the damage.  Benz asks the big question: what is the real truth?  He doesn't answer.
JoAnne: Because why should today be any different, right?
Shuk:  After the meeting, Mike ends up in a heart to heart with his dad. He gives his father a sincere apology. He can't say everything that happened, except that it was his fault.
JoAnne: WHY.  WHY can't you say everything that happened, Mike?  I  don't get it.

Shuk: They talk about his late sister.  She went through many painful treatments when there was no hope, because he wanted more time with his daughter. He never told anyone about his feelings, so, in the end, everyone thought badly of him.  A real man apologizes and tries to explain to the one he loves.  It's better than leaving unanswered questions and bad feelings.
JoAnne:  WORD.  Do you have anything to say, Mike?
Shuk:  Mike wonders if  "she" would even listen, but Dad rightfully points out that he's finally listening to his father after all these years. As far as he is concerned, what Mike has done is in the past, but he wants his son to fully know himself and his feelings.  And they share a manly hug overlooking the city.
JoAnne:  I smile.

Shuk:  Yappy Driver watches all and smiles.  He's still an idiot, though.
JoAnne:  He's an idiot SAVANT.

Shuk: Mike is at the Stupid Swing. I wish I knew where it was. It's dark outside, and Yappy wants to know if they should head home. Mike has a brown envelope he puts in his care that I am guessing is the title to the house. He tells him that after the press conference tomorrow, he will be need to be driven to a certain destination.
JoAnne:  I think if you go there and burn down the swing, it won't really help. Mike will still make stupid decisions that we don't want him to make.
Shuk:  [grumble]  It would make ME feel better...
Shuk: He hands the envelope to Pao and asks him to take care of Om-Am in the future, and keep her from feeling lonely. Also, he's sleeping at the office tonight.  Nooo, mammoth, nooo!
JoAnne: WHY?  Why not go home and have one last evening (because that's what you're doing, we all know it, you idiot) eating ice cream and petting junior and smiling with Om-Am?

Shuk:  Om-Am waits at the house for him.  Dammit Mike you always leave her waiting!!
JoAnne:  Mammoth fail.
Shuk: The team gathers in a conference room, and Traitor Swish is all pontificating and snarky, clinging onto the new talent.  Boss tells him to take some time off after the presscon and wait til things die down.  In the bathroom, he struggles hard to get his wedding band off.  Does he do it?
JoAnne:  I don't think so, I think it stays on.  That's the new talent? I thought she said he was there to help Mike with the press conference, which never made any sense to me anyway - he did nothing, and he looks pretty young to be an expert at anything.  And did you see the way Thot stares at Swish? I think she suspects.
Shuk:  At the press conference he looks down at this hand,  Nope, the thing is firmly on his finger. Yay! It's not going to stop what he says though.  And all the parties are watching it at their respective locations.
JoAnne: Surprise us, young man.  Please.

Shuk:  He apologizes to his fans and team, and admits to the entire fault.  He personally mentions Guy and Mintra as nothing but very close friends, as the reporters should be aware, having followed his movements for years.
JoAnne:  I am positively ugly in my happiness over Min's face.
Shuk:  He gets to Om-Am, and tells the world it was strictly a convenient business arrangement.  Om-Am's face is frozen as she stares at the television. Guy is frowning while he watches livestreaming online. Mike takes full responsibility, and says that all arrangements and agreements between him and Khun Om-Am are done. He makes a plea of privacy for the three.  And with that the conference ends as the reporters burst out with questions and comments.
JoAnne: I seriously do not understand this at all.  Even if he thinks he has to leave her in order to give her a life that won't make her tired - and I don't think this version does a better job of explaining this, I think Korea does - why can't he at least tell the world that he loves her, but is letting her go because he thinks he has caused her too much pain? And what's wrong with ASKING the girl if she thinks he's been too much trouble?  Ok fine,  so the reporters wouldn't leave her alone if it was love but in REALITY they're going to go find her anyway, so what's the difference?
Mike's just spinning on the same old merry-go-round
Shuk:  Mike is sitting in front of the van, waiting for Yappy. Pao tells him it's important to fight for love, even a loser like him. Mike wonders if the two cousins would be happier without either of the guys.  Pao counters what if it's just their opinions and not the thoughts of the girls.  Mike marvels that sometimes he actually makes sense.  But he's still leaving.
JoAnne: Ah, it was here.  And yeah, Mike...hit yourself upside your own head for that bit of  stupidity.  'You make sense.  But I'm not going to listen anyway.'

Shuk:  Om-Am is still waiting, but only Yappy shows up.  He gives her the envelope but waits for her to open it.  It's the title and a letter.
"When you get this, you will either cry or call me a stupid idiot.  Both could also happen since it's you. You know my details, but I know yours too, and the reasons behind them.  I want your heart to be at ease without any conditions."
Shuk:  She starts crying in earnest as she continues. The envelope indeed is the paperwork for the house. He warns her to never sign anything without reading it, try not to be sad anymore, and fulfill her dreams as a writer.  He also calls her Shorty one final time.
JoAnne:  So in his mind, he's resetting her life back to before her first prize trip to Korea.  She has her house, she can pretend Mike never existed. Wrong, wrong, wrong.  You can't go back again.  There's no ease in this, Mike. In fact, this house is now going to be a painful reminder of your love.  The ease would have been if you STAYED and replaced the bad beginning with a happy middle.

Shuk: He's on a plane with same flight attendant, looking at the empty window seat and remembering.  And to think he always sat in the window seat before. Left picture from their first flight:

JoAnne: ooooh


JoAnne:  This is just incredibly frustrating for me, the story that hinges on someone just NOT SPEAKING when asked a direct question that could clear everything up, or just NOT DOING the thing everyone tells you should do, that you know you want to do, that you know the other person involved wants you to do, but no, you're going to go do something completely different and boneheaded for no reason that makes sense to anyone who hasn't tied themselves in knots trying to figure out a way to understand your stupid ass reason that makes no sense to begin with.
Shuk: I have to agree with you.  It's amazing that, being in the entertainment business, his communication skills suck like the International Space Station toilets. Seriously, dude, if you want to tell ALL the truth, then TELL IT ALL!  I just want to Jethro-slap some sense into him.
I'll pick one non-mammoth to tell Mike off.