Lee Hong-ki and ... his Hair and Nails!

KLnoona aka lafer: Kakashi, a hair post! I feel like I'm coming home again! And who better to spotlight than Hong Ki, because he is both an idol and an actor, and a very hot actor right now, in every sense of the word.
Wei: *inserts herself into the conversation* Yay! Spotlight on Hongki oppa! We also need to take a peek at his nails because those are gorgeous too!
kakashi: People, meet Wei! Wei, meet the Squeeglets. Squeeglets, Wei was the one that suggested we do another hair post here. It used to be our trademark after all! Two of our all-time-most-popular posts are hair posts! You didn't know that, huh. We had a life before recapping ...
Wei: Oh, I should introduce myself shouldn't I? I was too excited over squeeing about Hongki oppa. Hello! I'm myweithisway on Twitter and elsewhere, current law student on the east coast of USA but a California girl through and through. My loves are Hongki oppa and GD, and I get to watch shows faster because I can read Chinese subs. And yes, I pestered my awesome unnis until they agreed to this Hongki post.

KLnoona: Well, it was an awesome idea, Wei! My introduction to Hong Ki was as Jeremy in You're Beautiful. Look how cute he was!
Wei: My introduction too! Actually, I consider You're Beautiful my gateway crack drama, the one that sent me over into full blown fangirl mode. (Think lots of time spent at the college computer lab NOT studying.) Still love this look.
kakashi: Of course, my introduction too. And the last time I saw him. Anyway, am I the judge here? Alright. I absolutely HATE the bleached hair on Asian guys. He doesn't get more than a 5/10. For the pretty face.  
KLnoona:  Unfortunately, when they went into live shooting, the stylist didn't quite have time to finish his hair cut.
Wei: They were perhaps taking his appeal to little kids a snip or two too far.
kakashi: This is ... I become terrible anal with these asymmetrical haircuts, I tell you! 3/10. 
KLnoona: I'm really liking this. And it's a very well put together look.  I even like the nails that appear to have little tiny reptiles attached to them.
Wei: And yet, the focal point seems to be the guyliner.
kakashi: OMG look at those nails! Fabulous!!! I totally dig this look. 8/10.
Wei: So we take a quick detour to his nail art! In case there is someone who doesn't know, Lee Hong Ki is actually the lead vocal of the kpop band FT Island and here he shows off his band pride and colors.
kakashi: Hot damn.
KLnoona: Wow, even his non-fancy nails look fabulous!  
Wei: He also really likes skulls...
kakashi: OMG this guy completely outwits me in the nail department!!! 
KLnoona: Huh, what?  Sorry, too busy trying to find some pockets to shove my shameful hands into.
Wei: *also hides her hands in shame*
Wei: And the skull even celebrates Christmas with Heechul!
kakashi: Now I'm scared!
KLnoona: What? Does he do little finger plays with them?
Wei: But maybe Santa Claus skull was too cute so in comes the dark, scary... well, I actually don't know what it is exactly, a ring? A nail cap? A nail wrap-around?
kakashi: Is this his hand??!? O___o Hand-envy de luxe!!! 
KLnoona: I'm guessing he doesn't do much texting when he's wearing this. Now I won't feel so bad when he doesn't answer me back.
KLnoona:  OK, back to hair. Ahjumma hair alert! Was he channeling a blonde Oska here?
Wei: Which reminds me, why can't I have equally pretty side swept bangs of perfection?
kakashi: You certainly could if you spent 4 hours a day in front of a mirror. And a stylist.  Too Jang Geun-sukish for me: 4/10.
KLnoona:  Hong ki and 50 shades of red?  Me likey
Wei: The "I Hope" era, loved the song, love the hair even more!
kakashi: Much better than bleached. I guess it's a 8/10?
KLnoona: This red is for RRROAR.  Or maybe just meow--we don't want to mess up the manicure
Wei: He won't need to hold a cat to get the girl when he's being cute like this.
kakashi: Hahahahaha, sorry. No. 3/10.
KLnoona:  My first thought is: She could use a padded bra.
Wei: I think I need to visit the wine section at the grocery store and pin down that shade, is it Merlot? It's surely not Moscato.
kakashi: Oh. But the color is nice! 4/10.
Klnoona:  Oh, he's channeling again, only it's a geisha this time.
Wei: His face is begging me to not say anything.
JoAnne:  I had to come out of lurk-mode:  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
kakashi: Hell. Make it unseen!!!! (unratable)
Klnoona:  NOOOO!  Step away from the stylist who wants to do this to you!  It's just wrong.
Wei: I like that shade of red though...
kakashi: !!!!! Pumuckl !!!! Google that if you don't know what it is, hehe. 2/10.
Wei: *Googles* *Having trouble breathing from the laughs*
KLnoona:  I know, I know, I'd be crying too if I had a palm tree made of hair sprouting from the top of my head.
Wei: I think I've seen his little cousin in a jungle before.
kakashi: It's orange! My favorite color! 3/10.
KLnoona: I didn't know he tried out for Ma Ri's Choice, did you two?  Unfortunately for him, Yoon Eun-Hye and her perm won out.
Wei: That drama and this perm both do not exist in my universe.
kakashi: I might have to re-do my rating or this is -2/10.
KLnoona: Well, a perm does help you keep those curls looking fresh!
Wei: Yes oppa, your specialty is being cheeky!
kakashi: Is he trying to channel James Dean here? 3/10. 
KLnoona: Have you no pride, man? Yes, we all have those pull-your-hair-back days, but this is not a good look for you, trust me!
Wei: This look makes me miss the Oska look, which surely says something? 
kakashi: What happened?! Oh my, sorry ... dismal ratings for you, dear. 2/10.
Klnoona:  Just a side note here, I believe he wore his hair this way on We Got Married.  Maybe this was his tactic for keeping Mina at bay? It would work for me.
KLnoona: Phew, now that's more like it. I really like Hong Ki in his natural hair color. 
Wei: Hmmm, is that a clip on? Like GD's?
kakashi: Finally. Cute again! 8/10. 
Wei: But then again, maybe not if he can get flowy locks like this *goes off to search if it was Hongki who ended up in The Three Musketeers musical*
KLnoona: No.  Please No. ***scrolling quickly***
kakashi: ????? 
Wei: You're giving yourself the look for that last hairdo too right?
KLnoona: Awww, he looks so non-idolish here.
kasashi: Cute little nerd ... 7/10.
Wei: See, you can be a normal guy just enjoying your West Coast fast food.
kakashi: That hair? Makes me want to CUT IT. 2/10. 
KLnoona:  Looks just like my nephew. And his friends.
Wei: The spiked headband is fierce, everything else is...well the finger mustache says everything. 
kakashi: Wei, are you sure this is the same person? 
KLnoona:  Yep. The nails are a dead give-away.
Wei: I assume this is post 4 hours in front of the mirror and an army of stylists.
Klnoona:  And who doesn't want to end with a great Bride of the Century hairdo.  Looking good, Hong Ki!
Wei: Very good indeed! (I promise I'm not biased!)
kakashi: Okay, you've convinced me. I'm starting BotC right NOW. 10/10. 
Wei: And a final blast from the past... Yes oppa, you've grown up well!
kakashi: D'awwwwwwwwwwz
KLnoona: Seems like he came by his looks naturally - no going under the knife. Awesome!
KLnoona: We have enjoyed our time with Hong Ki's hair and nails. We hope you did too!


oozzeee said…
Bwahahahaha! I can't unsee that pic with the long hair..
*off to google pumuckel
JoAnne said…
His face just inspires good will, does it not? It's like Joo Won's face. You see it, and you smile.
laos7 said…
Some of those photos... Where can I turn the time backwards?!
But even as a fan of FTI I didn't know that Hongki liked doing his nails that much... ehh, I'm a bad fangirl.
Anonymous said…
you just nailed it cause that's EXACTLY the perfect HongKi description. (I just found myself smiling after through this whole article). Love that he is so childish in a lovelyway I would love to see him 30 years from now keeping the same spirit (but much wiser and with gray hair maybe? he wil nail that style too!) ♥
Anonymous said…
Puhahahahaha!! Hahahaha! Hahahahaha!

dewaanifordrama said…
Oh I love your hair posts! And that Pumuckl reference was perfect! I must say that his Bride of the Century hairdo is most excellent on our litte Hong Ki. And I love that nerdy one with the glasses. He is just so lovable. And he's kind of sort of always Jeremy for me. *sigh* I like Hong Ki! Have you seen this adorable picture with the kitten? There a million, but I love this one: http://jubies33.tumblr.com/post/79410405168/reblogtofangirl-because-hongki-and-kitten
AznCowgirl said…
@laos7: hongki loves nail art so much... he even has a book out about it... true story... i promise
Krish said…
thanks for the laughs..
i first saw hongki in YAB and loved him there .. loving him in BOTC now.. it is my crack drama now..
Jomo W said…
I love how heartless k is with the ratings, and I totally agree!!
It's an idol thing, right? You can't let the fans down by looking like that handsome guy who works in the third aisle from the window, second cube on the right.

He is my new crack. Thanks for the article.
saema AH said…
HAHAHAAHHAHA, you guys are hilarious. We would love more hair posts!
Anonymous said…
his geisha hairstyle is adorable....although it's weird but looking cut on him
LadySaotome said…
ROFL - I was thinking Ronald McDonald until I googled Pumuckl - too funny!