Nail Shop Paris Episode 2 (A SongJaeRimJob)

Dear kakashi and JoAnne,

I regret to inform you that Alex is still very much alive and conscious in this hour, despite your fervent wish to see him in a 9-episode coma (or not see him at all). On the plus side: we get Kei in a trenchcoat, Kei hanging out with a cute kid, and Kei being angsty -- because Why The Fuck Not Paris knows where its strengths lie.
I hope this encourages your continued participation in our SongJaeRimJob.

Dear mary, 

Have you already forgotten you infected me with the Rim Bug (though there's people out there that say it was US that infected YOU)? How could I not continue to comment on your RimJobs?! As for Alex ... well, I'll be busy ignoring him. Or giggling when he appears. Because I found out he very much reminds me of a Monchichi doll I had as a kid. Here it is:
Best regards, 
Dear Mary and Kakashi,

Last week, when I said he looked like a monkey, as though he should be covered in fur? This is the thing I was thinking about. I love you, Kakashi. And never fear, Mary: I can just ignore Monkey Boy, or make fun of him or something.

(I don't know which is weirder: that you associate Alex with a toy monkey OR you associate him with a toy monkey you had as a child. One you presumably slept with (no, I hated it!))

EPISODE 2 - PG-13 (or higher?)

Mary: Team Paris is in Alex's hospital room, discussing the suspect behind the Leave Poisoned Coffee Outside And Hope Bunny Is Stupid Enough To Give It To Alex incident. Alex isn't surprised that it was Tae Hee (Exposition Fairy/Stalker client) who did it. In flashback, we see that Stalker Client gave Alex an expensive gift and implied that she wants to do to him what JoAnne and kakashi have been threatening to do to my Song Jae Rim Oppa: make him very very happy.
kakashi: Oh yes. Thank you for putting it so nicely. He is totally not my oppa, but this noona here has a few things to teach the young man. The age gap isn't even icky.
JoAnne: Since I've got at least 15 years on you and am old enough to be Mary's mother (huh? How old is our mary?!) (old enough to get Jo's jokes, though I fail miserably at it), the age gap probably IS icky when it comes to me... but I do not care one bit. I would never call him Oppa, though. That would be icky, indeed.
Mary: JoAnne, you just need to buy a piano:
Mary: Alex, the bore, rejected Stalker Client on account of those pesky things called professionalism and non-adultery. So in keeping with the WTF-ery, Stalker Client poisoned him for revenge. This means that Stalker Client was also responsible for Alex's missing ring and diary. Anyway, this clears Kei's accusations that Bunny is the stalker, so she turns around to gloat and rub her innocence in Kei's face.
kakashi: Haha, drinking game, everyone? Every plot hole and/or weirdness, one shot! Maybe they need to ring for a Rim ... never mind.
JoAnne: We need Shuk on standbye then because I see alcohol poisoning in the very near future.
I think I found this Show's writer...
Mary: Kei just scoffs and does this "Are you kidding me?" face. Probably because they're in Korea, and you don't say stuff like "HA! You're wrong! But no need to apologize since you're too arrogant to do it" to your sunbae. Especially a sunbae as hot as this one, no matter how hard he tries to hide said hotness with that atrocious facial hair.
kakashi: At this point, I barely notice that fluff on that face. My blood pressure rises immediately when he is on screen. I haven't had this kind of hormonal reaction to an actor in a very long time. But I've decided to not worry, because ... well.
JoAnne: I can't decide which is better - that sad puppy stare on the left or the abashed grin on the right. My goodness, he's cute. EVEN with the horrible hair and fuzzy face. Wait, when did I stop caring about that?
Mary: I realized that our Bunny is a bit heartless like Hye Mi of Dream High and Lawyer Jang of I Hear Your Voice. She's rude to her superior, mean to her roommate, and doesn't take the effort to understand other people. Case in point: when Lady Boss-nim wants to find Stalker Client and talk to her first, Bunny demands BLOOOOOOD! PAAAAAAAIN! VENGEAAAAANCE! NOW! Meanwhile, Alex, the bore, wants to forget everything.
(And the show doesn't let Kei talk to share what he thinks, because they don't want him to draw attention to how damn sexy he looks lounging on that hospital couch. For fear that scary noonas like kashi and Jo will rush to the set to see him in person.)
Song Jae Rim cannot shoot under these dangerous conditions.
kakashi: This is probably where the makers of Age of Feeling thought "hey, this silent guy sitting so cooly on that hospital couch would make a perfect Mo"!
JoAnne: More like their wives said, 'If you do not give this man a decent role where he is allowed to show his true hotness, you will never get any kind of Job again, if you know what I mean.'

Mary: Later, Bunny is working on her novel which this Show has so smartly (WTF-ly?) made me care about by making the Paris staff star in it, so I can't really complain when WTFParis gives us the following scenes...
It's night. Drag Bunny is wounded and being chased by Hunter Kei (mmmm... YUM - and this is when the makers of Two Weeks thought "hey, this cool dude would make a perfect Killer Kim!") She seeks refuge in this alternaverse's Paris where Alex Still-A-Bore is drinking coffee. Hunter Kei barges in and Alex SAB pushes Drag Bunny against the wall to hide her. Hunter Kei sees them and assumes Alex is having fun, sexy times with a girl, so he does this hilarious "Nice one, carry on" face at Alex SAB before leaving (who else expected him to barge back in, cause he certainly cannot be that stupid and not realize there can only be ONE girl behind that pillar?! Plus ... he looks absolutely ridiculous. I love him!). Once the coast is clear, Alex SAB and Drag Bunny become conscious of their proximity and start to kiss.
kakashi: Yuck! 
JoAnne: I thought this entire scene was just Kei dressed up in spy clothes walking through an empty building and smirking randomly. Never noticed those other two.
Mary: "Isn't it too much to be kissing in the first chapter?" interrupts real-world Roommate Ji Soo. Bunny says she's going for the shock factor and snaps at Roommate to stop giving advice because she doesn't know anything. Tsk tsk. Bad Bunny. I'm waiting for the day when you fall in love and have to take How To Be A Decent Person lessons from your roommate who "doesn't know anything".
kakashi: Actually, I wish the roommate were, you know ... disposed of. She has that face ... that face MOST Korean actresses have. I have a natural fear of clones.
It's like this gif was made for kakashi (source)
JoAnne: At some point while watching this, I forget why, we began to suspect that the room-mate was also a supernatural being. That made things a bit more interesting. Plus, there's something coming you guys don't know about.

Mary: Am I giving writer-nim too much credit? I think the kiss discussion was another jab at kdramas and their obsession with first kisses. The more I rewatch WTFParis, the more I start to think writer-nim is a misunderstood genius. As if he tried to incorporate lots of "brilliant" elements but failed to make them come together, so the final product ended up fit for the kitchen sink. Like my last experiment "Special Steamed Fish With Special Herbs and Special Lemon Butter Sauce". *cries*
kakashi: I see that this writer, Sung Min-ji, did not write many screen plays before and after WTFParis. It's his (her?) grand masterpiece. And so far, it is just that: a grand WTF masterpiece. I appreciate it. Fully. Maybe I can appreciate your WTF cooking too, one day, mary? 
JoAnne: I can appreciate WTF on my tv or in my books or hell, even in my bed sometimes. I draw the line at food, though. (At least I haven't killed anyone. Yet. Gonna try glue as an ingredient next time.)
Mmm... looks like honey!
Mary: The next morning is boring because Kei is missing, but Jeremy 2.0 saves it a little with his cuteness (he is as broad as my wardrobe O___o). He finds Bunny's recorder which Bunny snatches back in a panic, prompting Jeremy 2.0 to joke that it contains porn. I like how he thinks. Jeremy 2.0 will fit right in with our SongJaeRimJob, don't you think? He also jokingly offers Alex The Bore more coffee, which gives him 2000000+ points in my book.
Alex The Bore serves no purpose other than to tell Bunny not to feel guilty about what happened to him and wonder out loud "I don't see Kei anywhere..." Yes, Show! Where is my Kei? Out for a shave, I hope?
kakashi: I guess we all like Jeremy 2.0? Anybody else secretly wanting to do bad stuff to him? I don't mean of THAT kind ... but of the "poking needles into him" kind. No? Just me? 
JoAnne: He's the kind of person I like to confuse. (Aaah.... you mean like me?)
Mary: Angry Kei is outside Stalker Client's house waiting for her. He guilt trips her into coming with him using the best line in this episode ever, delivered with that hotness + coolness + swag that only Song Jae Rim can do: "Hello Tae Hee-sshi... Oh, nope, Alex isn't mad. That guy enjoys acting like an angel. But you know I'm not an angel, right? Follow me." I scream: YES, OPPA! TO THE ENDS OF THE WORLD! (Where there is, hopefully, a large bed.)
kakashi: You forgot to mention that her husband arrives just then and sees his wife walking off with Mr. Sex-on-Legs, which is kind of the key (not Kei!) in this whole scene. (I deliberately forgot. My hate for that guy is as huge as your hate for Alex.)
JoAnne: I need to bite him. I won't break the skin, I won't leave a bruise. Maybe a tiny mark but someplace that won't be easy to see. But I NEED TO DO THAT. (What is with you and marking people, JoAnne? O___O)
Mary: Kei brings Stalker Client (plus her kid, no one will be left to look after him) back to Paris to apologize to Alex. Instead of discussing the issue, The Bore makes me hate him more by diagnosing SC's sadness via fingernail appearance. Yeah, yeah, we know you're nice. Kei makes the same faces as me at this scene.
kakashi: What happened to "I won't be mean to Alex", mary? That went out the window pretty quickly!!! (It magically disappeared together with Jo's third spaces.) The nail pressing had me wanting to slap that dude. Take your sensitivity and shove it up your ass! 
JoAnne: And then the angry husband bursts in and shoots the wanna-be-cheater wife and boring Alex. Kai saves the kid (of course) and subdues the murderer (even more of course.) Awed and completely turned on, Bunny confesses she's a girl and drags Kei off upstairs for fun times, because duhhhhh. No? That didn't happen? 
Mary: While The Bore is being boringly nice, Bunny is left on kid-watching duty. The poor kid is quiet and hunched over and very timid. When Bunny asks why he won't talk, he says "When old people are angry, you shouldn't talk." Awww... this kid is so sad and cute (I've seen him in something else, recently ... what was it? JoAnne? (I'm asking JoAnne, because she watches everything))(I watched this a year ago. You think I remember what a kid who appeared for 10 minutes in one scene looks like? Fine. He looks a little bit like the youngest kid in Golden Rainbow, but I'm not sure it's him.) He also looks like an elf. I want to give him a sock and set him free! (Dobby!)
Mary: Bunny gets him to open up by sharing the story of how a gumiho saved her life. Kid lights up and whispers "I know that! It's a fox bead! I saw a gumiho give one to Lee Seung Gi too!" *nods* Kiddo knows his kdrama-lore. Bunny does some aegyo to make the kid laugh and kid must be higher up than Kei in the intelligence scale, because he immediately guesses she's a girl and grabs her boobs for confirmation. HAHAHAHAHA is he going to be Kei 2.0?
kakashi: I thought: "If the kid knows, Kei knows!". I think he does ... deep down in his heart. Just look what's in there, man ... Oh look! He found me in there!
JoAnne: The Nail Prince will discover that it doesn't matter, much like his Coffee Cousin.
Mary: Bunny asks Little Kei to keep her secret. He finally feels close enough to say his name: Kim Dong Chan, and they laugh together. The Bore, Stalker, and Kei walk in on this scene and praise her for being good with kids. Bunny says "kids know who the good people are" and Kei sasses back "don't you mean they know who the gullible ones are?" KYAAAAAAAAAAAAA~ Kei teasing Bunny is just KYAAAAAAAAAA. Look at his "I'm not being friendly, I'm trying to annoy you, dontcha know?" face.
kakashi: I realize at this point that you have different subs than I do. And I go check and I have Dramafever subs! Urgh!!! The worst!!! I think I'll watch with my perfect German subs.
Mary: Bunny and Alex go to the hospital for his follow-up and run into Stalker Client in the ER. She claims to have "fallen off the stairs" but they also notice she has bruises shaped suspiciously like Domestic Violence. She admits that her hubby saw her leaving the house with Kei. (Oh no. That kinda explains it. I mean, seeing your wife with Alex definitely won't inspire intense feelings of jealousy. But with Kei...?) Still, domestic violence is a big NO for me. So I feel perfectly justified in hating the husband's toady face when he shows up to insult the Paris staff for being good-for-nothings.
kakashi: Yeah, give him glue disguised as coffee! Poisonous glue! 
JoAnne: So she gives Alex SAB poisoned coffee for NOT doing something with her, but not the husband who is hurting her? *shakes head*

Mary: Alex and Bunny report to the Paris team that Stalker Client is getting psychological help, but Bunny says it isn't enough unless they do something about Toady's behavior too. Kei is pissed off and says that that couple is selfish and don't deserve help. One poisons people for rejecting her indecent proposals and the other beats women up for hanging out with Kei. Whelp. Kei is right. Between those two married people, the entire human species is in grave danger.
kakashi: Oh my, Kei ... you're delicious when you're angry. Wanna fight with me? 
JoAnne: Plus he's RIGHTEOUS. Oh my God I am dying of sex Kei.
Mary: Kei storms off to angst in the locker room. And OMG. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before, BUT HE IS SO HOT. Anyway, yeah, Kei. Locker room. Angsty flashback:
Young Kei comes home to find his mom in bed with not-her-hubby. Later that night, he sits in his room trying to drown out the noise of his parents fighting and accusing each other of having affairs before going all Battle Royale on each other. *sigh* No wonder Kei isn't moved to help Adulterer Stalker Client and Domestic Violence Hubby.
kakashi: I know this is a KDrama and a WTF-one at that, but which mother takes home a man not her husband when she knows her kid will come home from school??????Well, in SJR's case I might ... No! Never! Don't go there, brain!!!
JoAnne: *singing* I am an empty-nester! I am an empty-nester!
Mary: Bunny sees Emo Kei and tries to be nice, but he's in a bad mood and focuses on the suspicious fact that she doesn't change in front of the other guys. He traps Bunny between his arms (RAWR.) and whispers "I don't trust you. Stop being nice to me." 
kakashi: His neck is a bit long and thin though.
JoAnne: His head is like a bulb on a stalk. Do we care? No.
Bunny retorts "Fine! I didn't even like you anyway!" and I wonder if Bunny would've said the same thing if she lived around a century ago in Shanghai and came across this fine specimen of a vampire man:
JoAnne: She's nuts, but she's not CRAZY. And holy shit, the 30s were almost a century ago. When did that happen?
Mary: They break away when The Bore comes in and offers to treat everyone to the sauna for worrying about him. (Sorry Alex, we take back the coma joke. We worry about you too. Can you please take us to this sauna trip with Kei?) Bunny sees Kei eyeing her suspiciously and says "Sure. I love the sauna!" LOL and just like that, we're at the jjimjilbang! Kei is so petty he doesn't even look at Bunny when he passes her the sauna uniform. Hehe.
kakashi: I am on Kei's side, like totally always by his side. She would annoy hell out of me and I would push her around and bully her, every chance I'd get.
JoAnne: As long as he's touching me....
Mary: Bunny must have a death wish, because she insists that they help Stalker Client using the She's Like Family To Us card. That's, like, the worst possible thing you can say to convince Kei right now. He is pissed and walks off (the screen) and if I don't get a topless Kei scene here, I will... err.. I will go rewatch Episode 1 and this SongJaeRimJob won't be finished until Oppa's birthday next February! So there!
kakashi: ARE there any topless scenes of him in this drama? Please tell me, mary! 
JoAnne: He's not exactly at fighting weight here, Kashi. I don't think we really want to see him topless.
Mary: Better topless than this:
Song Jae Rim. Flower Boy Ramyun Shop Press Conference.
Mary: Sure enough, Jin announces that Kei is already taking a bath (offscreen! Nooooooooo!) (told you this show is a total tease) Bunny makes excuses and tries to change by herself but the clothes she stashed in the bathroom were thrown away by the cleaning ahjumma. She runs home in cold weather, wearing those thin sauna clothes. We see her with a cold next morning at work.
kakashi: Hey, but for the first time in my KDrama watching experience, somebody gets a cold from something that actually GIVES you a cold! Plus, she isn't collapsing with a tremendously high fever, but she just has a cough. Wow ... this show is so realistic.
JoAnne: What ever made you think it wouldn't be?  

Mary: The Bore skinships her in concern and offers to make some tea while Kei stands looking coolly at them both. After Alex leaves, he leans in sexily (OMG ALJKAFLJKF AOJFALJFALJ FLajflaJL) and asks "Did you really leave because you were too tired?" WHY DO YOU ASK, KEI? Were you planning on doing something that requires full stamina?! Bunny sneezes at him in answer and his awesome "Eew!" face makes me lean in and croon at the screen: I love you, Song Jae Rim Oppa. You are amazing... I'm coming for you. Soon. *strokes Song Jae Rim pillow*
kakashi: YOU HAVE A SJR PILLOW????????????
Mary: Something like this? Yeah...
JoAnne: (Mary is starting to freak me out a little bit.)
Mary: I'm kidding! Kidding, Unnis! *closes Song Jae Rim's Used Clothes ad on eBay*
Mary: Little Kei calls the Paris office crying: Stalker Mom is missing! Bunny and Bore visit Little Kei's home to talk to Toady Hubby and help find Stalker Client. The Bore says Stalker mentioned her favorite hangouts during those hand massage sessions and offers to help Toady in the search.
kakashi: I really, really, really, wouldn't want my wife to get hand massages by other men either. Seriously, that's so ........ sensual. It's really like sex. Those little gaps between the fingers ... try stroking that! Kei, wanna do something else than drawing on nails for a change?
JoAnne: I have freckles. We're planning to play connect the dots.

Mary: Bunny brings Little Kei back to Paris for baby-sitting. Jeremy 2.0 begs off. He has to deal with his + Alex's clients. Kei orders Bunny to baby-sit, but she's afraid she might pass on her cold to the kid, and besides, does Kei want to do the hoobae work of cleaning toilets and fetching tea? Soooo... it's Kei on Little Kei duty then! ACK! SO CUTE! Jeremy 2.0 and Bunny tell him to hold Little Kei's hand and he reluctantly holds out his pinky.
kakashi: OMG I will do many many German subbed gifs for this ...  well, two actually.
JoAnne: See, I have reserved 'Little Kei' for something else entirely. When you use the name for this child, I am momentarily confused. On the other hand, if you read what you wrote and substitute MY Little Kei for YOUR Little Kei, it's very, very funny.
Your ovaries may have survived Lee Hong Ki playing with a kitten in Bride of The Century, but I bet they won't survive this.
JoAnne: Your prediction is accurate. I must make that man a baby.
(Bore and Toady go to different places looking for Stalker Client, which turn out to be where important moments happened in Destructive Couple's life. But let's go back to Kei and Lil Kei in the playground, shall we?)
JoAnne: Sorry I can't stop laughing. The mental image of Kei and 'Little Kei' that I have amusing themselves on the playground is so very different from yours.

Mary: Kei asks LK if he isn't angry (hahahahahaah no stooooooooop), and kiddo replies he IS angry... but also scared. Scared that his parents will leave him alone. Kei tells him to buck up. Real men take responsibility for their own lives and actions. Don't let your life go to waste just because you hate your parents, like I (Kei) did. Kiddo asks conspiratorially if Kei is some sort of gangster (yeah, in another universe, he is this insanely cool anti-opium dude called Mo, kid!), and they smile and goof around. Bunny sees this and smiles too. Oh now she appreciates Kei? Can't she just take Bore and leave? It's bad enough that I have to share him with kakashi and everyone else...
kakashi: Too bad I got spoiled ... cause if I hadn't been (it was on Twitter, not here), I'd be wondering by now who the First Lead (or rather, the one that gets the girl) is in this. I would notice that certain drama signs begin to point quite vigorously at SexOnLegs. And I would go .... is it a possibility? The Ice Prince will thaw? That will mean his temperature will rise and that will mean CLOTHES COME OFF!
JoAnne: Sadly, you will be mistaken. His clothes get even MORE in the way.
Mary: We go back to Bore and Toady, still unable to find Stalker Client (try behind lampposts, I heard that's where you find stalkers in dramaland). Alex uses the opportunity to guilt-trip Toady into treating his wife better, and Toady remembers all happy moments with Stalker. Blah blah blah. I'm glad this is my 3rd rewatch. Now I can skip this part without worrying that I'll miss a topless Kei scene the producers might've randomly sneaked in to trick me into watching the whole thing.
kakashi: I'm decidedly not interested in this, yes. But I watched it all this time, because you scolded me for ffwarding, mary. (I did?!)
JoAnne: Happily imagining a topless Kei amusing himself with 'Little Kei' on the playground. But in the universe where Little Kei is actually a human child, yes, that's the kid from Golden Rainbow.
kakashi: Which I am not watching, so that's not it
Mary: More Toady suffering scenes follow. He tries to feed Little Kei (I am going to die of laughing.) and realizes how hard life was for his wife while he was off earning $$$ being a plastic surgeon just so wifey can pay for an exclusive VVVVVIP membership to Paris and get unlimited hand massages from Alex. (Is it obvious that I think they're both horrible people who are in the wrong and need to learn a lesson?)
kakashi: That knife!!! Huge knife!!! I thought he would chop his hand off!! Knives and doubles spaces! That's what I'm most afraid of.

Mary: Bunny is fetching something from Lady Boss-nim's office when she spots a necklace that looks like the one worn by her gumiho savior(!) Boss-nim catches her before she can get a closer look. Later that night, Bunny waits for everyone to leave before going back in to check Lady Boss-nim's office. She hears a noise downstairs and checks it out using... a bust as a weapon? I can think of no reason why she chose that, except this is WTFParis. What did you expect?
kakashi: Gawd, that bust was frigging scary. Kei! Come save me!
JoAnne: Sorry, he's busy right now. Come back in an hour.

Mary: The noise was Stalker Client! Apparently, Lady Boss-nim and Bore told Stalker Client to hide there while they teach Toady Hubby a lesson (oh ... what a surprising twist!). The plan is to make Hubby realize how much he's been neglecting his wife (Wow! Layers upon layers of deception!!). Next day, the Paris staff invite Toady over for a nail service while Stalker watches everything upstairs via CCTV (LOL once a Stalker...) Toady admits he's wrong for not taking care of his family, but also thinks Stalker is wrong for leaving Toady and Lil Kei behind. Stalker is touched (I'm not.) Kei paints a small pink heart on Toady's nails. In flashback, Stalker tells Bunny that she used to do that for Toady as a sign of affection. If Toady remembers what the heart means, she will start over with him.
kakashi: Now they even give GUYS sensual hand massages... I thought Kei would come in and do something bad to the man, like ... stick a knife into his hand or something. I really did!
JoAnne: I couldn't care less about what's happening. Look at his mouth.
Mary: Indeed, Toady sees the little heart and walks out. (Well, I would too. I came here late at night to look for my missing wife and you guys give me a hand massage + heart nail art?! WTF, Paris?) Stalker is sad that Toady doesn't remember their Secret Love Code of Cheesy Nail Art... but no. He remembers. He's just pissed that Stalker shared the couple's secrets and intimate moments with her manicurist. (Point for Toady.)
kakashi: Yup, a very intimate kinda thing. You don't tell that to somebody who has ears like Alex does (she told the Bunny, but that's a technicality). 
JoAnne: I feel icky.
Mary: Kei is tired of the drama (8 more episodes, dude - be glad it wasn't a 24 episode one!) and grabs Toady. How dare Toady get jealous? He's an idiot who doesn't understand the situation. Guys like him are the worst. (Take note: Sexy Jae Rim doesn't shout out that last part. He just tiredly ends his line like it's not even worth his energy wailing on a loser like Toady.) Toady slugs Kei. Jin is appalled. "This is why your wife left you!" says our Jeremy2.0. Toady tries to punch Jer2.0 too but Kei hyung blocks him, saying if this is what you amount to, it's too bad Dong Chan has a dad like you. Kei bitch-shoves Toady for a proper fight and that's when Stalker runs in between them to stop the fight.
kakashi: Whenever one of the Khotties gets hit in the face, I wail: "not the face, don't hit the face!" True story.
JoAnne: On the left: Kei looking good. ON the right, however: Kei building up to a donkey bray. Not good.
"What did he do to you? Why are you ganging up on him like this?" And for one wild second I thought she was referring to how Jo, kashi, and I are teaming up on this Song Jae Rim Job.
kakashi: Gang up and the man for a gang ... never mind. 
JoAnne: You guys can have the rim job, actually. I'm good with Little Kei.

Mary: Stalker admits that she might have driven her husband to be a workaholic, what with always nagging him when he gets home. Hubby interrupts to say "no, it's my fault" and Alex stops me from throwing my Song Jae Rim pillow on the screen at this couple's WTFery when he says, "Do you both understand now how your family will always stay by your side?" I throw my pillow at Alex instead.
kakashi: And I wring his neck, before I start pulling the annoying side-burn hair out. And I want your SJR pillow!!!!! 
JoAnne: Kei, please eat something. Jin, you look like Chief Gook's little brother right there.
Mary: Kei says, "Aiisssh! Don't make me do things like that again! It hurts!" (I drop the cake I'm eating in shock... Did Oppa figure out what we were doing in my dreams last night?! I didn't hurt him that much, did I?) But no. What Kei means is all of it was a setup. The Paris team wasn't just teaching Toady a lesson. They were teaching Stalker too. (Good for you, Paris. But also, WTF.)
kakashi: Oh, clever, clever. NOT. Yawn. Hey, but I also want to dream about Song Jae-rim. I quite often dream about Khotties. And we .... not telling you (*note inserted hours later: I DID manage to dream about him.)
JoAnne: I had a dream about somebody last week. I think it was Woo Bin. Very unusual for me to dream about an actor.
Mary: Now that that WTFery has been solved, they eat out in this universe's One Restaurant To Rule Them All. The Ex-Nailist owner talks excitedly about his favorite online author, y'know, the one who specializes in gumihos. Everyone laughs that Hong Yeo Joo and Hong Ki Joo (Bunny's male name) sound alike, and Jeremy 2.0 asks if they aren't related. She excuses herself by volunteering to close up the shop.
kakashi: You forgot to mention that Kei is also VERY hot when he drinks beer. Your neglect of him makes you non-eligible for companionship I think. (I knew you'd say something like that so I secured a Song Jae Rim License to protect myself.)
JoAnne: I agree. She has to stay home and do the dishes. You and I will take him out for beer.
Mary: Problem: Boss-nim is waiting for her. In the dark. She's all smiles when she says "I need you to explain why you were here late last night" but she does this creepy expression right after. Crap crap crap crap I knew nice ladies like her DO NOT EXIST.
kakashi: This show moves really fast, doesn't it? An episode ago I was wondering what's with the gumiho stuff, this episode, we may have a live one at our hands. 
JoAnne: Mwah hahahahahah


Mary: Now we can add fantasy to Show's list of elements... this is the last, right? We're not going to find out later that Alex's dad killed Bunny's mom? No street duels to determine the right owner of Nail Shop Paris?
kakashi: Melo is missing. Amnesia, everyone? Has it disappeared from KDrama recently? I haven't encountered any in a while ... Birth secrets? Is Kei really Bunny's lost brother? Or do they just THINK their siblings but they're not, really? 
JoAnne: Don't forget the contract marriage.

Mary: I kinda liked the fact that Bunny is a heartless robot though. This means her journey will (hopefully) focus on character growth instead of social status. I mean, I love a success story, but most heroines who "succeed" in kdramaland only do so by marrying a chaebol anyway.
kakashi: *snorts* character growth??!

Mary: Song Jae Rim is awesome. He has so many expressions in this show. When he's mad, he's scary. He doesn't even need to shout. When he's teasing he's so awkward and cute. When he's watching Bunny's every move, he's so hot (fine, that might not have been due to acting). TL;DR: you should watch WTFParis for Song Jae Rim.
kakashi: Song Jae-rim can act, yes, he can! See me do a happy dance whenever someone CAN in a Kdrama!! Yes, watch WTF Paris for him, but also so you can read our RimJobs. By the way ... don't google Rim Job and then click on the Wikipedia link. That's NOT what this is about! 
JoAnne: Definitely not.