Name that Kiss HINTS

Perhaps in my overzealousness to challenge our readers, I have made the Name that Kiss Contest a teensy weensy bit too hard. With one week to go, my mailbox is still on the light side. (Like really light!  But I highly commend those who entered already!) For all of you who are afraid to answer, or who were just dying of curiosity, here are the hints! But to see the visuals that go with the clues, (and those are the best part, of course) you'll need to click on the blue link above.

1.  There are as many lovers as dissenters for this 2007 drama.  Hey, what will be, will be.

2.  For this actor's comeback role in 2011 he made a vow to stay with her for longer than he was in the military.

3.  No ugly nights for this drama!

4.  If you cannot name this drama, you need a good shot of caffeine and a course in Kdrama 101

5.  One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight - yeah, you got it!
6.  Please, don't tell me the truth!

7.  Despite its name, writer Kim Soo Hyun's 2012 drama featured an adorable baby.

8.  The TvN cable station needed this so much that they did a series of three with this one in the  middle.

9.  This drama's name was based on the topic of the contest.

10. One of the most hyped dramas of this past year, infamous for the outrageous fashion choices o LMHot.

11. The opposite of the King's woman.
12. Another one of LMHot's dramas!  I guess it's an individual choice if you prefer it.

13. I don't know, can we?

14. They were the opposite of Seoul Haters.

15. A rather obscure 2012 drama from TvN.  At least I didn't hate him, right?

16. Big Bang has a song where they swear they aren't one of these.

17. One of the highest rated dramas of 2012 - look to the sky for this answer.

18. It seems only poor people live in these, but this time royalty did.

19. Hey, that's not my woman, but it is___________!

20. Shhh! This is meant to be kept not given away.

21. You won't find any married men selling meat in this title.

Don't forget, that cute little kiss pillow will be going to one of the entrants!  Good luck!