Post in Honor of Our 1'000'000th Page View (uhm, it's late)

bcook: 1 Million!! That's right! I feel I had a small part to play in getting here... but will have a huge part in the celebrations!!! Soju and Cake!
kakashi: Hahah, bcook, what are we going to WRITE in this post?! Ah, I have no time, no idea, and no energy ...
JoAnne:  It's just sitting here mocking us.
kakashi: Yes!! Grrrrrr, I think I'll just delete it... oups, no! Shuk has put pictures in this post. Can't delete it now ... But we're WAY over 1'000'000 already :)
cherkell:  s this now officially A THING?  Me likey.
KLnoona: And I think back on those early days, when poor kakashi was practically begging people to write something, lol.  Now people are lining up at her door and the readers can't get enough!
kakashi: Practically? no, really begging ... and you were so kind to hear my pleas ... This is to all of you, chingus! Without you, I'd probably be dead from trying to lift this myself - or would have given up somewhere around 500'000 page views.  

Shuk: I say let's have some soju and Dr Pepper!!! And post it anyway!
JoAnne:  Dr. Pepper is my favorite soda. Well or maybe Cream Soda. Hmm... cream soda and soju. We can put moonshine cherries in it. I have a very expensive mason jar full of them.
kakashi: O_________o
bcook: Cream soda and soju?! Andwe!! *gag* I'll just have the cherries please.
cherkell:  Are you buying?  Shochu and grapefruit juice for me, kudasai.
Shuk: You're on!!
bcook:  Like donkey kong! .... no?
Shuk: [giggle] [drinks more soju]
JoAnne:  Those are them!  That's what I bought!  That jar is almost 30 dollars! 
KLnoona: It's soju and karaoke for me.......I WILL SURVIVE!  Oh, sorry about the dogs howling outside....  
kakashi: Is this the lamest post EVER or what?! *sigh*
JoAnne: This post is perfect, because it's all of us talking, which is all we do anyway.  But it needs more pretty. We should have some of our more iconic gifs/screencaps in here.  Glitter abs, for sure. 
kakashi: Oh yes. One of Shuk's finest: 
JoAnne: Which others?
kakashi: This? SSH is to blame for all this squeeing on this blog, and he REALLY has an incredibly bod.
bcook: Oooh! A shower scene gif I love those. And at least two shots of LMHotness (more views!!) Maybe best drama memory... mine is still that kiss scene in Coffee Prince. He lifts her up and just goes at it. *sigh* 
cherkell:  My Best Drama Memory has yet to happen... but it will soon! (Better not let me down, 'Empress Ki' writer-nims, or there will be blood.  BLOOD!!!)   
kakashi: Alright, here's a shower gif:
cherkell: Good thing I'm at home today. Attorneys do not appreciate high-pitched squeals coming from their paralegals. *swoon*
kakashi: Here's another. Who made this, Shuk? Kisses and shower scenes ... the essence of KDrama!
Shuk:  Gotta put my Precious in herre. sommeewwherre. [sadly looks at empty soju bottle]
KLnoona: I like how kakashi was the first to do a shower post, but others copied and thought they were unique. Sorry (you know who you are) no one delivers the squee like this crew!
kakashi: Those were the days ... I did about 5 different shower posts, but after a while, people got bored with the naked men. People wants substance from us, not only skin. Uhm .... sometimes.

cherkell:  But seriously folks, it's been fun jumping in on a few SqueeCaps. Keeps my SnarkAbility™ fresh... hopefully time will allow me to take part again very soon with my compadres-in-crime!
latteholic: eh, I know I haven't contributed to the blog lately but I know that kakashi will forgive me if I do something to celebrate the 1,000,000 views. My memory is a bit fuzzy, but I think it involves baking a cake, a man, and something else... Not sure which man I promised.. but...

cherkell:  How appropriate -- there's also a million calories in a slice of Jo In-sung! Where's my plate... ?
bcook: So Ji Sub oppa!!! yom yom yom yom ....wait. that didn't come out right.  
Shuk:  And Lee Min Ho!!!  No Heirs fishy kissing!  Want real thing!!
JoAnne: This should really be the 'Game Ova' kiss because of what it does to our ovaries.
kakashi: This might turn into the longest post EVER if I don't post it soon!

KLnoona: I may come out of my hiatus to do a Welcome Back SJK post when he returns from the military. My baby with abs - I can hardly contain myself!
kakashi: Well, that's a nice way to end this. Chingus, I want to thank all of you for contributing on this blog and turn it into a "thing" in the vast KDrama blogosphere. We snark and we squee and sometimes we snark-squee ... and people seem to like what we are doing. It's perfect. And of course, I want to thank all our wonderful readers who not only clicked on this page 1 Mio times (well, some of it might have been spam bots, but I want to thank them, too!), but also offer thoughtful comments and encouragement and make us feel the love.