Test: Post With Google Docs?

(A little background on this WTF post: After Wei and I accidentally deleted our own posts due to Blogger's weird dashboard, I tried to test Google Docs integration with the blog and made this sample post with comment comment comment. When I woke up the next morning, a couple of silly squeecappers jumped in and added random totally necessary stuff. Now we can't delete it anymore. Because, OPPA! --Mary)

Person1: Comment comment comment comment comment comment.
Person2: Comment comment off color comment.
Person1: Again comment comment comment.
Person2: oooooh! A picture! Me likey.
(End of mary's innocent post. This is where it went downhill, fast)

Lafer: this is the most hilarious post ever.....
kakashi: Is it a post? Oh, I like this post! It's a WTF-post! This is fast becoming a WTF-blog! I totally like it!
Mary: LOL I was just testing something!
Wei: Pretty... oh wait, do I need to say something sensible?
Lafer: You might as well leave the comment, comment, comment part in, because no one is reading this anyways. They're just scrolling down to see the pictures.
JoAnne: No, they read us, sometimes.
kakashi: That's what we hang on to, anyway, refusing to believe that we are just perceived as a bunch of dirty young to less young noonas and not as intellectual voices, artfully dissecting the fruits of KDramaland.
JoAnne: giggling because now I'm thinking about low-hanging fruit.
bcook: Did somebody say fruit? Why was I not invited to this party? *pout*

Shuk: I want in, too!!!
Mary: Oppa wants in too. *snerk*
JoAnne: MARY. But Mama wants some of that up there, now that you mention it. Or some of that down there. Listen. You can't have the same sandwich every day for lunch, either. I'm NORMAL.
kakashi: Does Mary actually KNOW what she just said?! Or is this another one of those RimJob moments?! 
JoAnne: I'm going with yes because she snerked. You all say it's just me, but it's not.
Lafer: Getting ready to fry some burgers on the grill! Sizzling!
kakashi: Yeah. A normal day in the life of us SqueeCappers...Please don't mind us. 
JoAnne: or do... but then you probably shouldn't hang out here, because there's always going to be a lot of half naked men and a bunch of women objectifying them. Take back the internet, I say! SqueeCapping: The Birth of a Political Movement. 
bcook: WHO IS THAT?! Why have I not watched him before? Can he act?
Below:  my most recent obsession Poster Boy for the Movement

Shuk:  Is it time to try a different font size or something?  Does size even matter?
bcook: It's how you use it....or so I've heard.  The text I mean.

Mary: Yes, Shuk. It does. Image size, I mean. Just look at my Song Jae Rim Oppa: