Panda and Hedgehog Ep. 2&3 - A ComboCap

bcook: I'm baaaack! It's been a while yeorobun and in that time JoAnne and Shuk and Kakashi have been churning out the caps. Eish! They're true sunbaes.

I'm going to try and do a combocap this time so we can catch up a little quicker.

*cough, cough* where were we?
JoAnne:  Someplace cute?

AH Yes ...

EP 2

PS just saw PG and SJ in what looks like a passionate embrace. He's devastated and drives off. PG scrambles away and strains her back trying to pick up her phone. Crappy baker wannabe comes out to see SJ helping her into a chair and comes to the wrong conclusion. (I guess...he does this hand thing but frankly I have no idea what it means). PG asks him to get some pain meds coz she doesn't have money, but he doesn't have money either. Finally SJ gives him some cash and sends him off.

I really don't like this guy.
JoAnne:  Who? Smelly baker? Yeah I didn't like him either.

SJ asks for water and wanders into the Panda Cafe kitchen where he cleans up a bit and makes a cake. He does this zen meditation thing before he starts that me chills. I think that's coz of the close up of Donghae's face.
Poor PG goes up to get some pain meds and comes down to find angry customer (I need a name for her) drooling over Donghae and his delectable...cake.
JoAnne: The manly ahjumma?  I LOVED her.  And besides, who would not squeal over Donghae and his sweet squishy lil face?
They're enthralled by the smell and the look of the cake and decide to recruit him to be their new pattissiere. After devouring it, they realize he's gone but he leaves a message saying he's coming back. There's a very punky drawing of a hedgehog on it. Everybody's happy.
Meanwhile back at Saint Honore poor flustered PS is being given bad advice by his dongsaeng.  Who's amazed by the fact that he hasn't kissed a girl or had alcohol yet. PS naively says "Why kiss somebody you don't love". What a puppy.
JoAnne:  Come here and let Noona explain this to you, Puppy. 
SJ wants to celebrate his new job so invites his friends out for beef. Grandpa finds out that he's been applying for jobs and gets upset. SJ is advised to blame it on a he does. Twisting his encounter with PG to make grandpa not feel guilty. So cute!
JoAnne: I do love this grandpa.
Poor PG comes to the interview still in pain but determined to get to the interview. PS sees her and rushes to her side, helps her to his office.  Flightly chick can't figure out what their connection is but she's not happy about it. PS finally gets PG to remember him and there is instant skinship.
JoAnne:  And it is instantly clear that it is not romantic.
Hehehehe PS gets the hiccups while talking about PG's lips and checking out her skin and hair. PG scares the hiccups away but then he gets too "hot" coz of all the skinship. Quickly taking advantage of their friendship, PG starts plugging for a job. You have to give it to this chick. She's persistent.
JoAnne: She's about to be hungry.  That will make you dedicated.  And Choi Jin Hyuk you need to STOP being so cute.

There's an adorable but too long bit where SJ is drunk as a skunk and Grandpa and his friends try to sober him up. He really loves his Grandpa.
JoAnne: There can never be too much Donghae, though.
Once he's sober, he grabs one of grandpa's cakes and heads off on a mission...
To try and convince grandpa's daughter to work in the bake shop. When that doesn't work SJ remembers that Grandpa said the only way she'll come back is if he has a deadly disease so he pretends Grandpa is dying. It works because she shows up at the bakeshop the next day. Or is it that evening?

SJ walks in on Grandpa and daughter arguing over who gets to sleep in the living room that night so he spends the night in his friend's room and takes over his bed. lol. Such nerve.
JoAnne:  The friend's face, though.
The next morning PS shows up at Panda Cafe, he's waiting for somebody else to show up...and he's ordered flowers. There's a chain with a sign that says "Panda Close".
JoAnne:  Perhaps there's one nearby.  They are not as friendly as they look, you know.  It's a timely warning, perhaps?
SJ shows up and PS looks flustered, and jealous and bewildered. So cute! SJ smirks at him, steps over the chain and lies down on the bench. PS can't believe the balls on him and stands there gaping like a fish.
JoAnne:  Those faces.  Can we just smush them together and have big group hugs?

EP 3

*valley girl voice* So like SJ is like "what are you looking at" and PS is all like "you've got some nerve man is this your place?" and SJ goes "Is widdle puppy going to cry and leave like you did yesterday?" and PS is like "pft pft" and then Panda comes and spoils all the high school tension.

While PS is trying to hide his jealousy and SJ is gloating over his new job, a Saint Honore van/bus drives up and sidekick with glasses leaps out. Next thing we know there's a bake off! Winner gets the girl! Oh wait... that's just in PS's head.  SJ says if he wins then Panda hires him without references and if he loses he'll work for half a month. Panda sees everything as win win so jumps all over it. He teaches her his 1,2,3, Go thingy 
JoAnne:  The level of cute in the room when they are all three there is beyond bearing.  My teeth begin to fall out one by one.

There's a cake preparation montage that makes me really hungry and then the tasting. After much moaning, everybody chooses SJ's cakes. Poor PS puppy is amused by the designs but a little pissed off too.
JoAnne:  *says to tummy* FINE yes, we can stop at the market on the way home.
How the f%^* did he do that?
He sulks in his office while his little sister cheers him up with bad advice and adorable engrish. Actually, every member of the Saint Honore family starts spouting engrish in this episode.
JoAnne:  Who is she?  How come we don't see her in other stuff. she...she's not.  Right?  So So? From AoF?  Am I crazy? I think I'm crazy. I just looked.  It's not her.

Questionable mother is standing outside wondering what's gotten into her precious son when Panda's so-called friend drop-kicks her under the bus by mentioning her name. Mom-dar activated.
JoAnne:  I remember wondering if this friend would stay a friend.

Meanwhile, back at the cafe, SJ is moving in and making it his own. He offers to pay for the ingredients then offers to pay off Panda's loans. He's being a very nice guy for no good reason but I won't question it because...Donghae!
JoAnne:  He's a businessman making an investment.  He's cute but he's also sharp as a tack!

Not much else happens in this episode (I promise! It's not just because I've been typing for a while and I'm tired) so I'll just list it out.
Cute Bento from to cheer you up
1. PS buys Panda a fancy smanshy massage chair. They speculate that it must have cost $800 equivalent. SJ looks slightly miffed.
JoAnne:  I don't care I love them both they are both first leads to me.

2. Snake tattoo menaces and plots vaguely about a power struggle that puppy PS is clearly not thinking about.
JoAnne:  Why do we even have to have this mess.  Just let the boys take their shirts off and get to baking.

3. PS enlists little sis as his spy and sends her to Panda Cafe to be their errand boy/girl. Not a very well thought out plan but I love her. I think she steals the show. Has she been in anything else?
JoAnne: It's Okay, Daddy's Girl (her, not you)

Final Thoughts

Whew! That was a slough. I promise it picks up! Episode 5 is where all the cute weirdness starts.(Promise). Choi Jin Hyuk is sooo adorable and cute and adorably pathetic in this drama it's really heard to reconcile him with Wol Ryung but makes me love him even more.
JoAnne: Maegyo to the max.

Donghae...*sigh* How can somebody so fine have such skinny legs. Nothing a little army won't fix eh?
JoAnne:  He's a shrimpboat with a strange fascination for sneakers and Eunhyuk but he's so freaking cute I don't even care.