SqueeCapping: A History (On the One-Year Anniversary)

A SqueeCap History

Some readers may not know that SqueeCapping started just a year ago. On Twitter and DramaBeans, there was discussion about a new drama series starring Song Seung-heon, affectionately known in our circles as Hand Towel. After the WTFkery of “Dr Jin”, no one wanted to recap this series, so JoAnne suggested we do it ourselves.

Shuk: I had done some mild recapping of older shows on my own blog, and several guest posts on kakashi’s (mostly Korean snack food and alcohol), but the idea of doing a live-airing show sounded like a challenge.

Shuk: So I proposed what is now the standard SqCp setup: a recapper, at least one commenter, and lots of gifs. And the rest is history! Below is each show, in order of his debut SqueeCap. For this, I do not make a distinction between a KimJiCap, WookieCap, or WTFCap. I did, however, limit it to non-English dramas. Sorry, Nikita!


1 – When A Man Loves (20 episodes)

First SqueeCap:       April 14, 2013
Final SqueeCap:      June 9, 2013
Recap:                      Shukmeister
Comment:               JoAnne, kakashi
Gifs:                          kakashi

Shuk: This is the one that started it all. We started at Episode 2, since Dramabeans had already done Episode 1. And why reinvent the wheel? It started as all about the abs, but as the amount of ab-age decreased, SSH’s acting got better and he ultimately did a decent job as the gangster-turned-legit-turned-shy-guy-in-love (Episode 16 marked my first attempt at a gif).
bcook: I was still blissfully doing random posts but noticed that people were starting to #whenaman a lot.
JoAnne: I suggested it and then promptly forgot all about it, being essentially lazy. Shuk talked me back into it. Throughout this series I kept reminding everyone that I was 'one and done.' I can't decide whether to hug her or punch her now.
Shuk:  Hey, I gave you Hand Towel sparkly abs for your pains. (I still love them very much.)
kakashi: A year ago, I was about as busy as I am now, which is VERY busy. All-caps. I was delighted that somebody was doing the heavy-lifting and getting the blog so many additional hits! If you're not yet a blogger, think about becoming one long and hard, cause I tell you .... it's a LOAD of work. Doings the gifs ... also a lot of work. But the more you do, the better you get at it. At the end of this show, I was a pro.


2 – Special Affairs Team Ten 2 (12 episodes)

First SqueeCap:          May 6, 2013
Final SqueeCap:         July 21, 2013
Recap:                          kakashi
Comment:                   kakashi
Gifs:                              kakashi

kakashi: Dramabeans wasn't recapping this one and I am such a TEN fan... And a Joo Sang-wook in TEN fan *drools*. I simply HAD to devote my time to this, also because I love how tangled and complicated the cases are. I think these are the recaps that took me by far the longest to write. I remember how positive the response was that I got and that kept me going! Also, some of our most faithful readers (like laos7) came to my attention back then ...and never left it :D

3 – Heartless City / Cruel City (20 episodes)
First SqueeCap:         June 12, 2013
Final SqueeCap:        August 5, 2013
Recap:                         JoAnne, kakashi, Shukmeister
Comment:                  JoAnne, kakashi, Shukmeister
Gifs:                             kakashi, Shukmeister

Shuk: The next group effort we decided to alternate who did what, to even out the effort. This is where I found that I could not ever be as funny as JoAnne when it came to commenting.
kakashi: Nobody can, really.
bcook: JoAnne is queen of comments.
JoAnne: *blushing* In an interesting turn of events, I began this series as simply a watcher. And then, as I like to say, Episode 4 happened and I lost my mind. I BEGGED Shuk and Kashi to do this. And we were completely obsessed. OBSESSED. Baksa. Cutie Soo. Safari. Jin Sook. THIGHS. Dead GirlFriend. MinThatFuck. Soo Minnie. Yeah, it had its problems. So what. Do not dare talk about my babies.
kakashi: T'was a good show. Oh yes, it was!

Shuk:  I remember The Tat I Wanted To Trace With My Tongue.  But, for the record, us police-type folks will never ever ever be issued 4-inch heels as part of our uniforms.  And I'm grateful.
JoAnne: Did I say that? The tat thing? It sounds like something I'd say.

4 – Goddess of Marriage (36 episodes)
First SqueeCap:       July 2, 2013
Final SqueeCap:      October 28, 2013
Recap:                       kakashi
Comment:                JoAnne
Gifs:                           kakashi

JoAnne: This remains a blot in my memory. I did it for Kashi, 100%. I hated everyone in it. EVERYONE. There were brief moments when I kinda liked a few people, but most of them, I break out in hives just thinking I might have to watch them again, though. But the KimJi of KimJiCap fame... what a lovely set of abs that we did not see nearly often enough.
kakashi: What a mess this show was! But how mesmerizing! So much controversy about our lovely Kim Ji-hoon ... is he a good guy or a bad guy? Etc. etc. etc. Man, he is so hot *fans herself*. I'm so doomed when it comes to him ....... I'm going to even recap the next upcoming mess with him. 50 episodes. Unless it gets an extension. Shoot me. 

5 – Who Are You (16 Episodes)

First SqueeCap:         August 15, 2013
Final SqueeCap:        October 3, 2013
Recap:                         Shukmeister
Comment:                  bcook
Gifs:                             Shukmeister

Shuk: bcook’s first foray into squeecapping, mostly for Taec, I think.
bcook: Came for the Taec, stayed for the WTF and Kim Jae Wook...who did more with his silence than any other actor.
JoAnne: I had no part in this but *sigh* Handsome Oppa.

6 – The Heirs (20 episodes)

First SqueeCap:        October 10, 2013
Final SqueeCap:       December 20, 2013
Recap:                        cherkell, JoAnne, kakashi, Shukmeister
Comment:                 cherkell, JoAnne, kakashi, Shukmeister
Gifs:                            cherkell, kakashi, Shukmeister

Shuk: Heck, I don't even know what to say about this. The show's spinoff fashion posts are some of the highest-generated views. There were so many other recaps out there, I wasn't convinced anyone would read ours.
bcook: The fashion posts were a highlight! I remember the clothes more than the story line
JoAnne: I think this is where we figured out that it didn't really matter who else was out there. We aren't exactly like the other sites. I fell so hard for Woobie in this...I already loved him but man, this time around, it was different. Kashi learned that I am loyal and optimistic. I learned that she is hilarious when she's pissed off, and that I love a big cast. 
kakashi: I still hate this drama so much it's uncanny. 
Shuk: And it inspired my first ever fanfiction!

7 – Can We Love? (20 Episodes)

First SqueeCap:      January 15, 2014
Final SqueeCap:     March 13, 2014
Recap:                      kakashi
Comment:               None
Gifs:                          kakashi

bcook: No idea how kakashi got through this.
JoAnne: This started out SO great. I didn't even finish the last 3 or 4 episodes though.
kakashi: I never quit. So I recapped until then end even though it made me screeeeeeeam. 
Shuk: Uhm Tae-woong's character is one of the most perfect boyfriend portrayals, but I agree; too much housewife, not enough PD kissing.

8 – Age Of Feeling / Inspiring Generation (24 episodes)
First SqueeCap:       January 31, 2014
Final SqueeCap:      April 15, 2014
Recap:                       JoAnne, kakashi
Comment:                JoAnne, kakashi
Gifs:                           kakashi

kakashi: We love / loved this show. It was so bad and still so good. With about 589 characters, it was doomed to fail, but in our eyes, it didn't fully. For me, this show gave me a few characters I will never ever forget. Shinichi. Aoki. Mo Il-hwa. Poong-cha. Boss Hwang. *hearts them all*
JoAnne: My Aka, gone but not forgotten. That shithead, Do Ggoo. Jung Tae, who can beat anyone on earth if you just give him 24 hours to learn a new martial arts discipline. Jae Hwa, who rocks a fedora like NO other. Man, I loved this crazy show.

9 – Full House Thai version (20 episodes)

First SqueeCap:         February 13, 2104
Final SqueeCap:        March 21, 2014
Recap:                         Shukmeister
Comment:                  JoAnne
Gifs:                             Shukmeister

JoAnne: I started watching this because my TLine would not SHUT UP about it.The series was about half done at that point, so I got to marathon AND wait impatiently for new episodes. I swear that Mike and OmAm started sleeping together IRL right about the time I began watching, because by the end of the series, you could SEE the pheromones coming off their bodies. (No, it's not confirmed. BUT I KNOW IT'S TRUE.) At least one instance of a version far exceeding the original in every category.
Shuk:  JoAnne whined and whined and whined and I gave in. It turned out to be one of the cutest and best rom-coms so far this year!
JoAnne: She's lying. I think. No but really, weren't you watching this first, and didn't you decide to do it, and ask me to comment? Is that not what happened? I can't remember. I do not have an elephant's memory.
kakashi: The show that forever made the word "Mammoth" dirty. 

10 – Panda And Hedgehog (16 episodes)

First SqueeCap:         February 20, 2014
Final SqueeCap:        Ongoing
Recap:                         bcook
Comment:                  JoAnne
Gifs:                             kakashi? (nope, not me so far :)

bcook: Would love some Gifs from kakashi coz all my attempts have failed
JoAnne: I marathoned this last year - maybe after watching Gu? Yeah, I think it was after Gu. I was desperate for more Choi Jin Hyuk. I ended up discovering DongHae. What, I don't follow SuJu. How was I to know? Anyway. 90% fluffy and cute, 10% murderous dad. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Commenting now is a fun trip down memory lane.

11 – Cunning Single Lady / Sly and Single Again (20 episodes)

First SqueeCap:         February 28, 2014
Final SqueeCap:        Ongoing
Recap:                         kakashi
Comment:                  JoAnne
Gifs:                             kakashi

kakashi: A MUST for Joo Sang-wook lovers. In fact, this show does really well in mixing very, very funny and very, very sad. I like it. Even though the 2nd Leads are CrayCray.  

JoAnne: In an interesting bit of trivia, when I put my cursor in this section to make a comment, it automatically landed TWO SPACES past the period in Kakashi's final sentence. Hmmm. As for crazy second leads, I still have hope for my beautiful, beautiful Puppy.

12 – Bride Of The Century (16 episodes)

First SqueeCap:        March 10, 2014
Final SqueeCap:       Ongoing
Recap:                        Shukmeister
Comment:                 JoAnne
Gifs:                            Shukmeister

Shuk: This rom-com has been an interesting one to watch and to SqueeCap. A lot of people online called it a "cliche" drama, although alot of those cliches are subverted, inverted, and every other type of verted there is. Well, maybe not "per"verted, but still. As a trope drama though, I thorough enjoyed the characters and the cats, and I'm glad Lee Hongki got a leading role on a show. I hope this opens up more possibilities for all our leads.

JoAnne: I think if I had felt less ill for the last few episodes I could have made it a whole lot more perverted. But it was cute, and fun, and we have two more episodes. I demand some sort of proof that Kang Ju popped that bubble.

13 – Nail Shop Paris (10 episodes)

First SqueeCap:         March 22, 2014
Final SqueeCap:        Ongoing
Recap:                         Mary
Comment:                  Everybody
Gifs:                             kakashi, Mary

JoAnne: I watched this live last year with a small but devoted gang of bewildered Beanies. We loved it and waited impatiently for each episode, even while we made fun of every bit of it and secretly wondered if we'd lost our minds, because it was so TERRIBLE but yet, so good. I kept insisting on OT that it was a misunderstood genius of a thing, and I'm glad that we are responsible for bringing a new wave (however small) of viewers to the show.
Mary: I'm very late to the Nail Shop Paris party, so I'm trying to make up for it through obsess-- intensity. Meeting a lot of squeeglets and fellow RimBuggers while doing this is the second best thing that happened to me! (The first is getting to know Song Jae Rim, of course!)
kakashi: Thank you mary. You made me fall in love with Song Jae-rim and it's a beautiful kind of love. Also, this show? It's genius. I mean it. 

Shuk: So there you have it. One year's worth of effort by The SqueeCapping Team! It's hasn't been too problematic, has it? And as always, thanks to our readers and commenters!!
JoAnne: It's a dirty job BECAUSE we do it ; ) Thanks for playing along!
kakashi: What they said!