Fall In Love With Both Of Me - Episode 3 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  Tian Xing and Xiao Lu dance around their identities.  Tao Zi dances around her feelings for either doppelganger.  And Butler Fu dances to a different drummer.
JoAnne: Gotta love Dance Master Fu


Shuk:  Tao Mom is about to touch our intrepid hero when her daughter breaks the moment and they head off to dinner.  Dork is relieved but it’s really a reprieve.
JoAnne: Seriously, this is not a secret that can be kept for long, can it?

Shuk:  At dinner, Chalk Girl is chagrined to find a green onion omelet in her fried noodles.  Without missing a beat, though, Dork reaches over and plucks the offending morsel out and pops it in his mouth. I’m impressed with his chopstick skills; she wonders how he knew she detested green onions.
JoAnne: She pushed it around the bowl for 3 minutes. Everyone knew.
Shuk:  Dad waxes poetic over the green onions and whines about his daughter’s hatred of them; it turns out no one in the gang, not even PD Leo, knew that little tidbit.
JoAnne: Well color me wrong, then. (I mean, I knew he knew from his other persona, but the rest of it.)

Shuk:  Mom worries that her daughter seems out of it, and Kitty is quick to point out that evil Lu Tian Xing is a case-thieving thief.  Mom is ready to go medieval on that scum as Dork flinches from the anger directed at, well, himself.  Tao Dad has a brilliant idea of Dork going to Adguy’s business in disguise and messing it up, but Tao Mom says such a nice boy would never try to be someone else. We get another round of comments on the similarities in their looks.
JoAnne: It would be funny if they COULD pull off Tian Xing being Xiao Lu dressed as Tian Xing.

Shuk:  Everyone settles down again, and Dork comments that it’s nice to have a family dinner, since he has no family of his own.  Tao Mom points out that they treat Kitty like their daughter and PD Leo like their son-in-law. Awkward! Chalk Girl is quick to point out that PD Leo is like a brother to her, and Kitty is secretly happy. Oh, is she carrying a torch for him?
JoAnne: I guess no Kitty Kitty bang Bangs then.
Shuk:  Our happily-sated group heads out from Tao House; Kitty lingers outside to watch the boys leave. Alone with Chalk Girl, Kitty admits she likes PD Leo, and they laugh.
JoAnne: Leo is cute but he is no Aaron Yan.

Shuk:  At OZ, Dork wonders whether Chalk Girl received a message from Adguy. She’s typing away at her laptop, and the others comment on the dark circles under her eyes due to coordinating with the time zone difference between SK and USA.
JoAnne: Hello, we do it every day. Remind me why SK though in this?
Shuk:  Later in the day, the gang brings in lunch, and she is still at her computer.  They all wonder why she insists on Auntie Jing for the role; Kitty has some insight that is has to do with her brother. Dork spends a lot of time watching her.
JoAnne: Because he loooooves her he wants to waaaaaaaatch her he's gonna kisssss her but probably not before his alter ego does.

Shuk:  It’s now dark, and Chalk Girl is still glued to her desk.  She remembers Dork and his seven-count wish, and decides to try it out again.  And lo and behold, the email pops up!  She immediately adds JingSon’s contact phone number to her phone and heads out for Auntie Jing’s place.  Dork stops her; the actress would be asleep right now, but since she wakes up early to garden, he promises to accompany her in the morning.

Shuk:  The next morning, Butler Fu and Tian Xing pick out another bright outfit.  His business phone rings: it’s Toady.  He answers, but it’s not Toady, it’s his sister.  MotorMouth says since he won’t answer her calls, she decided to use her brother’s.  She’s outside Adguy House, ready to spend the day with him.  He pretends to lose the signal, and decides to duck out the back door.  Inadvertently, he grabs Adguy’s brown leather wallet instead of Dork’s beige cloth one.
JoAnne:  Apart from her annoying voice I just really can't stand people who act this way.

Shuk:  She just banging on the doorbell, and when there is no response, she starts looking through the windows.  Butler Fu comments that the enemy has reached the gates; Tian Xing tells him to block the bullets, and then crawls away, hiding behind furniture.  LOL
JoAnne: These two are awesome together.  Can he DO something about that girl?
Shuk:  Tian Xing manages to get away, still in Dork-mode. MotorMouth produces a key to the house that Toady had, and immediately makes her way into Lu House.  Butler Fu stops her before she is past the porch, and deals with her silliness and overacting.  He convinces her to leave, and gets the key from her.  He also gets the copy of the key she made.  However, once he shuts the door in her face, she smiles at the third key on a chain around her neck.
JoAnne: I'm buying a gun.

Shuk:  Chalk Girl and Dork are happily bopping down the street.  She thanks him for his help; he compliments her persistence.

Shuk:  At Auntie Jing’s house, the actress is reluctant to call her son.  Chalk Girl offers to call for her. The area code on the sticky note doesn't exist anywhere in USA, Canada, or Mexico, but at least that means no one is getting prank calls. Anyway, Chalk Girl dials and puts it on speaker.  A female answers, JingDIL, who says JingSon just hopped a plane for work, but she tries to put the baby on the phone.  Auntie Jing smiles and wonders if her grandson looks like Ah Wei, but quickly shuts down when JingDIL offers to have her husband call Mom back when he has time. She ends the conversation and still declines the commercial.
JoAnne: I giggle throughout the scene, but only because I realize that Ah Wei is 'away.'
Shuk:  Chalk Girl tells her there was another reason why she wanted Auntie Jing to film the CF, but she wishes her well with her son.  As the pair gets ready to leave, Auntie Jing asks if Chalk Girl is related to Tao Le Yuan.  Aha, there’s the connection: she had filmed a CF with her brother and they had an enjoyable time on-set.  Chalk Girl gets teary-eyed when the actress asks how her brother is doing. Auntie Jing agrees to do the commercial, and Chalk Girl launches herself at the woman for a big hug while Dork smiles.
JoAnne: They never mentioned the agency they are with?

Shuk:  Still, Tao Zi is sad after they leave the house; after all, she wasn't able to repair the mother-son relationship. Dork cheers her up and places his hand on her shoulder. She closes her eyes and does a quick seven-second wish while he peeks at her and smiles.
JoAnne: And if I know my dork, which I think I do, makes a plan to make her wish come true.

Shuk:  The pair is at a convenience store getting drinks, and Dork realizes the wallet snafu.  He pretends not to have any money, and Chalk Girl pays, now thinking he is a poor itinerant friend.
JoAnne: How do you go from 'no cash on me' to 'dirt poor can't feed himself?' Does she not notice the clothes he wears? He's obviously able to care for himself.

Shuk:  At OZ, a strategy meeting breaks up. Kitty asks PD Leo for a ride home, but Bangs offers instead, and the three leave, bickering.
JoAnne: Because the chemistry between our leads is smokin' hot, I am far less interested in the shenanigans of these folks than I should be.

Shuk:  Once they are gone, Chalk Girl walks over to PunchBagAdGuy and gives it a physical and verbal drubbing.  It makes Dork uncomfortable until she tells him that she probably needs to thank Lu Tian Xing. Like her brother, that jerk challenges her and motivates her to do better. Dork files that away.
JoAnne: Ah, the definition of true love: with you, I am the best me I can be.

Shuk:  At Lu House, Tian Xing pulls out the handwritten watch contract and smiles. He’s so busy looking at the watch wondering how to provoke Tao Zi that he doesn't see Butler Fu arrive with tea. Faithful Fu can’t resist startling him, happy that he’s starting to smile again after a long time.
Shuk:  Chalk Girl is finishing her breakfast and asked her mom to pack a breakfast for Dork. Mom comments that her daughter is treating this man very well, but Chalk Girl says it’s because he’s poor and pitiable.
JoAnne: Let's fatten him up a little! I like that idea!

Shuk:  Aww, our little muffin is wearing a “croissant” sweatshirt. Cute!  He’s finishing up a phone call when Butler Fu brings breakfast.  He smiles at his young charge and tell him to eat heartily, since he’s busier on his vacation than when he was working.
JoAnne: Gain weight! Put a little bit of fat over the muscles!

Shuk:  Once Dork is at the film site Chalk Girl hands him breakfast, which isn’t lost on PD Leo. Sorry, Mustachio’d Cutie, your ship has sailed.  Tao Zi is clumsy and forgetful while they set up the props, so Dork decides to don the SuperAdMan cape.
JoAnne: Leo's ship burned to the water line the day they took it out of dry dock.
Shuk:  He gives her a call on his business phone.  Hee hee, it reads “Stinky Evil” on her phone screen. She curtly answers, and he demands as her lender to meet him at their restaurant immediately. She shows up, and he is in full bow-tied jerk mode and sans watch. She holds out her hand; after all, if he doesn’t want the watch, he can give it back to her. He tries to take her hand but she pulls back.
JoAnne:  Commence squee here and don't stop until I tell you.

Shuk:  Now in business mode, AdGuy tells her he sold that old watch to a collector, since there is no way she can repay the debt. She’s good and angry, and he goads her further by asking if she will cry as usual. Too funny, he’s eating that famous dessert as he rounds the table and stands in front of her. He asks can her clumsy, useless self really pull off the job on time? Ooh he certainly knows her buttons, but then again, he does have a snitch on the inside. She stomps off, but his bored face stays on only a moment longer before he calls JingSon’s phone number (it now has 11 digits and the area code is Texas). What is he doing?
JoAnne: You know what he's doing. Keep squeeing.

Shuk:  Chalk Girl is now full of energy as she bustles through the set preparations. Dork is already there and subtly snickering while the others watch in amazement at her industry.  PD Leo asks where she went, but she just shouts Defeat to Tian Xi Advertising!  PD Leo wonders what Lu Tian Xing did this time.
JoAnne: You can take a tiny squee break here.

Shuk:  The location is all prepped and ready for filming tomorrow.  Chalk Girl is passing out the scripts when Dork gets a phone call. He sneaks off but still doesn't answer it, noting that the person had called 35 times so far. The two sinograms on the phone are the same – MotorMouth maybe?

Shuk: Dork is helping her unload the party van at OZ in the morning after a good night’s work. They pile the boxes inside a storage facility. She thanks him for the help just as an invisible fairy kicks her knee and she trips into Dork, who automatically wraps his arms around her. Yay! Commence meaningful staring! Her hands are on his chest and shoulder.
JoAnne: Squee on!

Shuk:  She's the first to push away, stating her legs are shaky from a lack of food. (That's not what it is, girlfriend. Don't try to front.) She quickly friendzones and the moment passes.  She invites him to breakfast at her house, promising her mom won’t injure him. He tries to excuse himself when she gets a call that PD Leo is stopping by the office for another copy of the script. While she’s talking, he quickly calls Butler Fu to meet him at Tao House.
JoAnne: Squee off!

Shuk:  MotorMouth is still haunting Lu House when Butler Fu dances out, giddy that he’s meeting up with his old flame.  MM hears the address and decides to follow him. Wait, there’s a lotus pond sidewalk behind the house – is that Baksa Adeul’s final fight house? Wait, this is Taiwanese, never mind.  Still, it’s pretty.
JoAnne: The dancing was adorable.

Shuk:  So the Merz parks in usual location, but this time it’s followed by a white BMW with giant eyelashes around the headlights. (ha! missed that!) Butler Fu ducks under the steering wheel, and she starts walking towards the park. PD Leo, Chalk Girl and Dork are strutting down the sidewalk when MotorMouth squeals.  Dork has a split second to react before getting a Ka-Wham backhug. The other two stare in amazement as he tries to shake her off.  She refuses, stating he smells just like her Tian Xing gue gue.
JoAnne: Do you think that he acted like the other half of a couple before he met up with OzFolks again? Obviously he's not in love with her, but he wouldn't be the first jaded chaebol who was going along with an arranged love life. I mean, she has to have had SOME basis for thinking she'd be so welcome at every turn?
Shuk:  She's the annoying little sister tagging along with her brother and his friends. Apparently Lance and Tian Xing grew up together. I don't think they were ever a couple, officially or no.
Shuk:  Butler Fu rushes up and tells her that Young Master has headed off to the local bakery. Everyone convinces her to go with him. After she goes, Dork mentions that he keeps getting mistaken for someone else.  He scurries off mumbling something about tea, and rolls into the car while Fu distracts her.  We get a clothing change complete with black boxers and instant spit HairFlip.
JoAnne: Thank you for the glimpses of skin. He's not as little as he looks at first glance.  Kinda manly when you have him in Xian Ting mode and his clothes are normal. It's that strong brow, I think.
Shuk:  It's my favorite hairstyle for him so far.

Shuk:  She glomps all over AdGuy, but he shakes her off like a wet dog and gets back in the car. Crisis averted. Tian Xing heaves a sigh of relief and wonders how she could have tracked him. Butler Fu admits he wasn't paying attention, but MotorMouth is too spacey to pay attention.
JoAnne: Do not underestimate a bimbo with a fixation, Butler Fu.

Shuk:  Except she shows up at the park where the Oz pair are waiting for Dork.  She recognizes PD Leo due to a missed CF opportunity from years ago and is excited that Chalk Girl’s family owns a Martial Arts dojo.

Shuk: PD Leo and Chalk Girl make it to Tao House just as she receives a text. It’s from Dork: something’s come up and he'll catch up with them later.  Tao Mom pulls PD Leo aside and asks if he’s noticed that Tao Zi treats Xiao Lu differently.  He says no, but you and I both know that’s wishful thinking on his part.  Dad comes in and tells him to be aggressive in the pursuit of his daughter, to the extent of wrestling her to the ground.
JoAnne: Said no real father ever.

Shuk:  It’s Showtime at the film site. PD Leo is giving final instructions as the team tweaks the set.  Tao Zi checks on Auntie Jing, and gives her hand a squeeze before film starts rolling. The script includes her waiting by a window before she hears a knock on the door.  The knock happens, but she doesn't react. Bangs verbally snaps her out of it, but it's an NG.

Shuk:  They start again, but Tao Zi asks for a moment for Auntie Jing to gather her emotions.  They try again, and Chalk Girl wonders if they are forcing her to relive her own family problems for their use. Dork overhears, and quietly whispers to Tao Zi that their efforts will have a good outcome.  On cue, though, the actress stands and turns, only to collapse to the floor.
JoAnne: What? No nose bleed? I feel gypped.

Shuk:  Dork piggybacks her to the van, and Chalk Girl stays with her in the back. She tells Dork that she intends to spend time with Auntie Jing even after the filming is over, and Dork promises to go with her in the future.
Shuk:  IV drip and pink sheet, no ionizer. Auntie Jing wakes up and Chalk Girl assures her that they will be like family. JingMom says she understands the concept of family now; previously she was more worried about making money for their comfort, but she should have shown more love to her child. She starts crying, and Dork tells her that her son still loves her no matter what.  Tao Zi hugs her and apologizes for putting through the emotional ringer. Dork watches the two women, his emotions welling up as well. He promises to visit her and bring her favorite foods.
JoAnne: Awwww

Shuk:  Finally they are back on the set and ready to start over, and Dork has a big smile at the bustling site. This time though, there’s an actual ring at the door while they are filming, NG.  He runs over to the door and opens it, revealing three people.  Auntie Jing stares in shock for a moment; it’s her son, daughter-in-law, and child. PD Leo keeps the camera rolling as the group comes together for the first time in years, and she meets her grandbaby.
JoAnne: An honestly touching moment for me.
ShukNote:  The baby is the younger brother of Wen Xuan Ye (Xiao Xiao Bin), of “Autumn Concerto” and “Down With Love” fame (when he was four, I might add). JingSon is really their dad, too!
JoAnne: Freaking GENIUS actor kid, that one. LOVED him in Autumn's Concerto. Running away to find his alien daddy...

Shuk:  While the family is hugging, PD Leo diffidently walks over and asks if they are willing to be the advertisement family and be filmed. JingSon agrees, because they were already asked to do that by the person that arranged all this, a certain Xiao Lu. Everyone looks at him, and he apologizes for making these decisions, but he gets a happy thumbs up from Chalk Girl.  He uses the BTS handcam to film Tao Zi who tries to wave him off.
JoAnne: That boy is SO gone.
Shuk:  The filming continues, and emotions run rampant through the crew. Dork again focuses the BTS camera on Chalk Girl, but this time she is too focused on the scene and doesn't see him filming her.
JoAnne: Seriously, if I squee harder over these two I will pass out from lack of oxygen. (Although that's really only likely with his alter ego because these two are cute but THOSE two? So much chemistry it's like a lab experiment on my computer screen.)

Shuk:  Later, the gang has a carpet picnic at OZ and watches the polished spot. Dork mentions this was the feeling he got the first time he saw an OZ CF, and complements PD Leo. He is quick to acknowledge the entire crew’s input, with particular emphasis on Tao Zi.
JoAnne: They are a good team.

Shuk: Suddenly one at a time, each OZ person’s phone starts ringing. Everyone’s face is in shock. What just happened?


Shuk:  Uh-oh. Good news or bad news?  The last time Tao Zi got a phone call, it was to cancel the commercial contract.
JoAnne: Going with good, but will also call bullshit later.

Shuk:  Going to our couple, you can see all the sparks flying off both sides of our Isosceles Pair.  For Tao Zi, the biggest sparks are with AdGuy, even though they are heavily laced with anger. But Dork gets the skinship and the closeness of The Friendzone.  So Lu Tian Xing is in the best of both worlds, but we all know it’s a slippery slope and he can’t stay there too long.
JoAnne:  I want some kisses.