Fall In Love With Both Of Me - Episode 4 (A SexyCap)

Shuk: We are starting to get a little skinship action from both guys. Can she feel the difference?  I think she needs to feel them some more. Just my opinion, of course.
JoAnne:  It's research! Research is altruistic!  And I keep stopping the video so I can be sure and not misunderstand something.  That is the ONLY reason.

Shuk:  A warning:  Lots and lots of gifs.


Shuk:  Everyone puts down their phones and stares at each other.  Each one received a call from a different company interested in their ad agency. Chalk Girl is the first one to squeal and hug. Dork and PD Leo share a thumbs up moment. Chalk Girl sends happy thoughts to her brother.
JoAnne:  So in this universe the first time a commercial is aired an alert goes out to all possible companies saying Look, Look! ...or are they telling us that these very large, very notable companies have people watching TV JUST to find the new commercials, who can tell just by looking at it which company made it, no matter how small?
Shuk:  Dork and Chalk Girl head off for Auntie Jing’s house for a followup. She hands him a water bottle and offers him some strawberries to share. He stops her, explaining that he isn’t poor and he feels guilty for the food and drinks she supplies. She counters that since he is her good luck charm, she definitely needs to take care of him. In the party van, they cutely share strawberries.
JoAnne:  They are ridiculously cute.  Each of them individually and both of them together and oh God, most especially him, he is cute, he is so cute, look at his little JEANS and his big glasses and his nice lips and his bangs, he's so freaking cute.

Shuk:  At OZ, Chalk Girl puts up a photograph of the three generations of Jings on their ad wall. GhostBro complements her on a job well done. Dork breaks into the daydream and wonders why she’s crying.  She sincerely replies that this is the first time she had good news for her brother.  Dork promises they will have many more to come. Tao Zi decides to send a text to that ratfink Lu Tian Xing to gloat a little.
JoAnne:  Yep, can't stop thinking about that sexy guy, can she.  

Shuk:  Butler Fu cries over the commercial, blaming Young Master for his tears. He comments on Tian Xing staring at his phone and smiling. It’s the snarky text from Chalk Girl demanding he take care of her watch.  Both guys smile.
JoAnne:  Not much I can say.  I was gonna squee and comment that awww, he likes her too, and then I remembered he's him anyway.
Shuk:  Tao Zi is in the park the next day on her way to OZ.  She stops and reties her shoelace only to have a pair of leather dress shoes enter her line of sight.  She looks up to find a handsome face disturbingly close. She jumps, smacking her forehead against Tian Xing’s, and down he goes on top of her.  They get a moment of eye contact until she pushes him off.
JoAnne:  They get a moment of eye contact, she says.  Of all the things contacting each other as they lie there, their EYES are the things you think about??  They were not the things I was thinking about. Also, they stared at each other so long in that pose (and yes, somehow, I found him bending over her like that very sexy, the boy's just got it) that how could she suddenly be 'surprised' and jump up? Didn't make sense.  But I won't complain because hey, it brought about more lying around on each other and I'm never gonna complain about THAT.

Shuk:  He came to the park to praise her; she wasn’t bad with this ad spot, but she was lucky to get Jing Jin-ah to take the case, and also lucky to get her family involved. Her hackles go up as he continues to mock her.  Finally, sauntering off, he waves his arm, flashing her watch.
JoAnne:  Sex on Legs has a point.  She only got what she got because he helped in the guise of Adorkable.  And her ability to captivate a boy with a personality crisis is NOT what it's going to take to make a successful company, long-term.
Shuk:  Lance is seething at Xian Ti Advertising while watching the OZ spot, so he calls in his team to find out what happened. The information? Jia He Realty had a verbal, but not written contract with them, but they were too low-budget to find the right product. Toady decides to give OZ a call and show up at their business. Hell, if I was them, I’d head out and lock the door behind me.  After all, their strategies are on the wall. Dork has a panic moment and calls Faithful Fu. He hops into the car as soon as Butler Fu shows up.
JoAnne:  That spoilsport cheater is really starting to irritate me. Can't AdGuy DO something about him?

Shuk:  Toady and his yes-men head out for OZ.  On impulse he tries to call the boss. Tian Xing takes the call in the car, pretending to be woken up by the call. Lance wastes no time with pleasantries but wants to know how Jia He Realty changed to OZ. Tian Xing fake-yawns and tells him they will talk as soon as he fully wakes up.
Shuk:  Dork and Fu come to the conclusion that his cover is about to be blown, since Toady will manipulate Chalk Girl into revealing the identity of their script producing freelancer. Uh oh.
JoAnne:  I liked very much that they looked ahead to this, and weren't just spazzing about what to do in the moment.

Shuk:  Toady arrives in all his periwinkle arrogance and comments on the small size of the office. He also greets PD Leo like an old friend, mentioning his refusal to work at Tian Xi. Tao Zi introduces herself to him, and the conversation goes exactly the way our pair predicted it. When Lance asks to meet their new Planning Officer, Dork shows up and shocks Team Tian Xi. He goes with the doppelganger story, but Lance is convinced that it’s just Tian Xing in disguise. Double uh-oh.
JoAnne:  I have faith in ability of Butler Fu.  Adorkable cannot have walked in here without a plan.

Shuk:  Toady isn’t convinced at all, but as he stares down Dork he gets a call from Tian Xing.  When he answers, AdGuy’s voice tells him to meet him at the office in a half-hour.  And we see Butler Fu with two phones, one with a recorded sound bite.  Yay!  That’s some excellent Clark Kenting for our Team Dork!
JoAnne:  GENIUS!  Plus I'm laughing because Leo's resting face is now permanently 'Suspicion.' Look at him up there.
Shuk:  I’m not convinced that Lance is convinced, but he also offers Dork a position at his ad company. Chalk Girl takes him to task for actively recruiting her employees, but he smoothly posits that if her company is so great, they won’t move anyway. Just as they get ready to leave, Bangs yells at them to stop. He stands on his toes in front of Toady Girl and asks for her number. She wonders if his brain is addled. Toady stops the insult trade and leaves.
JoAnne:  What happened to him being so in love with Kitty Kitty?

Shuk: They all breathe a sigh of relief after Team Tian Xi leaves. PD Leo promises he’s not going anywhere. Dork promises the same thing.

Shuk:  AdGuy is waiting for Toady at the agency (how? HOW?) and admits to giving the other realty company to OZ as damage control to their reputation.  Lance doesn't care about their reputation and wonders why Tian Xing would even care about such things. (Because it's his company?  Because you can get hired by another firm if you like their offer better so why would YOU care, but it's different for him?  Because he's a human and you're a pox on the face of humanity?) Once Lance gets back to his office his team tells him bad news: one of their long-term partners is temporarily suspending their contract. For OZ Advertising? It seems so, and Lance has a small cow in his office.
JoAnne:  Can that be done legally?
Shuk:  Moo-aybe...

Shuk:  Chalk Girl returns to the office after a successful meeting with Samsung (formerly part of Tian Xing’s stable of customers).  Bangs is happy that his girlfriends think he’s cool, earning him a head slap from Kitty. They divvy up the work; Dork is to work on the script and Bangs is to pick up the props for the filming from a local warehouse owned by Uncle Zhou. Bangs gets this frightened look; he believes the warehouse is haunted and spins a tale of ghostly hands and scary goings-on.  A second later PD Leo scoffs and tells him to buck up and do it.
JoAnne:  Yep. Pretty sure what Leo actually said was 'Grow some balls, dude.'
Shuk:  At Lu House, AdGuy is bouncing the ball while staring at the BTS video of Chalk Girl.  Butler Fu walks in with a wine tray and startles him out of his reverie.  (ShukNote: At home, is he starting to wear his hair like Dork’s??).  Fu has this big old grin on his face; Young Master is thinking up more ways to help Miss Tao. Right about now, Tao Zi calls Lu Xian Ting. He goes into AdGuy mode when he answers it.  She has the first installment of her payment and wants to schedule the swap.  She warns him to bring the watch, and he plays Mr. Nasty – Can she pay off the entire amount so soon? She just wants to see it, and she hangs up.
JoAnne:  He looks very good in turquoise.  Like his skin would taste good. Especially around the neckline.

Shuk:  He wonders aloud why the watch is so important; Faithful Fu brings it to him. Tian Xing idly flips it over, and finds the OZ symbol etched on the caseback.
JoAnne: He's so smart at everything else, why can he not just make the leap to assuming it was her brother's watch?  WHY?

Shuk:  Bangs is nervously snacking at OZ. He finally turns to the girls and tries to heavy-handedly separate them and speak to Chalk Girl alone. Is it the warehouse run that has him nervous?
JoAnne:  "I don't want to go there, I'm afraid of dying. YOU go." How does that make sense?

Shuk:  AdGuy is looking both cool and hot when he arrives at the park. Chalk Girl is already there, fiddling with her phone, and he can’t resist startling her. She puts the phone on the bench and angrily tosses him an envelope. He wonders why she’s so mean to such a gentle young man. [snort]
JoAnne:  Hmm.  Orange sherbet looks tasty on him too. And now I'm thinking about ice cream drips.

Shuk:  She gives him a head to toe look down and asks to see the watch. It’s on his wrist but he blocks her from touching it. She tries again, leading to a very brief tussling match where somehow she ends up trapped in his arms. He smiles, and tells her that until she pays it back in full, that watch is his. She wrenches away and storms off, leaving a bemused hot guy and a cell phone.
JoAnne:  Ah yes, rough-housing as an excuse to touch, when you're young and dumb and f...Shuk knows what I'm going to say but I'm not going to say it out loud. Even I have limits. But I have found memories of tussling with boyfriends in younger days.
Shuk:  [giggle]  Ah, the memories.
Shuk:  Back at OZ, Kitty was looking for Chalk Girl, and she realizes her phone is missing.  Kitty heads out to scout the clothing for the shoot, leaving Bangs and Chalk Girl alone.  He stops her on the way out the door, and nervously asks her for assistance. His girlfriend is late, as in “late”, and she’s scheduled for a doctor’s appointment that afternoon. Chalk Girl promises to collect the props for the shoot.
JoAnne:  So Dirt Bangs likes Kitty Kitty but has an official girlfriend, one that he even has a sexual relationship with?  Done.
Shuk:  She makes it back to the park, and of course the phone is gone.  She dials it, and AdGuy gives it a smile and lets it roll into voicemail. The next phone is from Bangs, and he does the same thing; however, Bangs then calls Dork’s phone, which he does answer. Bangs is wondering if Chalk Girl is with him – assuming she asked him to help with the prop collection – but quickly ends the call when Tian Xing starts asking questions. AdGuy gets a thoughtful look on his face.
JoAnne:  So this guy is carrying around three phones and two personalities? It must get confusing in his head.

Shuk: Tao Zi is at the warehouse, where a young guy is fiddling with the phone. Uncle Zhou pops up, complaining about the time.  It’s almost closing, but she promises to hurry as her goal is only a genie lamp. She heads for the lighting section.

Shuk:  The young man takes the phone to repair it at the shop. Chalk Girl can’t find the lamp but she does get a jolt from several Halloween masks.  She spooks herself out, but decides to ask Uncle Zhou. Downstairs, he’s having problems with his hearing aid.  Chalk Girl decides check the magical items section next.  She waves at Uncle Zhou that she is still looking, but he thinks she is waving goodbye.

Shuk:  AdGuy arrives at the prop warehouse, and there is no one at the desk.  He peruses the sign in, and heads into the warehouse just as Uncle Zhou reaches the front desk again.  Naturally, they don’t see each other.   And it’s closing time!  Uncle Zhou grabs his hat and starts closing the building.
JoAnne:  Oh, I do like where this is going.

Shuk:  AdGuy is in the lighting section when he hears Chalk Girl scream. It’s just another mask, but at least she has the genie lamp.  Now she starts hearing footsteps coming closer, so she starts creeping through the shelves of items trying to keep some distance between her and the footsteps.  They end up backing up into each other, and she shrieks and girly-fights.  Man, she must have Bubbles disease: you have Martial Arts skills use them!
JoAnne: Except we don't want her hurting him!
Shuk:  A split-second later, they recognize each other.  They trade a few verbal jabs, and AdGuy hands her back her phone.  She’s happy but wondering how he knew she was here.  He blusters a non-answer and tells her to leave, lest she get locked in.  They both make it do the front door annnnd, they’re locked in.  This isn’t as fun as cohabitation, but forced, close proximity has its own charms.
JoAnne:  Let's just pretend it's a tiny tiny cohabitation.  At the very least, their night will be cohabit-y, and right now I will take what I can get.

Shuk:  They first check the front desk for contact information, but there is no cell signal. They check for a landline, but that’s missing too.  Chalk Girl determinedly starts wandering around looking for any kind of cell service.  He companionably drapes his arm around her shoulders and promises to protect her if she’s scared. She throws him off and walks away, still seeking phone connection.
JoAnne: He really, really, really likes to touch her.

Shuk:  At Tao House, Mom, Dad, PD Leo, and Kitty are all worried that they haven’t heard from Tao Zi. Dad isn’t worried and hustles everyone to supper.
JoAnne: Do they just live with her?  Why are they always there?  I mean I know they're lifelong friends and Tao Mom said she considers them family but they're ALWAYS THERE.

Shuk:  Chalk Girl is still wandering around when the warehouse lights start flickering.  She goes into scaredy-cat mode, and knocks into a shelf. The stuff on it starts rocking as she gives out a yelp of surprise.  AdGuy hears it, and runs to the rescue, knocking her to the ground so she wouldn't be injured by…feathers and Styrofoam beads.  She ends up on her back, with full body contact.
JoAnne: Oh, now you notice it's more than just the eyes.

Shuk:  They share a wordless stare before several trophies fall off the upper shelf.  He takes the brunt of them on his right shoulder.  She’s now touching his arm as she asks if he’s okay, worried that he might have gotten hit in the head. He settles down a little more on top of her, and gently pulls a feather out of her hair. Inches from her face, he quietly asks, “Didn't I once say that I would protect you?”
JoAnne:  She suddenly comes to her senses and wraps one leg around his thigh while grabbing his lapel to pull his face closer so she can kiss him passionately.  No?  WHY NOT?

Shuk:  She panics and pushes him off, causing him to grunt in pain from his shoulder injury.
JoAnne:  My way was better.  Way better.
Shuk:  For realz, JoAnne unni.

Shuk:  Kitty gets a call from Bangs, but doesn't understand what he’s talking about except he’s crying and at the hospital. They confirm that Tao Zi isn’t with him though, so the gang is galvanized into action. They head off in different directions to look for her. PD Leo drops Kitty off at OZ to wait any word from Tao Zi.

Shuk: Chalk Girl is sitting on a loveseat when AdGuy hands her a blanket he found. He keeps glancing at her but she refuses to look him in the eye. He admonishes her for her trouble-making skills even as he plucks a few stray feathers out of her hair. She is still neither saying anything nor looking at him, so, with a sigh, he goes to forage.
JoAnne:  ...

Shuk:  He brings back a few juice containers, but there’s no food to be found. He decides they need to try and get some sleep, and pulls part of the blanket towards him. She objects, but hey, he found the thing. They argue until a squeaking noise announces another guest in the warehouse. Chalk Girl immediately jumps on the couch and goes into “I HATE MICE” mode, promising half the blanket if the man could chase away the wild beasts. He’s laughing as she shields herself behind him until the mice are gone.
JoAnne:  She better hope he never finds out she has pet mice back at the Academy and that this is all her way of touching all over him in an 'allowable' fashion. No, not really. But whatever, she's touching him all over, so I'm good.

Shuk: She settles back on the loveseat, which is when AdGuy plays a prank and pretends to see more mice.  She freaks again, this time ending up on his lap with her hands around his neck.  Nice trick, that.  After making the Manly Mice Moveaway sound, he pats her leg (at least I think it’s her leg) and tells her he’s happy to protect her.  Then the mood changes as they realize their position.  If I was Chalk Girl, I would stay on his lap and talk about the first thing that comes up, but no, she quickly hops to the far side of the loveseat.
JoAnne:  You are much, much smarter than she is.

Shuk:  He teases her for her fear of mice, and the air clears around them.  He finally asks her why the watch is so important to her.  She asks him if he has ever felt the vacuum left when a loved one is gone.  He swallows a lump in his throat but says yes as he turns his face away.
JoAnne: I do keep forgetting he was there when her brother died.  I know they had a little bit of a relationship, the two guys, but do you think he's the lump, or do you think maybe it's the parents he lost?
Shuk:  I think it's her brother. Faithful Fu seems to be in charge of him at a young age, so his parents either died or disappeared when he was a wee lad. In my opinion, anyway.

Shuk:  We get a memory flash from Tian Xing.  A young schoolboy ran home to a butler that sadly shook his head after he received a phone call.  The young boy collapsed to the ground and started crying.
JoAnne:  Still can't tell which, parents or hero. Although if that's how he found out about his parents, DAMN.

Shuk:  The warehouse hours tick away, and AdGuy stirs to find a certain pretty girl on his shoulder.  With a smile, he moves so that his arm is around her, and she snuggles in closer. After pulling the blanket around both of them, he rubs her shoulder, caresses her hair and falls asleep with her tucked under his chin.
JoAnne:  And I am 200% done.  Even if he and Adorkable weren't the same guy, and even if the end result didn't have to be Sex on Legs because he's the real person, he's the one I'd want for her.  That special mix of cocky teasing (ha) and sweet...man, it gets me.

Shuk:  PD Leo spends a sleepless night frantically searching for Tao Zi, checking with other film crews, and the stores she liked to frequent.  By the time it’s daylight, he is out of options and goes to the police station to file a missing person’s report.
JoAnne:  I...uh....completely forgot about those guys looking.

Shuk:  Our snuggly pair is still wrapped together. AdGuy wakes up first, contented and smiling. She is still sleeping, so he sneaks a selfie of the two of them.  The clicking sound wakes her up, so he quickly drops the phone and pretends to still be asleep.
JoAnne: Aww, he's head over heels isn't he.
Shuk:  She sits up, and then stares at her ‘sleeping’ companion. Covering his forehead with her hand, she murmurs that Xiao Lu’s bangs are prettier. He speaks and opens his eyes as she scuttles back, embarrassed.
JoAnne:  I wonder what it would REALLY be like to have two guys who look so much alike kinda/sorta pursuing you? It's only kinda/sorta because it's early days, of course. There's no question that both of them like her. You know what, hush.  I know they're the same guy. I do know it. You know what I mean!  I mean that HE is showing HIS feelings in both guises. For HER, it's two guys who look a lot a like but have a lot of differences...and yet both do sweet things for her and both get her heart beating faster.

Shuk:  He asks if she slept well; he didn't, since her rock head weighed on his shoulder all night long. He demands she massage his shoulder, waving the watch. When she does a wimpy job he calls her on it, and she starts using the Tao Mom Crush technique.
JoAnne:  Serves him right.  I may think he's sexy beyond belief but he IS still also a bit of a jerk and I like it when she messes with him.

Shuk:  PD Leo is back at OZ; he wakes up Kitty, but she didn't hear a thing.  Bangs cheerfully shows up, and they finally hear the news that she went to the prop warehouse. PD Leo bolts for the van.
JoAnne:  Do you think he's dressed appropriately for heart break?

Shuk:  Uncle Zhou has finally arrived – they are free! He asks if anything happened – see even a deaf old man can see the sparks - and gets awkward silence as a response. She finally tells the older man they are fine. AdGuy murmurs except for a certain mousey-scaredy-cat, and gets elbowed for his snark.
JoAnne:  Ha, I thought the same thing about the old guy picking up on the sexual tension! Because he could just have been making sure no one got injured in his building, you know, for insurance purposes.
Shuk:  When they leave the warehouse, he coerces her to go to breakfast with him, and grins happily where she can’t see him.  They head for the restaurant, just missing the party van heading in the other direction. Uncle Zhou confirms that Tao Zi spend the night with that young handsome guy on the magazine cover, who then whisked her away.
JoAnne:  I love that he uses the watch to get her to do just about anything, because it's always just to spend more time with him.

Shuk: The elders are half-asleep at Tao House when Tao Zi is finally able to contact them.  Their cell phones died, so she calls from the restaurant.  Tao Dad offers to pick her up, but she’ll make it home on her own.

Shuk:  There’s a huge pile of food on the table. She was first planning a cup of coffee and a disappearing act, but he forces her to try the food, and she ends up digging in. They both laugh, and he spends the rest of the meal watching her.
JoAnne: Watching is fine. But kissing, hand holding, back hugging, snuggling, tickling...these things are better.
Shuk:  At the park, she thanks him for returning the phone.  They part ways until he notices her shoelace is untied.   He stops her, and with a flick of the wrist, flies back his jacket as he kneels down to retie her hightops.
JoAnne:  That jacket flip thing shows up a lot lately.  So does shoe tying.


Shuk:  This episode was chock-full of cute, but we got some character development out of it too. I loved Tian Xing’s outfit during the warehouse incident; while still being very much in AdGuy character, it nevertheless presented a softer and much more casual side to him. I’m under the impression that this is probably the real him: no business couture or dorky sweaters, just casual hotness.
JoAnne:  Yep.  He looked like a grown up.  A grown up that was good enough to eat.

Shuk:  PD Leo gets a lot of thoughtful looks, but I can’t tell what he’s thinking. Someone made the comment that he might be aware of his co-worker’s double identity and is supporting it. I’m not convinced of this, and I think his unhappiness of that overnight stay enforces that he doesn't want her to rely on anyone but him, whether Dork or AdGuy.
JoAnne: I think he's suspicious but not to the point of the double-identity yet, necessarily.  And I think there is no way in hell he'd support it, because he loves the girl himself and we're not at the point where he would nobly self-sacrifice for her happiness.  That only ever comes later, after a confession.

Shuk:  I’m amazed that no one has cottoned onto the double identity
JoAnne:  Yeah, me too.  Especially with all the near misses and quick changes and everything!  But I don't mind it at all.