Fall In Love With Both Of Me - Episode 5 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  Lots of tingly fallout from the last episode!  Of course, that means the angst and crap can't be far behind.
JoAnne:  Just like death after a nosebleed!


Shuk:  Our Sexy AdGuy finishes tying Chalk Girl’s shoe, and gives her some parting advice before walking away:  Don’t be careless with your work.  As she watches him leave, she muses that he’s not really all that bad.
JoAnne:  *mutters* 'not all that bad'  hmmph.  He's HOT, girl.  Admit it.  He's like a ddeokbokki with EXTRA pepper paste in the sauce.
Shuk:  She stops for a moment at the plaza where Chalk Chicken was handing out fliers, and remembers Dork tying her shoe as well. She wonders if Dork has had breakfast yet, but since her phone is dead, she’ll follow up with him at work.
JoAnne: Although Dork is certainly not lacking in the Department of Appeal.

Shuk:  At OZ, Kitty and Bangs were aflutter about their boss and her overnight peccadillo, but she assures them nothing happened.  To deflect them, she asks Bangs how his girlfriend is doing.  He smiles and says “Aunt Flo” decided to visit.  They finally get back to work, and find out that Xiao Lu never brought the ad script over.  Chalk Girl gives him a call.
JoAnne:  I think I have to go back and watch that again because I came away with something different? Either way it goes, the notable point is that I can't imagine a KDrama of this genre being so frank about sex, erection jokes in Emergency Couple notwithstanding.
Shuk: When she calls, he doesn't sound very good. We see him face down and shirtless; Butler Fu is rubbing liniment on his shoulder bruised from the falling trophies at the prop warehouse. He assures her through his groans that the script is done and that he will bring it by tomorrow when he feels better.
JoAnne:  He didn't sound sick, but he did sound occupied.
Shuk:  Our gang worries about him being sick and alone, so they dig up his employment records to find his address. Which is blank.
Shuk:  It’s still pain / pleasure time at the Lu Mansion. Fu says it will take two days for the strain to heal, but of course Dork has to make an appearance sooner than that. Fu knows of a beautiful woman with magical fingers that could set him to rights; Tian Xing rightly guesses it’s TaoMom, and declines her services.

Shuk: TaoMom is looking over photos of her children and crying, when Tao Zi comes into her room. She finally realizes how upset her mom was at her disappearance yesterday, and they hug as she promises not to do that again.
JoAnne:  Yep.  No screwing with the mom who has already lost one child.
Shuk:  Chalk Girl is heading back to her bedroom when she gets a call from Stinky AdGuy. He is in bed bouncing his OZBall. (...) There’s silence on the line until he asks her why she isn't talking. Well, he called.  Well, she answered.  Aww, is this your completely clumsy way of wanting to hear her voice? It would have been better to talk to her as Xiao Lu.
JoAnne: I cannot tell you how much I LOVE that she reduces him to a bumbling idiot just by existing.

Shuk:  She finally asks him what he wants, and he falls back on that old chestnut, when will she pay him back.  She barks at him that she will pay it when she can, and he had better take care of her watch! [CLICK] He pulls up her sleep-snuggly picture on his phone and smiles as he wishes her a good night.
JoAnne:  When he eventually pulls himself back together with himself and gets her to forgive him so they can be all snuggly and in love, it's going to be so good...
Shuk:  Now it’s PD Leo’s turn to grill Chalk Girl about her night in the warehouse, and she apologizes for making him run all over the place that night. He pats her on the head and tells her it’s okay as long as she’s safe.
JoAnne:  No with the head patting.  I like the hair ruffling head move, but not the pat move.  It's demeaning.  Shall we begin to give men a friendly little wiggle of their privates and greet them with 'oh, you're so cute!' ?  

Shuk:  Dork makes an appearance, despite the pain in his shoulder. Everyone is happy to see him, and they all tell him he needs to give them his address, so they can check on him if he’s not feeling good. He hems, haws, backpedals, and does everything and anything not to tell them where he lives, until he finally blurts out that he lives nearby. Kitty gets the idea of a hot-pot party at his place that night, and he agrees.
JoAnne:  As always, stunned by the rudeness that is not seen as rudeness in another culture.  Pondering my own culture's various ways and wondering who I have offended.
Shuk:  He then runs outside and calls his co-conspirator, who promises to come up with something. PPL!! Dork receives a call on his Gear Neo watch. It’s Fu, giving him the addy, but begging him to slow them down a bit because it’s not quite done.
JoAnne: I am disappointed that Fu did not foresee this need and have a place already prepared...

Shuk:  He tries to deflect them with bad directions, a trip to the grocery store, a stop by a street vendor, etc., etc., until he can’t stall anymore.  Finally they make it to the place.  The door is locked, and he spends time jiggling the handle until it miraculously opens.  Fu gives him a hush and hides in the bathroom.
Shuk: Bangs’ eyeteeth are floating and he eventually forces his way into the bathroom. The gang settles down in the living room to  separate the groceries. Chalk Girl notices that Xiao Lu appears unfamiliar in his own place, but decides it’s because he’s not used to company. Also her reason when she finds a bare refrigerator and empty pantry shelves.
JoAnne:  Which makes her sound stupid...unless you've ever actually BEEN in a bachelor pad, because compared to one of those this place is a comfy home-y home.
Shuk:  Fu is hilariously sneaking around everyone, but they don’t notice as he sleuths from one room to another, eventually ending up in the bedroom.
JoAnne:  Well, he did turn sideways.

Shuk:  Chalk Girl is daydreaming-stirring the pot, wondering why there are no personal touches or family photos anywhere. Dork brings out a pile of mismatched bowls and utensils, and everyone plays it down.
Shuk:  The meal is winding down, and PD Leo brings out movie tickets for everyone, as an option to continue the evening. Dork turns them down but everyone else decides to go. The gang sans Dork heads for the theaters, but Chalk Girl begs off and leaves in a different direction.  Inside DorkHouse, the pair collapses on the couch, job well done. Faithful Fu likens the group to a sudden rain shower, blowing in, wreaking havoc, and blowing out again.
Shuk:  There’s a ring at the door (that sounds like someone stepped on a canary), and Fu quickly bolts for the bedroom.  It’s Chalk Girl, with a couple of bags of goodies for Dork. She puts the bags down, and her diary slips out onto the floor.
JoAnne:  *singing* I found her diary underneath a tree-ee, and started reading about me...
Shuk:  He’s touched she would buy groceries for him. As she loads the refrigerator, Butler Fu quietly slips out the front door. Another fun money-saving action? Flirting the Betty Crocker way!! The two of them wreck the kitchen and several boxes of baking mix making cupcakes. Chalk Girl mentions that her favorite breakfast is fresh baked cupcakes, fruit, and milk. He asks her to come over and show him some more skinship-making money-saving cooking ideas. She only knows how to bake, though, and she promises to ask her mom to show him some cooking methods. Not what he meant, Chalk Girl!
JoAnne: Dork's got game, though.
Shuk:  As Chalk Girl is leaving DorkHouse, her clumsy ol’ feet trip out from under her, and she ends up plastered against Dork .  Heartbeats abound!  She quickly pulls away and leaves; he rubs his chest as he watches her go.
JoAnne: So it's not just his kitchen he doesn't know the layout of...

Shuk: Inside his apartment, he opens up the final bag to find comfy slippers. She’s outside, grinning from ear to ear and rubbing away her goosebumps.  Butler Fu watches her go and NeoGear calls Young Master so they can go home.  However, Tian Xing has decided to stay in Dork mode for a couple of days. After he hangs up, he spots the diary on the floor and starts to read.  Inside is a picture of the two siblings in front of a carousel in the winter, and her entry says that tomorrow is her birthday.  Dork gets a notion.
JoAnne:  More cowbell?
Shuk:  Only if they Don't Fear The Reaper.
Shuk:  Dork shows up at OZ, but it’s empty besides Chalk Girl. It’s Pay Day, which also means a day off for the employees. (uh, moving to Taiwan NOW.) She hands him a money envelope, since she doesn't have his account number. Tian Xing thinks how grounded he feels holding this envelope of money, and how real it feels to earn it. Chalk Girl sincerely praises him for his work on the realty job.   He asks to meet her after she’s done with her work.

Shuk:  He drives her to the amusement park, where he insists she have fun.  Enter Standard Amusement Park Montage # 35B, including the thing that swings back and forth (my park calls it the Battering Ram). They end up at a bean bag throw. The prize is Bambi; the loser gets sprayed with water by the park’s mascots. Wait! Is that drama-sanctioned safe water???
JoAnne:  Yes, guaranteed not to bring on death.
Shuk:  Dork misses again and again, leading to several ablutions in front of a gleeful crowd.  But, finally, success, and a swing hug!  They get the blue Bambi, which happens to be the only one that comes with dork glasses.  She's ready to go home since he’s all wet, but he insists on going to one final place.
JoAnne: A dark place...

Shuk:  It’s now night time as they stop by a darkened carousel. A coughing Dork (THEY LIED) tells Chalk Girl to make a 7-count wish. When she opens her eyes, the carousel lights up with a row of Bambis on the front and light-up sign that says “Happy Birthday”.  He’s all smiles; she’s in shock, which makes it the perfect time for fireworks and snow confetti.  I throw the BS flag on this being anything remotely approaching reality, but I love how happy he is at his surprise.
JoAnne:  This is a chaebol move.  How can she think Adorkable could pull this off?
Shuk:  As the confetti starts dropping, Dork wishes her a happy birthday and a hope that she can be brave enough to make her own dreams.  She starts crying and slides into his arms.  They hug each other tightly as the confetti continues to fall. Chalk Girl thanks him and wonders how he knew of her wish.  Sheepishly, he gives her the diary back, and tells her that he’s happy to share this special moment with her. They take a Polaroid to commend the moment (what, no selfies?).
Shuk: He asks Chalk Girl why she never rides on a merry-go-round, even though they passed several during their day at the amusement park.  It’s because her brother always took her to ride one every year on the day before her birthday, so she would have two birthday celebrations.
JoAnne:  I know this guy who never takes pictures of polar bears for kind of the same reason.

Shuk:  Tao Zi suddenly realizes that this must have cost Xiao Lu a lot of money, but he coolly tells her they just have to get more business.
JoAnne:  In a dramaverse where poor people routinely come up with 30K just by working an extra part-time job so they can fund some random thing for somebody, I can buy a carousel ride.
Shuk:  She drops him off at Dork house where he gets another call from Butler Fu, who is sweeping up the confetti and wondering if Young Master swept up her heart.   He left some necessities and Xiao Lu clothing at Dork house and tells him he’s going to go fishing for a few days.
JoAnne:  Sure, yeah, why not, because he hasn't needed you every five minutes for oh, say, the last five minutes.  Perfect time to loosen the ties.

Shuk:  After a few minutes of rest, Dork starts the process of baking a cake. Hopefully without any cough-juice ending up in the batter. But then again, what’s a little phlegm among friends?
JoAnne:  Disease.  Pestilence.  The plague.  ZOMBIES.
Shuk:  At OZ the next day, everyone is raring to go on a birthday day picnic organized by PD Leo for the boss. However, Dork isn't there, so Chalk Girl gives him a call. There’s no answer, mainly because the phone is in the kitchen and he's wheezing and passed out in the bedroom.
JoAnne:  How do they survive showers? Are people in Asian dramas secretly Gremlins?  (I couldn't remember the word or the name of the main creature so I googled 'don't water them after midnight' and it was the first link that popped right up!  I LOVE the internet.)

Shuk:  Tao Zi wants to head to his place so the others agree to stay and wait.  Bangs wonders out loud if Boss Lady is a little too solicitous of their newest employee. PD Leo gets his standard Pensive Face on.
JoAnne:  And yet he still hasn't made a move.  Sucker.
Shuk:  Chalk Girl knows how dangerous water gun water is in Asia, and grabs a bunch of over-the-counter flu medications before heading to DorkHouse. She calls one more time and he finally answers. She rushes over, giving him just enough time to slip on the glasses and shuffle to the front door.
JoAnne:  Fortunately everyone in Asia sleeps fully dressed because if it was HERE and the one thing he chose to put on was glasses, well, that would be a very different drama. I wouldn't turn it off, though.

Shuk:  Where he collapse into her arms, and not in a good way.  She lugs him to the couch, then, despite having a perfectly good thermometer, proceeds to do a forehead-nose temperature check. They both open their eyes at the same time, and she quickly backpedals away. The real thermometer reads almost 39C, so she schleps him into bed, and proceeds to make her mom’s green onion fever soup.
JoAnne:  This method is new to me. It seems very, very, very logical to place your mouth and nose as close as possible to those of a sick person, though.
Shuk: While the soup is cooking, she brings him a cup of water. He wonders why her eyes are red, but she assures him it’s just the onions she hates so much. He curls his hand around hers before drinking the water. They both stagger their way into the kitchen, where he willingly drinks her bitter brew. While he chokes it down, she explains her mom would make this soup every time she was ill as a child, and since she was sick a lot, she developed a hatred of green onions.
JoAnne:  He has very good hands.  Have you noticed that?
Shuk:  She tucks him back in after he finishes eating, then suddenly realizes the gang is still waiting for her at OZ. She calls PD Leo and apologizes, asking to postpone the picnic since she would feel guilty having fun while Xiao Lu is sick.  PD Leo passes the information on and glumly leaves the office.
JoAnne:  To go do more nothing about his one-sided love.
Shuk:  Kitty chases after him, offering to go on a walk with him, but PD Leo turns her down.
JoAnne: So he can think sad thoughts about how there's nothing he can do but do nothing.

Shuk:  At DorkHouse, the fever still hasn't broken so Chalk Girl tries to convince Dork to go to the doctor's. He wonders why she’s so worried, so she grabs his hand and tells him he’s important to her. He agrees to go to the clinic.
JoAnne:  Until he knew he was important to her, he was totally prepared to die. Another completely preventable Water Gun Water Death. Sigh.
Shuk:  Later, they are walking back to his house; it appears the magic doctor snapped the fever.  She touches his face and neck with both hands, happy that he feels cooler.  But now things heat up, and he grabs her hands and holds them for a moment before self-consciously letting go. They continue walking until he has to sit down for a moment. She helps him back up, and this time, they keep holding hands as they head to his house together.They pass goofy looks back and forth.
JoAnne:  They really do a fantastic job of showing that shy giddy feeling you get when you first know someone you like, likes you back.  Like when you're in the 8th grade and have never held hands before.
Shuk:  They are almost to DorkHouse when Kitty, out for a midnight dog walk with Mutt, spots them strolling.
JoAnne:  Her eyes lock in on that handholding like a tractor beam.

Shuk:  Once they are home, he takes his medicine. She promises to make breakfast for him before she goes, but he has another request. Can he call her by her nickname? She agrees; after all her family and PD Leo use it. He scoochs closer and looks at her face. Could she close her eyes for a moment?
JoAnne:  YEEEHA.


Shuk:  Please tell me he’s gonna kiss her. Dork better do it before Adguy does. Clearly both sides want that.
JoAnne:  Dork cannot be first. He does not exist.

Shuk:  I’m kinda ho-hum about the side characters. Sure, I’d like to see Kitty and PD Leo hook up, but not enough that my finger isn’t inching for the FF button, even though their interactions are short.  And Bangs? [yawn]  Butler Fu, however, gets the Thumbs Up Award for Top Sidekick of 2014! He manages to pull miracles out of the air and is completely unflappable in everything not related to Tao Zi’s mother.  I just love him!!
JoAnne:  Yep, with you. Butler Fu is the only side character worth watching.  The rest are all just normal slash boring. Not a Cutie Soo in the bunch.

Shuk:  There’s still other plot lines going on beside our OTP. Certainly, if business has picked up for OZ, we ought to see more action along those lines with filming and such.  And, of course, Toady, his yes-men, and Princess Motor Mouth are there to stir things up as well. Blech.
JoAnne:  We should just make it a DorkCap.  An AdDorkCap. A YumCap. with a mini FuCap to go with.

Shuk:  Lu Tian Xing is still managing to keep AdGuy and Dork from meeting, but this can’t go on much longer, especially since both halves are now crunching on the same girl, and it’s going to get harder and harder for him to keep them apart as the lines of attraction blur. How is he going to handle being jealous of himself?
JoAnne: If they both kiss her, won't she realize?
Shuk: She'll certainly realize once he's shirtless; remember, she's already seen AdGuy's...err...assets.